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, to become Helen's instructor. It was the beginning of a 49-year relationship, Sullivan evolving into governess and then eventual companion. Known only as "Faith" during the television series; she was not given a surname until 2005, seven years after her first appearance. Joss Whedon was approached by Eden Studios to create surnames for Faith and Kendra to use in a ''Buffy the Vampire Slayer'' role-playing game (Buffyverse role-playing games), and chose "Lehane" for Faith, because he wanted something "southie (South Boston)". Joss Whedon announced in January 2005 that Faith's surname was "Lehane," and this would be used in all future products, starting with Eden Studios' ''Buffy the Vampire Slayer'' role-playing game (Buffyverse role-playing games) . The name appears in Eden's books and is considered to be canonical (canon (fiction)). Whedon explained at the time: : ''There was this role playing game or something. They said she hadda have a last name for her so I chose Lehane 'cause I wanted something Southie (South Boston), just as you thought.'' — Joss Whedon at Around the 1860s an influx of Irish (Irish people) immigrants arrived in Charlestown. The neighborhood remained an Irish stronghold in the cultural, economic, and Catholic traditions of neighborhoods like South Boston, Somerville (Somerville, Massachusetts), and Dorchester (Dorchester, Massachusetts). The city developed a water supply from the Mystic Lakes (Mystic Lakes (Boston, Massachusetts)). http: 04water html hist1.htm On October 7, 1873, a vote was held to determine whether Charlestown should leave Middlesex County and join Boston as part of Suffolk County; Boston residents approved the question, 1860–1868, and Charlestown residents also approved, 1940-1947. "The Result in Figures", ''The Boston Globe'', p. 5, October 8, 1873. *Edward Rowe Snow, lighthouse historian and author *John Thomas (John Thomas (general)) (1724-June 2, 1776), general in the Continental Army during the American Revolution. He led the 2nd Massachusetts Regiment, composed of volunteers from Plymouth County (Plymouth County, Massachusetts) during the Siege of Boston. Thomas Park, a national historical site and monument on Dorchester Heights in South Boston commemorating the Siege of Boston, was named after him. Thomaston, Maine, is also named after him. *Daniel Webster (1782–1852), statesman, orator, senator, Secretary of State to three U.S. presidents Inspiration An apocryphal legend holds that the inspiration for "The Cask of Amontillado" came from a story Poe had heard at Castle Island (Castle Island (Massachusetts)) (South Boston), Massachusetts, when he was a private there in 1827. Bergen, Philip. ''Old Boston in Early Photographs''. Boston: Bostonian Society, 1990. p. 106 According to this legend, while stationed at Castle Island in 1827 he saw a monument to Lieutenant Robert Massie. Massie had been killed in a sword duel on Christmas Day 1817 by Lieutenant Gustavus Drane, following a dispute during a card game. Vrabel, Jim. ''When in Boston: a time line & almanac''. Northeastern University, 2004. ISBN 1-55553-620-4 ISBN 1-15553-621-2 p. 105 According to the legend, other soldiers then took revenge on Drane by getting him drunk, luring him into the dungeon, chaining him to a wall, and sealing him in a vault Wilson, Susan. ''Literary Trail of Greater Boston''. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, 2000: 37. ISBN 0-618-05013-2 (though the last part is untrue, as Drane was courtmartialled and acquitted (acquittal), Vrabel, p. 105 living until 1846 Battery B, 4th U.S. Light Artillery - First Lieutenants of the 4th U.S. Artillery . See also Find A Grave). A report of a skeleton discovered on the island may be a confused remembering of Poe's major source, Joel Headley's "A Man Built in a Wall" (1844), which recounts the author's seeing an immured (immurement) skeleton in the wall of a church in Italy. Mabbott, Thomas Ollive (Thomas Ollive Mabbott), editor. ''Tales and Sketches: Volume II''. Urbana, Ill.: University of Illinois Press, 2000. p. 1254 Headley's story includes details very similar to "The Cask of Amontillado"; in addition to walling an enemy into a hidden niche, the story details the careful placement of the bricks, the motive of revenge, and the victim's agonized moaning. Poe may have also seen similar themes in Honoré de Balzac's "Le Grande Bretêche" (''Democratic Review'', November 1843) or his friend George Lippard's ''The Quaker City; or The Monks of Monk Hall'' (1845). Reynolds, David F. "Poe's Art of Transformation: 'The Cask of Amontillado' in Its Cultural Context", as collected in ''The American Novel: New Essays on Poe's Major Tales'', Kenneth Silverman, ed. Cambridge University Press, 1993. ISBN 0521422433 pp. 94–5 Poe may have borrowed Montresor's family motto ''Nemo me impune lacessit'' from James Fenimore Cooper, who used the line in ''The Last of the Mohicans'' (1826). Jacobs, Edward Craney. "Marginalia – A Possible Debt to Cooper", collected in ''Poe Studies'', vol. VIII, no. 1. June 1976. Rolling stock is stored and maintained at the Cabot Yard, near the Broadway (Broadway (MBTA station)) station in South Boston. The connection to this yard is at the junction where the two branches split, near JFK UMass (JFK UMass (MBTA station)) station. Trains are also stored overnight in yards at Braintree (Caddigan Yard) and Ashmont (Codman Yard), as well as the stub tracks west of Alewife. '''Frank Wallace''' (died December 22, 1931) was an Irish-American gangster from South Boston, who ran the Gustin Gang in Boston during the Prohibition in the United States. Early life Adams was born in Boston, Massachusetts and grew up in a prosperous neighborhood in South Boston, the last child in a gifted family that included Adams's three older sisters (two went to Radcliffe College and one to Smith College). Adams was part of the prominent Adams family, and was descended from John Adams's (John Adams) grandfather. Murder victim Barboza was paroled in October 1975 and moved into a $250-a-month apartment under the name "Joseph Donati". He took the last name from small-time underworld figures, identical twin brothers Richard and Robert Donati. After he was befriended by small-time South Boston hoodlum James Chalmas, Gennaro Anguilo was at last informed of his whereabouts. On February 11, 1976, Barboza left Chalmas' San Francisco apartment and walked towards his Oldsmobile. He was armed with a Colt 38 but never had a chance to draw it. He was hit by four shotgun blasts from close range, killing him instantly. F. Lee Bailey was quoted as having said his client's death (referring to Joseph Barboza) was "no great loss to society," but his young daughter never recovered from his death and was consumed bygrief. Ilario Zannino, chief enforcer of Gennaro Anguilo, was later overheard saying to an associate on a hidden bug that it was J. R. Russo who had assassinated Barboza. In the conversation, Zannino described Russo as "a genius with a carbine". Langer was born in South Boston to Charles Rudolph and Johanna Rockenbach, recent immigrants from Germany. His older brother William (William L. Langer) became the history department chair at Harvard University, and took a leave of absence during World War II to serve as head of the Research and Analysis section of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). Walter Langer, who for a time was also a professor at Harvard, held a Ph.D but not an M.D. (Doctor of Medicine), and was the first person admitted to the American Psychiatric Association who lacked a medical degree. '''Edward Lawrence Logan, A.B. (Bachelor of Arts), LL.B.''' was born on January 20, 1875, in South Boston to a military family, and attended Boston Latin School and Harvard University. He was an American (United States of America) militia officer and jurist. After World War II, on October 1, 1946, the 2nd Infantry Battalion was activated at the Naval and Marine Corps Training Center in South Boston under the command of Lieutenant Colonel James J. Dugan, who had established an excellent personal record as a member of the battalion before the war and distinguished himself by outstanding service during World War II. Lieutenant Colonel Dugan remained the commanding officer until July 1950, shortly before the battalion was called to active duty during the Korean War. The service during the Korean War was short and the battalion was quickly returned to Boston in October 1951, where it grew into one of the largest Marine Reserve units in the country. align center align center South Boston, Massachusetts align center 6' 1"


Dragon Snow Mountain) can be a perfect background. Popular with locals, whom you can find dancing or playing games such as mahjongg or Chinese chess. You can also hike up Elephant Hill if you're feeling energetic. Walk north along the canals from the waterwheels just to the north of the old town. It is about 10 minutes walk up-river, and if you cross over to the left side (western pathway) you will pass the "Through the Window Cafe".. a cool place run by an affable New Zealander that serves great coffee and western food. Ask him nicely and he may even show you where is the free entrance, if you don't already have the Old Town Preservation receipt which costs ¥80. (Note: Black Dragon Pool is virtually empty as of June 11, 2012, and there is no reflection on the parched ground.) * WikiPedia:Lijiang City Dmoz:Regional Asia China Yunnan Lijiang

San Carlos de Bariloche

, spacious rooms, cozy common spaces for relaxing,watching TV or DVDs, listening to music or playing games. Free internet and breakfast, a well stocked kitchen, and very friendly owners. They can help you with any tourist info you need, and rent bikes. members get 10% off. *


, losing several fixtures by a single goal. Indeed, injuries to key personnel did little to dent the squad's resolve. The move to playing games outside Hamilton (Hamilton, New Zealand), perhaps was not financially successful, as the gate numbers were not as large as expected, but Rotorua became a fortress with wins over both Hawke's Bay Utd (Hawke's Bay United) and eventual champions Auckland City (Auckland City FC). The Green and Golden Bell Frog occurs on three islands off the east


. In 1998 the Kaliningrad Higher school of the Internal Affairs Ministry (Ministry of Internal Affairs (Russia)#Russian Federation) published the methodical textbook ''"Nonverbal communications. Developing role-playing games 'Mafia' and 'Murderer'"'' for a course on "Visual psychodiagnostics", to teach various methods of reading body language and nonverbal signals. Петров С.В., Холопова Е.Н. «Невербальная коммуникация. Развивающие ролевые игры „Мафия「 и „Убийца「». Учебно-методическое пособие - Калининград: КВШ МВД России, 1998 Borders and neighbors Soviet borders were the longest of any nation and extended 37,000 miles (62,710 kilometers). The Soviet Union measured some 10,000 kilometers from Kaliningrad on the Gdansk Bay in the west to Ratmanova Island (Big Diomede Island) in the Bering Strait, or roughly equivalent to the distance from Edinburgh, Scotland, west to Nome, Alaska. WikiPedia:Kaliningrad Dmoz:Regional Europe Russia Administrative Regions Kaliningradskaya Oblast Kaliningrad commons:Калининград

Hamilton, New Zealand

. http: index.php?id 44&tx_ttnews pointer 7&tx_ttnews tt_news 605&tx_ttnews backPid 43&cHash 776584f631 Despite finishing second bottom of the table, the team showed signs of promise, losing several fixtures by a single goal. Indeed, injuries to key personnel did little to dent the squad's resolve. The move to playing games outside Hamilton (Hamilton, New Zealand), perhaps was not financially successful, as the gate numbers

Scranton, Pennsylvania

manner, Jim is something of a straight man (Double act) for the show, and has acted as the comic foil for both Michael Scott (Michael Scott (The Office)) and Dwight. While in the early seasons, the easy-going Jim spent most of his days playing games and plotting mischievous pranks on Dwight, his sixth season (The Office (U.S. season 6)) promotion to Co-Manager finds Jim's playful side giving way to a far more serious demeanour as he tries, often in vain, to assert his authority on the office


Baltimore Colts relocation controversy *'''1988''': St. Louis Cardinals (History of the St. Louis Cardinals (NFL)) moved to the Phoenix (Phoenix, Arizona) area, playing games in nearby Tempe (Tempe, Arizona). The team now plays in another Phoenix suburb, Glendale (Glendale, Arizona). The team was renamed the Arizona Cardinals in 1994. Personal life Steve Burton was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, the son of Tory Burton, an optician, and father Jack Burton (after whom he

TV ads (Television advertisement) in those respective markets in order to establish the brand. It is currently the biggest gaming convention for board gaming (board games), role-playing games, etc., in the world, followed by Gen Con Indy in Indianapolis, Indiana. It is reputedly the biggest and best public show for boardgames, card games and Collectible card games, with designers and publishers demonstrating their newest games, retailers selling games at discount, and a large flea market with a wide range of new and used games. In addition, there is usually a hall of comic book sellers, and one or two halls with RPGs and live action material, and a hall of large inflatables and activities for kids. The show sometimes has computer games, but these are unusual. Enrollment in the CAPS has grown substantially since 1985 when the first courses were offered. IWU has grown by more than 200 percent since 1990 to educate more than 15,000 students, over 12,000 of whom are taking courses online or at IWU's CAPS educational centers in Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky. Site-based classes are held at 11 education and conference centers: Indianapolis (2), Fort Wayne (Fort Wayne, IN), Shelbyville (Shelbyville, IN), Kokomo (Kokomo, IN), and Columbus, Indiana; Louisville (Louisville, Kentucky) and Lexington, Kentucky; and Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Dayton, Ohio. Classes are also held at more than 80 off-campus locations in Indiana. http: aboutCaps '''WrestleMania VIII''' was the eighth annual WrestleMania professional wrestling pay-per-view produced by the World Wrestling Federation (WWE) (WWF). It took place on April 5, 1992 at the Hoosier Dome (RCA Dome) in Indianapolis, Indiana (Indianapolis), and featured a double main event (Card (sports)#Main event), both of which shared promotional posters. Original programming On August 21, 2008, it was announced that radio hosts Bob and Tom (The Bob & Tom Show) would join the WGN America line-up on November 3, 2008; the video simulcast of that show was produced for Tribune's Indianapolis sister operation WXIN WTTV by B&T flagship station WFBQ. http: bobandtom.html Originally airing in a standard late night (late night television) slot, it was later moved to overnights (graveyard slot); WGN America ceased airing ''The Bob and Tom Show'' on September 13, 2010. Bedrock in one episode is shown as being a two day drive from Rock Vegas (Las Vegas, Nevada) "The Rock Vegas Caper," ''The Flintstones'', season 2 , and in another episode, several hours' drive from Indianrockolis (Indianapolis), which suggests that Bedrock might be located in what is today the Midwestern United States. "Indianrockolis 500," ''The Flintstones'', season 5 In November 2008, Hathaway joined Will Downing and Gerald Albright for the ''Soulful Chr*stmas Tour''. The tour, which kicked off on November 28 at the Detroit Opera House, appeared in the places of Washington, D.C., Memphis (Memphis, Tennessee), Dallas, Houston, Indianapolis, Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, St. Louis, and Atlanta. Will Downing, Lalah, Gerald to Headline Soulful Chr*stmas tour Soultracks. Accessed: October 27, 2008. In January 2009, Hathaway appeared on BETJ in an interview and performed before an audience. Lalah Hathaway continued to support the album and she is currently schedule to perform at the ''Capital Jazz Festival'' in Columbia, MD, ''Essence Music Festival'' in New Orleans, LA, and ''Circle of Promise'', which took place in July 2009. Lalah Hathaway Tickets In December, 2009 she won the Song of the Year award in the SoulTracks Readers' Choice Award for her duet with DC singer Eric Roberson, "Dealing." SoulTracks' Readers' Choice Awards 2009 location_country location Indianapolis, Indiana, USA locations '''Indianapolis Power & Light Company''', also known as '''IPL''' or '''IPALCO''', is a utility company providing electric service to the city of Indianapolis. It is a subsidiary and largest utility of AES Corporation, which acquired it in 2000. *Durham Bulls Athletic Park, Durham, North Carolina - AAA Durham Bulls (1995) *Victory Field, Indianapolis, Indiana (Indianapolis) - AAA Indianapolis Indians (1996) *Clear Channel Stadium, Lancaster, California - A Lancaster JetHawks (1996) Courthouse square was demolished in the 1950s. The monument now rests in Indianapolis's Garfield Park Conservatory and Sunken Gardens where it was rededicated in 1917. Besides his baseball-related achievements, Thompson also called Colts football for many years, first on CBS (NFL on CBS) television in the 1950s and '60s, and then alongside Vince Bagli on radio from 1973 until the team's relocation to Indianapolis in 1984. From 1964-1969 he narrated the Colts' season review films produced by NFL Films, making on-camera appearances in the first two. The National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association named Thompson as Maryland Sportscaster of the Year for eight consecutive years from 1959 to 1966. The Fraternity considers the Morrill Act of 1862 to be the instrument of its inception. Having been signed by President Abraham Lincoln in 1862, it provided land and other financial supports to establish one institution of higher learning in the agricultural and mechanical sciences within each state. Alpha Gamma Rho, referred to as "AGR", was founded when two local fraternities from Ohio State University (Alpha Gamma Rho, founded 1904) and the University of Illinois (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) (Delta Rho Sigma, founded in 1906) met at aAn International Livestock Competition in Chicago. Sixteen men originally signed the Fraternity's charter at the Claypool Hotel in Indianapolis on April 4, 1908. Expansion increased dramatically over the next 3 decades to almost all land-grant universities in the country. The first chapter at a non-land-grant university was chartered in 1958 at Arizona State University. The National Fraternity has expanded to many smaller agricultural colleges and departments in the last 45 years as a measure to increase its membership and influence in agricultural communities. Its members typically pursue agricultural careers upon completion of college, but many have gone on to have careers in other natural sciences, education, economics, law, medicine, business administration and politics. Five easily recognizable alumni from Alpha Gamma Rho are Orville Redenbacher, Norman Borlaug, J. C. Penney (J. C. Penney (person)), Earl Butz and Sam Brownback. Dancer Troy "Trouble T. Roy" Dixon died at age 22 in a fall on July 15, 1990, in Indianapolis. Dixon's death led to a tribute on the follow-up platinum album, ''Peaceful Journey''. Pete Rock & CL Smooth created a tribute to Trouble T. Roy called "They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.)" which is regarded as a hip hop classic. Location Indianapolis, IN (Indiana), USA (United States) The film is a dramatization of Major League Baseball's Black Sox scandal, in which eight members of the Chicago White Sox (1919 Chicago White Sox season) conspired with gamblers to intentionally lose the 1919 World Series. Much of the movie was filmed at the old Bush Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana. Duckpin bowling centers are located in New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Indiana (near downtown Indianapolis), Maryland (especially in the Baltimore area) and in suburban Washington, DC. WikiPedia:Indianapolis Dmoz:Regional North America United States Indiana Localities I Indianapolis commons:Indianapolis, Indiana

Fort Wayne, Indiana

Panels, Industry Panels, Fan Panels, Workshops, Hall Cosplay, Masquerade Cosplay Competition, Artists' Alley, Dance, Karaoke, Video Gaming, Collectable Card Games, Live Action Role Playing, Role Playing Games, Tabletop Games, Autographs (free), Dealers' Room, Game Shows '''Eric Jevon England''' http: players E EnglEr20.htm (born April 25, 1971 in Fort Wayne, Indiana) is a gridiron football player who plays defensive end. He


excavations at Olduvai, and his two brothers, Jonathan (Jonathan Leakey) and Philip (Philip Leakey). The Leakey brothers had a very active childhood. All the boys had ponies and belonged to the Langata Pony Club. They participated in jumping and steeplechase competitions but often rode for fun across the plains to the Ngong Hills, chasing and playing games with the animals. Sometimes the whole club were guests at the Leakeys for holidays and vacations. Richard's parents founded the Dalmatian Club of East Africa and won a prize in 1957. Dogs and many other pets shared the Leakey home. The Leakey boys participated in games conducted by both adults and children, in which they tried to imitate early man, catching springhares and small antelope by hand on the Serengeti. They drove lions and jackals from the kill to see if they could do it. Virginia Morell, ''Ancestral Passions'', Copyright 1995, Chapter 18, "Richard Makes his Move". DATE OF BIRTH December 19, 1944 PLACE OF BIRTH Nairobi, Kenya DATE OF DEATH With the airline's rapid expansion the 737s were sold, replaced by the Boeing 767. The delivery of the first Boeing 767 broke a world record when it flew 17 hours and 22 minutes non-stop from Boeing's factory in Seattle to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Nairobi on its way to Brunei. Wikipedia:Nairobi Dmoz:Regional Africa Kenya Localities Nairobi Commons:Category:Nairobi

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