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Espanola, Ontario

was officially incorporated as a town on March 1, 1958. The 1969 CBC Television series ''Adventures in Rainbow Country'' was filmed near Espanola, near the small First Nations community of Birch Island (Birch Island, Ontario) and at Whitefish Falls. The series starred Lois Maxwell, the actress who played "Miss Moneypenny" in Bond (James Bond) films such as ''Dr. No (Dr. No (film))'' and ''Goldfinger (Goldfinger (film))''. Canadian-born, she was a long-time resident

St. Thomas, Ontario

for a while on WWJ and then Bob decided to move back to Canada and joined CKCO-TV. Amateur career Thornton grew up playing minor hockey (minor ice hockey) in his hometown of St. Thomas, Ontario, for the St. Thomas Travelers. He played "AA" hockey for the Travelers until joining a peewee team that won an Ontario Minor Hockey Association (OMHA) championship in 1992–93. Moving on to the bantam level, Thornton joined the "AAA" Elgin

Rockville, Maryland

involvement in the scheme to kidnap Lincoln, but still denied any knowledge of the assassination plot, reiterating that he was in Elmira at the time. He disavowed any participation by the Confederate government, reviled Louis Weichmann as a "perjurer" responsible for his mother's death and claimed his friends had kept the seriousness of her plight in Washington from him. After this revelation, it was reported in Washington's ''Evening Star'' that the band played "Dixie" and a small

State College, Pennsylvania

vocalist Eddie Vedder vowed to make "the longest Pearl Jam show ever played." It was surpassed by the Mansfield show (7 11 03 – Mansfield, Massachusetts), from the Tweeter Center Boston (Comcast Center (amphitheatre)), in which the band played 45 songs, including an acoustic (Acoustic music) set. The New York shows, from Madison Square Garden, were released both separately and as a boxed set. The July 8, 2003 show was also released as the ''Live at the Garden'' DVD. In 2004, Pearl Jam released ''Live at Benaroya Hall'', and while it came in similar packaging to the bootlegs, it is not considered to be part of the series. HOF '''Robert Bray Mitinger''' (February 13, 1940 in Greensburg, Pennsylvania – September 25, 2004 in State College, Pennsylvania) was a professional football (American football) player, attorney (Attorney at law (United States)) and civic leader. After football In 1966, Mitinger earned a law degree at the University of San Diego, which he attended in the AFL (American Football League) off-season. He was an attorney (Attorney at law (United States)) for the AFL (American Football League) Players Association in 1968 and 1969. In 1970, he returned to State College, Pennsylvania where he practiced law for 30 years, starting his own law firm in 1984. He was also an instructor of business and real estate law at Penn State University from 1971 to 1994. He died September 27, 2004 at the Mount Nittany Medical Center in State College, Pennsylvania from complications from stomach cancer. He was 64. After the analog television shutdown and digital conversion (DTV transition) that took place on 12th June, 2009 http: articles 2009 02 08 news news news894.txt , WJAC-TV remained on its current pre-transition UHF channel number 34. WJAC-TV FCC DTV status report However, through the use of PSIP, digital television receivers will display the station's virtual channel as 6. http: cgi-bin ws.exe prod cdbs pubacc prod 73120 The nearby mountain ridges had prevented most of Altoona (Altoona, Pennsylvania) and all of State College (State College, Pennsylvania) from receiving the analog signal; conversely, many of Pittsburgh's outer-ring eastern and Westmoreland County (Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania) suburbs actually got a grade B signal from WJAC. Because the audio portion of VHF channel 6 was transmitted at 87.75 MHz, it was possible to listen to the television station on most standard FM car radios (or any standard FM radio for that matter). This was a feature frequently employed by area residents. However, this is no longer an option after the digital conversion. On 8th August, 2008, WJAC-TV unveiled a new set designed by FX Group in Orlando, Florida. http: 60thanniversary 17122940 detail.html http: local x519170492 WJAC-news-de-emphasizes-channel-number-undergoes-makeover The station also unveiled a new graphics package and changed its on-air branding from its long standing "Channel 6" to "WJAC-TV" as different cable companies now carry the station on different channels. http: local x519170492 WJAC-news-de-emphasizes-channel-number-undergoes-makeover In addition to its main studios, the station operates bureaus in State College (State College, Pennsylvania), Altoona (Altoona, Pennsylvania), and DuBois (DuBois, Pennsylvania). thumb ''"Friction with the Market": Henry James and the Profession of Authorship'' by Michael Anesko (Image:Friction with the Market.JPG) '''Michael Anesko''' is an U.S. (United States) literary critic, writer and professor. He is perhaps best known for his studies of 19th century American novelists, in particular, Henry James and William Dean Howells. He is currently an associate professor of English (English studies) at Pennsylvania State University, planning to return to teaching in fall 2008 after a year-long sabbatical, and previously served as faculty advisor for the department's undergraduate honors program. He lives in State College, Pennsylvania, where he was born, and also in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The two outlets share studios on Scalp Avenue PA 56 (Pennsylvania Route 56) in Richland Township (Richland Township, Cambria County, Pennsylvania) (official address is Johnstown) and operate advertising sales bureaus in Altoona (Altoona, Pennsylvania) (on East Walton Avenue PA 764 (Pennsylvania Route 764)) and State College (State College, Pennsylvania) (on West Beaver Avenue PA 26 (Pennsylvania Route 26)). Syndicated (television syndication) programming on WWCP includes ''How I Met Your Mother'', ''Family Guy'', ''My Name Is Earl'', and ''Everybody Loves Raymond'' among others. The station can also be seen in high definition on WATM's second digital subchannel. This broadcasts on UHF channel 24.2 (or virtual channel 23.2 via PSIP) from a transmitter in Logan Township (Logan Township, Blair County, Pennsylvania) along the Cambria (Cambria County, Pennsylvania) County line. * Format: CD May 6, 1980 Pennsylvania State University, State College, Pennsylvania May 7, 1980 Barton Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York -


; To put this in a layperson's terms: The official exchange rate of the Comoros franc is 491.97 francs to the euro. It will remain at 491.97 until the government or central bank changes its mind. If Comoros were to float its currency, it could go up to 200 per euro or down to 49,000 per euro or whatever. -- Mwalcoff (User:Mwalcoff) 04:33, 15 February 2006 (UTC) According to the US conservative review ''National Interest'', Jacques Foccart played "an essential role"

Greater Sudbury

to pursue a full-time musical career. *Greater Napanee (Greater Napanee, Ontario) T *Greater Sudbury C (City) *Greenstone (Greenstone, Ontario) T *On October 2, 2009, WVMV (WDZH) Detroit dropped their long-running smooth jazz format by playing a montage of jingles and airchecks from a prior format on the station, album-oriented rock WLLZ "Detroit's Wheels." However, the first song played ("Welcome To The Jungle" by Guns 'n Roses) abruptly cut out with Kayne West's 2009 MTV Video Music Awards outburst (2009 MTV Video Music Awards#Kanye West controversy and debated incidents), segueing into "Sweet Dreams (Sweet Dreams (Beyoncé Knowles song))" by Beyoncé. The station immediately switched to a CHR format initially dubbed "98.7 Takeover" (eventually titled "98.7 AMP Radio"). WDZH flip on You Tube *On separate occasions in 2009, WVHT Hampton Roads, VA and CIGM (CIGM-FM).Sudbury, ON (Greater Sudbury) both stunted a Chinese pop music format branded as "Kung Pao (Kung Pao chicken)". *In May 2009, WSKS Utica, NY announced that, due to "financial constraints," its CHR (Contemporary hit radio) format would be replaced by the beautiful music format similar to what was broadcast on sister station WUTQ. The "change" came complete with on-air kayfabe-style complaining from the station's staff. The "new format," however, lasted for only 2 hours before WSKS management came clean, restored the CHR format, and confirmed the stunt was a way to promote a new disc jockey lineup on the WSKS. Rimstead began his journalism career at the age of 11, reporting on local farm births. A high school drop-out, Rimstead would become a seasoned sports reporter, columnist, and writer.

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Sources (User: 23:59, 22 July 2006 (UTC) *'''Declined'''. We can not accept copyrighted (WP:Copyrights) content taken from web sites or printed sources. Note that copyright protection is granted to all works automatically, whether it is asserted or not. Unless stated otherwise, assume that most content on the internet is copyrighted and not suitable for Wikipedia. Please write in your own words, and in continuous prose. This submission was taken from http: bio.html. NatusRoma (User:NatusRoma) Talk (User talk:NatusRoma) 03:38, 23 July 2006 (UTC)

Equatorial Guinea

''Those Were the Days''. ref>

Bakersfield, California

work Tennis Hall of Fame accessdate 11 December 2010 Buck Owens and the Buckaroos version By 1963, Russell was writing with a woman named Voni Morrison, who also worked with a Bakersfield, California-based singer named Buck Owens. After Russell played "Act Naturally" for Morrison, she thought it would be a natural for Owens, and she told Russell that she could get him to record it. Because no one had yet recorded it, and Russell

Puerto Rico

to 1963, Elizondo studied dance at the Ballet Arts Company at Carnegie Hall and in 1963 he landed parts in two Off-Broadway shows: ''Kill the One-Eyed Man'' and ''The Great White Hope (The Great White Hope (musical))''. His first major success came when he played "God" in guise of a Puerto Rican (Puerto Rican people) steam room attendant in the play ''Steambath (Steambath (play))''. Elizondo won an Obie award for his performance. Many of his roles involve

: home YesterYearsHeroes.html title Hispanic Heroes and Leaders publisher Association of Naval Services Officers accessdate 2009-02-16 In 1976, Lebron made his debut as an actor, when he was hired to play "JuanMa" in channel 2 (WKAQ-TV)'s comedy show, "En Casa de JuanMa y Wiwi" ("At JuanMa and Wiwi's Home"). Lebron acted alongside Awilda Carbia, who played "JuanMa"'s wife "Wiwi". The pair became one of Puerto Rico

Rafael José was chosen to replace him. Perhaps Caballero's most important career year was 1989, when he reached international fame starring in "Amanda Sabater" alongside Maricarmen Regueiro. Caballero played "Ivan Moros" in the soap opera. "Amanda Sabater" was an heiress whose father was "Diego Sabater". However, and unknown to the two main characters in the soap opera, "Diego Sabater" was really "Ivan"'s father and not "

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