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traditional institutions play a vital role in the successes recorded by Igbuzo indigenes. He also believes that education has played important roles in the successes recorded by Igbuzo. (Obi) Prof Onwuachi on the hand believes that "wherever an Igbuzo man finds himself, he moves to be the best. Perhaps it is a spiritual compensation for its geographical deficiency" Traditional ruler HRH Obi Prof. Louis Chelunor Nwaoboshi is the town's monarchical ruler and retired Professor of Forestry, University of Ibadan, Nigeria. The title of "Obuzor" means "the first" or "number one" by the meaning of this title, he may be literally interpreted to be the number one citizen of Ibusa. Kingship is common to Igbo's as at some point in the history of the town, several sons of the town had been known to declare themselves the King of the town, though using elements of force to achieve this feat. The self-declaration of Ezesi as the King of Igbuzo, claiming to derive his authority from the then Oba of Benin is best memorable to history. The Senior Diokpa also exists as the traditional ruler of the town. References


of 100 bridges”. While Ohrid was always cultural and religious centre, Struga played the role of trading centre of the region. It still does and a visit on market day can be fun. In the 19th century Struga played important part in the national revival as it was home town of Konstantin and Dimitar Miladinovi, brothers who collected and published a collection of folk songs (named "Folk songs from Macedonia") in 1862. Konstantin Miladinov wrote '''Sorrow for the south''' (also translated as 'Longing for the South') during his studies in Saint Petersburg. Today, in his honour, the biggest poetry festivals in the world is held in Struga every year. Curiosities *The river Drim, which enters Ohrid lake in the St.Naum monastery, comes out in Struga after going through the whole lake. *Vlado Maleski, a poet from Struga wrote the Macedonian national anthem "Denes nad Makedonija se raga". It was sung for the first time in Struga. *The Vasilica carnival in Vevčani village has been held on 14th & 15th of January for over 1500 years. Get in By bus There are direct buses from Skopje and other cities in Macedonia to Struga. Also there are buses to Tirana, Albania. *

Veliky Novgorod

can be drawn up, the city-state's exact political constitution remains unknown. The boyars and the archbishop ruled the city together, although where one official's power ended and another's began is uncertain. The prince, although his power was reduced from around the middle of the 12th century, was represented by his ''namestnik'', or lieutenant, and still played important roles as a military commander, legislator and jurist. The exact composition of the Veche, too, is uncertain, with some historians, such as Vasily Klyuchevsky, claiming it was democratic in nature, while later scholars, such as Marxists (Marxist historiography) Valentin Ianin and Aleksandr Khoroshev, see it as a "sham democracy" controlled by the ruling elite. In the 13th century, Novgorod, while not a member of the Hanseatic League, was the easternmost kontor, or entrepot, of the league, being the source of enormous quantities of luxury (sable, ermine, fox, marmot) and non-luxury furs (squirrel pelts). Janet Martin, ''Treasure of the Land of Darkness: the Fur Trade and its Significance for Medieval Russia''. (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1985). Throughout the Middle Ages, the city thrived culturally. A large number of birch bark letters (birch bark document) have been unearthed in excavations, perhaps suggesting widespread literacy, although this is uncertain (some scholars 0.86 - 50px (File:1000 Sergy Rad.jpg) Sergius of Radonezh, spiritual leader 50px (File:1000 Filaret.jpg) Filaret (Patriarch Filaret (Feodor Romanov)), Patriarch of Moscow 50px (File:1000 Marfa.jpg) Marfa Boretskaya, Posadnik of Novgorod (Veliky Novgorod) 50px (File:1000 Pushkin.jpg) Alexander Pushkin, poet and writer -


Liang Liangshan outlaws after the Grand Assembly even though he is one of the last few to join the Liangshan cause. '''Empress Wang Zhengjun''' (Traditional Chinese: 王政君), (71 BC – 13), official imperial title '''Empress Xiaoyuan''' (孝元皇后), later and more commonly known as '''Grand Empress Dowager Wang''', born in Yuancheng (modern Handan, Hebei), was an empress (empress#China) during the Western Han Dynasty of China, who played important roles during the reigns of five


. Козлов вал). Other churches There are lots of churches in Vladimir, and one is unlikely to visit all of them. The following list includes several representative examples from various styles. *

important role for Russian Orthodox Church during the Middle Ages. None of the ancient buildings survived, but it is worth to see the stone walls and towers from 18th century. Though there was no real threat to Vladimir at that time, the walls imitate fortifications of ancient Russian monasteries. You will also find a church and several living houses with fine decorations from 17th century. Presently, the monastery is a home to the bishop of Vladimir region. * Wikipedia:Vladimir commons:Владимир (город)

Thunder Bay

Gifu (Gifu, Gifu), Japan since 2007 Economy cellpadding "1" style "float:left; margin:0 1em 1em 0; border:1px #bbb solid; border-collapse:collapse; font-size:90%;" - style "text-align:center; background:steelblue;" !colspan 4 Labour force Labour Force Characteristics, Seasonally adjusted, by CMA. Statistics Canada. Retrieved 13 March 2009. Labour Force Survey. Statistics Canada. Retrieved 13 March 2009. - style "text-align:center; background:lightsteelblue;" Rate Thunder Bay Ontario Canada - align center Employment 57.7% 60.8% 62.2% - style "text-align:center; background:#eee;" Unemployment 7.6% 8.9% 7.7% - align center Participation 62.4% 66.8% 67.4% - style "text-align:center; background:#eee;" colspan "4" As of: February 2009

Empire of Japan

in the South West Pacific Area. In a series of amphibious assaults between 1 May and 21 July, the Australian I Corps (I Corps (Australia)), under General Leslie Morshead, attacked Japanese (Empire of Japan) forces occupying the island. Allied naval and air forces, centred on the U.S. 7th Fleet under Admiral Thomas Kinkaid, the Australian First Tactical Air Force and the U.S. Thirteenth Air Force also played important roles in the campaign. The first "Omoto incident" (''Ōmoto jiken''), in 1921, was a government (Empire of Japan) intervention followed in 1935 by the "Second Ōmoto Incident". The 1935 incident left its headquarters destroyed and its leaders in captivity. The promotion of ''kokutai'' and the Imperial Way resulted in the sect being condemned for worshipping figures other than Amaterasu, which distracted from the figure of the emperor. James L. McClain, ''Japan: A Modern History'' p 469 ISBN 0-393-04156-5 Born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Empire of Japan, Chang was a physician who graduated from National Taiwan University with an MD (doctorate) in 1967. He worked in the university hospital as a part-time attending physician from 1976 to 1977. He then worked in the Chang Gung Memorial Hospital from 1976 to 1999, and since 1997 as its president. Chang is the author of sixteen and coauthor of 167 scientific citation index papers. thumb Flag of Cambodia under Japanese occupation (File:Flag of Cambodia under Japanese occupation.svg) The Khmer were lucky in escaping the suffering endured by most other Southeast Asian peoples during World War II. After the establishment of the Vichy regime (Vichy France) in France in 1940, Japanese (Empire of Japan) forces moved into Vietnam and displaced French authority. In mid-1941, they entered Cambodia but allowed Vichy French colonial officials to remain at their administrative posts. The pro-Japanese regime in Thailand, headed by Field Marshal Phibunsongkhram (Plaek Pibulsonggram), requested assurances from the Vichy regime that, in the event of an interruption of French sovereignty, Cambodian and Laotian territories formerly belong to Thailand would be returned to Bangkok's authority. The request was rejected. In December 1940 the French-Thai War erupted, and the Thai Burapha Army invaded Cambodia the following month. The French were hard-pressed to resist against the better-equipped Thai forces on the ground and in the air, but nevertheless managed to score a naval victory in the Gulf of Thailand . At this point, Tokyo intervened and compelled the French authorities to agree to a treaty ceding the province of Battambang and part of the province of Siemreab to Thailand in exchange for a small compensation. The Cambodians were allowed to retain Angkor. Thai aggression, however, had minimal impact on the lives of most Cambodians outside the north-western region. Dénouement Skarbek's service in France restored her political reputation and greatly enhanced her military reputation. When the SOE teams returned from France (or in some cases, were given 24 hours to depart by de Gaulle), some of the British women sought new missions in the Pacific War, since the Empire of Japan still held on; but Skarbek, as a Pole, was ideally placed to serve as a courier for missions to her homeland in the final missions of SOE. As the Red Army advanced across Poland, the British government and Polish government-in-exile worked together to leave a network in place that would report on events in the People's Republic of Poland. Kowerski and Skarbek were now fully reconciled with the Polish forces and were preparing to be dropped into Poland in early 1945. In the event, the mission, called Operation Freston, was canceled because the first party to enter Poland were captured by the Red Army (they were released in February 1945). Origins The ideological roots of the Sino-Soviet split originated in the 1940s, when the Communist Party of China (CCP), led by Mao Zedong, fought the Second Sino-Japanese War (1937–45) against the Empire of Japan, whilst simultaneously fighting the Chinese Civil War against the Nationalist Kuomintang, led by Chiang Kai-shek. In fighting the over-lapping wars, Mao ignored much of the politico-military advice and direction from Joseph Stalin and the Comintern, because of the practical difficulty in applying traditional Leninist (Leninism) revolutionary theory to China, because there were only peasants, and no urban working class, as in Russia. During the early 20th century until the end of World War II - the Shōwa era - the propaganda of the Empire of Japan used the old concept of hakko ichiu to support the idea that the Yamato (Yamato people) was a superior race, destined to rule Asia and the Pacific. Many documents such as ''Kokutai no Hongi'', ''Shinmin no Michi'' and ''An Investigation of Global Policy with the Yamato Race as Nucleus'' referred to this concept of racial supremacy. right thumb Sir Charles Jessel (File:Charles Jessel.PNG), Vice Chairman (Chairman) of the BNBC after whom Jesselton (now Kota Kinabalu) was named. Jesselton was razed by the retreating British early in World War II to prevent it from falling into the hands of the Japanese (Empire of Japan). After the Japanese takeover of Borneo (Japanese occupation of Malaya, North Borneo and Sarawak), it was again renamed Api. Several rebellions against the Japanese military (Imperial Japanese Army) administration took place in Api. One major rebellion occurred in 10 October 1943 by the group called Kinabalu Guerrillas (Petagas War Memorial), consisting of local inhabitants. Japanese forces quelled the rebellion after its leader, Albert Kwok was arrested and executed in 1944. was an administrative post not of Cabinet rank in the government of the Empire of Japan. The Lord Keeper of the Privy Seal was responsible for keeping the Privy Seal of Japan and State Seal of Japan. With the rise of the 1917 revolution (Russian Revolution of 1917), the Altay attempted to make their region a separate Burkhanist republic called Oryot, but their support for the Mensheviks during the Civil War (Russian Civil War) led to the venture's collapse after the Bolshevik victory and the rise of Stalin. In the 1940s, the Altay were accused of being pro-Japanese (Empire of Japan), and the word "oyrot" was declared counterrevolutionary. By 1950, Soviet industrialization (History of the Soviet Union (1927-1953)#Planning) policies brought Russian immigrants reducing the proportion of Altay from 50% to 20% of the population. "Altay", Centre for Russian Studies, NUPI, retrieved 17 October 2006 Ethnic Altaians currently make up about 31% of the Altai Republic's population. Altai Republic :: official portal At 11pm Trans-Baikal time on August 8, 1945, Soviet foreign minister Molotov (Vyacheslav Molotov) informed Japanese ambassador Sato (Naotake Satō) that the Soviet Union had declared war on the Empire of Japan, and that from August 9 the Soviet Government would consider itself to be at war with Japan. Soviet Declaration of War on Japan, August 8, 1945. (Avalon Project at Yale University) At one minute past midnight Trans-Baikal time on August 9, 1945, the Soviets commenced their invasion simultaneously on three fronts to the east, west and north of Manchuria. The operation was subdivided into smaller operational and tactical parts: *Khingan-Mukden Offensive Operation (August 9, 1945 - September 2, 1945)


) was a United States Army officer and the Consul to Tunis (1797–1803). He played important diplomatic and military roles in the war between the United States and Tripoli (1801–05). He led the first foreign United States military victory the Battle of Derne by capturing the Tripoli subject city of Derne in support of the restoration of the pasha, Hamet Caramelli. Adams, p. 430 William Eaton also gave testimony at the treason trial of Aaron Burr. Wheelan, Joseph. ''Jefferson's Vendetta: The Pursuit of Burr and the Judiciary''. Carroll and Graf. 2005 He served one term in the Massachusetts State Legislature. Eaton died on June 1, 1811 at the age of forty-seven. The World War II destroyer USS ''Eaton'' (DD-510) (USS Eaton (DD-510)) was named after him. Fazzan wasn't strictly a district, but a historical muhafazah or wilayah alongside with Tripolitania (capital Tripoli) and Cyrenaica (capital Cyrene -near nowadays Shahhat- with Diocletian, moved to Ptolemais (Ptolemais (Cyrenaica)) after the earthquake of 365, and to Barce -nowadays Barca- with Omer Bin Khattab in 643). It is notable for the ancient Roman city of Leptis Magna which is 120 km east of Tripoli along the coast. Leptis Magna prospered for 500 years, most intensely under the patronage of hometown boy, Emperor Septimius Severus aka "the Grim African". Al Murgub 1998 to present '''Misrata''' WikiPedia:Tripoli Commons:Category:Tripoli

Vatican City

confined in the Vatican (Vatican City). Some politicians that had played important roles in this process, such as Camillo Benso, conte di Cavour, were known to be hostile to the temporal and political power of the Church. Because of its red pigmentation, caused by expression of the pigment prodigiosin, right 230px thumb St. Peter's Square in Vatican City. (Image:Place-Saint-Pierre-foule.jpg) The Mujahedeen Army, a group of insurgents in Iraq (w:Iraq) has posted a message on the Internet threatening attacks on Vatican City (w:Vatican City) in Rome, Italy (w:Rome, Italy). Vatican City (w:Vatican City) has not released the contents or details of the letter, but news agencies in Iran report that the letter contains a discussion about the United Nations (w:United Nations) resolution against Iran, which imposes sanctions. The Vatican (w:Vatican City) reported that Pope Benedict XVI (w:Pope Benedict XVI) was the first to know of the Jesuits' decision and immediately gave his required approval. The information was announced that the Pope had accepted an invitation to visit the United Kingdom (w:United Kingdom) from Prime Minister (w:Prime Minister) Gordon Brown (w:Gordon Brown). The latter had visited the Vatican City (w:Vatican City) three times and had invited the Pope to come to Great Britain in February 2009. Downing Street (w:Downing Street) is expected to confirm the arrangements later today. This visit would make the first Papal visit to the UK since Pope John Paul II (w:Pope John Paul II)'s visit in 1982. However, John Paul's visit was on a pastoral basis, so this is set to be the first state visit to the UK by a pope in that it is the first to follow an official invitation. Leaders from the Vatican (w:Vatican City) and the Muslim (w:Muslim) community around the world have deplored the vote as an attack on religious freedom. The Swiss government has also expressed shame at the result, and expects repercussions from Muslim countries with which it does business. Some politicians from other countries, however, defended the ban.

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