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is somewhat limited, but still fairly good. The music ranges from American pop to Israeli trance, and they play songs in both Hebrew and English. You have the option of either sitting at the bar, chilling on a big couch, or dancing with the friendly locals. This place is often crowded, even on a Monday night. * While evil isn't heard, seen, or spoken at '''Three Monkeys Pub''' live bands and an all-ages dance floor crowd is. Located towards the end of the promenade at the Isrotel "Royal Beach


. * WikiPedia:Szeged Commons:Szeged

Fort Collins, Colorado

and Bill Stevenson to play songs from when they were a trio, before Aukerman joined the group. Additionally, the use of paintball markers outside a regulated environment has caused concern. In the United States in 1998, 14-year-old Jorel Lynn Travis was shot with a paintball gun while standing outside a Fort Collins, Colorado ice cream parlor – blinding her in one eye.

Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission

the brand ''STAR 102.3'' with a hot adult contemporary format, but was rebranded as Bob FM in July 2003. Bob FM primarily plays adult hits from the 1980s and 1990s, but will occasionally play songs from before and after this time period (hence the "whatever" in the station's slogan). CKZZ signed on air at 8 a.m. on May 23, 1991, and ran commercial-free until May 27. The first song played was ''Here We Go (Let's Rock & Roll)'' by C&C Music Factory. Founded by South


and kwéyòl. Shorty's 1974 ''Endless Vibrations'' and ''Soul of Calypso'' brought soca to its peak of international fame. # Steelband-Soca: Steel Pans are types of drum often used in Soca and Calypso music; it became so popular that it became its own musical genre—Steelband. The steel pans are hand-made, bowl-like, metal drums that are crafted so that different sections of the drum produce different notes when struck. Steelbands are groups of musicians who play songs entirely on steel drums. There are many different types of steel pans, each with its own unique set of pitches. #Bouyon Soca is a style of Soca music from Dominica. It uses more prominent elements of bouyon music. #Rockso: a futuristic-sounding, North America- and Trinidad-based 'mutant' style of calypso. It recontextualizes elements of calypso instrumentation, with a heavy focus on a wide range of lyrical 'flows' (delivery) and topics, various song structures, bass-heavy drum patterns, quirky sound effects, and an urban music sensibility. Unlike soca, its exponents gear it less for seasonal competition and more for general, year-round play, while promoting such calypso standbys as 'extempo' (lyrical freestyling). After France fell to the Nazis in 1940, Vichy French naval troops were blockaded on Martinique. Forced to remain on the island, French soldiers became "authentic racists." WikiPedia:Dominica Dmoz:Regional Caribbean Dominica commons:Dominica


was paying attention", says Greenwald, "perhaps ''because'' no one was paying attention—''Pinkerton'' became the most important emo album of the decade." When Weezer returned in 2000, however, they did so with a decidedly pop (pop music) sound. Cuomo refused to play songs from ''Pinkerton'', dismissing it as "ugly" and "embarrassing". Greenwald, p. 52. Nevertheless, the album held its appeal

Washington, D.C.

at the 9:30 club in Washington, D.C. in 2002, the concert provides great insight into the collective mind of Jimmy Eat World as they play songs from the albums Clarity (Clarity (Jimmy Eat World album)) and Bleed American. Preservation Two of Langley's scale model Aerodromes survive to this day. Aerodrome No. 5, the first Langley heavier-than-air craft to fly, is on display at the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C. Aerodrome No. 6 is located at Wesley W. Posvar Hall, University of Pittsburgh, and was restored in part by the Pitt engineering students (Swanson School of Engineering). Fabric on the wings and tail is the only new material, although the tail and several wing ribs were rebuilt using vintage wood from the same time period provided by the Smithsonian.


of the ''ryūteki'' is said to represent the dragons which ascend the skies between the heavenly lights (represented by the ''shō (Shō (instrument))'') and the people of the earth (represented by the ''hichiriki''). The ryūteki is one of the three flutes used in gagaku, in particular to play songs of Chinese style. The pitch is lower than that of the ''komabue'' and higher than that of the ''kagurabue''. Early life and career Jarman was born in Sallisaw, Oklahoma and graduated from

United States

; ref "My Number One" charted in a number of countries and was released in the United States by Moda Records with remixes in August 2006, peaking at number eight on the ''Bilboard (Billboard Magazine)'' Hot Dance Club Play chart.

of play. '''''Songs and Music From the Motion Picture "She's the One"''''' is the ninth studio album by American (United States) rock band Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, first released in August 1996. The album served as the soundtrack for the 1996 film, ''She's the One'', written and directed by Edward Burns. '''Gladys Catherine Horton''' (May 30, 1945

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