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Gush Etzion has to offer. Most popular spots are the Palestinian village of Ein Sajma (near Bat Ayin) and En Chaniya (on the road from Gush Etzion to Jerusalem via the Palestinian village of Wallajeh road). For more information- ask a local teen to tell you where and how to get to the nearest spring. Eat There are a few places to eat. * Burgers Bar, which serves burgers and other meaty dishes. * The Bagel Place, serving American style bagels * Angel's, which is a bakery Coffee Shop. * Two

Porto Velho

from the river, in a sports complex. ''Comida por kilo'' place, serving the standard rice and beans for reasonable prices. Good service. Budget * '''Cha''', a little bit further up on Dutra you will find one of the better Por Quilo's you'll ever find at around 20 reais per kilo. Mid-range * ''' Nova Roma ''' At the end of 7 Septembro right across the Mercado Municipal you'll find one of 3 branches of Nova Roma, a very good, efficient and hygienic Panificadora. You'll probably have

Bothell, Washington

. On August 2, 2006 Russell officially announced its sale to Berkshire Hathaway. Bridle Trails State Park borders the freeway on the east side, while Watershed Park and Northwest University (Northwest University (Washington)) are on the western side of the freeway as it approaches NE 70th Place, serving Houghton (Houghton, Washington) and Snyders Corner (Snyders Corner, Washington) before approaching a full cloverleaf with former SR 908 (Washington State Route 908) serving

Belém address Av. Gov. José Malcher, 247 lat long directions phone +55 91 3242-4222 tollfree fax hours price content Very traditional place serving local specialities. Drink The refurbished warehouses by the riverside, '''Estação das Docas''' (or simply '''Docas''') offer a number of outside tables, and fairly expensive menus. '''Amazon beer''' has an in-house brewery and on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights offers an all you can drink and eat


. Malczewskiego 9 11, +48 48 362 26 41. A Lebanese restaurant, serving delicious kebabs and other Arabic dishes at very competitive prices. * Wikipedia:Radom Dmoz:Regional Europe Poland Voivodships Mazowieckie Radom Commons:Category:Radom

Luang Prabang

on the main street phone tollfree fax hours price content A no name place serving delicious shakes for 5,000 kip and fantastic sweet crepes starting at 7,000 kip. *


price content Norzin Lam (diagonally opposite the Handicraft Emporium). A small place serving authentic Bhutanese cuisine. Try their homemade brew "Chankey" - a naturally fermented malt drink made from buckwheat and rice. *


The restaurant is a long time Bulawayo favorite. Its slogan, "our reputation is at steak", says it all. It's a nice place serving beef, chicken and occasionally fish. It is the best steakhouse in Bulawayo, but don't expect the food to match first world standards. *


of fast-food place, serving ''shawarma'', grilled chicken, and other common Syrian foods, as well as homemade juices. In the Old City, low-price restaurants are grouped together along Shoukri al-Quwatly Street (Quwatli Street) and sell similar foods, such as hummus, falafel, various salads (''mezze''), kebabs and chicken dishes. Restaurants and coffeehouses typically offer hookahs and are a common place for men to gather and smoke. Carter, 2004, pp.&nbsp


to the buffet. * *

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