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to £1,800,000 today) in compensation for the slaves on the family-owned plantations around the Caribbean. Personal stories: Traders and Merchants - John Pinney. In ''Bristol and Transatlantic Slavery'', a project by City Museum and the University of the West of England's Faculty of Humanities. Retrieved 8 May 2007. Because of the early distribution of plots and because many of the planters departed from the island when sugar cultivation became unprofitable, a relatively large percentage of Nevisians already owned or controlled land at emancipation. Baker Motley, Constance (1998). ''Equal Justice Under Law. An Autobiography.'' New York: Farrar, Straus & Giroux. ISBN 0-374-14865-1. An excerpt from the autobiography, describing her search in Nevis church records for her family's history during the era of slavery, is available online at The New York Times Book Review. Retrieved 8 August 2006. Others settled on crown land. This early development of a society with a majority of small, landowning farmers and entrepreneurs created a stronger middleclass in Nevis than in Saint Kitts where the sugar industry continued until 2006. Even though the 15 families in the wealthy planter elite no longer control the arable land, Saint Kitts still has a large, landless working class population. Simmonds, Keith C. (1987). "Political and Economic Factors Influencing the St. Kitts-Nevis Polity: An Historical Perspective". Phylon, 48:4. 4th Qtr., 1987, pp. 277–286. 1800 to the present day thumb right 256px Nevis school in 1899. (File:Nevis School1899.jpg) wikipedia:Nevis

Willow Bunch, Saskatchewan

grazing area for cattle ranchers. Industry, services, and transportation thumb Evan Radford - WB Grain Elevator (File:Evan Radford - WB Grain Elevator.jpg) Given the rise and fall in population of this southern prairie community, Willow Bunch has hosted and said farewell to a variety of businesses, services, and industries. Scanning historical records and personal stories, one can find everything from Jean-Louis Légaré’s cheese factory, in operation from 1887 to 1894, ref>


, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Zambia Dawkins also tells personal stories about his childhood and time at university. He talks with fondness about a tiny bushbaby (Galago) he kept as a child in Malawi (Nyasaland). He described his surprise when he learned that the closest living relatives to the hippos (hippopotamus) are the whales. *Angolan Miombo woodlands (Angola) * Central Zambezian


over by the consortium. This new company was not in any way connected with the newly established company. ''Paragraph 175'' tells of a gap in the historical record and reveals the lasting consequences, as told through personal stories of gay men and women who lived through it, including: Karl Gorath; Gad Beck, the half-Jewish resistance fighter (resistance movement) who spent the war helping refugees escape Berlin; Annette Eick, the Jewish lesbian who escaped

film film_awards past_winners title SXSW Film Festival Jury and Audience Award Winners work accessdate 2010-01-21 (2007) goes into the personal stories of three b-boys (Omar Davila, Josh "Milky" Ayers and Romeo Navarro) and their struggle to keep dance at the center of their lives. The 2010 German (Germany) documentary ''Neukölln Unlimited'' depicts the life of two b-boy brothers in Berlin that try to use their dancing talents to secure


publisher The Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Authority title Yad Vashem accessdate 28 February 2007 It houses an estimated 100,000 books and articles. The complex contains a state-of-the-art museum that explores the genocide of the Jews through exhibits that focus on the personal stories of individuals and families killed in the Holocaust. An art gallery featuring the work of artists who perished is also present. Further, Yad Vashem commemorates the 1.5&nbsp


International 2005. The award-winning (SXSW Film Festival audience award) 2007 documentary "Inside the Circle" (2007) goes into the personal stories of three b-boys (Omar Davila, Josh "Milky" Ayers and Romeo Navarro) and their struggle to keep dance at the center of their lives. The 2010 Germany

United States

the controversies surrounding thimerosal containing vaccines (TCVs), and whether TCVs have contributed to the apparent increase of autism, ADHD, speech delay and other childhood disorders in the United States. In the book, Kirby tells the personal stories of parents of children who have autism, founders of the advocacy group SafeMinds, including Sallie Bernard, Lyn Redwood, Mark Blaxill, Albert Enayati, Heidi Roger, and Liz Birt. Image:ChristopherAtkinsOct08.jpg thumb

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