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Harper date 2 August 2012 Thule people The Thule culture Inuit arrived in southern Greenland and the Qaqortoq area around the 12th century and were contemporaneous with the Norse. However, there exists little evidence of early contact. The Thule culture was characterized by a subsistence existence and there are few, if any, dwellings of considerable structure to be found from the era. Items, however, are relatively numerous. Colonial era until

Dalhousie, New Brunswick

Church of Canada , United Church of Canada, Presbyterian Church in Canada and several evangelical groups. Notable people '''Donald Arseneault''' (born in Dalhousie, New Brunswick) is a New Brunswick politician. He is the member of the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick for the riding (Riding (division)) of Dalhousie-Restigouche East. '''Balmoral''' (2006 population: 1,706) is a Canadian (Canada) village in Restigouche County (Restigouche County, New Brunswick), New Brunswick. New Brunswick Provincial Archives - Balmoral It is located approximately 10 kilometres south of Dalhousie (Dalhousie, New Brunswick). Although Balmoral's population presently meets the requirements for "town" status under the Municipalities Act of the Province of New Brunswick, the community has not yet made any change to its municipal status. The village also contains the communities of Blair Athol (Blair Athol, New Brunswick), Saint-Maure (Saint-Maure, New Brunswick), Selwood (Selwood, New Brunswick), and Upper Balmoral (Upper Balmoral, New Brunswick). School District 15 (New Brunswick School District 15) Headquarters: Dalhousie (Dalhousie, New Brunswick) (formerly in Bathurst (Bathurst, New Brunswick)) *Coronation Park Elementary School - Bathurst (Bathurst, New Brunswick) (K-5)

Kings County, New Brunswick

Community Profile: Kings County, New Brunswick class "wikitable" - ! Language ! Population ! Pct (%) - English only 61,970 94.65% - French only 2,120 3.24% - Other languages 1,215 1.85% - Both English and French 170 0.26% '''Sussex Corner''' (2011 population: 1,495 ) is a Canadian (Canada) village in Kings County (Kings County, New Brunswick), in south central New Brunswick.

Riverview, New Brunswick

Airport publisher Environment Canada Accessed 24 March 2012 date August 2010 Notable people * Former '''Oromocto (Oromocto, New Brunswick)''' mayor Fay Tidd returned to the post that she held in the 1990s by defeating incumbent Ross Giberson and two other candidates. * Clarence Sweetland defeated David Burrell to become mayor of '''Riverview (Riverview, New Brunswick)'''. Former mayor Bruce Fitch jumped to provincial politics, winning as a Progressive Conservative (Progressive Conservative Party of New Brunswick) candidate in the 2003 election (New Brunswick general election, 2003). * Paul Duffie, a cabinet minister in the government of Frank McKenna, was easily elected in '''Grand Falls (Grand Falls, New Brunswick)'''. He returned to Canada in the 1970s where he became a speechwriter for the Canadian Government, and eventually came to Riverview, New Brunswick, where he still resides, to begin as newspaper editor for the ''Moncton Free Press''. In his retirement he delved into his remarkable store of memories to publish three books on Canadians in Hollywood: ''Stardust and Shadows'' (about the silent film era), and ''Once Upon a Time in Paradise'' (about the period from the late 1920s to the 1950s), and most recent book, ''Donald Brian: the King of Broadway'', about the nearly forgotten performer Donald Brian. Political career He was first involved in politics when he was elected in 1989 to the municipal council of the Town of Riverview (Riverview, New Brunswick). He was re-elected to that position in 1992 and 1995 before successfully running for mayor in 1998. He was re-elected mayor in 2001 and served in that capacity until his election to the legislature in the 2003 provincial election (New Brunswick general election, 2003). Fitch was the only non-incumbent Progressive Conservative to win a seat in that election and was immediately named to cabinet (Executive Council of New Brunswick) as Minister of Energy (Department of Energy (New Brunswick)). He was shuffled (cabinet shuffle) to the new Justice and Consumer Affairs (Department of Justice and Consumer Affairs (New Brunswick)) portfolio on February 14, 2006 despite having no legal training; this was made possible by disassociating the functions of the Office of the Attorney General (Office of the Attorney General (New Brunswick)) from the Justice Department.

Westmorland County, New Brunswick

) is a Canadian (Canada) city located in Westmorland County (Westmorland County, New Brunswick) in southeastern New Brunswick. Situated

Madawaska County, New Brunswick

U.S. Route 1 (U.S. Route 1 in Maine) **18px (File:Qc185.svg) Quebec Route 185 **18px (File:Qc289.svg) Quebec Route 289 '''Saint-André''' (2011 pop.: 819) is a Canadian (Canada) village in Madawaska County (Madawaska County, New Brunswick), New Brunswick. New Brunswick Provincial Archives - Saint-André '''Saint-François-de-Madawaska''' (2011 pop.: 533) is a Canadian (Canada) village in Madawaska County (Madawaska County, New Brunswick), New Brunswick. New Brunswick Provincial Archives - Saint-François-de-Madawaska '''Saint-Hilaire''' (2006 population: 231) is a Canadian (Canada) village in Madawaska County (Madawaska County, New Brunswick), New Brunswick. New Brunswick Provincial Archives - Saint-Hilaire '''Saint-Léonard''' (2011 population: 1,343) is a Canadian (Canada) town in Madawaska County (Madawaska County, New Brunswick), New Brunswick. New Brunswick Provincial Archives - Saint-Léonard It is located on the east bank of the Saint John River (Saint John River (New Brunswick)) opposite Van Buren, Maine, to which it is connected via the Saint Leonard-Van Buren Bridge. The town's economy is driven by potato farming and a J.D. Irving Limited sawmill. Saint-Léonard is officially bilingual but it is predominantly a Francophone community. It has a single school, École Grande-Riviere. Saint-Léonard was once a popular town during Prohibition in the United States as it was easy to smuggle alcohol to Van Buren. '''Sainte-Anne-de-Madawaska''' (2006 population: 1,073) is a Canadian (Canada) town in Madawaska County (Madawaska County, New Brunswick), New Brunswick. New Brunswick Provincial Archives - Sainte-Anne-de-Madawaska

York County, New Brunswick

** '''Hanwell''' (2006 pop.: 3,812) is a Canadian (Canada) suburban community in York County (York County, New Brunswick), New Brunswick.

Gloucester County, New Brunswick

** '''Sainte-Marie—Saint-Raphaël''' (2006 pop.: 993) is a Canadian (Canada) village in Gloucester County (Gloucester County, New Brunswick), New Brunswick.

Grand Falls, New Brunswick

'''Hamlin''' is a town in Aroostook County (Aroostook County, Maine), Maine, United States. It is located on the Canada-US border with a border crossing into Grand Falls, New Brunswick. The population was 257 at the 2000 census (2000 United States Census). The term ''Sault'' (modernly, ''Saut'') was also applied to cataracts, waterfalls and rapids during the colonial period and in pre-Revolutionary France. Hence, the placenames Grand Falls Grand-Sault (Grand Falls, New Brunswick), New Brunswick New Nouveau Brunswick

Sussex, New Brunswick

2011 Notable people '''Michael Bryant Eagles''' (born March 7, 1963 in Sussex (Sussex, New Brunswick), New Brunswick) is a former professional ice hockey forward (Forward (ice hockey)) who played sixteen seasons in the National Hockey League. DATE OF BIRTH March 7, 1963 PLACE OF BIRTH Sussex (Sussex, New Brunswick), NB (New Brunswick), CAN (Canada) DATE OF DEATH

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