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Sokoto state has a projected population of 3.7 million people based on a 2006 census made up of two ethnic groups namely, Hausa (Hausa people) and Fulani. Sokoto town, the capital of Sokoto state, has a population of approximately 2.5 million. Apart from Hausa and Fulani, there are the Zabarmawa and Tuareg minorities in the local government border areas. All these groups speak Hausa language Hausa

Southern Ontario

Ontario was explored and colonized by the French in the 17th century, who forged relations with the Wyandot (Wyandot people) ''Huron'' people, based around the Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe area. Other Iroquoian (Iroquois) speaking people to the south were the Petun and Neutral Nation (Attawandaron), and further northeast, Algonquin (Algonquian peoples)s inhabited the upper Ottawa River Madawaska Valley areas and the Mississaugas moved south from northern Lake Huron, settling lands in both the Kawartha (Kawartha Lakes) region and just west of Toronto. Following the Seven Years' War, the British wrested control of Southern Ontario, and greater colonization efforts were spurred on by the arrival of United Empire Loyalists brought on by the American Revolution. Southern Ontario was where a large portion of the battles took place during the War of 1812, The '''Niagara Hostel''' is a hostel in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. The establishment provides inexpensive lodging for travellers and tourists, in particular backpackers (backpacking (travel)). The hostel is close in proximity to the international border between Canada and the United States, allowing guests access to the Southern Ontario and Western New York areas. '''Alliance Hockey''' is a minor level ice hockey organization based out of Southern Ontario. The league is sanctioned by the Ontario Hockey Federation and Hockey Canada. In 1991, tired of the indecisiveness of the Ontario Hockey Association in creating the next Junior "A" league, the now renegade Metro Junior "B" league declared themselves Southern Ontario's only Tier II Junior "A" league. The league even helped form the Canadian Junior A Hockey League in 1993. The forwardness of the new Junior "A" league drew the interest of the Aurora franchise. They joined the league in 1992, reverting back to the old "Tigers" nickname. The Tigers won the Metro league title in 1997 and moved to the OPJHL—a year before the Metro folded. The '''Southern Ontario Junior A Hockey League''' was a Tier II Junior "A" ice hockey that lasted from the late 1960s until 1977 in Southern Ontario, Canada. The league was swallowed by what is now called the Ontario Provincial Junior A Hockey League in 1977. It is home to 1,700 different trees and shrubs (species, subspecies). Almost all of the trees and shrubs are indigenous to Southern Ontario. There is an emphasis on woody plants at the Arboretum. The Arboretum has a large plant collection (over 40 collections) and these include native plant as well as introduced species. The collections are used for research, public education, landscape examples, habitat restoration examples and genetic diversity of rare plants. The collections provide a variety of form and color. The collection labels are very detailed and include not only the common English name, but the Latin botanic name as well as the family name (common and Latin) as well as the natural distribution. Some of the collections include the Dogwood Family Collection and the Bean Family Collection. There are plant collections as well as a horticultural collection. Summary Unlike the majority of Haldimand or Norfolk County, Nanticoke a highly industralized community. Its industries supply up to 4000MW of electric energy to Southern Ontario through the Nanticoke Generating Station. This community is southeast of Simcoe (Simcoe, Ontario) in neighbouring Norfolk County (Norfolk County, Ontario) and south of Brantford (Brantford, Ontario). Nanticoke's residential area is bordered on the west by the Nanticoke Industrial Park, home to the U. S. Steel Canada Lake Erie Works (Stelco Lake Erie Works) and a number of smaller businesses, including Nelson Steel, Charles Jones Industrial , ESM, and Air Products. The neighbouring Esso Refinery Nanticoke on the northeast, and the Nanticoke Generating Station on the southeast are not part of the Industrial Park land, although this is frequently confused due to their proximity. thumb View of downtown Toronto (File:Toronto - ON - Toronto Skyline2.jpg) '''Toronto (w:Toronto)''' is the most populous city (w:List of the 100 largest municipalities in Canada by population) in Canada and the provincial (w:Provinces and territories of Canada) capital (w:capital city) of Ontario (w:Ontario). It is located in Southern Ontario (w:Southern Ontario) on the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario (w:Lake Ontario). In the early 1990s, Bernardo murdered three young women in Southern Ontario (w:Southern Ontario) with his wife Karla Homolka (w:Karla Homolka). After his trial, he admitted to being the "Scarborough Rapist." Bernardo had previously claimed to have raped 15 women between 1986 and 1991. Today, his lawyer announced that he has confessed to 10 additional rapes.

Binghamton, New York

prohibitions against discrimination based on gender identity or expression, height and weight in employment, housing, education and public accommodation. In 2011, under the authority of N.Y. General Municipal Law 239-O and by City of Binghamton Local Law 11-3, the City of Binghamton established the Binghamton Human Rights Commission whose mission is to condemn discrimination in all its forms, to educate the public, and to work to eliminate discrimination against people based on age, race, color

Reading, Berkshire

People'' based on the memoirs of Simon Doonan is set in Reading in the late 1990s. Landmarks thumb right The Maiwand Lion (File:Forbury Gardens, Reading.jpg) in Forbury Gardens The Maiwand Lion in Forbury Gardens, an unofficial symbol of Reading, commemorates the 328 officers of the Royal Berkshire Regiment who died in the Battle of Maiwand in 1880. Cox joined his home town club, Reading (Reading F.C.), at the age of nine. Checkendon is served by two bus routes: * Reading Transport route 142, Reading (Reading, Berkshire)-Woodcote-Checkendon * White's Coaches route 145, Woodcote-Checkendon-Henley (Henley-on-Thames) Hawk-Eye (w:Hawk-Eye), the company that was working on the goal-line technology that is already being used for line calls in tennis, reacted with disappointment: "I'm livid, it is completely out of the blue... A year ago they met and gave us four criteria to meet and we have met all of them, yet they have kicked it out now... We have invested an awful lot of money and now we have no return on that investment," director Paul Hawkins said. He said he was encouraged to continue research on the project only 10 days ago at a private showing for IFAB members at Reading's (w:Reading, Berkshire) Madejski Stadium (w:Madejski Stadium).

Empire of Japan

. Bugs shows no mercy against the Japanese soldiers, greeting them with several racial slurs such as "monkey face" and "slant eyes", making short work of a large sumo wrestler, and bombing most of the Japanese army using various explosives, including grenades hidden in ice cream bars. The cartoon's title is a play on the verb "nip" as in "bite" and "Nip", a then-widely used slur for Japanese people, based on the fact that the Japanese (Japanese language) word for "Japan" is "Nippon" (or "Nihon"). Plot Wedge Donovan (John Wayne) is a tough construction boss, building airstrips in the Pacific for the U.S. Navy during World War II. He clashes with his liaison officer, Lieutenant Commander Robert Yarrow (Dennis O'Keefe), over the fact that his men are not allowed to arm themselves against the Japanese (Empire of Japan). When the enemy lands in force on the island, he finally takes matters into his own hands, leading his men into the fray. This prevents Yarrow from springing a carefully devised trap that would have wiped out the invaders in a murderous machinegun crossfire, with minimal American losses. Instead, many of Donovan's men are killed unnecessarily. On the entry of the Empire of Japan into the war in December 1941, ''Exeter'' formed part of the ABDACOM (American-British-Dutch-Australian Command) naval force intended to defend the Dutch East Indies (Indonesia) from Japanese invasion.160px thumb left ''Exeter'' under attack in the First Battle of the Java Sea (Image:Battle of Java Sea - HMS Exeter under Attack.jpg). South West Pacific Area After the opening of hostilities with Japan (Empire of Japan), Crutchley was promoted to Rear-Admiral and lent to the Royal Australian Navy for service in the South West Pacific Area. On 13 June 1942 Crutchley succeeded Rear-Admiral John Crace (John Gregory Crace) in command of Task Force 44, the Australian Squadron, based in Brisbane, Australia, the last Briton to do so. After the Vichy French defeat in Syria, the 2 2nd Pioneer Battalion was relocated to Tripoli in Libya, where it headquartered itself in an olive grove while carrying out training and garrison duties over the next four months. During November, the battalion was moved to Qatana in Syria, but with the entry of Japan (Empire of Japan) into the war in late 1941, the 6th (6th Division (Australia)) and 7th Divisions were directed to return to Australia for service in the Pacific theatre (Pacific War). In January 1942, Peeler was among the men of the 2 2nd Pioneer Battalion who embarked aboard HMT ''Orcades'' (SS Orcades (1937)) to make the journey back to Australia. He was promoted to Warrant Officer Class II (Warrant officer#Australia) during this time. 124th Cavalry The troopers stationed at Fort Brown from 1929-45 were from the 124th Cavalry Regiment, Texas National Guard (United States National Guard), which became one of the last mounted cavalry regiments in the United States Army. On November 18, 1940, they went into active military training. After the Japanese (Empire of Japan) attack on Pearl Harbor the division served with distinction, dismounted, in the China Burma India Theater (China Burma India Theater of World War II), where a member of the unit from Fort Brown earned the theater's only Medal of Honor (awarded to Jack L. Knight, commanding F Troop). At the Battle of Wau, in January 1943, during World War II, the Australian Army stopped an advance by the Japan (Empire of Japan)ese. A road was established soon after World War II to Lae and this fostered the further development of local timber and agricultural industries that were originally established in support of the mining industry. While much of the mineral reserves have been extracted, industrial gold mining continues at Edie Creek and at the newly established Hidden Valley Gold Mine operated by Morobe Goldfields (a subsidiary of Harmony Gold - South Africa). The actions for which Starcevich received the VC occurred during the Borneo campaign of 1945 (Borneo campaign (1945)). was an administrative post not of Cabinet rank in the government of the Empire of Japan. The Lord Keeper of the Privy Seal was responsible for keeping the Privy Seal of Japan and State Seal of Japan. With the rise of the 1917 revolution (Russian Revolution of 1917), the Altay attempted to make their region a separate Burkhanist republic called Oryot, but their support for the Mensheviks during the Civil War (Russian Civil War) led to the venture's collapse after the Bolshevik victory and the rise of Stalin. In the 1940s, the Altay were accused of being pro-Japanese (Empire of Japan), and the word "oyrot" was declared counterrevolutionary. By 1950, Soviet industrialization (History of the Soviet Union (1927-1953)#Planning) policies brought Russian immigrants reducing the proportion of Altay from 50% to 20% of the population. "Altay", Centre for Russian Studies, NUPI, retrieved 17 October 2006 Ethnic Altaians currently make up about 31% of the Altai Republic's population. Altai Republic :: official portal At 11pm Trans-Baikal time on August 8, 1945, Soviet foreign minister Molotov (Vyacheslav Molotov) informed Japanese ambassador Sato (Naotake Satō) that the Soviet Union had declared war on the Empire of Japan, and that from August 9 the Soviet Government would consider itself to be at war with Japan. Soviet Declaration of War on Japan, August 8, 1945. (Avalon Project at Yale University) At one minute past midnight Trans-Baikal time on August 9, 1945, the Soviets commenced their invasion simultaneously on three fronts to the east, west and north of Manchuria. The operation was subdivided into smaller operational and tactical parts: *Khingan-Mukden Offensive Operation (August 9, 1945 - September 2, 1945)


Democratic Organisation''' was a political party in Namibia, based amongst the Damara (Damara (people)) people. It was founded in 1970.


Nigeria alone contributed 15 million subjects, more than in the whole of French West Africa or the entire German colonial empire. It was paradoxical that Britain, the staunch advocate of free trade, emerged in 1914 with not only the largest overseas empire thanks to its long-standing presence in India (British Raj), but also the greatest gains in the ‘scramble for Africa’, reflecting its advantageous position at its inception. In terms of surface area occupied, the French were the marginal victors but much of their territory consisted of the sparsely populated Sahara. Other countries employ similar quota (Quota share) systems. Australian broadcasters are required to broadcast a certain percentage of Australasian content. Similar domestic content quota laws also exist in the Philippines, Mexico, Nigeria, Israel, South Africa, Jamaica, Venezuela and New Zealand – also in the United Kingdom, Ireland (Republic of Ireland), and France (which now have a European Union content rule rather than a domestic one). Given the domestic and global strength of the US media (media in the United States), such content restrictions would be unnecessary in addition to being unconstitutional (First Amendment to the United States Constitution). 200px thumb A ''gummi arabicum'' tree in Indonesia (File:COLLECTIE TROPENMUSEUM De boom Gummi Arabicum waar arabisch gom van wordt gemaakt. TMnr 60005564.jpg) thumb left '' Acacia seyal (Image:Acacia seyal Taub66.png)'' from Paul Hermann Wilhelm Taubert's Leguminosae, in Engelmann (ed.): Natürliche Pflanzenfamilien

Emirate at Borno maintains a ceremonial rule of the Kanuri people, based in Maiduguri, Borno State, Nigeria, but acknowledged by the 4 million Kanuri in neighboring countries. The Shehu ("Sultan") of Borno draws his authority from a state founded before 1000 CE, the Kanem-Bornu Empire. al-Kanemi dynasty: Sultanate of Borno The current ruling line, the al-Kanemi dynasty, dates to the accession of Muhammad al-Amin al


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