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Marshal Antonescu") , ''România Liberă'', 23 June 2011; accessed January 27, 2012 Cristian Petru, "Prinţul Paul de România acuză - 'Mihai a luat cu el colecţia de tablouri El Greco'" ("Prince Paul of Romania Accuses - 'Michael Took with Him the Collection of El Greco Paintings'"), ''Jurnalul Naţional'', 23 March


of for themselves—with varying results. Matisse made several sojourns in Tangier, always staying at the Grand Hotel Villa de France. "I have found landscapes in Morocco," he claimed, "exactly as they are described in Delacroix's paintings." The Californian artist Richard Diebenkorn was directly influenced by the haunting colors and rhythmic patterns of Matisse's Morocco paintings. Antonio Fuentes was born in Tangier in 1905 from a Spanish family. An article in La

Empire of Japan

with a more modern collection of 19th and 20th century applied art, such as suzani (suzani textile) embroidered hangings. Of more interest is the large collection of paintings "borrowed" from the Hermitage (Hermitage Museum) by Grand Duke Romanov to decorate his palace in exile in Tashkent, and never returned. Behind the museum is a small park, containing the neglected graves of the Bolsheviks who died in the Russian Revolution of 1917 and to Ossipov's treachery

-style paintings" is a term used to describe paintings that have been made in accordance with traditional Japanese artistic conventions, techniques and materials. While based on traditions over a thousand years old, the term was coined in the Meiji period of the Imperial Japan (Empire of Japan), to distinguish such works from Western-style paintings, or was an administrative post not of Cabinet rank in the government of the Empire of Japan. The Lord Keeper of the Privy Seal was responsible for keeping the Privy Seal of Japan and State Seal of Japan. With the rise of the 1917 revolution (Russian Revolution of 1917), the Altay attempted to make their region a separate Burkhanist republic called Oryot, but their support for the Mensheviks during the Civil War (Russian Civil War) led to the venture's collapse after the Bolshevik victory and the rise of Stalin. In the 1940s, the Altay were accused of being pro-Japanese (Empire of Japan), and the word "oyrot" was declared counterrevolutionary. By 1950, Soviet industrialization (History of the Soviet Union (1927-1953)#Planning) policies brought Russian immigrants reducing the proportion of Altay from 50% to 20% of the population. "Altay", Centre for Russian Studies, NUPI, retrieved 17 October 2006 Ethnic Altaians currently make up about 31% of the Altai Republic's population. Altai Republic :: official portal At 11pm Trans-Baikal time on August 8, 1945, Soviet foreign minister Molotov (Vyacheslav Molotov) informed Japanese ambassador Sato (Naotake Satō) that the Soviet Union had declared war on the Empire of Japan, and that from August 9 the Soviet Government would consider itself to be at war with Japan. Soviet Declaration of War on Japan, August 8, 1945. (Avalon Project at Yale University) At one minute past midnight Trans-Baikal time on August 9, 1945, the Soviets commenced their invasion simultaneously on three fronts to the east, west and north of Manchuria. The operation was subdivided into smaller operational and tactical parts: *Khingan-Mukden Offensive Operation (August 9, 1945 - September 2, 1945)


Museum of Uzbekistan. It contains a major collection of art from the pre-Russian period, including Sogdian (Sogdian language) murals, Buddhist statues and Zoroastrian art, along with a more modern collection of 19th and 20th century applied art, such as suzani (suzani textile) embroidered hangings. Of more interest is the large collection of paintings "borrowed" from the Hermitage (Hermitage Museum) by Grand Duke Romanov to decorate his palace in exile in Tashkent, and never returned. Behind the museum is a small park, containing the neglected graves of the Bolsheviks who died in the Russian Revolution of 1917 and to Ossipov's treachery in 1919, along with first Uzbekistani President Yuldosh Akhunbabayev. *Museum of Applied Arts. Housed in a traditional house originally commissioned for a wealthy tsarist diplomat, the house itself is the main attraction, rather than its collection of 19th and 20th century applied arts. *History Museum the largest museum in the city. It is housed in the ex-Lenin Museum. *Amir Timur Museum, housed in a building with brilliant blue dome and ornate interior. It houses exhibits of Timur and of President Islam Karimov. The gardens outside contain a statue of Timur on horseback, surrounded by some of the nicest gardens and fountains in the city. *Navoi Literary Museum, commemorating Uzbekistan's adopted literary hero, Alisher Navoi, with replica manuscripts, Arabic calligraphy and 15th century miniature paintings. The Russian Orthodox church in Amir Temur Square, built in 1898, was demolished in 2009. It is necessary to note that this building was not used as religious building since the 1920s due to the antireligious campaign conducted by Bolshevik (communist) government from Moscow across the former Soviet Union. During the Soviet period the building was used for different non-religious purposes; after independence it was a bank. Tashkent also has a World War II memorial park and a Defender of Motherland monument., Tashkent's central park is history, 25 November 2009 Army memorial dismantled in Tashkent, 24 November 2009, МИД России указал послу Узбекистана на обеспокоенность «Наших», 16 January 2010 WikiPedia:Tashkent Dmoz:Regional Asia Uzbekistan Localities Tashkent Commons:Category:Tashkent

Memphis, Tennessee

. Six people, including two children, were found dead in a Memphis (w:Memphis, Tennessee), Tennessee home in the United States on Monday. Three wounded children were also found at the scene, a 7-year-old boy, a 10-month-old girl and a 4-year-old whose gender was not reported, were sent to Le Bonheur Children's Medical Center (w:Le Bonheur Children's Medical Center). Two were last reported in very critical condition, while the other was in serious condition.


China memorabilia: * * Yuyuan Gardens (Shanghai Old_City#See) is another good option for antiques as well as all manner of cheaply made and priced souvenirs (teapots, paintings, "silk" bags, etc


a compendium of of the symbolism that had been developed by Early Netherlandish masters up to this point."-- McNamee, Maurice. "Vested Angels: Echaristic Allusions in Early Netherlandish Paintings". Peeters Publishers, 1998. 148. ISBN 9-0429-0007-5 Gould's work One stands prominently in front of Ali iolani Hale (Aliiolani Hale) in Honolulu, Hawaii. The statue had its origins in 1878 when Walter M. Gibson, a member of the Hawaiian

Saint Petersburg

'''Leonid Nikolaev''' (1904–December 29, 1934) was the assassin of Sergei Kirov, the first secretary of the Leningrad (Saint Petersburg) branch of the Communist Party (Communist Party of the Soviet Union). The number of state-owned institutions was rising steadily from 514 in 1990 to 655 in 2002 and remains nearly constant since 2002. The number of private institutions, first reported as 193 in 1995, continues to rise.


of his father in 1791 forced him to leave his studies to support his mother and eight siblings, and he became an actor and wrote a successful play ''Connoisseur of Girls''. Sovanka was painting countrysides, animals and hunting motifs in nature, and he also made some sculptures and glasses. At an exhibition in Prague in 1931, he was exhibited with the oil-paintings "Fox in the winter", "Dogs with boar", and others. Besides Slovakia and Prague, he also held exhibitions in Brno and Budapest. Folkmar and Gottschalk In the spring of 1096, a number of small bands of knights and peasants, inspired by the preaching of the Crusade, set off from various parts of France (Cologne) and Germany (Worms). The crusade of the priest Folkmar, beginning in Saxony, persecuted Jews in Magdeburg and later, on May 30, 1096 in Prague in Bohemia. The Catholic Bishop Cosmas attempted to prevent forced conversions, and the entire Catholic hierarchy in Bohemia preached against such acts. Duke Bratislav was out of the country and the Catholic Church's officials' protests were unable to stop the mob of crusaders. At an early age he showed a preference for mathematics, but this was gradually superseded by an interest in natural science, which led him ultimately to the study of medicine. After studying at Berlin, Vienna, Prague, Paris, London, Dublin and Edinburgh, and having devoted special attention to ophthalmology, in 1850 he began to practice as an oculist in Berlin. He founded a private institution there for the treatment of eyes, which became the model of many similar clinics in Germany and Switzerland. On 9 October 2009, it was announced that Infraero will invest in airports abroad: Infraero was invited by the Government of Paraguay to administer Silvio Pettirossi International Airport in Asunción and invited to participate in the privatization of Ruzyně Airport in Prague, Czech Republic, among other investments. Dmoz:Regional Europe Czech Republic Regions Prague Commons:Category:Prague Wikipedia:Prague


of its production. " bio_en.php","Jacek Yerka by himself", paragraph 13,01 2012 Work typically progresses from a graphite sketch, to crayon drawing, then a pastel com, and finally an acrylic painting. " about.php","How do I make my paintings", paragraph 4,01 2012 Criticism has also been garnered for ''Charmed'''s Book of Shadows. Author Peg Aoli, a noted Wiccan

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