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Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

seasons in which falls are warmer than spring since the waters are at the warmest temperatures in fall and the coldest during early spring. Precipitation is significant, averaging over a year, with July and August the driest months on average and November the wettest month on average. An outstanding feature is Yarmouth's late-fall to early-winter precipitation maximum, owing to the combination of intense storm activity from November

Northfield, Minnesota

ammonia, opening up a new and fruitful field of research. This constituted the first step in the development of the ammonia system of compounds, a concept which, owing to the later contributions of Edward C. Franklin and Charles A. Kraus, became an outstanding feature of American chemical achievement. Education He earned a Bachelor of Music degree in Theory (music theory) and Composition in 1977 and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Education in 1978, both from St


hotel inside the converted Mohammed Amin Khan madrassah allows guests to stay in "cells" that were once occupied by Islamic scholars. Since this was the primary hotel inside the Ichon-Qala during Soviet times (formerly the Hotel Khiva) the outstanding feature of this hotel is location, location, location - it sits right inside the West gate - which is why it's more expensive than some of the other hotels in Khiva. * WikiPedia:Khiva Commons:Category:Khiva Dmoz:Regional Asia Uzbekistan Localities Khiva

Querétaro, Querétaro

1–'''1''' 1–5 1986 FIFA World Cup (1986 FIFA World Cup#Round of 16) - Death As he was training for a rematch with Laporte set for September, he crashed on the early morning of August 12, 1982, while driving his Porsche 928 sports car along the federal highway from Santiago de Querétaro (Querétaro, Querétaro) to San Luis Potosí (San Luis Potosí, San Luis Potosí), dying instantly. Lightweight champ Sanchez dies in crash At the time of his death, there were talks about a rematch with Gómez or a challenge of world lightweight champion Alexis Argüello, Salvador Sanchez finish his career undefeated as champion (due to his early death). Sánchez was posthumously inducted

East Pakistan

and economical right. He also demanded power to be handed over to the people of East Pakistan. In 1972, after Bhutto was made president, Asghar Khan accused Bhutto for the break-up, later noting that: "We are living virtually under one party state.... The outstanding feature is suppression.

Kingston, Ontario

'', a serious comedy about a socially inept Girl Friday (Sheila McCarthy as Polly), which made one of the most outstanding feature debuts in the history of Canadian cinema. At the 1987 Cannes Film Festival, ''I’ve Heard the Mermaids Singing'' won the ''Prix de la Jeunesse''. That same year, it was voted one of Canada’s ten best films ever as polled by 100 international critics. - * University of Ottawa, Program in Epidemiology, Ottawa, Canada * Queen's University, Community Health and Epidemiology, Kingston (Kingston, Ontario), Canada * Lakehead University, Master of Public Health (MPH) Thunder Bay, Canada At Havana 1965, Ivkov shared 2nd-4th places with Geller and Fischer, and defeated Fischer for the second time in their game; the winner was Smyslov. In fact he was leading before he blew an easily won game against a tail ender; this would have been his greatest victory. Ivkov shared 2nd-3rd places in the Yugoslav Championship at Titograd (Podgorica) 1965 with 11.5 18 as Gligoric won. Then at Zagreb 1965, Ivkov scored perhaps his most impressive career victory, sharing the title with Wolfgang Uhlmann on 13.5 19, ahead of World Champion Tigran Petrosian, Lajos Portisch, Larsen, and Bronstein. Ivkov won at Venice 1966 with 5 7. He ended 4th at Beverwijk 1966 on 10 15 as Polugaevsky won. Ivkov won at Eersel 1966 with 4 5. He had a disappointing result at the elite Piatigorsky Cup tournament at Santa Monica, California, finishing with a minus score, as Spassky won. But then he nearly won the 1966 Open Canadian Chess Championship at Kingston (Kingston, Ontario). He shared 3rd-4th at Sarajevo 1966 with 10 15, behind winners Mikhail Tal and Dragoljub Ciric. He was 4th at Palma de Mallorca 1966 with 9.5 15 behind winner Tal. The Queen’s Principalship (1936-1951) After nearly eight years as the President of the University of Alberta, Robert Wallace was offered the Principalship at Queen’s University in Kingston (Kingston, Ontario), Ontario by chancellor James Richardson. Wallace accepted the offer, and was installed as the University’s eleventh Principal on September 1, 1936. He was the first scientist to ever hold the position. (Nine of the previous 10 Principals were ministers, the other was a Classics professor.) He would hold the position until his formal retirement in 1951. *Robert Malcolm Memorial Pipe Band (Burnaby, BC (British Columbia)) *Rob Roy Pipeband and Highland dancers (Kingston (Kingston, Ontario), Ontario) *Rocky Mountain Pipe Band (Calgary, Alberta) In 2000, Corus Entertainment acquired the stations. In February 2001, Corus converted CKDO to its short-lived talk radio network (also consisting of CHML (CHML (AM)) in Hamilton (Hamilton, Ontario), CFPL (CFPL (AM)) in London (London, Ontario), CKRU in Peterborough (Peterborough, Ontario), CFFX (CFFX-FM) in Kingston (Kingston, Ontario) and CJOY in Guelph), but the station returned to the oldies format by the summer of that year. On the outbreak of the War of 1812 he joined the 2nd Regiment of York Militia as a Subaltern and was seriously wounded at the Battle of Queenston Heights. He crawled from the battlefield to a nearby village where his wounds were hurriedly dressed. Because of an infection caused by the late removal of a bullet he was not fit to fight when the Americans attacked York in April, 1813. McLean buried the York militia’s colours in the woods and escaped to Kingston, Ontario. He fought again at Battle of Lundy's Lane, but was captured by the Americans and held prisoner for the remainder of the war. He was born in Kingston (Kingston, Ontario) in Upper Canada in 1791, the son of a Scottish (Scotland) immigrant who served with Joseph Brant during the American Revolution. The family moved from Kingston to Newark (Niagara-on-the-Lake) and then York (Toronto), where Thomson began work as a clerk in a general store. In 1810, he was transferred to Kingston. Although a member of the local militia, he did not serve in the War of 1812 due to poor health. In 1815, his employer returned to France and Thomson purchased the Kingston store. In 1819, he became editor and owner of the ''Upper Canada Herald'', a weekly newspaper, which soon had the largest circulation of any newspaper in Upper Canada. He also printed pamphlets, books and reports, including ''The statutes of the province of Upper Canada'' in 1831. He was born in New Jersey in 1785 and later settled in Nelson Township (Nelson, Ontario), Halton County (Halton County, Ontario). He founded a settlement called Hannahville with his brothers, help set up the first school in the area and served on the district council. In 1828, he was elected to the Legislative Assembly of Upper Canada for Halton as a Reformer (Reform Party (pre-Confederation)); he did not run in 1830 but was reelected in 1834. He was elected to the 1st Parliament of the Province of Canada in East Halton. He opposed the move of the capital from Kingston (Kingston, Ontario) to Montreal. In 1841, he supported the District Councils Act (District Councils Act (1841)), which was opposed by the other Reformers. He also expressed his disapproval after the Reform government resigned in protest in 1843. So, another Reform candidate was chosen to run in East Halton in 1844; when Hopkins ran as well, the vote was split and the Conservative (Conservative Party of Canada (historical)) candidate, George Chalmers, won. In 1850, he was elected again in East Halton as a Clear Grit, defeating the incumbent Reformer, John Wetenhall. After 1851, he retired from politics. He moved to Hamilton (Hamilton, Ontario) in 1870. Follow-up reports indicate that rumbles could be felt as far as Kingston, Ontario (w:Kingston, Ontario), Montreal, Quebec (w:Montreal) and New York (w:New York). The Canadian Geological Survey stated 14 seismometer (w:Seismometer) stations revising a magnitude of 4.5 from 2.99 on the Richter Scale (w:Richter_magnitude_scale). The USGS pronounced it to be a 4.0 tremor.


no Fury'' and ''The Pharmacist'', as well as one television drama, ''Bommels Billigflüge''. Several of her novels have been subsequently adapted as films, including ''Die Apothekerin'', which was released in the United States as ''The Pharmacist'' and was nominated for the German Film Award in Gold for outstanding feature film. She has published her first novel-debut in the age of 55 years, which became great success. Today she is one of the most appreciated German female authors. When he

Northern Ireland

is not part of the National Rail network of Great Britain and because of this separation, NIR is the only commercial, non-heritage, passenger operator in the United Kingdom to operate a vertical integration model, with responsibility of all aspects of the network including running trains, maintaining rolling stock and infrastructure, pricing etc. The "elliptic salon" at the center of the White House was the outstanding feature of Hoban's original plan. An oval interior space


ranging from Classics to Environmental Studies to Mathematics and Media Studies, over 20 vocational subjects from Motor Vehicles to Engineering to Information Technology. The College also had several other preparation courses such as Army (British Army) and Oxbridge preparation courses, the latter of which was rated as an 'Outstanding feature of the college. http: inspection_reports Gorseinon_College_March_2007.pdf Estyn Inspection Report 2007, pp14 Black Combe, a hill near Silecroft, takes two hours to climb, with views on clear days of Ireland, Scotland, Wales and if you look down, England, a visit could be extended to cover White Combe, a neighbouring fell. The main route is from Whicham church, which has a small car park. The routes up the hill are well-trodden and easy to follow. Black Combe measures 600 metres - an altitude of 1970ft. Making her first appearance for Australia at the 1958 British Empire and Commonwealth Games in Cardiff, Wales, Colquhuon combined with Dawn Fraser, Lorraine Crapp and Sandra Morgan to win the 110 yd freestyle. In the 110yd freestyle, she was beaten into third place by her teammates Fraser and Crapp. In Rome, she anchored the team of Fraser, Crapp and Ilsa Konrads to a silver medal, trailing the United States by 2.4 s. However she was in the spotlight when during a team meeting, officials had ordered Fraser to swim the butterfly leg in the 4 × 100 m medley relay preliminaries in place of the first-choice butterfly swimmer Jan Andrew, who was ordered to rest ahead of her individual event. Fraser refused, hitting Andrew with a pillow. It was only when Colquhuon volunteered that the dispute was resolved. However, she was replaced by Andrew in the final. WikiPedia:Wales Dmoz:Regional Europe United Kingdom Wales commons:Wales - Cymru


remained steady at around 5%. Throughout subsequent decades, however, that age group expanded, and by 1989 it had grown to 11.6% of the population. It was expected to reach 16.9% by 2000 and almost 25.2% by 2020. Perhaps the most outstanding feature of this trend was the speed with which it was occurring in comparison to trends in other industrialized nations. In the United States, expansion of the sixty-five-and-over age group from 7% to 14% took seventy-five years; in the United Kingdom and Germany, this expansion took forty-five years. The same expansion in Japan only took twenty-four and a half years, passing 7% in late 1970 and 14% in early 1995. '''Heartsdales''' was a Japanese hip hop group composed of sisters zh:日本 Commons:Category:Japan Wikipedia:Japan Dmoz:Regional Asia Japan

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