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Moose Factory

of Marlborough.jpg Oil painting of the Duke of Marlborough in HBC building File:Oil painting of Henry Hudson.jpg Oil painting of Henry Hudson in HBC building The ''Moose Factory Buildings National Historic Site of Canada'' "consisted of several buildings, of which only the Staff House is at its original location. Built in 1847-50, it is the last surviving fur trade officer’s dwelling in Canada and the oldest building in the James Bay area. The Powder Magazine, built in 1865-66

, is situated some distance away on its original location, in what is now Centennial Park." The 19th century buildings associated with the Hudson's Bay Company post were designated a National Historic Sites of Canada National Historic Site

Highland Park, Los Angeles

original location, after the Wilshire Boulevard Temple (built in 1929). . However, people from many other ethnicities and nationalities began noticing the trend-setting fashion designs and the store became increasingly popular. By the end of the first year sales were reported to have risen from $35,000 to $700,000. Fashion 21 eventually expanded at the rate of a new store every six months and changed the Fashion 21 brand name to its current name, Forever 21. In the mid-1930s, the 14th District included Eagle Rock, Highland Park (Highland Park, Los Angeles) and Atwater (Atwater Village), with the western boundary at Griffith Park "Do You Know Who Your City Councilman Is?" ''Los Angeles Times,'' March 24, 1935, page 22 Includes a map. District 14 has included Eagle Rock and Highland Park (Highland Park, Los Angeles) since its limits were first drawn in 1925. As the city's population increased, it expanded outward — the most recent addition under Holland being the Rose Hills (Rose Hills, California) section of Los Angeles.

Coconut Grove

. 13 The Barnacle Historic State Park is the oldest house in Miami-Dade County (Miami-Dade County, Florida) still standing in its original location. It was built in 1891 and was home to Ralph Middleton Munroe, also known as "The Commodore" for being the first commodore and founder of the Biscayne Bay Yacht Club, an American yacht designer and early resident of Coconut Grove. Formerly an independent city, Coconut Grove was annexed by the city of Miami in 1925. '''Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart''' is a Catholic college preparatory day school for girls founded in 1961 in the neighborhood of Coconut Grove in Miami, Florida. Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart, a Catholic college preparatory school for women is part of the Network of Sacred Heart Schools founded by Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat.

Rosamond, California

is the original location of the boarding area of the Mine Train Through Nature's Wonderland. The queue goes up some stairs in a wooden shack and reaches the area where the riders board the trains. Leaving the outdoor loading station, riders enter a dark tunnel. The sounds of bats can be heard as the trains make a right hand turn and then a left hand turn before climbing the first lift hill. To the left of the trains, guests can view a series of rainbow colored caverns. These are also placed as a tribute to the Mine Train Through Nature's Wonderland. At the top, the trains exit into the daylight and stayed slow at the drop before making a 180-degree turn drop to the right before leveling out into the left-hand turn, before making a small drop and climb, and then making another right-hand turn (passing under a tree with several opossums (Virginia opossum) hanging from it). The trains then drop down into a cave (where two coyotes are howling on top of), rise up, hit a block brake, make a right-hand turn, exit the tunnel, and climb the second lift hill. thumb left The dark cave on Big Thunder Mountain RR (File:Dark tunnel in Thunder Mountain RR.JPG) *Rome, New York (ROM) (Amtrak station) (Rome (Amtrak station)) *Rosamond, California (RSM) (Amtrak station) (Rosamond (Amtrak station)) *Roseburg, Oregon (RBG) Bus Stop '''KIIS-FM''' (102.7 FM (FM broadcasting) "102.7 KIIS-FM") is a Los Angeles, California, USA-based radio station with a partial Contemporary hit radio musical format. It is owned by Clear Channel Communications. KIIS is also simulcasted on KVVS in Rosamond (Rosamond, California), at 105.5 MHz. Known as "102.7 KIIS-FM" and as one of the United States' highest-rated top 40 stations, "KIIS" is pronounced as "kiss" and is the origin of the national KISS-FM brand (KISS-FM (brand)). KIIS was named the 2007 Station of the Year in the contemporary hit radio top 40 category for market size 1 to 25 at the national Radio & Records convention. Other stations applaud WIXX in national radio judging; Warren Gerds; November 19, 2007 ''Green Bay Press-Gazette''; Retrieved November 19, 2007 ''The Rat Patrol'' From 1966 to 1968 over the course of two seasons and 58 episodes, George played the lead role of Sergeant Sam Troy in ''The Rat Patrol''. The television show followed the exploits of four Allied soldiers (Allies of World War II) who were part of a long range desert patrol group (Long Range Desert Group) in the North African campaign during World War II. , achieving a national speed record in the flying quarter mile. Almquist, Ed. "Hot Rod Pioneers, The Creators of the Fastest Sport on Wheels", Society of Automotive Engineers, Inc., 2000. ISBN 0-7680-0232-X All Chevy Magazine article, August 1988, Michael Lufty Originally, he had no intention of producing any additional manifolds, but the overwhelming response following his phenomenal speed in a 1932 Ford prompted Edelbrock to make more. This was the first product he sold commercially and marked the beginning of the company as it is known today. Edelbrock ultimately manufactured 100 of the ''Slingshot'' manifolds. Broadcasts can normally be heard beginning as far south as Rosamond, California, on State Route 14 (California State Route 14) to the State Route 58 (California State Route 58) turn off in Mojave, California. The broadcast is audible on State Route 58 from Mojave through Barstow, California, where State Route 58 ends into Interstate 15 (Interstate 15 (California)). From Barstow north on the 15 broadcast can be heard normally past the Nevada state line and in the Las Vegas Valley itself. Audible broadcast can normally be picked up on the majority of State Route 138 (California State Route 138) to its junction with Interstate 15 and also Interstate 40 (Interstate 40 (California)) from Barstow to around Kingman, Arizona. Realignment Following a major realignment of the route and assumption into the state highway system around 1922, the main Midland Trail alignment in California bypassed early stagecoach-era stops at Freeman and Willow Springs and at the Neuralia railroad siding, and now routed through Red Rock Canyon (Red Rock Canyon State Park (California)) to Mojave. The earlier alignment took a high line route to the west in the Sierra Nevada (Sierra Nevada (U.S.)) and Scodie Mountains foothills around it following the Los Angeles Aqueduct route past Jawbone Canyon, thence following the Southern Pacific railroad tracks through Rosamond (Rosamond, California) and Lancaster (Lancaster, California) and on to Los Angeles, following the route that was later assigned to U.S. Route 6—the Sierra Highway) in 1937. Story Billy the Mountain, a typical mountain which poses for postcards, lives between the cities of Rosamond, California and Gorman, California with his wife Ethell, a tree. The main features on his mountain edifice are two large caves, resembling eyes, and a cliff for a jaw, which lifts up and down when he talks puffing up dust and boulders. Upon exiting the mountains, Sierra Highway enters the Antelope Valley and serves as one of the main streets of Palmdale (Palmdale, California), Lancaster (Lancaster, California), and Rosamond (Rosamond, California). The highway runs parallel to the modern Route 14 and the railroad. Just shy of Mojave (Mojave, California) the freeway portion of Route 14 ends, and Sierra Highway shares the active routing of SR 14 passing through downtown Mojave. 57.8 Rosamond Boulevard – Rosamond (Rosamond, California), Edwards AFB (Edwards Air Force Base)

Ingersoll, Ontario

(Category:Ingersoll, Ontario) A cheese of 7,000 lb (3,175 kg) was produced in Ingersoll, Ontario, in 1866 and exhibited in New York and Britain; it was immortalised in the poem "Ode on the Mammoth Cheese Weighing over 7,000 Pounds" by James McIntyre (James McIntyre (poet)), a Canadian poet. He later moved to Ingersoll, Ontario, then a town of 5,000 on the banks of the Thames (River Thames, Ontario) in Oxford County (Oxford County, Ontario), the then-heart of Canadian dairy country. He opened a furniture factory on the river as well as a store which sold furniture, along with such items as pianos and coffins. Devastating tornado On August 7, 1979, the Woodstock area was hit by three tornadoes, two of which registered at least F4 on the Fujita Scale. 1979 Woodstock tornado (CBC Archives) On the west side of town along Ingersoll (Ingersoll, Ontario) Road, a Dominion Food Store was heavily damaged while the tornadoes skipped over every other home and business. Dickson's Florist was wiped out and the Fry home was moved on its foundation. Father Grondziel of the new Polish (Poland) Roman Catholic Church, next to the Dominion Food Store, had just stepped into the washroom when one of the tornadoes passed by and took off the roof of the church and everything in the room he had just been in. No one on the street was injured but the cleanup took many weeks. On the south side, the buildings of the Maranatha Christian Reformed Church and the John Knox Christian School were destroyed, and the only fatality occurred when a vehicle on Highway 401 (Ontario Highway 401) was blown off the road and the lone occupant killed. Passenger train services are provided by Via Rail stations (train station) in nearby Ingersoll (Ingersoll, Ontario) or Woodstock (Woodstock, Ontario). In 1880, the '''Western Football Association''' was formed in Berlin (now Kitchener (Kitchener, Ontario)), Ontario and played a major role in the subsequent development of the sport throughout southern Ontario. In the time around 1900, the WFA had teams throughout Western Ontario in various municipalities including Seaforth (Seaforth, Ontario), Mildmay (Mildmay, Ontario), Listowel (Listowel, Ontario), Woodstock (Woodstock, Ontario), Ingersoll (Ingersoll, Ontario), Brussels (Brussels, Ontario), Dundas (Dundas, Ontario), Aylmer (Aylmer, Ontario), Ayr (Ayr, Ontario), Tavistock (Tavistock, Ontario), Preston (Preston, Ontario), Galt (Galt, Ontario) and Berlin (Kitchener, Ontario). In 1989, American Suzuki introduced the Swift (Suzuki Swift) which was the 2nd generation Suzuki Cultus. The Swift was available as a GTi and GLX hatchback with a 4-door sedan following in 1990. A new small SUV called the Sidekick (Suzuki Escudo) was also introduced in 1989. 1991 saw the introduction of the 4-door Suzuki Sidekick, the first 4-door mini-SUV in North America. The Swift and Sidekick were cousins to GM's Geo Metro and Geo Tracker and were mostly produced in Ingersoll (Ingersoll, Ontario), Ontario, Canada by Suzuki and GM's joint venture, CAMI. The Swift GT GTi and 4-door models were imported from Japan. Negative evaluations from Consumer Reports of the Suzuki Samurai led to some temporary setbacks at American Suzuki as annual

Toodyay, Western Australia

Farming at Toodyay In 1836, Drummond exchanged his grant on the Helena Valley for land in the Avon Valley (Avon River (Western Australia)). Settling at Toodyay (Toodyay, Western Australia), the Drummonds established a homestead which they named ''Hawthornden'' after Drummond's ancestral seat. By February 1838, the homestead was sufficiently established for Drummond's wife and daughter to join them. Initially Drummond worked hard to establish his farm, but later this was increasingly taken over by his sons Thomas and James (James Drummond (Australian politician)). Additional fires are burning near Toodyay (w:Toodyay, Western Australia) 85km north east of Perth, Another fire is burning near Williams (w:Williams, Western Australia) approximately 160 south east of Perth and 90Km east of Dwellingup. And in the southern rural suburb of Forrestdale (w:Forrestdale, Western Australia). These fires are reported to be under control.

Memramcook, New Brunswick

Scotia . The reserve has an area of Arsenault played an important role in organizing the first two Acadian national conventions which were held in Memramcook, New Brunswick in 1881 and Miscouche, Prince Edward Island in 1884. A radio station repeater, CJSE-FM-1 (CJSE-FM) out of Memramcook, New Brunswick received CRTC approval to move from 101.7 MHz to another FM frequency on April 13, 2010 to prevent co-channel interference with CKDH after its move to FM. On June 17, 2011, Maritime Broadcasting System received approval from the CRTC to increase CKDH-FM's average ERP (effective radiated power) from 18,700 to 23,000 watts, by decreasing the effective height of antenna above average terrain from 32 to 16 meters and by relocating its transmitter. Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2011-380 It was created in 2006 (New Brunswick electoral redistribution, 2006) as a result the large population increase in the City of Dieppe (Dieppe, New Brunswick). The district was carved largely out of the old riding of Dieppe-Memramcook taking about 1 5 of Dieppe, the village of Memramcook (Memramcook, New Brunswick) and surrounding areas. The community of Lakeville (Lakeville, New Brunswick) is also a part of this riding having come from the neighbouring district of Moncton Crescent. *1880, the Society of Saint John the Baptiste invites Francophones from all over North America to a congress in Quebec City *July 20–21, 1881, Acadian leaders organize the first Acadian National Convention in Memramcook, New Brunswick which had for its goal to take care of the general interests of the Acadian population. More than 5,000 Acadians participated in the convention. It was decided that August 15, the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, would be chosen to celebrate Acadian culture as National Acadian Day. Other debates at the convention centered around education, agriculture, emigration, colonization, and newspapers, and these same issues would arise at subsequent conventions. *At the second convention, on August 15, 1884, in Miscouche, Prince Edward Island, the Acadian flag, an anthem - Ave Maris Stella, and a motto - ''L'union fait la force'' were adopted. Issues discuss


; born December 25, 1951 in Bryansk) is the President of the Udmurt Republic (Udmurtia), located in the heart of Russia between the Kama (Kama River) and Vyatka Rivers. As President, Volkov is the highest official in the Udmurt Republic, the head of the republic's highest executive body, and leader of its two million citizens. Volkov took office November 3, 2000, for a five year term after the first presidential elections in the Udmurt Republic took place on October 15, 2000. Prior to the elections, Volkov was the speaker of the Udmurtia Republican Legislature. History The Vyatka breed was influenced by the climate and terrain of the Kirov, Udmurtia and western Perm (Perm Krai) regions; Estonian horses and Kleppers brought to northern Russia by Novgorod colonists from the 14th century may have affected its conformation, as may later imports of Estonian horses for mining work in the Ural Mountains. The Vyatka horse became known for draft abilities including endurance, speed and frugality. By the early 19th century, it was often used for pulling troikas, and some were exported from the Vyatka region, including to Poland. The breed has possibly also been influenced by Konik ponies. Summerhays, R.S. (R. S. Summerhays) (1948) ''The Observer's Book

Chinatown, Oakland

moved from its original location at the Park Boulevard to the Main Library. In 1981, it moved to its own building at 9th Street and Broadway. The current location in the Pacific Renaissance Plaza opened to the public in 1995. Notable natives and residents *Bruce Lee, martial artist, actor *Fred Korematsu resisted, and then challenged in court, the forced internment of Japanese Americans during World War II (See ''Korematsu v. United States'' for more information.) *Rodney Yee, yoga instructor *Amy Tan, author *Dong Kingman (1911–2000), watercolorist, created paintings for ''Flower Drum Song'' and ''The World of Suzie Wong'' *Dr. Charles Goodall Lee (1881–1973), dentist, first licensed Chinese dentist who financed the lodge building of the Chinese American Citizens Alliance in Oakland *Lew Hing (1858–1934), tycoon, founded successful cannery building an empire in banking, shipping, and real estate *Frank Chin, writer *March Fong Eu, politician *Matt Fong, politician *Ben Fong-Torres, journalist, author, radio personality *Maxine Hong Kingston, writer of ''The Woman Warrior'' and ''China Men'' *Wendy Yoshimura, watercolor artist *William Wong, journalist and author Geography thumbnail 270px Chinese and English Bilingual sign street signs (Image:Chinatown's Signs in Chinese.jpg) in Chinatown. Chinatown is located in Downtown (Central business district) between Broadway to the west, Interstate 880 to the south, Oak Street and Laney College to the east, and 12th Street to the north. The entrance to the Webster Tube, which carries traffic underneath the estuary, is on the edge of Chinatown. Unlike many Chinatowns, it has no formal arch (Paifang) or gate, but it does have bilingual street sign (Traffic sign)s. The neighborhood can be roughly divided into two distinct areas: Between Broadway and Harrison Street is the commercial (Commerce) area, with busy streets lined with markets, restaurants, banks, and other businesses. East of Harrison Street, the neighborhood is more residential in character with more apartments and condominiums, less crowded sidewalks, and a mix of retail stores that are more service and product oriented, with fewer groceries and restaurants. Though the mainstay of commercial activity is south of 10th Street, there are nonetheless many retail shops, stores, and restaurtants north of 10th Street and in other parts of Downtown Oakland which are owned by Chinese and Korean merchants. In particular at the edge of Chinatown, 14th street between Webster and Harrison is block which features numerous Korean restaurants and businesses, especially on the north side of the block. Recent immigrants have also moved south into "New Oakland Chinatown" in the San Antonio neighborhood along International Boulevard (International Boulevard, Oakland, California) (formerly East 14th Street) and Eastlake business district on East 18th Street. Government Representatives * United States Senate represented by Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer * United States House of Representatives District 9 represented by Barbara Lee ** California State Assembly District 16 represented by Sandré Swanson http: ** California State Senate District 9 represented by Don Perata *** Alameda County (Alameda County, California) District 3 (Fruitvale, San Antonio, Chinatown portions of Oakland, San Leandro, Alameda, San Lorenzo, Ashland, Hillcrest Knolls) represented by Alice Lai-Bitker About Alice Lai-Bitker - District 3 - Board of Supervisors - Alameda County **** Oakland City Council (Oakland, California#Government and politics) City of Oakland Officials District 2 (Grand Lake (Grand Lake, Oakland)-Chinatown) City Council District 2 map represented by Pat Kernighan ****Oakland Mayor Jean Quan. Police and fire The Oakland Police Department's Administration Building is located at 455 Seventh St. Chinatown is in Oakland Police Department's Beat 3X. Beat 3x website The Community Services Section hosts the Asian Advisory Committee on Crime and the Asian Youth Services Committee. Asian Youth Service Committee Community Services Section at http: The Chinatown Neighborhood Crime Prevention Council for beat 3x, a neighborhood community-policing board meets monthly. Meetings are conducted in Cantonese (Standard Cantonese) and are open to all. Oakland Fire Department, Engine Company No. 12 is located at 822 Alice Street at 9th Street. Oakland Fire Department: Home Fire engine (Fire apparatus) 2552 is assigned to this fire station. The citizens of Oakland and the Oakland Fire Department will remember the service and sacrifice of Oakland Engine Company No. 12. Hoseman Tracy Toomey who died in the line of duty on January 10, 1999 in a 2 story building collapse after responding to a 6 alarm fire on upper Broadway. Infrastructure Transportation Located at the crossroads of the 880 freeway, the tubes linking Alameda and Oakland (Webster Tube), and downtown, Oakland Chinatown bears a significant transportation burden that dates back to the 1950s. Weekday and everyday commerce in the area creates thousands of peak period private automobile trips daily and resulting air pollution impacts on the neighborhood's elderly residents. Over 20,000 shoppers and tourists use its sidewalks every weekend. The traffic on I-880 is over 100,000 cars per day. The neighborhood is served by a freeway on-ramp to I-880 south at 5th and Oak Street. It is also is served by a freeway on-ramp to I-980 at 6th and Jackson. Recently Oakland's Public Works Agency reconfigured travel lanes on Jackson Street to separate traffic travelling South on Jackson from traffic merging-into Jackson from Eastbound 7th Street. This effectively eliminated, through lane re-marking, any possibility of the lost art of the "alternating merge." The volume of automobile traffic travelling away from the core of Chinatown on 7th street towards the freeway connections was so voluminous and unrelenting, that accidents were occurring. Chinatown has the highest number of automobile-pedestrian collisions in the City of Oakland. A pedestrian safety campaign brought in the first scramble (pedestrian scramble) system in Alameda County to Oakland Chinatown to prevent further pedestrian fatalities and injuries. UC Berkeley Pedestrian scramble evaluation Allyson K. Bechtel, Kara E. MacLeod, and David R. Ragland, "Oakland Chinatown Pedestrian Scramble: An Evaluation" (December 17, 2003). U.C. Berkeley Traffic Safety Center. Paper UCB-TSC-RR-2003-06. http: its tsc UCB-TSC-RR-2003-06 Until recently, California Auto Insurance company actuarial models charged higher rates to residents in the Chinatown's zip code under a practice known as territorial rating, or zip code profiling. The insurance actuarial theory behind this market practice purports that drivers residing or "principally garaging" their cars in a certain area face a greater loss and accident ratio. This practice, was outlawed by California voters in 1988 by Proposition 103 on the statewide ballot. The law made its way through the courts for 18 years before several insurance companies settled with California Insurance Commissioner John Garamendi in 2006 to put an end to the practice. Oakland is served by several AC Transit bus lines which run on 7th, 8th, 11th, 12th, Broadway, and Franklin Streets. Many visitors to the neighborhood use nearby mass transit connections. The neighborhood has two BART stations: 12th Street Station (Oakland City Center 12th Street (BART station)) on its northwest corner, and Lake Merritt Station (Lake Merritt (BART station)) at its eastern edge. Education Primary and secondary schools Public schools Residents of Chinatown are zoned to schools in the Oakland Unified School District. Zoned schools include Elementary School (Oakland, California) Lincoln Elementary School (K-5) Katz, Alex. "Chinatown school beating odds Lincoln Elementary in select group to be honored for achievement gains." ''Oakland Tribune''. Saturday January 7, 2006. Retrieved on September 9, 2011. "LINCOLN Elementary School Boundaries." Oakland Unified School District. Retrieved on September 11, 2011. *Westlake Middle School "WESTLAKE Middle School Boundaries." Oakland Unified School District. Retrieved on September 11, 2011. *Oakland Technical High School "OAKLAND TECHNICAL High School Boundaries." Oakland Unified School District. Retrieved on September 11, 2011. American Indian Public Charter School II, a charter school campus of the American Indian Model Schools system, is located in Chinatown. Murphy, Katy. "Oakland charter schools get high marks and skepticism." ''The Oakland Tribune''. Monday November 3, 2008. Retrieved on September 11, 2011. It caters to students living in the Chinatown and Lake Merritt areas. "Family Handbook." American Indian Public Charter School II. 4. Updated June 22, 2009. Retrieved on September 9, 2011. In 2008 it shared a campus with Oakland Charter Academies (now Amethod Public Schools). The Lighthouse Community Charter School Lighthouse Community Charter School website started in the 2004 - 2005 school year with grades K-2 and 6-8. LCCS intends to enroll two new grade levels each year until it serves grades K – 12 school in 2008–2009. It will move to new facilities near the airport for the 2009-2010 school year. The '''Lake Merritt''' Bay Area Rapid Transit station (metro station) is located in Downtown Oakland on Oak Street near Lake Merritt, Chinatown (Chinatown, Oakland), Laney College and the Oakland Museum (Oakland Museum of California). This station consists of an underground island platform. When compared to the more well-known Chinatowns of Oakland (Chinatown, Oakland) and San Francisco (Chinatown, San Francisco) in California and Vancouver, British Columbia (Chinatown, Vancouver), Portland's Chinatown is smaller and less active. It has more than two dozen Chinese-owned businesses, including restaurants such as Good Taste which serves Cantonese (Cantonese cuisine) noodle soups and barbecued meats, gift and import shops, club houses, an herbal medicine store and an Asian food market.

Clinton, Massachusetts

the same field) from its original location in 1877. Harold Naughton, Jr. D Clinton (Clinton, Massachusetts) 12th Worcester Boylston, Clinton, Northborough, and precinct 2 of Sterling

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