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Galiano Island

music on Galiano. Open early for breakfast and lunch everyday. Walking distance from the ferry. * '''Sea Blush Cafe''' - Montague Marina's restaurant, open for al fresco lunches and afternoon beverages and light meals. Fresh baking daily. (Seasonal restaurant only). * '''Galiano Golf Club''' - Great food outdoors on the patio, overlooking the prettiest little golf course anywhere. thumb Hummingbird Pub Shuttle Bus (Image:GalianoIsland_HummingbirdPub.JPG) * '''Hummingbird Pub

North Battleford

-country skiing and mountain bike trails, paintball, zip line, climbing wall, fear factor course, chalet, cabins, camping and a private lake. (306) 445-4941. Mountain Regional Park.'''This alpine ski area features a quad chairlift,variety of runs, terrain and tubing parks and is open early December to the end of March each year. (306) 937-2920. Wikipedia:North Battleford


, but most of them are on the National Highway N-5 which travels through town, and all serve Pakistani food though not all are hygienic. However, there are also some restaurants really worth eating at such as Mumtaz Bikik Restaurant, Darbar Restaurant and Adam Halo Restaurant. Expect to pay at least Rs 200 for a single dish wherever and whatever you eat. Al Madina Restaurant is another good option in town, also on N-5, but only open in the evening, whereas all other restaurants usually open early in the morning and remain open until late night. On N-5, you'll see plenty of stalls and shops selling "Rabri" in clay pots. Rabri is a sweet, condensed milk-based dish and is definitely worth trying when you're in town. Rabri of Thatta have their own taste. A normal cup for one person may cost Rs. 100. Sleep * Wikipedia:Thatta


tollfree fax hours Mon-Thu 08:00-16:00, Wed 18:00-21:00, Sat 09:00-14:00 and 18:00-21:00 price content Open early: choose from either the "Big Uga" or "Little Uga" breakfast. Also serves pita wraps, sandwiches, coffee, and fruit smoothies. Iced chocolate is to die for! Good views of the reef and sea. Open on Wednesday nights for dinner. *'''Katuali Coffee House''' - Peta Hill, Alofi South. They sell sandwiches,pizza, sweet slices etc. *


are modern. Carrera 70 in Suramericana is where many of the best Salsa clubs are, and represent an excellent way to take a break from the trendiness of Zona Rosa and see some real Colombian dancing. The line B of the Metro runs along 'Estadio' near all major stadiums and sport facilities. If you only have a day In the morning take the metro to a downtown station, visit some churches - most are open early in the morning -, then head to the park outside ''Museo de Antioquia'' to see the sculptures, enter the museum at 10AM and visit until lunchtime. Have lunch either at the museum's restaurant or cafe, or take the metro to Metrostation '''Universidad''', enter ''Jardin Botanico'' (Botanical Gardens) and eat there. Rest a little while strolling the gardens, then go across the street to ''Parque Explora'' or ''Parque de los Deseos''. Before sunset take the metro to '''Acevedo''' station, hop on the '''Metrocable''' for spectacular views in the way up, and a city of lights upon your return. Take the metro back to any station near El Poblado, go shopping and then for dinner and a bar afterwards. Do Sightseeing * WikiPedia:Medellín Dmoz:Regional South America Colombia Localities Medellín Commons:Medellín


at bookstores, all of which are located downtown and not open early or late or on holidays. Maps aren't sold in gas stations or other stores. Alternatively, the kiosk next to the Latin Bridge (a.k.a. the Princip Bridge) also sells maps. Lastly, asking Sarajevans for directions is an exercise in futility. People don't know the names of streets a block from the building they've lived in all their lives. However, they won't tell you this, and as a rule will point you in some direction, usually not the right


sets. He met Lendl again in three high profile matches that year, winning the final of the Lipton International Players Championships (Miami Masters) in Key Biscayne, Florida, while Lendl won the final of the German Open (Hamburg Masters) in Hamburg and the semi-finals of the French Open. Early years Basedow was born in Hamburg, the son of a wigmaker. His father has been described as "severe almost to brutality", his mother as "melancholy almost

to Blankenese. The train station lies at the top of the valley, on Bahnhofstraße. Go straight across Bahnhofstraße and your will find the banks, an Italian gelateria and café, the market square (markets open early and close at 1PM on W, F, and Sa), the bakeries, grocery store, and post office. Eppendorf Eppendorf is the oldest "Dorf" (town) of Hamburg. In Eppendorf you will find a lot of well cared for 19th century houses making the quarter an eye-catcher. As a good alternative


of Argentina. In 1997, she won the junior girl's singles title at the French Open. Early in her senior career, she regularly reached the late rounds of international competitions and won five International Tennis Federation tournaments by the end of 1998. thumb 177px Monument to Jerónimo Luis de Cabrera (File:Estatua de Cabrera, detalle.JPG), depicting his 1573 foundation of Córdoba. '''Córdoba''' ( ) is a city located near the geographical center of Argentina


tennis event, the Chennai Open. Early life Kapuge was born on August 7, 1945 either in the village of Miriswatte in the Galle District or in the tiny village of Thanabaddegama in Elpitiya. He was the second of eight children family. He went to school until grade five at Karandeniya Central College and later at Dharmasoka College in Ambalangoda, where he initially studied science before switching to music. In 1963, he left Haywood college of music, where he was studying


and the Harry Jerome Classic. She also had solid runs in Eugene (Eugene, Oregon) and St. Louis (St. Louis, Missouri). However, the Savannah International Training Centre closed its doors in late 1999, amidst claims that the IOC had failed to meet its obligations to provide enough athletes to keep the facilities open. Early career As an explorer he took part in an expedition to Kamchatka (Kamchatka Peninsula) between 1920 and 1922 along with Sten Bergman and Eric Hultén. Malaise eventually left the others and arrived in Kamakura (Kamakura, Kanagawa), Japan in August 1923, just days before the great earthquake on 31 August 1923 which he witnessed from a short distance before his return to Stockholm. He then traveled back to Kamchatka in 1924 along with his fiancée, the journalist, writer and explorer Ester Blenda Nordström and did not return from the Soviet Union until 1930. On 31 August 1925 Ester Blenda married him on Kamchatka. They would divorce in 1929. Since 1988, Liberty has had a subsidiary in Japan which sells Liberty-branded products in major Japanese shops. It also sells Liberty fabrics to international and local fashion stores with bases in Japan. thumb right Aerial view of the area around Iwamura Castle (Image:Iwamura Castle air.jpg) zh:日本 Commons:Category:Japan Wikipedia:Japan Dmoz:Regional Asia Japan

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