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Dos Pilas

Castellanos and Luis Fernando Luin year 2003 title La Escalinata 2 de Dos Pilas, Petén: Los nuevos escalones. url http: pdf 58.02%20-%20Fahsen%20y%20Ortiz%20-%20en%20PDF.pdf format PDF online publication work XVI Simposio de Investigaciones Arqueológicas en Guatemala, 2002 (edited by J.P. Laporte, B. Arroyo, H. Escobedo and H. Mejía), pp. 679–692. publisher Museo Nacional de Arqueología y Etnología, Guatemala accessdate 2009-01

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Koumenalis author3 Barbara Moffett date 19 September 2002 title Newly revealed hieroglyphs tell story of superpower conflict in the Maya world url http: print pdfs news news_dospilas_feature.pdf format PDF online publication journal Exploration: the online research journal of Vanderbilt University publisher Vanderbilt University Office of Science and Research Communications location Nashville, TN oclc 50324967 accessdate 2008-03-03 :

North Battleford

' News Optimist It is published weekly on Wednesdays and Fridays, and has circulation in the surrounding area. ''The Battlefords' Daily News'' is a widely read online publication of news and local events which is updated regularly. ''Feed The Artist Magazine'' Feed The Artist Magazine is a local non-profit periodical print and online publication that features the work of primarily local artists


which specializes in a photographic view of life in the community. ''Stouffville Connects'' is an online publication focussed on community contributed journalism. Cf. Stouffville Free Press, official website; Stouffville Sun-Tribune, official website (1888–2007 archived issues available at Community Newspapers Collection); SNAP Stouffville Uxbridge, official website; and Stouffville Connects, official website. A community radio station, ''WhiStle Radio'' (CIWS-FM) 102.7 FM, was launched in 2008. WhiStle Radio, official website. Film and TV Movies partially shot on location in the community of Stouffville include: ''The Russell Girl'' (2008), ''Stir of Echoes: The Homecoming'' (2007), ''Who Killed Atlanta's Children?'' (2000), ''On Hostile Ground'' (2000), ''Strike! (The Hairy Bird)'' (1998), ''The Sweet Hereafter (The Sweet Hereafter (film))'' (1997), ''Bad Day on the Block'' (1997), ''Martin's Day'' (1984), and ''The Dead Zone (The Dead Zone (film))'' (1983). Television shows shot in Stouffville include episodes from ''Warehouse 13'' (2010), ''The West Wing'', West Wing Episode Guide, Opposition Research. ''Degrassi: The Next Generation'', ''Nikita (Nikita (2010 TV series))'', Stouffville Sun-Tribune, Stouffville subs in for South Dakota town in TV shoot (March 31, 2010). and ''Curse of the Axe'' (documentary film on the Wendat-Huron village (Mantle Site, Wendat (Huron) Ancestral Village) site discovered in Stouffville). See Patrick Cain (with movie trailer), "Vanished Huron village in Whitchurch-Stouffville held baffling mystery," ''Global News'' (July 6, 2012); also "Curse of the Axe on History,", the Canadian Movie Database, July 6, 2012. Films and television shows shot at ''Shadow Lake Centre'' in Whitchurch–Stouffville (Musselman Lake (Musselman Lake, Ontario)) include ''1-8oo-Missing (Missing (Canadian TV series))'', ''Tarzan & Jane'', ''The Crossing (The Crossing (2000 film))'', ''Run the Wild Fields (Run the Wild Fields (film))'', ''Ice Men (Ice Men (film))'', ''Top Cops'', ''The Loretta Claiborne Story'', ''True Romance'', ''Ready or Not (Ready or Not (TV series))'', and ''The White Dog Sacrifice''. Shadow Lake Centre, Film Shoots, official website (accessed June 9, 2010), and The Littlest Hobo (Summitview Public School). Attractions * Applewood Farm Winery Bruce's Mill Conservation Area, the northern gateway to Rouge Park with trails, and Community Safety Village. Burd's Family Fishing Downtown Stouffville Farmers' Market (Thursdays, June–October) * Latcham Gallery Lionel's Farm (Petting zoo, pony farm, horse centre and wagon collection) * Magic Hill Farms Oak Ridges Trail and York Demonstration Forest * RHLS Narrow Gauge Railway Ringwood Fish Culture Station Stouffville Country Market (flea market; Saturdays&Sundays) * Timber Creek Mini Golf & Family Fun Centre Whitchurch–Stouffville Museum Willow Springs Winery York-Durham Heritage Railway Churchill Chimes Equestrian Centre residents * Acton, Keith (Keith Acton) - National Hockey League player and Stanley Cup winner, current owner of the local Boston Pizza franchise * Bessey, James (James Bessey) - Canadian watercolour artist S. Bolan, ''Stouffville Sun-Tribune'', Renowned Stouffville artist dies, Sept. 14, 2010. * Bowser, John W. (John W. Bowser) - Construction Superintendent of the Empire State Building and Royal Ontario Museum. * Brock, Nathan (Nathan Brock) - Resident Conductor of the Montreal Symphony Orchestra S. Bolan, ''Stouffville Sun-Tribune'', Art York grad handed baton in Montreal, July 6, 2009. * Brown, Roy (Roy Brown (RAF officer)) - Royal Air Force officer and World War I flying ace, credited with downing the ''Red Baron'' (Manfred von Richthofen) * Cockburn, Karen (Karen Cockburn) - Canadian Olympic medalist (trampoline gymnast) * Cook, Earl D. (Earl Cook) - Major League Baseball Player (Detroit Tigers) * Del Zotto, Michael (Michael Del Zotto) - National Hockey League player * Harris, Mike (Mike Harris (curler)) - Canadian Olympic medalist (curler) * Hassard, Bob (Bob Hassard) - National Hockey League player and Stanley Cup winner * MacMillan, Harvey Reginald (H.R.) (H.R. MacMillan) - forester, forestry industrialist, wartime administrator, and philanthropist * Marek, Jeff (Jeff Marek) - Hockey Analyst for Sportsnet * May, Brad (Brad May) - National Hockey League player * Jason "Human Kebab" Parsons - Member of Canadian band Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker (USS (band)) * Pearce, John (John Pearce (equestrian)) - Canadian Olympic equestrian show jumper Canadian Show Jumpers Earn Olympic Berth, ''CBC Sports'', October 7, 2010 (website). * Pierson, Sean (Sean Pierson) - Canadian professional mixed martial arts fighter * Powe, B. W (B. W. Powe) - Canadian author * Torres, Raffi (Raffi Torres) - National Hockey League player Michael Hayakawa, "25 Games: NHL Suspendes Torres," ''Stouffville Sun-Tribune'' (, April 21, 2012. * Underhill, Frank (Frank Underhill) - Founder of the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) Party; co-writer of the Regina Manifesto (1933) and Officer of the Order of Canada. * Veltman, Jim (Jim Veltman) - National Lacrosse League Hall of Fame player * Wallis, Stephen - Filmmaker S. Bolan, "Filmmaker's leap of faith pays dividends," ''Sun-Tribune'', May 31, 2012. * Werek, Ethan (Ethan Werek) - Professional ice hockey player Sister city '''Vaughan:''' CFU758 90.7 (CFU758) group6 Halton Region (Regional Municipality of Halton) - Whitchurch–Stouffville Wayne Emmerson - '''Ballantrae, Ontario''' (2011 population (Canada 2011 Census) 1,382) is a hamlet (hamlet (place)) in the Town of Whitchurch–Stouffville (Whitchurch–Stouffville). Named for the village of Ballantrae in South Ayrshire, Scotland, the community is centred around the intersection of Aurora Road (York Regional Road 15) and Highway 48 (Highway 48 (Ontario)). The hamlet was first settled in the early 19th century, and by 1895 it had a population of 300. Cf. a thorough account of Ballantrae's history in Jean Barkey et al., Whitchurch Township (Erin, ON: Boston Mills, 1993), 87-90. See also the detailed 1878 map, Township of Whitchurch, ''Illustrated historical atlas of the county of York and the township of West Gwillimbury & town of Bradford in the county of Simcoe, Ont.'' (Toronto: Miles & Co., 1878). The town was located on the edge of the vast lumber industry centred in the hamlet of Vivian (Vivian, Ontario); a spur-line of the Toronto and Nipissing Railway built in 1877 ran through Ballantrae from Stouffville (Whitchurch-Stouffville) to Jackson's Point (Jackson's Point, Ontario) on Lake Simcoe. In the early 20th century, Ballantrae's population declined dramatically due to large-scale deforestation and the erosion of the thin soil of northern Whitchurch Township into virtual sand deserts. Barkey et al., Whitchurch Township, 89; 30f. In 1910, its population was 250; cf. Province of Ontario, Gazatteer and Directory, 1910-1911 (Ingersoll: Union, 1910), p. 46. With the passage of the Reforestation Act (1911), the process of reclaiming these areas slowly began. The Vivian Forest, a large conservation area on the edge of Ballantrae, was established in 1924 for this purpose.

Anchorage, Alaska

west-northwest of Anchorage (Anchorage, Alaska), and approximately 130 miles (210 km) southwest of Mount McKinley. They are accessed by small plane; the closest airports to the range are near Anchorage and in Talkeetna (Talkeetna, Alaska), which is also approximately 130 miles (210 km) away. This makes access to the range very expensive; the weather also creates the potential for delays in reaching the range (both to drop off climbers and to pick them up). *'''Daniel Schlereth''' (born in Anchorage, Alaska but would move to Highlands Ranch (Highlands Ranch, Colorado); alumnus of Highlands Ranch High School) – Relief pitcher for the Detroit Tigers Location They are located at the northeastern end of the Aleutian range, on the west side of Cook Inlet, roughly 120 miles (200 km) southwest of Anchorage (Anchorage, Alaska). The closest major towns to the range are Kenai (Kenai, Alaska) and Homer (Homer, Alaska), across Cook Inlet on the west side of the Kenai Peninsula. '''Mount Torbert''' is the highest point of the Tordrillo Mountains, a small, primarily volcanic range, northwest of Anchorage, Alaska. It is a heavily glaciated peak, and is not itself a volcano, although nearby Mount Spurr and Crater Peak are active volcanoes. *'''United States''' **Anchorage (Anchorage, Alaska) – Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport ''Secondary hub'' (cargo only) **Atlanta – Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (cargo only) Unfortunately, in the hours before the games were to start, eight cross-country skiers, a former gold medalist from Germany, and two Americans, were suspended for five days each after they failed blood tests. The tests say that they had elevated levels of hemoglobin, an enzyme within red blood cells that can increase endurance. However, the positives results could be due to the body's acclimation to mountain air, or dehydration. The American skiers are Kikkan Randall of Anchorage Alaska (w:Anchorage, Alaska), and Leif Zimmermann of Bozeman, Montana (w:Bozeman, Montana). Page, along with Briley Piper, 25, of Anchorage, Alaska (w:Anchorage, Alaska), pleaded guilty in 2001 for the March 13, 2000, killing. Both were sentenced to death. A third man, Darrell Hoadley, 26, of Lead, S.D. (w:Lead, South Dakota), also pleaded guilty and testified against Page and Piper. He was sentenced to life in prison (w:Life imprisonment).

Madison, Wisconsin

'' and ''Free for All'', as well as a Madison edition of the ''Bugle-American (Bugle (newspaper))'' underground newspaper. Wisconsin Reporter is an online publication focused on state and local government, and declares its mission is to serve as a government watchdog. Radio Madison has three large media companies that currently own the majority of the commercial radio stations within the market. These companies consist of Clear Channel Communications, Entercom Communications (Entercom), and Mid-West Family Broadcasting as well as other smaller broadcasters. Madison is home to Mid-West Family Broadcasting, which is an independently owned broadcasting company that originated and is headquartered in Madison. Mid-West family owns radio stations throughout the state and the Midwest. Madison hosts two volunteer-operated and community-oriented radio stations, WORT and WSUM. WORT Community Radio (89.9 FM), founded in 1975, is one of the oldest volunteer-powered radio stations in the United States. A listener-sponsored community radio station, WORT offers diverse music and talk programming that is locally produced and hosted by local DJs. WSUM (91.7 FM) is a student radio station whose programming and operation are carried out almost entirely by students. Madison's Wisconsin Public Radio station, WHA (WHA (AM)), was one of the first radio stations in the nation to begin broadcasting, and remains the longest continuously broadcasting station in the nation. He is a member of the Sierra Club and the Jackson Park Neighborhood Association. http: w3asp contact legislatorpages.aspx?house Senate&district 3&display bio * Format: CD February 3, 1978 Dane County Coliseum, Madison, Wisconsin February 5, 1978 UNI-Dome, Cedar Falls, Iowa - Alan Fagan '''Alan Fagan''' was born in Madison, Wisconsin. He was the nephew of the third Mister Fear, Larry Cranston. When Larry seemingly died, Alan came into possession of the fear gas and other equipment. ''Marvel Team-Up'' #92 Unlike the other Mister Fears, Fagan's primary adversary was Spider-Man, not Daredevil. ''Web of Spider-Man'' #63 ''Web of Spider-Man'' #98-100 1960s *The Fendermen - ''Mule Skinner Blues'' (Soma Records (Soma Records (U.S. label)), 1960 (1960 in music)) This Madison, Wisconsin-based duo reached #5 on the Billboard charts with their version, featuring abbreviated lyrics and strong Fender electric guitar instrumentation. *Jose Feliciano - "Mule Skinner Blues" (RCA Victor Records, 1964) The '''Madison Muskies''' were a Class A minor league baseball team that played in the Midwest League from 1982 (1982 in sports) to 1993 (1993 in sports) in Madison, Wisconsin. They were an affiliate of the Oakland Athletics. The team, which was started by Madison entrepreneur Ed Janus, played at Warner Park. Yemma predicts that within the next five years, economic constraints will force most other newspapers to make similar changes. A small number of local newspapers made similar changes before the ''Monitor'' announced its plans. Two examples are ''The Capital Times'' and ''The Daily Telegram'' respectively of Madison, Wisconsin (w:Madison, Wisconsin) and Superior, Wisconsin (w:Superior, Wisconsin). Adam Dylan Leon, a 31-year-old Canadian citizen, stole a Cessna 172 Skyhawk (w:Cessna 172) light aircraft from an airfield in Thunder Bay (w:Thunder Bay), Ontario, Canada. After taking off, the airplane went off course toward the United States. The State Capitol in Madison (w:Madison, Wisconsin), Wisconsin was briefly evacuated, but the aircraft went southwest of the city and personnel were allowed back in. Two F-16 (w:F-16) fighters had been dispatched to follow the Cessna which later landed near US 60 in Ellsinore, Missouri, but NORAD (w:NORAD) spokesman Mike Kucharek said that the aircraft was not thought to be a terrorist threat.

Mobile, Alabama

In addition to offering several boat and adventure tours, it contains a small theater; exhibit hall; meeting facilities; walking trails; a canoe and kayak landing.<


in Toronto (w:Toronto), Canada (w:Canada)), often known as '''The Amazing Randi''', is a stage magician (w:Magic (illusion)), skeptic (w:Skepticism), and an opponent of pseudoscience (w:pseudoscience). He also is editor and primary author of ''Swift'', the James Randi Educational Foundation (w:James Randi Educational Foundation)'s weekly online publication. thumb View of downtown Toronto (File:Toronto - ON - Toronto Skyline2.jpg) '''Toronto (w:Toronto)''' is the most populous city (w:List of the 100 largest municipalities in Canada by population) in Canada and the provincial (w:Provinces and territories of Canada) capital (w:capital city) of Ontario (w:Ontario). It is located in Southern Ontario (w:Southern Ontario) on the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario (w:Lake Ontario). right 225px thumb w:Alberto Manguel Alberto Manguel (File:Alberto manguel-19-09-2007.jpg) Every text assumes a reader. '''Alberto Manguel (w:Alberto Manguel)''' (born 1948 in Buenos Aires (w:Buenos Aires)) is a Canadian Argentine (w:Argentina)-born writer, translator, and editor. In 1982 Manguel moved to Toronto (w:Toronto), Canada (w:Canada) and lived there (with a brief European period) until 2000. He has been a Canadian citizen ever since. Environmentalist and science broadcaster David Suzuki (w:David Suzuki), best known as the host of the hit TV show ''The Nature of Things (w:The Nature of Things)'', is taking a trip to Toronto (w:Toronto) to speak about climate change (w:Climate Change). Suzuki will be speaking about how to achieve sustainable development within one generation. The Canadian Football League (w:Canadian Football League) released details today concerning the June 11 exhibition game (w:exhibition game) dubbed Touchdown Atlantic between the Toronto (w:Toronto) Argonauts (w:Toronto Argonauts) and Hamilton (w:Hamilton, Ontario) Tiger-Cats (w:Hamilton Tiger-Cats) at Huskies Stadium in Halifax (w:Halifax, Nova Scotia), Nova Scotia (:Category:Nova Scotia). The game is planned as a gauge for expansion east to an Atlantic (w:Atlantic Canada) city but with ticket prices at $40 and $62.50 (Canadian (w:Canadian dollar)), CFL commissioner Tom Wright admitted they were considerably more expensive than the average price for other season-ticket holder single games which, he said, is "in the mid to high $20 range". thumb 200px TTC streetcar (Image:Ttc-streetcar.jpg) Bob Kinnear, president of Amalgamated Transit Union (w:Amalgamated Transit Union) Local 113, said today that Toronto (w:Toronto), Ontario (w:Ontario), Canada (:Category:Canada) transit (w:Transit (transportation)) workers may begin striking (w:Strike action) as early as this Monday. A strike of the 8 400 employees would leave approximately 1.3 million daily riders looking for other means of transportation and clogging city roads. thumb right 140px Canadian flag (Image:Flag of Canada.svg) In a speech to business leaders in Toronto, Canada (w:Toronto) Wednesday, Former Homeland Security (w:United States Department of Homeland Security) Secretary Tom Ridge (w:Tom Ridge) contradicted a view that the Canadian (w:Canada) border security system is weak. Rather, he praised the role of Canada in protecting the U.S. Canadian border. Toronto's (w:Toronto) public utility, Toronto Hydro Telecom, will make Canada's largest city into a huge wireless hotspot (w:Hotspot (wifi)). Seventeen people, including five minors, have been arrested in the Toronto (w:Toronto) area on terrorism-related charges. Over 400 officers, drawn from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) (RCMP), the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (w:Canadian Security Intelligence Service) (CSIS), and the Toronto, Peel, and Durham police departments raided a dozen locations throughout the greater Toronto area. More arrests are expected overnight. __NOTOC__ The Ontario New Democratic Party (w:Ontario New Democratic Party) has scored an upset victory in a hotly contested provincial by-election (w:by-election) in the Toronto (w:Toronto) riding (w:riding) of Parkdale—High Park (w:Parkdale--High Park). New Democrat (w:Ontario New Democratic Party) Cheri DiNovo (w:Cheri DiNovo) defeated Ontario Liberal Party (w:Ontario Liberal Party) candidate Sylvia Watson (w:Sylvia Watson) by over 2,000 votes. DiNovo received 41% of the vote compared to 33% for Watson. Progressive Conservative (w:Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario) Dave Hutcheon (w:Dave Hutcheon) was third with 17% of the vote while Green Party (w:Green Party of Ontario) leader Frank De Jong (w:Frank De Jong) was fourth with 6%. Earlier today at 12 p.m., there was a rally called ''Red Friday (w:Red Friday#Red Friday Canada)'' for the Canadian troops in Afghanistan held in the Younge-Dundas Square in Toronto (w:Toronto), Ontario (w:Ontario). Many in Toronto wore red in support for the troops. It was announced at the rally that the Canadian soldier was killed by a bomb. thumb right 350px This chart from NASA indicates that the universe is usually regarded as consisting of some 25% of dark matter. (Image:Cosmological composition.jpg) Scientists now think they know how fast dark matter (w:dark matter) would fall if it were dropped on other dark matter. Like the dark matter version of Galileo (w:Galileo Galilei)'s experiment of dropping items to the ground from the tower of Pisa (w:Leaning Tower of Pisa), theorists from the California Institute of Technology (w:California Institute of Technology) and the Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics (w:Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics) in Toronto (w:Toronto) found that there is no more attractive force associated with dark matter than with normal matter. This finding helps to eliminate other theoretical models created to explain phenomena that required an extra force within dark matter. The results of the work are presented in the September 28th 2006 issue of Physical Review Letters (w:Physical Review Letters). According to Dr. Hans Michael Dosch, a senior scientist at Toronto's (w:Toronto) Hospital for Sick Children (w:Hospital for Sick Children) and the study's lead investigator, this indicates the diabetes may be a disease of the nervous system, not just an autoimmune disease. A man who visited Costa Rica (w:Costa Rica) who was on American Airlines (w:American Airlines) flight 1552 from Miami, Florida (w:Miami) to Toronto (w:Toronto) was stung by a scorpion (w:Scorpion) on Sunday. The scorpion was from Costa Rica, where the man was on a camping trip with his brother. Police are now searching Canada-wide for 25-year-old Adam Spencer (w:Adam Spencer (entrepreneur)), a man with ties to the Oakville, Ontario (w:Oakville, Ontario) and Toronto (w:Toronto) areas. He is a motivational speaker, and the founder chief executive (CEO (w:CEO)) of Emexis (w:Emexis) Integrated Solutions, an upstart information technology company. ''The Rocket: The Maurice Richard Story (w:The Rocket (film))'' was Canada's most-honoured film from 2006 at Tuesday's 27th Genie Awards (w:27th Genie Awards) in Toronto (w:Toronto). The dramatisation of revered Montreal Canadiens (w:Montreal Canadiens) ice hockey player Maurice Richard (w:Maurice Richard) won in 9 of the 13 categories for which it was nominated. Commons:Category:Toronto WikiPedia:Toronto dmoz:Regional North America Canada Ontario Localities T Toronto


with Israel. Lili Di Puppo. "Israel interested in strategic cooperation with Azerbaijan", ''Caucaz Europenews'', Online Publication, June 8, 2006 --valign "top" Negotiations to resolve the conflict peacefully have been ongoing since 1992 under the aegis of the Minsk Group of the OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe). The Minsk


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