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into a store, buy some rolls, cheese and sausage, and eat them! Down it with Hungarian beer! *'''Kékfrankos Restaurant''', Kölcsey utca 8., +36-44-300-369. A restaurant near the railway station, offering traditional Hungarian and Central-European dishes and quality wine. *'''Nefelejcs Csárda''', Kórház utca 5. A csárda (traditional Hungarian guesthouse) offering typical Hungarian fare. *'''Szatmár Restaurant''', Kölcsey u. 46. *'''Kristály Hotel and Restaurant''', Eötvös u. 17, +36-44-312-036 *'''Provolone Pizzeria''', Kölcsey u. 37., +36-44-418-814 *'''Provolone Vendéglő és Terasz''', Kölcsey u. 35., +36-44-310-736 *'''Borostyán Restaurant Rió Mulató''', Hősök tere 8., +36-44-311-429 *'''Flamingó Restaurant and Pizzeria''', Hősök tere 4. +36-44-310-421 *'''Chinese Restaurant''', Kölcsey u. 36. In the winter, a '''Disznóvágás''' (pig-butchering) takes place in some households, which is similar to the Sautanz of Burgenland,Austria but using less advanced technology. Take note though, that here, it is usually a private party of sorts between family and close friends and there are no restaurants and buffets which sell the products of the Disznóvágás to strangers. One reason for this is that nowadays, pig-butcherings are sporadic, except in smaller villages in the region, and because of this, there arent't enough Disznóvágás products available at once to host such eateries. Another rural and suburban partylike-event connected to eating is '''Szalonnasütés''' (literally: bacon-roasting), which is enjoyed by many people. It is similar to the Anglo-American tradition of sitting around the campfire and roasting marshmallows, but here, instead of marshmallows, a thick slab of Hungarian bacon (more fatty than what Westerners might think of when they think of bacon) is roasted over the fire until it starts dripping fat, then it is quickly held over a slice of white bread and the fat drips onto the bread. This is repeated until the bread is well-spread with the dripped fat. After this, the fatty bread is sprinkled with Hungarian paprika, topped with onions and eaten. If the bacon is not burnt too much, it is eaten too. Nowadays, jacket potatoes, slices of meat, sausage, and corn on the cob is also sometimes roasted in the fire, and sometimes even marshmallows, as Hungary becomes more globalized. Drink Various taverns, clubs, discos. The town is pretty small, dare to explore! * WikiPedia:Mátészalka

South Tyneside

are also of interest. Westoe, Harton, Cleadon, East Boldon, Monkton and Whitburn are typical suburban villages offering traditional pubs, building styles and small shopping boutiques. There is a cricket ground at Whitburn village and another 2 located in Westoe. Hebburn riverside is surprisingly green and open with views to the busy shipyards across-river at Wallsend. South Shields Sailing Club, Temple Park Leisure Centre, Gypsies Green and Monkton Stadium, Hebburn Swimming Pool


. Eat Kenora has more than 50 restaurants offering traditional fare and ethnic treats! Drink There are many popular bars and pubs in the city. '''Casey's Bar and Grill''' next to Super 8 Motel on Hwy 17 West. '''Hap's Bar and Grill''' on Main St. with an outdoor patio facing the Harbourfront. '''Shooters''' in the Lake of the Woods Hotel on Matheson Street. Offers live music and exotic dancers on select nights. * Wikipedia:Kenora Commons:Category:Kenora


type of place, offering traditional Bulgarian meals and drinks. It can be found in several locations throughout the city center. Mid to High End *


and communication lines such as restaurants, pizza places, taverns, fast food restaurants and cafes, there is a choice of national restaurants offering traditional Montenegrin cuisine. In addition to the standard European and Mediterranean cuisine, Montenegro offers a variety of healthy food products and local specialities. '''Cold hors-d'oeuvres''' include the famous ''njeguški pršut'' (smoked ham) and ''njeguški cheese'', ''pljevaljski cheese'', mushrooms, donuts and dried bleak. The main

Tel Aviv

December 2008 url http: articles 0,7340,L-3644715,00.html In addition, Tel Aviv hosts an annual LGBT Film Festival (Film festival). Tel Aviv's LGBT community is the subject of Eytan Fox's 2006 film ''The Bubble (The Bubble (2006 film))''. Cuisine Tel Aviv is famous for its wide variety of world-class restaurants, offering traditional Israeli dishes as well as international fare.


"Gatunamn" Commons:Category:Stockholm Wikipedia:Stockholm Dmoz:Europe Sweden Stockholm County Localities Stockholm


, prices aren't as rock-bottom as in neighbours Indonesia and Thailand, and you'll generally be looking at upwards of $50 even for a plain one-hour massage. Premium spas can be found in most 5 star hotels and on Orchard (Singapore Orchard), and Sentosa (Singapore Sentosa)'s Spa Botanica also has a good reputation. There are also numerous shops offering traditional Chinese massage, which are mostly legitimate. The less legitimate "health centres" have been shut down. Traditional Asian


restaurants are not common, and can be found only in very central parts of big cities and some of the tourist spots. However, every good restaurant offers vegetable dishes, and some of the restaurants offering traditional “ev yemeği” (“home food”) have olive-oil specialities which are vegetarian in content. A vegetarian would be very happy in the Aegean region, where all kinds of wild herbs are eaten as main meals, either cooked or raw, dressed with olive oil. But a vegetarian would have real

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