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title Marina Portorož site accessdate 2012-12-30 ref harv numerous sporting facilities and several casinos, along with many hotels and apartment complexes. Tourism development In the second half of the 19th century, the leaders of the Pirano municipality and local doctors decided to stimulate tourism in the region, by offering health treatment by concentrated salt water and salina mud, and from 1879 onwards dr. Giovanni Lugnano first offerer of such treatment to various visitors. In 1885 after several years of successful start of a new branch of industry, constructions of new complexes and villas began, and in 1890 the predecessor of the famous Hotel Palace was built. Among the new settlers were various prominent figures, such as Antonelli, Dragovina, Furian, Frennez, Langer, Rastelli, Reinlaner and Salvetti. Because of the new branch of healthcare treatment that emerged in ''Porto Rose'', the ministry of interior affairs declared the settlement to be a health resort. In 1908 dr. Orazio Pupini, a prominent Austrian doctor with a noticeable treatment history opened a sanatorium. He was also the main doctor of the Austrian Railways, and a member of the Austrian doctor's Association. In 1902 The Parenzana Railway system was introduced which increased the popularity of the region, but was later dissolved because of decreased interests.thumb left upright 240px Palace Hotel in 1957 (File:Portorož 1957.jpg) In 1909 the era of construction of private villas ended with opening of a much bigger building for standards at the time; the ''Palace Cur Hotel'', later known as Palace Hotel (Palace Hotel, Portorož). At the initial opening ceremony in 1910 the Hotel Palace was already named »the most beautiful hotel on the Adriatic (Adriatic Sea) coast«. The hotel was equipped with most modern therapeutic accessories, and for the needs of high importance guests a casino was built. The thriving community was halted by the Great War, and a few years after the war (In which they came under the Italian rule (Italy)) in 1928 they included a new electric therapy among their treatment programmes. In the whole interwar period the settlement was slowly regaining its former glory when the Second World War severely crippled it again. The crisis lasted until 1968 when renovations and new constructions under the new entity of Yugoslavia (Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia) began to take place along the whole region. In this time they began to build the settlement's infrastructure with the casino doing the bulk of the investments in reconstructing the sports airfield (Portorož Airport) in nearby Sečovlje and building the multi-purpose auditorium (Avditorij Portorož) in 1972. In 1976 two hotel complexes were constructed in Bernardin, in the following year another was added in the same area. http: index.php?page news&view_news 5401 In the same year they began transforming the Lucija saltworks (Lucija, Piran) into a marina for smaller vessels. http: clanek 526942816c4f9 kaj-najbolj-zaznamuje-portoroz Since the secession of Slovenia (Slovenian War of Independence) from Yugoslavia, Portorož became one of the most important tourist sites in the country. http: index.php?item 138&page static http: search?q biz mareaslo zgod.html+portoro%C5%BE+zgodovina&cd 3&hl sl&ct clnk&gl si Gaming The first casino to be opened was in Villa San Lorenzo, on 27 July 1913, and was run by the ''Casino des Etrangers'' society. It only lasted briefly for not more than a few months before being shut down.thumb right 220px Hotel Palace in present day (File:Portoroz (10) (3955614179).jpg) The industry faded away in the northern Adriatic region, until 1963, when ''Zavod za pospeševanje turizma'', whose president was Anton Nino Spinelli, proposed a reopening of the casino. The next year the first cassino in the Socialist Republic of Slovenia, and the second within Yugoslavia (SFRY) beside the one in Opatija opened. In 1972, the company moved into the newly built and much larger Grand hotel Metropol, where they employed around 450 people. Having a large budget surplus, they began investing in the settlement's infrastructure. Today there are multiple casinos located in Portorož, such as Casino Riviera, http: pc.asp?xpath &xpathid &lang slo Grand Casino (Grand Casino (Portorož)) http: si metropol-resort hoteli grand-hotel-metropol casino and Casino Bernardin, located in the town's hotel complex of Bernardin. http: Bernardin Bernardin is a tourist complex located in the western part of Portorož. Its name derives from Sveti Bernardin (literally, "Saint Bernardin"), as the church, now in ruins, was named. Before the construction of multiple complexes, the area was a shipyard for smaller vessels, later moved to the town of Izola. http: zanimivosti-na-poti In 1971 Emona (Emona (company)) company from Ljubljana established Hoteli Bernardin, and began working on building the complex. In 1976 the first two hotels, Bernardin and Vile Park were built, with Grand hotel Emona (Grand hotel Bernardin) following the next year. Geography Portorož belongs to the coastal municipality of Piran, located in the southwest of the Gulf of Trieste (at the northernmost point of the Adriatic Sea) between the boundaries of Italy to the north and Croatia to the south. Part of Portorož are the streets Fiesa (Fiesa, Portorož) and Pacug.thumb right 280px The waterfront (File:Portorož2.JPG) Climate Portorož has humid subtropical climate (Köppen climate classification ''Cfa'') with cool winters and warm summers. Winters are cool and mild with a January average of WikiPedia:Portorož Commons:Category:Portorož

Normal, Illinois

on the undergraduate program, offering more than 160 fields of undergraduate study. The Graduate School coordinates 38 masters, two specialist and seven doctoral programs. The campus includes over 60 major buildings with state-of-the-art technology. Watterson Towers is one of the tallest dorm buildings in the world. From meeting facilities to cultural opportunities through the arts and excitement of numerous sporting events each year, ISU is a vital part


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Beast of the ECHL, both of which plays at the Powerade Centre. The numerous sporting venues and activities includes the outdoor ice path for skating (ice skating) through Gage Park (Gage Park, Brampton). Chinguacousy Park includes a ski lift, a Curling Club, and Tennis Centre for multi-season activities. In the summer, amateur softball leagues abound. Crowds line the beaches at Professor's Lake for the annual outdoor "shagging" display. Every year since 1967, the Brampton Canadettes have hosted the Brampton Canadettes Easter Tournament in hockey. http: main tournaments_easter.html WikiPedia:Brampton, Ontario


'' with Jack Buck. From 1975 until January 1982 (when he left to do ''The Today Show'') Gumbel hosted numerous sporting events for NBC including Major League Baseball (Major League Baseball on NBC), college basketball (College Basketball on NBC) and the National Football League (NFL on NBC). Gumbel returned to sportscasting for NBC when he hosted the prime time coverage (Olympics on NBC) of the 1988 Summer Olympics from Seoul and the PGA Tour (PGA Tour on NBC) in 1990. merged United New Democratic Party headquarters 133 Yeongdeungpo-dong 6-ga, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, South Korea newspaper In 1962, the Government of South Korea designated the Jindo as the 53rd ''''Natural Treasure'''' (or translated as 'Natural Monument') (천연기념물; 天然記念物) Jindo profile, Korean Cultural Heritage site and passed the '''Jindo Preservation Ordinance'''. Because of the special status of the Jindo, it is very difficult to export purebred Jindo outside of Korea. "Dog Fight: Jingoism vs Jindosim" June 10 Australian Broadcasting Corporation News Jindos marched in the opening ceremonies of the 1988 Summer Olympic Games in Seoul, Korea. The United Kennel Club recognized the Jindo on January 1, 1998. The expanded financial base of the merged entity triggered significant offshore expansion over ensuing years. Representative offices were established in Beijing (1982), Chicago (branch 1982), Dallas (1983), Seoul (1983, upgraded to a branch in 1990), San Francisco (1984), Kuala Lumpur (1984), Athens (1984, closed 1989), Frankfurt (1985, closed 1992), Atlanta (1986), Bangkok (1986), Taipei (1986 upgraded to branch 1990), Shanghai (1988, closed 1990), Houston (1989) and New Delhi (1989). In June ''Morecambe Bay'' began her 2nd Operational Tour off Korea, supporting raids by Korean troops in the Haeju and Chojin area. In July she was attached to United States Navy Task Group 95.12 to assist in bombardments off the east coast of Korea in support of military operations, receiving a congratulatory signal from the Commander of the U.S. 7th Fleet (United States Seventh Fleet) Vice Admiral Harold M. Martin. She was then transferred to the Royal Navy Task Group on the west coast, and employed in operations off the Han River (Han River (Korea)) with the frigates Commons:Category:Seoul Wikipedia:Seoul


II Division II ), and the Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference (Division III (NCAA Division III)). The national offices for the governing bodies of several sports are located in Indianapolis, including USA Gymnastics, USA Diving, US Synchronized Swimming, and USA Track & Field. Indianapolis has hosted numerous sporting events, including the US Open Series' Indianapolis Tennis Championships (1988–2009), the 2002 World Basketball Championships, the 2011


in the south of the city, plays host to the annual Tradition-ICAP Liverpool International tennis tournament, which has seen tennis stars such as Novak Djokovic, David Ferrer, Mardy Fish, Laura Robson and Caroline Wozniacki. Liverpool Tennis Development Programme based at Wavertree Tennis Centre is one of the largest in the UK. thumb The Echo Arena Liverpool Echo Arena (File:Echo Arena Liverpool at night.jpg) hosts numerous sporting events and was formerly the home of British Basketball League team, the Mersey Tigers Professional basketball came to the city in 2007 with the entry of Everton Tigers, now known as Mersey Tigers, into the elite British Basketball League. The club was originally associated with Everton F.C., and was part of the ''Toxteth Tigers'' youth development programme, which reached over 1,500 young people every year. Commons:category:Liverpool Dmoz:Regional Europe United Kingdom England Merseyside Liverpool Wikipedia:Liverpool

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is the county seat of Union County, and is headquarters of the Arkansas Oil and Gas Commission as well as large corporations and Fortune 500 companies such as Murphy Oil Corporation, Deltic Timber Corporation, and Lion Oil Refinery (Lion Oil). The city contains a community college, South Arkansas Community College ("SouthArk"), a multi-cultural arts center: South Arkansas Arts Center (SAAC), an award-winning renovated downtown, and numerous sporting, shopping

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