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Hutchinson, Kansas

, this main line was extended to Liberal (Liberal, Kansas). Later, this line was extended to Tucumcari, New Mexico and El Paso, Texas. This line is called the "Golden State Limited". Radio El Dorado is served by numerous radio stations (Radio broadcasting) of the Wichita (Wichita, Kansas)-Hutchinson (Hutchinson, Kansas) listening market area, Wichita-Hutchinson Radio market. and satellite radio

. See ''Media in Wichita, Kansas''. Television El Dorado is served by over-the-air ATSC digital TV (digital television) of the Wichita (Wichita, Kansas)-Hutchinson (Hutchinson, Kansas) viewing market area, Wichita-Hutchinson TV market. cable TV (cable tv), and satellite TV (Satellite television). See ''Media in Wichita, Kansas''. Radio Elbing is served by numerous Radio broadcasting

: tv markets Wichita-Hutchinson Wichita-Hutchinson TV market. cable TV (cable tv), and satellite TV (Satellite television). See ''Media in Wichita, Kansas''. Radio Potwin is served by numerous radio stations (Radio broadcasting) of the Wichita (Wichita, Kansas)-Hutchinson (Hutchinson, Kansas) listening market area, Wichita-Hutchinson Radio market. and satellite radio. See


by several local TV stations, newspapers, and numerous radio stations. The city is a home to numerous newspapers, among which are "Antenna", "Molod' Cherkashchyny", "Vechirni Cherkasy", "Akcent", "Nova Doba", "Misto", "Cherkasky Kray" etc. Cherkasy has 5 TV stations – Vikka, Antenna-Plus, Media-Center, Expo-TV, and state-owned Ros'. The city is also covered with nationwide channel broadcasting, like 1+1, Inter (Inter (TV channel)), ICTV (ICTV (Ukraine)), STB (STB (Channel)), TET etc. . City's radio stations are mostly nationwide networks broadcast on local frequencies, although some local stations exist. FM radio stations include KISS FM, Hit FM, Radio Luks, Radio Rocks, Shanson, Ros', Era FM, Love Radio, 101Dalmatin, Dobre Radio. Sports thumb (File:Central stadium in Cherkasy.jpg) Sport life of the city is concentrated in several places, among which are the Central Stadium, Water Sport station, Sport Center "Spartak", "Ukraine"; Sport arena "Budivel'nyk"; "Astra", "Central", "Sokil" swimming pools; 2 ice rinks. Also, there are sport-entertainment centers, such as "Selena", "Bochka", and "Sportohota" which can usually be found on the bank of the Dnipro River. Every year more than 200 sport events, contests, competitions, tournaments are held in the city, with total of 10,000 participants. Some contests that were held recently include: *Ukrainian Aquabike Cup in 2008 hosted bikers from Cherkasy, Odessa, Kiev, and Dnipropetrovsk. It was held in "Bochka" entertainment center. *Kremenchuk Reservoir Cup – yacht contest among cities located on Kremenchuk Reservoir. Hosted 27 teams from Svitlovodsk, Kremenchuk, Cherkasy, and Komsomolsk. *Ukrainian Beach Volleyball Championship – was held in 2008 on the courts of "Rybka" complex *Group 2 Euro Africa Zone matches (2008 Davis Cup Europe Africa Zone Group II#Ukraine vs. Egypt) of 2008 Davis Cup were held in Cherkasy, in "Selena" sport complex. Other sport achievements are: *Cherkasy is home to the basketball club BC Cherkasy (a.k.a. the Cherkasy Monkeys). *Cherkasy is home to the volleyball clubs Krug Cherkasy, Zlatogor Zolotonosha Cherkasy (women) and Impexagro Sport Cherkasy (men). They all play in the European tournaments (:Category:European volleyball club competitions) 2008 2009. *Cherkasy is represented within Ukrainian Bandy and Rink-bandy Federation. http: contact_en.html Architecture and sights During its whole history Cherkasy was destroyed and rebuilt numerous times. Only few buildings from the 19th century survived. The system of streets and squares in the old part of the city is one of the few monuments to the city-building art of 19th century Ukraine. Cherkasy Ukraine weather, sights, hotels, photos *Scherbina House (Wedding Palace). It was the most luxurious mansion of prerevolutionary Cherkasy. In Soviet times it was known as the "Palace of Happiness" because it was city's registry office. The house was built by entrepreneur A. Scherbina in 1892. From 1970 to the present day the building is used as the Wedding Palace (civil registry agency). *The building of former hotel "Slavyanskiy". It was constructed in the late 19th century by means of an entrepreneur Skoryna in a modernist style with elements of pseudo. In Soviet times it was a hotel "Dnepr". Today the building belongs to "Ukrsotsbank". *Tsybulsky House (Museum of Kobzar (Taras Shevchenko)). This historic building locate in the center of the city was built in the middle of the 19th century. In Soviet times museum of one book – "Kobzar" (Kobzar (book)) by Shevchenko – was opened there. File:Cherkasy-ca1910.jpg Kreshchatyk Street in Cherkasy circa 1910, with Slovyanskiy Hotel. *Castle Hill (Hill of Glory). The memorial complex with a monument "Motherland" is located at the top of the former Castle Hill. At this point, ancient Russian fort, remains of Cherkasy fortress and Holy Trinity Church were situated. In 1977 all architectural and archaeological sites were completely destroyed during construction of the monument. From the top of the hill you can see beautiful panorama of the Kremenchuk Reservoir. *Local History Museum. Cherkasy Oblast museum is housed in a modern building, built in 1985 in the historic center of the city near the Hill of Glory (Castle Hill). Thirty halls of the museum offer sections about nature of the region, archeology, ethnography, history of the region in the 14th – early 20th century, modern history from 1917 to the present. In total there are about 12 thousand exhibits. *Puppet Theatre. Cherkasy Regional Academic Puppet Theater is located in the central part of the city, in a building that is an architectural monument of the 19th century. The building is decorated with mosaics with the heroes of fairy tales. *School of Music. The building of Cherkasy Music School of S. Gulak-Artemovsky was built in 1903 as a men’s gymnasium. The author of the project was great Kiev architect of Polish origin V. Gorodetsky. In the second half of the 20th century, after the construction of a modern extension, the building became the home of a music school. International relations


Era t Radio The city is served by numerous radio stations including: FM: * 90.5 Radio de la Universidad Veracruzana * 91.7 Amor (Grupo Acir) * 95.5 Sensación HD (Oliva Radio) * 96.9 Digital 96.9 (AvanRadio) * 97.7 La Máquina (AvanRadio) * 98.5 ONE FM (AvanRadio) * 104.9 El Patron FM (Oliva Radio) * 107.7 Radio Más (Radio-Televisión de Veracruz) AM: * 550 W Radio (AvanRadio) * 610 Ke Buena (AvanRadio) * 1040 OK Radio (AvanRadio) * 1130 Yo FM 1130 AM(Grupo Radio Capital

Easton, Pennsylvania

of Dixie Cup Corporation, the manufacturer of Dixie Cups and other consumer products. Majestic Athletic, current provider of uniforms for Major League Baseball, is based in Easton. Media Easton's daily newspaper is ''The Express-Times''. ''The Morning Call'', based in Allentown, also is widely read in the city. Easton is part of the Philadelphia DMA (Media market), but also receives numerous radio and television channels from


newspapers. Some of the larger television channels include: Canal 2 (Televicentro (Canal 2)), Telenica (Telenica (Canal8)), Canal 10, Canal 15 (100% Noticias) (Canal 15 (Nicaragua)), and several others. The three national Two newspapers are ''El Nuevo Diario'', ''La Prensa (La Prensa (Managua))'', and HOY, which have offices based in Managua along with other smaller newspapers. There are numerous radio stations in Managua, some of which tend to have political, social, or religious affiliations. Transportation Commuting and personal transport thumb 250px Old Town, Managua (File:Managuacascoviejo.JPG) Transportation-wise, Managua is one of Nicaragua's best positioned cities. All of Nicaragua's main roads lead to Managua, and there are good public transportation connections to and from the capital. There are four main highways that lead into Managua. The Pan-American Highway enters the city from the north, connecting Managua to Nicaragua's northern and central departments. This highway is commonly referred to as the ''Northern Highway.'' The ''Southern Highway'', the southern part of the Pan-American highway, connects Managua to southern departments Carazo, Rivas and others. The ''Carretera A Masaya'' connects Managua to the departments of Masaya and Granada. The newly reconstructed ''Carretera A León'' connects Managua with León. All of these highways are in good condition, with little traffic congestion. Infrastructure on the highways is well maintained. This also tends to be true for cities and towns that are served or are in close distance with the freeways. However, this does not yield truthfully for cities and towns who tend to be considerably further from the main highway roads. Nicaraguan bus companies, often referred to as ''Chicken Buses'', serve both urban and rural areas to remedy the lack of sufficient infrastructure that plagues these towns or villages. Transportation infrastructure has grown outside of Managua and other Pacific coast cities and departments in recent years. A road from the river port city of El Rama to Pearl Lagoon, located in the Autonomous Region of the Southern Atlantic (Región Autónoma del Atlántico Sur), was completed in 2007. Schmidt K.M. and D.B.Kramer. 2010. Road development and market access on Nicaragua's Atlantic coast: implications for household fishing and farming practices. Environmental Conservation. 36(4):289-300. El Rama is connected by highway to Managua. Managua and Puerto Cabezas, located in the Autonomous Region of the Northern Atlantic (Región Autónoma del Atlántico Norte) are also connected via road. A third road, currently under construction, will connect Bluefields, Autonomous Region of the Southern Atlantic (Región Autónoma del Atlántico Sur) with Managua via Nueva Guinea. Salgado, J. 2011. Carretera unirá a Bluefields con Nueva Guinea. El Nuevo Diario. 11 05 2011 Traveling by airplane is more efficient than traveling by these roads due to the poor conditions, especially in the rainy season. Domestic flights are operated by La Costeña (La Costeña (airline)) from the international airport. Buses WikiPedia:Managua Dmoz:Regional Central America Nicaragua Localities Managua Commons:Category:Managua

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Hour,” was being aired over numerous radio stations throughout the American Bible Belt. In the late 1960s, Swaggart founded what was then a small church named the Family Worship Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana; the church eventually became district-affiliated with the Assemblies of God (General Council of the Assemblies of God in the United States of America). The Family Worship Center grew from barely 40 members in 1970 to over 500 by 1975


include WMKE (WMKE-CA) 7 (America One), WVCY (WVCY-TV) 30 (FN (FamilyNet)), WBME-CD 41 (Me-TV), WMLW-TV 49 (Independent (Independent station)), WWRS (WWRS-TV) 52 (TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network)), Sportsman Channel, and WPXE 55 (ION (ION Television)) There are numerous radio stations throughout Milwaukee and the surrounding area. Journal Communications (a NYSE (New York Stock Exchange)-traded corporation), in addition to owning the ''Journal


; Folk music is called canto popular and includes some guitar players and singers such as Alfredo Zitarrosa, José Carbajal "El Sabalero" (José Carbajal (Uruguayan musician)), Daniel Viglietti, Los Olimareños, and Numa Moraes. Numerous radio stations and musical events reflect the popularity of rock music and the Caribbean genres, known as ''música tropical'' ("tropical music"). Early classical music in Uruguay showed heavy Spanish and Italian influence, but since the 20th century a number of composers of classical music, including


people. The concert was televised by MTV and numerous radio stations (e.g. Radio Fritz) broadcast it live. Post war At the end of the war, Baer fled and lived near Hamburg as Karl Egon Neumann, a forestry worker. In the course of investigation in the Frankfurt Auschwitz Trials a warrant for his arrest was issued in October 1960 and his photograph was printed in newspapers. He was recognised by a co-worker and arrested in December 1960 after Adolf Eichmann's arrest


Middle School . Retrieved February 28, 2008. and another elementary school in Sammamish, Washington. Rachel Carson Elementary. Retrieved 15 June 2011. After the war, numerous radio stations were born in the United States and set the standard for later radio programs. The first radio news program was broadcast on August 31, 1920 on the station 8MK (WWJ (AM)) in Detroit, Michigan; owned

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