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Smolensk Oblast

, the Gagarin family suffered during Nazi occupation in World War II. After a German officer took over their house, the family constructed a small mud hut where they spent a year and nine months until the end of the occupation.


;GHz. The ban includes mobile telephones, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and other wireless devices. Telenor Maritim Radio operates a VHF maritime radio transmitted in Ny-Ålesund, which is remotely controlled from Bodø Radio


. (Ynetnews) * Residents brace as a second winter storm hits the region, a day after the first caused floods and mudslides across northern science la-me-storm1jan01,1,7398730.story?coll la-news-science (LA Times) (AP via Yahoo!) ** Israel shells eight roads

Amur Oblast

and Philippines; textiles and footwear from China; and machinery and equipment from Ukraine and Japan. Vostochny cosmodrome In July 2010, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin announced that the area would be the site of a new Vostochny Cosmodrome ("Eastern Spaceport"), to reduce Russian dependence on the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.


, failing to reach orbit. On December 23, 2011 a Soyuz-2.1b launching a Meridian-5 military communications satellite failed in the 7th minute of launch because of an anomaly in the third stage. thumb 200px Khanate of Sibir in 15th-16th centuries (Image:Siberian Khanate map English.svg) With the breakup of the Golden Horde late

Kennedy Space Center

: science-news science-at-nasa 2002 17may_issmeteors title The crew of the International Space Station enjoyed a unique view of the 2001 Leonid meteor storm author NASA date accessdate June 7, 2010 At the end of the stay Expedition 3 crewmembers, Dezhurov, NASA astronaut Frank Culbertson and cosmonaut Mikhail Tyurin returned to Earth on board Space Shuttle STS-108 mission delivered the Expedition 4 crew

meteor storm. STS-108


is a rod (Rod-shaped bacteria)-shaped extremophile bacterium in the family Halomonadaceae that, when starved of phosphorus, may be capable of incorporating the usually poisonous element arsenic in its DNA. ref

12.2.2010. news science eureka article7040864.ece Could the Mono Lake arsenic prove there is a shadow biosphere?, The Times, 4 March 2010. Retrieved 6 March 2010 * The space program of the People's Republic of China will attempt its first unmanned Moon landing with the Chang'e 3 mission.

. The event is named the Solar storm of 1859, or the "Carrington event". The flare was visible to a naked-eye (in ''white light''), and produced stunning auroras down to tropical latitudes such as Cuba or Hawaii, and set telegraph systems on fire.


conservancies . These conservancies are particularly important to the rural, generally unemployed, population. An aquifer called "Ohangwena II" has been discovered, capable of supplying the 800,000 people in the North for 400 years. ref>

; Experts estimate that Namibia has 7720 km 3 of underground water. Providing 25% of Namibia's revenue, mining is the single most

and western South Africa; East African (''Diceros bicornis michaeli''), primarily in Tanzania; and West African (''Diceros bicornis longipes'') which was declared extinct in November 2011. The native Tswanan name Keitloa is used to describe a South African variation


. "Evaluating the costs of desalination and water transport." (Working paper). Via a Hamburg University website. 2004-12-09. Retrieved on 2007-08-20. After being desalinated at Jubail, Saudi Arabia, water is pumped inland through a pipeline to the capital city of Riyadh. news science 1367352


of science 1367352 desalination_is_the_solution_to_water_shortages Desalination is the Solution to Water Shortages, redOrbit, May 2, 2008 For coastal cities, desalination is increasingly viewed as an untapped and unlimited water source. date November 23, 1808 place Tudela (Tudela, Navarre), near Zaragoza, Spain result Decisive French-Polish victory Several cities have hosted international events: the Exposición

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