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Temiskaming Shores

of the Shores''. ''The Voice of the Shores'' The city does not have its own daily newspaper, but is served by Kirkland Lake's ''Northern News'', published three times a week by Sun Media. See also *List of townships in Ontario *List of francophone communities in Ontario References *City of Temiskaming Shores *


;Geraldton Express" date 3 January 1948 url http: work Geraldton Guardian pages 1 accessdate 11 March 2014 ''Yamaji News'', published since 1995 by the Yamaji Languages Aboriginal Corporation, is a fortnightly Geraldton newspaper presenting issues and stories affecting indigenous people in the Gascoyne and Murchison districts.

Kirkland Lake

to the 1972 Summit Series between Canada and the Soviet Union. The title of the episode is an homage to lyrics in "The Hockey Song" by Stompin' Tom Connors. The city does not have its own daily newspaper, but is served by Kirkland Lake's ''Northern News'', published three times a week by Sun Media. thumb left 225px Historic mine in Cobalt. (Image:Cobalt ON 2.jpg) The silver mines of Cobalt, and the prospectors and miners that discovered them and worked


and Thursdays) to every residence in the city, Springwater Township, and parts of Oro-Medonte. The newspaper contains local news, classifieds, advertisements and flyers. Barrie Business is a free newsprint publication covering local and regional business news. Published monthly, and distributed to every business in the City of Barrie through Canada Post, it seeks to highlight and support Barrie's local business community and events. Television Rogers Cable is the local cable franchise


"The Voice" by his fans. Queen and Paul Rodgers: The Cosmos Rocks. ''In the news''. Published 10 September 2008. Paul Rodgers. Accessed 11 March 2009. A poll in ''Rolling Stone'' magazine ranked him number 55 on its list of the "100 Greatest Singers of All Time

Salt Lake City

; ref In August 2005, Anderson violated Salt Lake City policy when he used $633.74 in public funds to purchase meals and alcoholic beverages on two occasions for musicians who performed at the Salt Lake City International Jazz Festival and for visiting mayors from throughout the country. The ''Deseret News'' published four consecutive front-page articles on the story, and portrayed the purchases as "bar tabs."

Society keeps an eye out for street crime so you don't have to , ''Salt Lake City Weekly''. Published May 1, 2008. Fox News Salt Lake City (KSTU) ran a story on the team as well. The Black Monday Society, KSTU Fox News (KSTU). Published April 10, 2008. * The Jibsheet

off. Cope Newspapers *'''''Salt Lake Tribune'''''. The ''Trib'' is the major daily newspaper based in Salt Lake City. *'''''Deseret Morning News'''''. Published daily by the Mormon church. A mix of national headlines and stories related to church interests. *'''''City Weekly'''''. Tabloid-style paper published on Thursdays and available free at various machines around the city. Covers current events and entertainment topics from music to theatre. Their website includes professional reviews for many of the city's restaurants. *'''''Salt Lake Underground'''''. Free monthly entertainment guide with particular interest in music and skater culture. *'''''Q Salt Lake'''''. All things LGBTQ, mostly in the form of opinion pieces. Consulates * Commons:Category:Salt Lake City WikiPedia:Salt Lake City Dmoz:Regional North America United States Utah Localities S Salt Lake City

Tel Aviv

Wikipedians took place in Tel Aviv, Israel. * '''September 10, 2004''': The 10,000th article was written. In March 2009, Arison sponsored Israel’s third annual “Good Deeds Day” in which her non-profit organization, Ruach Tova, inspired thousands of Israelis to get involved in volunteering across the country. Be part of a day that is all good, Ynet News, Published March 17, 2009. ref>

"Ynet2" Real roadblocks to peace, By Abraham Cooper & Harold Brackman, Ynet News, Published April 8, 2009. Israel Faces Soul-Searching Double Standard, By Cathy Young, Jewish Journal, Published April 8, 2009. http


: web 20071013115656 http: stadium?articleid 2854279 Majority say it's a threat to harbour It also involves moving HMS Warrior (HMS Warrior (1860)) from her current permanent mooring. The HMS Warrior trust is refusing to move. In Autumn 2007 Portsmouth's local paper 'The News' published that the plans had been turned down as the supercarriers to be situated in Portsmouth dockyard sight lines would be blocked. In answer to the Navy's objections regarding the supercarriers, Portsmouth FC have planned a similar stadium in Horsea Island near Port Solent. If this plan ever goes ahead, it will involve building a 36,000 seat stadium and around 1,500 apartments as single standing structures, not around the stadium as had been previously proposed. Yet the new plan also involves improving and saving land for the Royal Navy's diver training centre by the proposed site and buying a fair amount of land from the UK Ministry of Defence. WikiPedia:Portsmouth Commons:Category:Portsmouth


title Empire Readers Awards 2007 url http: awards horror.asp work publisher Empire Magazine Online accessdate 2009-09-28 Controversy In the country supposedly depicted in the movie, the Slovak Republic, it generated unanimously indignant reaction in general public and official representatives. "Slovakia angered by horror film", ''BBC News'', published on February 2nd

4754744.stm Slovakia angered by horror film ", ''BBC News'', published on 27 February 2006. The official Slovak response to the movie was an invitation to the director to visit the country. "Movie Hostel – Bratislava, Slovakia fights back by inviting director", '''', published on March 15th, 2006. "I think I have to be a man and go there and face the music,"

Northern Ireland

signed up in support of the plaintiffs' legal fund. The civil action began in Northern Ireland on 7 April 2008. "Omagh civil case 'unprecedented' ". BBC News. Published 7 April 2008 Independent bombing investigation On 7 February 2008, the Northern Ireland Policing Board decided to appoint a panel of independent experts to review the police's

northern_ireland 7233834.stm "Omagh bomb investigation review" . BBC News. Published 7 February 2008. Sinn Féin Policing Board member Alex Maskey stated that, "Sinn Féin fully supports the families' right to call for a full cross-border independent inquiry while the Policing Board has its clear and legal obligation to scrutinise the police handling of the investigations." He also stated that, "We recognise that the board has a major responsibility

Ireland should be established instead. The review will determine whether enough evidence exists for further prosecutions. It will also investigate the possible perjury of two police witnesses made during Sean Hoey's trial. "Omagh bomb investigation review". BBC News. Published February 7, 2008. Sinn Féin Policing Board member Alex Maskey stated that "Sinn

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