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is that it houses one of Korea's major domestic (with a few international routes) airports, servicing not just Cheongju but also the nearby major city of Daejeon. Get in By plane Cheongju Airport is located on the outskirts of the city and offers limited flights to Bangkok in Thailand and Hangzhou in China. Flights to Jeju are available. By train The main train station is located at Ogeunjang. Trains are limited, making this a lesser


'') and the E18 highway provide ample means of travelling to the nearby major cities of Stockholm and Västerås. The city has several manufacturing industries, a hospital and the Swedish Armed Forces command and control and army electronic warfare centre Ledningsregementet (''LedR''). At Congress in 1999 in Västerås, a left-wing candidate, Luciano Astudillo, from SSU district Skåne, almost became president. Differences between factions and a loaded Congress defeated Astudillo, and Mikael Damberg from Stockholm County SSU-district, won with votes 126-124. The European Union (EU) and European Monetary Union (EMU) were important issues. SSU decided, at an extraordinary congress in 1994, to campaign against Swedish EU membership, but did not run any campaign for a referendum the same year. The union gradually became more positive toward the EU and in 2001 the Congress almost considered approving Swedish EMU membership. For several years, Lisa Pellinge was Secretary-General of the IUSY. In June July 1996 Pridebowl played nine shows in California with bands like Strung Out, Good Riddance, Home Grown and Falling Sickness. In September October they toured Sweden with Adhesive (Adhesive (band)) followed by Europe in February together with labelmates Intensity (Intensity (band)) and Astream. Before leaving on this tour though they once again went to Västerås to record their second full length, ''Where You Put Your Trust'', an album that still stands out as one of the best Swedish punk releases ever! The sales of the album quickly exceeded ''Drippings…'' and it was also licensed to Shock Records in Australia. Brask supported the Danish king Kristian II (Christian II of Denmark), but was not part of the events that led to the infamous massacre in Stockholm (Stockholm Bloodbath) 1520. After Gustav Vasa's rebellion he was forced to join the new king's side, but he would become an opponent of the king's politics. The events of 1527 diet in Västerås led to Brask fleeing the country to Poland. Early life Tessin was born on May 23, 1654, as the only child of Nicodemus Tessin the Elder, son of the mayor of Stralsund, and Maria Svan, daughter of the mayor of Västerås. He showed artistic talents at an early age and was given an education in Mathematics and language at Uppsala, where he must have been influenced by Olaus Rudbeck who was at the time highly engaged in the scientific basis of architecture and botany. - Västerås Utnäs löt – 1779 - *Stockholm - Stockholm-Skavsta Airport ''Base'' *Västerås - Stockholm-Västerås Airport - As "Stockholm Vasteras" *Växjö - Växjö-Smaland Airport '''Promoe''' ('''Mårten Edh''', born '''Nils Mårten Ed''', 28 April 1976) is a Swedish (Swedish people) rapper (rapping), and member of Swedish hip hop group Looptroop Rockers, formed in Västerås, Sweden, 1992. He released his fourth album in 2009 entitled ''Kråksången'', and later the same year followed up with the mixtape ''Bondfångeri''. Promoe has a background of graffiti-writing and many of his songs deal with graffiti. Released European July 13, 1997 (Sweden) US February 17th 1998 Recorded May 1997 at Underground in Västerås Västerås, Sweden Genre Punk (Punk rock) Released April 25, 2000 (Sweden) Recorded May 1997 at Underground in Västerås Västerås, Sweden Genre Punk (Punk rock) Larger cities outside Greater Stockholm include Uppsala (population: 140,454), Västerås (110,877), Örebro (107,038), Södertälje (64,619) and Eskilstuna (64,679). Commons:Category:Västerås


) Hyderabad and continues to Karachi after passing Thatta. Despite being the country's most important and largest highway, part of N-5 between Hyderabad and Karachi is not used very much nowadays, since the newer M-9 Super Highway has shortened the distance between two major cities of Sindh. Non-air conditioned buses and minibuses are easily available throughout the day both from the bus stations in nearby major cities of Karachi and Hyderabad and can also be hailed from the highway. A trip may cost Rs 150 and the journey can take less than 2 hours either way. Travel distance is 100 km either from Karachi or Hyderabad. Get around There are dozens of the ubiquitous rickshaws in Thatta. They can be found on the street, around the main bus stop on N-5 and outside the attraction areas. Rickshaws are generally a cheap mode to travel as well the most available mode of transport in town and most preferred too. The town is not a large town so you should be able to get most places within 30 minutes at the most and Rs 200 should be enough to take you from one place in town to the other. On the other hand, Thatta is a small town. Most of the restaurants and accommodation are situated on the main bus line on N-5 and distances can be easily covered simply by walking rather than hoping on a rickshaw unless your destination is not near. Some structures of tombs of Makli and remains of old houses are scattered inside the narrow streets of Thatta that are worth exploring on foot. Always ensure you walk on the footpath, or if one isn't available, as far to the side of the road as possible and on the right facing on-coming traffic. See Wikipedia:Thatta


Buy A shopping trip to Weifang would most definitely include a '''kite'''. For yourself or as a gift, put on a wall or fly it in the wind. Versatile, pretty, unique. Remember to bargain hard with the shop owner. There are 3 places to buy computer and all types of electronic equipment and gadgets. 1 Located near the Medical University, is Weifang Technology market, looking very old and run down, Take bus #16. 2 Located adjacent to Bank Of China on Shengli West St. This is new, 3 Located at Venice Plaza on Quingnian Rd., This is new, Shopping on the '''old road''' is also an interesting time. Antiques, handicrafts, scroll-like wall paintings and many other nick-nacks are located in this tucked away part of town. Cheap, tailor made suits, dresses, coats or fabric can be found on '''Tailor Street''' down the road from the Technological Market. Don't forget to haggle. Eat Shandong food comes in two flavors - spicy and salty and usually both. Bun-like white bread is more prevalent than noodles in the province and the seafood is generally quite fresh. Weifang has many restaurants on offer and for a random stab at it, try Si Ping Lu which is lined with eateries. Menu's are generally ''not'' in English though most restaurants have picture menu's or food displayed in the entrance. Enjoy. *


speaking an industrial town, with several industrial parks. Industry comprises one-fourth of jobs. There is a university (University of Vaasa), faculties of Åbo Akademi and Hanken (Hanken School of Economics), and two universities of applied sciences (Ammattikorkeakoulu) in the town. Many workers commute from Korsholm (Mustasaari), Laihia, and other municipalities nearby. Major employers, in order: #City of Vaasa #Wärtsilä – diesel engines #Vaasa Central Hospital #ABB (Asea Brown Boveri) Strömberg – industrial and power electronics and automation equipment #State institutions #Vacon – frequency converters #KWH Group – plastics, abrasives and logistics services # Federation of Swedish Municipalities in Ostrobothnia for Education and Culture # KPO, member of the S Group - retail #VEO - Electrification and automation systems #Citec - Engineering and information management services #Anvia (old Vaasa Area Telephone) The film production company Future Film has its head office in Vaasa. "Etusivu." Future Film. Retrieved on 19 January 2011. "Future Film Oy - Hovrättsesplanaden 9, 65100 VAASA - FIN" "Contact Information." Future Film. Retrieved on 19 January 2011. "Office Oy Future Film Ab Hovioikeudenpuistikko 9 65100 VAASA FINLAND" Kotipizza has its head office in the ''Vaskiluodon Satamaterminaali''. "Yhteystiedot & Palaute." Kotipizza. Retrieved on 11 October 2011. "Käyntiosoite: Vaskiluodon Satamaterminaali II kerros, 65170 Vaasa" Notable people from Vaasa * Olli Ahvenniemi – Basketball player * Fanny Churberg (1845–1892) – Painter * Annika Eklund – Singer * Seppo Evwaraye – Professional American football player * Marika Fingerroos (born 1979) – Yellow press favourite * Rabbe Grönblom – Businessman * Kai Hahto - Metal Drummer drum teacher * Jarl Hemmer – Author * Edvin Hevonkoski – Sculptor * Mikaela Ingberg – Javelin thrower * Fritz Jakobsson – Painter * Vesa 'Vesku' Jokinen – Musician * Mikael Jungner – MD of Yleisradio * Heli Koivula-Kruger – Athlete * Susanna 'Suski' Korvala – Singer * Björn Kurtén – Paleontologist, author * Joachim Kurtén – Businessman, politician * Toivo Kuula – Composer * Artturi Leinonen – Newspaperman, politician, author * August Alexander Levón – Industrialist, businessman * Nandor Mikola – Painter * Jorma Ojaharju – Author * Oskar Osala – ice hockey player * Sari Krooks – ice hockey player * Pekka Puska – Doctor, expert on public health * Viljo Revell – Architect, works included Toronto City Hall in Canada. * Seppo Sanaksenaho - Mayor of Vaasa 1997-2001, Deputy Mayor from 1979-1996 * Carl Axel Setterberg – Architect, creator of the new Vaasa * Pekka Strang – Actor * Jacob Tegengren – Poet * Frithjof Tikanoja – Businessman * Jani Toivola – Actor, television host (Finnish Idols 2007 (Idols (Finland)), The Voice TV) * Allu Tuppurainen – Actor, creator of Rölli * Jenny Wilhelms – Musician * Carl Gustaf Wolff – Businessman * Mathilda Wrede – "Friend of the inmates" * Yrjö Sakari Yrjö-Koskinen (Georg Zacharias Forsman) – Politician, professor, fennoman * Sari Haapaniemi – Painter * Juha Tammenpää - Artist * Jani Liimatainen - Guitar player * Daco Junior – Musician International relations WikiPedia:Vaasa commons:Vaasa


price Single 2600 RUB, double from 3600 RUB (2015) content The nearby major attractions and best restaurants in town. The hotel is designed in elegant, respectable style, its rooms and the interior features high comfort and cozy atmosphere. On the fourth floor of the hotel is a large outdoor terrace, which overlooks the sea and surroundings. In the cozy patio - an oasis for relaxing and socializing guests. * WikiPedia:Sukhumi Commons:Category:Sukhumi


'''North Warnervale''' is a proposed all stops station on the Newcastle and Central Coast (Newcastle and Central Coast railway line, New South Wales) intercity line of the CityRail network in New South Wales, Australia. It will serve the new town centre of Northern Warnervale (Warnervale, New South Wales) (Woongarrah (Woongarrah, New South Wales)). The plans were put forward to council in March 2006 but no construction has begun as yet. The notable information from the above nominated pages are in the CityRail article, thus all pages are redundant. So '''Delete All''' --Arnzy (User:Arnzy) (Talk (User talk:Arnzy)) 02:00, 25 April 2006 (UTC) *'''Delete''' as per nom. redundant duplication.Bridesmill (User:Bridesmill) 02:57, 25 April 2006 (UTC) *'''Comment''' - With great respect to everyone, I wish Americans and Canadians would keep out of debates like this. I don't think you guys know much about CityRail (if you do I am very sorry), but I wouldn't just jump on US and Canadian votes and randomly vote for their deletion for reasons that I may not know anything about. Anyway, the train types which the Sectors determine are listed on CityRail's webpage and the sectors are not obscure as people have suggested. However, I will agree that the five articles don't warrant their own page each - one page will suffice when the CityRail article is improved and that information doesn't need to be on the front page. I have merged all the information in the articles onto the front page so you are now welcome to delete them. ::That's a '''Delete all''' from me. (JROBBO (User:JROBBO) 13:17, 25 April 2006 (UTC)) Design origins The VLocity is an evolution Rail Technical Society of Australasia, South Australian Branch, July 2007 Newsletter, page 6, http: assets 2008 03 rtsa-sa-nl-jul-2007.pdf, accessed 8th February 2011 of the Xplorer (CountryLink Xplorer) Endeavour (CityRail Endeavour railcar) railcars built by ABB Transportation (now Bombardier Transportation) for CountryLink and CityRail, respectively, in New South Wales, themselves being derivatives of Transwa Australind railcars. National Express Group specified the NSW design as part of its bid to operate V Line under the public transport privatisation scheme of the Kennett (Jeff Kennett) government in the late 1990s. The train was originally known as a '''V Locity''' (with the slash character). * GG20B (Railpower GG20B) ''Green Goat'' hybrid shunting locomotive with Railpower Technologies. * CityRail Tangara (CityRail T and G sets) EMU * CityRail Hunter Railcar (CityRail Hunter railcar) DMU * CityRail Tangara (CityRail T and G sets) EMU * CityRail Hunter Railcar (CityRail Hunter railcar) DMU

Topeka, Kansas

stations that did get major network affiliations and did become financially sound businesses. Some of these stations have been located in or near state capital cities or served nearby major rural regions, such as Montgomery, Alabama, Frankfort, Kentucky, Dover, Delaware, Lincoln, Nebraska, Topeka, Kansas, Jefferson City, Missouri, Lansing, Michigan, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Madison, Wisconsin, and Springfield, Missouri. In the United States, television

Green Bay, Wisconsin

, and the second-smallest major-league city in North America, behind only Green Bay, Wisconsin, home to the National Football League's Packers (Green Bay Packers). However, the Nordiques didn't have a nearby major market on which to draw support, as the Packers do with Milwaukee. Additionally, Quebec City is a virtually monolingual francophone city. Unlike in Montreal and Ottawa (the other NHL cities with large francophone fan bases), all public address announcements were only given

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

features and slouching stance. The first casting is in Cincinnati, Ohio (1917), the second in Manchester, England (1919), and the third in Louisville, Kentucky (1922). However, there were significant cities that had few or no VHF channels allocated to them. Hence, these cities did get UHF stations that did get major network affiliations and did become financially sound businesses. Some of these stations have been located in or near state capital cities or served nearby major rural

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