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Helena-West Helena, Arkansas

Act , National Security Strategy of the United States, National Wild and Scenic River, Nevada, Nevada Corporation, New Jersey in the 21st century, New York City secession, New York State Department of Education, New York State Education Department, North Central Romani, North Fork Kentucky River, North Fork Sun River, Oklahoma, Operation Rheinübung, Orlando-Orange County Expressway Authority, Pan-African, Peace, Love

Assonet, Massachusetts

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History of the National Park Service

include a diverse varieties of areas —National Parks, National Monuments (U.S. National Monument), National Memorials, National Military Parks, National Historic Sites (National Historic Sites (United States)), National Parkways, National Recreation Areas, National Seashores, National Scenic Riverways (National Wild and Scenic River), National Scenic Trails, and others. Lee, Ronald F.; Family Tree of the National Park System, A Chart

Eugene, Oregon

National Wild and Scenic River (National Wild and Scenic Rivers System)s within the forest. The forest is named for the Willamette River, which has its headwaters in the forest. The forest headquarters are located in the city of Eugene (Eugene, Oregon). There are local ranger (National Park Ranger) district offices in McKenzie Bridge (McKenzie Bridge, Oregon), Mill City (Mill City, Oregon), Detroit (Detroit, Oregon), Sweet Home (Sweet Home, Oregon), and Westfir (Westfir, Oregon).<

Portland, Oregon

. He enlisted in the army in late 1914. The '''Klickitat River''' is a tributary of the Columbia River, approximately of the river were designated Wild and Scenic (National Wild and Scenic River) from the confluence with Wheeler

Creek, near the town of Pitt, to the confluence with the Columbia River. Wild and Scenic Klickitat River - National Wild and Scenic Rivers System thumb upright Couch's grave marker (File:John H. Couch grave marker.JPG) Later in 1848 he was convinced by a shipping firm in New York City to take command of another vessel, the ''Madonna'', on a voyage to the Pacific Ocean. Captain Flanders, who had been for years master of vessels

Columbus, Ohio

23, 1930 PLACE OF BIRTH Columbus, Ohio, United States DATE OF DEATH December 2, 1987 The 1968 Wild and Scenic River Act designated portions of the '''Little Miami National Scenic River''' as Ohio's first National Wild and Scenic River. On April 23 of following year, the '''Little Miami State Scenic River''' from Milford (Milford, Ohio) to the headwaters became Ohio's first State Scenic River, due to legislation that predated the national act by a few months


. The Little Miami joins the Ohio River east of Cincinnati. It forms parts of the borders between Hamilton (Hamilton County, Ohio) and Clermont (Clermont County, Ohio) counties and between Hamilton and Warren (Warren County, Ohio) counties. The Little Miami River is one of 156 American rivers designated by the U.S. Congress or the Secretary of the Interior as a National Wild and Scenic River and lends its name to the adjacent Little Miami Scenic Trail. url http

Phoenix, Arizona

, Miami language, Michael Kirwan, Middle Fork Kentucky River, Military parlance, Monk's Mound, Monomoy Island, Morton Hospital and Medical Center, NASA, National Clandestine Service, National Origins Quota Act, National Security Strategy of the United States, National Wild and Scenic River, Nevada, Nevada Corporation, New Jersey in the 21st century, New York City secession, New York State Department of Education, New York State

Sri Lanka

targeted tourists there have been deaths, notably in a landmine explosion at Wilpattu National Wild Park in 2006, and some have been wounded by terrorist actions. War is, after all, dangerous. In general, though, traffic accidents kill more people than terrorism. It's quite safe to travel in Sri Lanka and many tourists from all over the world started to come to the country after the end of the civil war. You'll see many foreign tourists at the tourists sites, mostly Westerners. Locals will greet foreigners with a smile and are generally helpful. It is recommended to avoid going alone after dark. Pickpocketing on public transport is uncommon, but take precaution. Violent crime is not usually any more serious a problem for tourists in Sri Lanka than it is anywhere. There has been an increase in violent crimes involving tourists in the past few years, but it is still very rare. Tourists should exercise the same care and attention as they would at home. Under colonial-era laws which are still in place, homosexual activity between consenting adults are punishable by fines and whipping. LGBT travelers should exercise discretion. Con artists and touts Con artists and touts are a serious problem throughout all tourist areas. Using the services of a tout for accommodation, local travel, etc. will most likely increase the price. First time travelers to Sri Lanka may find themselves the victim of scams, however seasoned travelers to Sri Lanka are very rarely scammed and it is simple to avoid becoming a victim of scammers by taking precautions: * Do not believe anyone who claims to be a professional (e.g. airline pilot), or in charge of a location (like a bus terminal) without proof. * Scams involving gemstones are common. Do not buy with the intention of selling them in your home country for a profit. * Be on guard for anybody trying to help you by giving you unsolicited directions or travel advice. Take any advice from taxi and auto drivers with a grain of salt, especially if they tell you the place you want to go to is closed, dangerous, non-existent etc. If you are unsure, check a map. * If you have been told your hotel is closed or full, give them a call. If you are a first time visitor to Sri Lanka, don't admit it as it will make you a target for the scam artists. * Unless you absolutely have to, do not agree to hire the same driver for more than a day at a time. They are a dime a dozen at each city and the whole country is so small that you will not have trouble getting between towns via Bus, Train, Tuk Tuk or another driver if you have to. Even though you agree on a daily or hourly rate, the drivers will all generally attempt to make more commission out of you by forcing you to visit one of their friends businesses (e.g. spice, carving or gem shops). Calmly and firmly say you are not interested and if they continue to force you to go then find another driver - they are very common and you will have no problem finding another one. Stay healthy * '''Vaccinations''' are recommended for Hepatitis A+B and Tetanus. Also, obtain the Typhus vaccination outside of tourist areas especially in the wet season. The CDC also recommends vaccination against '''Japanese encephalitis '''''' Dengue fever ''': During the rainy season use mosquito repellent. When head and joint aches occur get a blood check. There is no vaccination yet. * '''Malaria''' : Gampaha (e.g. Negombo), Colombo, Kalutara, Galle, and Nuwara Eliya districts are considered '''malaria free''', as is the city (but not the entire district) of Kandy. Elsewhere, malaria exists and is most likely in Anuradhapura. In the dry season, using '''DEET repellent''' for a mid-day road or train trip to Kandy (including visits to the Peradeniya Gardens) or Nuwara Eliya should suffice. Risk increases after sunset. '''Malaria prophylaxis (anti-malarials)''' are warranted for trips to the north (especially Anuradhapura), east, and southeast (however some types are not available locally, and it may not be as effective as what you could obtain back home.) * '''Yellow fever''': A yellow fever vaccination certificate is required from travelers over 1 year of age coming from infected areas. * '''Filaria''': Sri Lanka is the first country in the South Asia region to eradicate Filaria ''' Polio ''': Sri Lanka is considered polio free. * Visitors should avoid drinking water from the tap. It is best to stick to bottled water for both drinking and tooth-brushing. * Although '''snake bites''' are extremely rare among tourists (comparable to being struck by lightning), anyone bitten should seek prompt medical care. This is true even if the bite doesn't result in any pain and swelling. The National Emergency number is 119. In Colombo, dial either 119 or if you want an emergency ambulance - 110. * There are tiny little '''flies''' that live in the sand. Any contact with the dry sand usually results in bites and subsequent painful scratches. So avoid even a little sand on your skin, including legs. Respect thumb Buddha statues at the Gangarama Temple in Colombo (File:Buddha cover with blue lights shadow.jpg) There are several customs that, specially for Western travellers, would take a bit of getting used to. *It is '''customary to remove shoes''' and '''wear respectful attire (i.e. no miniskirts, tank tops, short pants, etc...)''' when visiting temples. It is also the custom to remove shoes before entering a home, though this is not as strictly followed as in places such as Japan. *'''Never touch or pat''' Buddhist monks, including younger monks and children who practice at a temple. *Do not display '''tattoos that depict the Buddha'''. This can be regarded as highly insulting in Sri Lanka, even if acceptable in other Buddhist countries and regions. Arrest and deportation are realistic scenarios. *Do not '''turn your back''' to a Buddha statue while within a reasonable distance. This includes posing for photos, where you '''should not''' make arm or body contact with the statue. It is advisable to photograph a Buddha statue with all persons facing towards it (as observing it), rather than posing alongside. *'''Public nudity''' is illegal in Sri Lanka - nude topless sunbathing and skinny dipping should be avoided, except in the private beach resorts which allow it. *Although much latitude is given to tourists, it is more polite to '''use your right hand''' when handing money and small objects, etc... Of course you can use both hands for something big and or heavy. *'''Be respectful to monks'''. There's no particular etiquette for Westerners - just be polite. Always give them a seat on a crowded bus (unless you're disabled or very elderly). *''' It is highly controversial to discuss politics, particularly the Sinhalese Tamil divide or the LTTE'''. The 26-year civil war which ended in 2009 saw thousands of attacks throughout the country, including suicide bombings and massacres which have killed scores of politicians and civilians on both sides alike. *''' No photography''' of sensitive locations (inside and outside), and inside of shopping malls and tea factories (outside OK). Be especially careful in Fort, Colombo (except on the beach). If soldiers are guarding something, it probably shouldn't be photographed. Don't rely on signs alone, as sometimes they are old or missing. For example, one end of a bridge may have a "No Photography" sign, but not the other. *Seemingly innocuous '''public displays of affection''' between lovers such as kissing and or hugging may be culturally frowned upon as it is considered to be private behaviour but it is acceptable in functions and establishments designated for adults such as nightclubs, casinos and beach parties. Much lenience is given to foreigners and holding hands and public affection between parents and their children is not frowned upon. Connect Phone The country code for Sri Lanka is '''94'''. Remove the intercity prefix ('''0''') before the area code when dialling internationally into the country (i.e., 0112 688 688 becomes +94 112 688 688) when dialling from abroad). The two next numbers after 94 represents the area code, they are different for every district for more information see Telephone numbers in Sri Lanka (w:Telephone numbers in Sri Lanka). Mobile The use of GSM cellphones is widespread and the coverage is good. Dialog and Mobitel are two operators that have sales offices at the airport inside the arrivals lounge. Dialog Mobile has the widest coverage in the country including rural areas and has the best quality GSM 3G HSPA + 4G network. Mobitel also has a 3G HSPA+ network. All the mobile operators are having same call rates due to floor rate tariffs. Therefore it is advisable to go to the network which offers you the best quality. All Mobile Operators offers cheap IDD Call rates. If you want to surf internet, best way is to buy a HSPA dongle and a Mobile Broadband connection. Dialog Mobile, Mobitel, hutch, Etisalat and Airtel offers prepaid Mobile Broadband services which can be activated and used immediately. Dialog is the Vodafone Roaming Network in Sri Lanka and offers the best range of Value added services for Roamers and the rates are cheaper. Etisalat and Airtel also provide cheap roaming rates specially to India. Mobile Phones are cheaper and widely available. Embassies, high commissions and consulates * WikiPedia:Sri Lanka Dmoz:Regional Asia Sri Lanka commons:Sri Lanka


and its tributaries, miners set out from Seattle and San Francisco on ships to reach the mouth of the Kobuk. Upon arrival they were informed by native people that it was a scam, and only about 800 traveled upriver. The result was that little or no gold was found, and only on a few tributaries of the river. In 1980 the United States Congress designated of the river downstream from Walker Lake as the Kobuk Wild and Scenic River as part of the National Wild

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