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of Cienfuegos In 2005, UNESCO inscribed the ''Urban Historic Centre of Cienfuegos (Historic Centre of Cienfuegos)'' on the World Heritage List, citing Cienfuegos as the best extant example of the 19th-century early ''Spanish Enlightenment'' implementation in urban planning. Cienfuegos at World Heritage List Sports Cienfuegos fields a team in the Cuban National Series, the Cienfuegos (baseball) Cienfuegos

Elefantes . Since joining the league in 1977-78, the best finish the ''Camaroneros'' have achieved is a 3rd place showing in the 2010-11 Cuban National Series. Despite finishing with the best record at 59-31, the Elefantes lost the semi-finals in six games to eventual champions, Pinar del Río (Pinar del Río Vegueros). Attractions thumb left 150px One of the turrets on the moonlit roof of Palacio de Valle (Image:DirkvdM cienfuegos palacio de valle.jpg) * Castillo de Jagua Castillo de


;picturesque" roundabouts created by a local printing company. The calendar was called, unsurprisingly, 'Roundabouts of Redditch' and it proved so successful that it sparked a national series. This self-similar pattern is found on a smaller scale in many of the modern estates in the town, which follow a Radburn style (Radburn design) of planned community. Education Redditch is one of the few areas of the country where the Middle


that are fueled with oil. Much of the original power plant installations, which operated before the Revolutionary government assumed control, have become somewhat outdated. Electrical blackouts occurred, prompting the national government in 1986 to allocate the equivalent of $25,000,000 to modernize the electrical system. Sports Many Cubans are avid sports fans who particularly favour baseball. Havana's teams in the Cuban National Series are Artemisa,Camagüey, Ciego de Ávila, Cienfuegos

, professional sports were abolished, and the Cuban League was replaced by the amateur Cuban National Series. Havana's Industriales, founded by workers representatives from the cities industries and intended as heir to Almandares (Almendares (baseball club)) club, dominated the league, winning four of the first five championships. Initially consisting of four teams, by 1967 the number had increased to 16, with the construction of new stadiums in all of the nation's provincial

in 1984 . Cuban years Hernández played for Industriales of Havana in the Cuban National Series, helping the team win that title in 1992 (1991-92 Cuban National Series) and 1996 (1995-96 Cuban National Series). He also represented Havana in Selective Series, on teams including Ciudad Habana and Habaneros. He was 126–47 with 3.05 ERA (Earned run average) over his ten-year career in the National Series. His career winning percentage in National and Selective Series, .728, is the league record. WikiPedia:Havana Dmoz:Regional Caribbean Cuba Localities Havana commons:La Habana

Mexico City

is the first painter in the world to paint on fiberglass. birth_date '''Carlos Contreras''' (born June 8, 1970 in Mexico City) is the first Mexican-born driver in any NASCAR national series.


are more mountainous. Fort William (Fort William, Highland) in Scotland is Britain's only World Cup standard track and was the venue for the 2007 World Championships. The UK has a strong race scene with a national series and numerous regional series with strong representation of all age groups present. The country has produced many of the world's top downhill mountain bikers including, world champions Steve Peat, Gee Atherton and Danny Hart (Danny Hart (cyclist)) Rachel Atherton


driver born in Australia. His racing career started in the 1980s driving historic cars, before he moved on to driving Australian sports cars from 1989 until 1996. He won the Australian Formula Two national series in 1999. Formula 2 Champions After a hiatus he returned to racing in Australian Formula Three's C-Class in 2001, moving up to the B-Class in 2002 and staying there until the present. During his time


Formula BMW USA (Formula BMW) series, and failed to finish in a point-scoring position. He was selected as one of the thirty–six drivers to compete in the annual Formula BMW World Final, despite his poor performance in the national series. The event, dominated by German (Germany) Christian Vietoris, saw him make a small impact, as he finished twenty–ninth.

United States

currently plays for Columbus Crew in Major League Soccer. In 1993, in Buffalo, New York, Ordóñez became the second Cuban baseball player in history to defect (defector) to the United States. Ordóñez was a promising young player for the Havana Industriales club in Cuba (Cuban National Series) at the time. The women's division was first held in 1973. Until the advent of Women's Professional Soccer, the Damallsvenskan was considered to be the best women's league, since

Graaff generator . Later, he helped to build a pelletron at the University of São Paulo (the first in Latin America). In the United States, the MGA was used in NASCAR from 1960-1963 in the Grand National Series (Sprint Cup Series), failing to win a single race. After production ended of the MGA, MG (who at that point was the last foreign automaker in NASCAR) decided not to field another entry in the circuit, which resulted in a de-facto monopoly of the NASCAR

) every year he ran the full schedule in NASCAR's Grand National Series (now Sprint Cup Series). NASCAR described his 1974 season as an indication of his "consistent greatness"; that season he

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