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Beit Shemesh

placards urging segregation between men and women were put back after being removed by the police. After the opening of Orot Banot national-religious (National Religious) girls’ school in September 2011

has repeatedly spoken out on behalf of national religious Beit Shemesh residents against Haredi tendencies, including about an occurrence in which little girls' faces were blurred

by members of her own national religious community who accused her of exposing the community to public shame. Archaeology thumb right Middle Bronze gate system unearthed at Tel Beth-Shemesh (File:Mb gate tbs.png) In 1971, excavations at Givat Sharett conducted by Israeli archaeologist Claire Epstein revealed a residential settlement of the Middle Bronze Age, including a temple.

Kiryat Arba

depended on the National Religious Party, and was reluctant to evacuate the settlers, given the massacre that occurred decades earlier. After heavy lobbying by Levinger, the settlement gained the tacit support of Levi Eshkol and Yigal Allon, while it was opposed by Abba Eban and Pinhas Sapir. '''PLACES:''' Kirjatharba (Kiryat Arba) (Hebron) - Canaan - Machpelah (Cave of the Patriarchs) - Mamre


. The surrender of Quneitra was controversial, with Israeli settlers "Settlers insist Israel keeps Golan". ''The Times'', 7 May 1974, p. 6 and the Likud and National Religious Party opposing it. "Criticism in Israel over peace pact's concessions to Syria". ''The Times'', 30 May 1974, p. 7 According to Michael Mandelbaum, the agreement provided that the city was to be repopulated to serve as evidence


Carnival and Señor del Sacromonte thumb Sanctuary del Señor del Sacromonte (File:SancSacromonteFestival2.JPG) Just southwest of the parish church is a hill called '''Sacromonte''', which overlooks the town and provides clear views of the Iztaccíhuatl and Popocatépetl volcanos. (There is a lookout tower here used when Popocatépetl is more active. This hill has been considered sacred since the pre-Hispanic period, when a god named Tezcatlipoca was worshiped here with dances and ceremonies from 23 April to 12 May. These days were known as “Toxcatl” or “dry things” as these days usually were the end of the dry season just before the rainy season. An image of the deity was located in a cave at the top of the hill. Today, the hill contains the Sanctuary of the Señor del Sacromonte and a chapel dedicated to the Virgin of Guadalupe. After the Conquest, the Spanish destroyed the temples and shrines here and build Christian churches and shrines on top of them. The churches located on this hill are a result of that tradition. The first Franciscan evangelist here, Martin de Valencia had the pagan idol replaced with an image of a Black Christ within the cave in the 1540s. Since 1584, this image has been the object of much veneration in this area, especially during the week of Ash Wednesday, which is the closest Christian celebration to the old one for Tezcatlipoca. Hence the worship of this figure is a syncretism which can be best seen during the week of Ash Wednesday when many clad in Aztec dress dance and perform ancient rituals in front of the parish church below and the sanctuary church on the hill. The '''Sanctuary of the Señor del Sacromonte''' is as important as the parish church that is located in the town center below. The Sanctuary was built among the ruins of the teocallis and amoxcallis that there here. The church is considered to be one of the most important in the state. The main focus of the church sanctuary is the glass coffin containing the Señor, which is also called the Santo Entierro (Holy Burial) . The image of the Señor is made with “pasta de cana” or pasted corn stalks. The altar on which it rests is made of wood and gilded with capricious forms. The old '''chapel of the Virgin of Guadalupe''' is situation at the very top of the Sacromonte. It has a smooth facade with three arches and a triangular pediment. Inside there are no altarpieces. The atrium (Atrium (architecture)) area is an old untended graveyard. thumb Worshippers in Aztec dress for the Feast of the Señor del Sacromonte (File:CarDirAztecAmeca.JPG) The main celebrations of the town are Carnival and the Feast of the Señor del Sacromonte, which overlap each other. Carnival begins on the Thursday before Ash Wednesday with the traditional accompaniments such as food, amusement rides, local dances such as Los Doce Pares de Francia, Moros y Cristianos and Los Arrieros. However, most of these end on the following Monday, rather than on Tuesday. On Tuesday night, the Señor del Sacromonte is taken from his sanctuary in procession to the parish of La Asuncion in the center of Amecameca. He remains there until Easter Sunday. One last vestige of Carnival takes place on Ash Wednesday, when the Dance of the Chinelos is performed. People costumed in large turbans, robes and bearded masks, perform just after midday. After that point, the celebrations for the rest of the week are focused on the Señor del Sacromonte with masses, pilgrimages and a dance called the Azteca-Chichimeca which dates back to the Conquest. The best-known group to perform this dances under the banner of the Señor del Sacromonte and visits many local and national religious festivities in places like Chalma, the Basilica of Guadalupe and others. ref name "

Holyoke, Massachusetts

) Mount Tom in Holyoke (Holyoke, Massachusetts). The station served as a repeater of Trinity Broadcasting (Trinity Broadcasting Network)'s national religious (Religious broadcasting) network. In 1994, it moved to UHF channel 67 and became '''W67DF'''. Originally, CBS was seen in the Pioneer Valley on WHYN-TV (now WGGB-TV) from 1953 until 1958. At that point, WFSB (then known as WTIC-TV with no relation to the current station (WTIC-TV) except for the same calls) became the network's


. They were settled in the development town of Sderot, where Peretz lived until the age of 18. He went to high school in a nearby kibbutz. In 1983, answering a call made by friends, Peretz ran for the office of mayor of the town of Sderot, as candidate of the Israel Labour Party. At only 31 years of age he won a victory which ended a long period of dominance of the town's politics by the right-wing Likud party and the National Religious Party. It was the first in a series of local councils which passed back to Labour control in the late 1980s. As mayor, he strongly emphasized education and worked to improve previously fractious relations with the kibbutzim in the area. * Israeli-Palestinian conflict: ** A Palestinian (Palestinian people)-fired Qassam rocket hits a cemetery in the Israeli town of Sderot, causing minimal damage and no injuries. Israeli Defence Minister Shaul Mofaz says Israel will not let it pass and criticises the PA (Palestinian Authority)'s lack of action. This is the first rocket fired inside the carrot-shaped "Green line (1949 Armistice Agreements)" since late January. (Haaretz) ** Two Jews are arrested on suspicion of planting fake bombs in Jerusalem in an attempt to disrupt the planned Israeli pullout from the Gaza Strip. (BBC) * ''' An Israeli woman was killed early morning today by a Qassam rocket (w:Qassam rocket) launched by Palestinian (w:Palestinian) fighters from Beit Hanoun (w:Beit Hanoun) in the northern Gaza Strip (w:Gaza Strip). Rockets were launched at the southern Israeli city of Sderoth (w:Sderot) and several other locations. Two rockets landed in the city, killing a 57-year-old woman and injuring a 24-year-old bodyguard of the Israeli Defense Minister Amir Peretz (w:Amir Peretz), who lives in the city. Several other people were treated for shock.


founded with the objective of working to secure rights for ethnic, national, religious and linguistic minorities and indigenous peoples around the world. Their headquarters are in London, with offices in Budapest and Kampala. MRG has an international governing Council that meets twice a year. MRG has consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and observer status with the African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights. So far, Scouts


date 9 September 2007 accessdate 2007-09-10 url http: servlet Satellite?pagename JPost JPArticle ShowFull&cid 1188392567423 Effi Eitam of the National Religious Party and the National Union (National Union (Israel)), which represent the religious Zionist (Zionism) movement and have previously attempted to advance bills to amend the Law of Return, stated that Israel has become "a haven for people who hate Israel, hate Jews, and exploit the Law of Return to act on this hatred." WikiPedia:Nazareth Dmoz:Regional Middle_East Israel Localities Nazareth commons:Nazareth




Drop In Jerusalem Worries Israel last Hockstader first Lee accessdate 10 March 2007 In 2009, the percentage of Haredim in the city was increasing. As of 2009, out of 150, 100 schoolchildren, 59,900 or 40% are in state-run secular and National Religious (Religious Zionism) schools, while 90,200 or 60% are in Haredi schools. This correlates with the high number of children in Haredi families.

Arab neighbors was at first rejected by Palestinian representatives. The First Congress of Muslim-Christian Associations (in Jerusalem, February 1919), which met for the purpose of selecting a Palestinian Arab representative for the Paris Peace Conference (Paris Peace Conference, 1919), adopted the following resolution: "We consider Palestine as part of Arab Syria, as it has never been separated from it at any time. We are connected with it by national, religious, natural language

of charity (Charitable organization) is Yad Sara, established by Uri Lupolianski (mayor of Jerusalem 2003–2009) in 1977. Yad Sara, the only Israeli institution of its kind, provides patients and the handicapped with medical equipment (such as wheelchairs) on loan at no charge, and it is open to all Israelis. Religious Zionist (religious Zionism)s, mainly from the National Religious Party and publicly involved Haredi Jews are trying to bridge the gaps between secular Jews and Haredi Jews. Commons:Category:Jerusalem Wikipedia:Jerusalem Dmoz:Regional Middle East Israel Localities Jerusalem

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