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Ambon, Maluku

Service (another military-owned airline), which flew to cities in western Indonesia, such as Banda Aceh, Banjarmasin, Medan, Padang (Padang, Indonesia), Palembang, Pekanbaru and Pontianak (Pontianak, Indonesia), giving the airline a national coverage. valign "top" *Ambon (Ambon, Maluku) (Pattimura Airport) *Banda Aceh (Sultan Iskandarmuda Airport) The commercial of season 5 was firstly aired during


. With National coverage, MixFM is the only English station in Fiji to be based outside of Suva. Demography Since 1970, the population of Lautoka has grown rapidly, and in the last twenty years it has also changed dramatically in structure. In the early 1970s the population was estimated to be about 12,000, the vast majority of inhabitants being Indian (Indo-Fijian), as would be expected considering the early growth of the city was entirely associated with the sugar industry. almost all of the present Indian inhabitants are descendants of the early girmityas. In 1986 the population was 39,000 and in 1996 almost 43,000, but it is not clear exactly how the boundaries of the urban area were defined at either of these censuses. In 2005 the population including the suburban zones was probably about 50,000, occupying a total area of about 16 km². The population of Lautoka including the rural districts is around 80,000. But much of the recent growth of the city itself has been due to indigenous Fijians moving into the urban area. The city is the birthplace of PGA Tour Hall of Famer (World Golf Hall of Fame) Vijay Singh and Ghazal and Tabla star Cassius Khan. Notes and references External links * Wikipedia:Lautoka ----

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

and Eric Lichtblau In 2010, Federal Judge Vaughn Walker ruled this practice to be illegal., March 31, 2010, "Bush wiretapping program takes a hit in Calif ruling" by Paul Elias *National Cleavage Day *National coverage determinations, which help the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services define medical necessity for Medicare (Medicare (United States)) beneficiaries nation-wide. *National Council on Disability In response


Airlines operated flights between Jakarta and destinations in eastern Indonesia, such as Ambon (Ambon, Maluku), Gorontalo (Gorontalo (city)), Kendari, Makassar and Manado. In 1972 Mandala took over Seulawah Air Service (another military-owned airline), which flew to cities in western Indonesia, such as Banda Aceh, Banjarmasin, Medan, Padang (Padang, Indonesia), Palembang, Pekanbaru and Pontianak (Pontianak, Indonesia), giving the airline a national

coverage. *Palu - Mutiara Airport *Pekanbaru - Sultan Syarif Kasim II Airport *Semarang - Achmad Yani International Airport *The Underwater World (Underwater World, Singapore) oceanarium in Singapore donates two 15-year-old tawny nurse shark (Nurse shark)s to the new Aquaria KLCC at the Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC). (CNA) *Two C-130 aircraft of the Singapore Armed Forces

Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

Francisco Chronicle,'' 23 December 2007, accessed 29 June 2011 He renamed it ''Indian Country Today'' in 1992, as he was providing more national coverage of Native American news. In 1998 he sold the paper to the Oneida Nation; it was then the largest independent Native American paper in the country. He founded the Native American Journalists Association (NAJA) and has worked to recruit Native American students into journalism through its foundation, as well as to establish

Montgomery, Alabama

provided national coverage of the young Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s leadership of the bus boycott (Montgomery Bus Boycott) in Montgomery, Alabama, airing reports from Frank McGee, then news director of WSFA-TV (WSFA), NBC's Montgomery affiliate, and soon to join the network. A year later, John Chancellor's coverage of the admission of black students (Little Rock Nine) to Central High School (Little Rock Central High School) in Little Rock, Arkansas provided the first occasion when the signature reporter on a story came from television rather than print During his tenure in Montgomery he warned of the dangers of Irish (Irish American) immigration to the United States and the accompanying growth of Catholicism in a book, ''Our Country: Its Danger and Duty'' (New York, 1844). "If the devotees of this unholy faith have so rapidly increased within a few years to number TWO MILLIONS, how long will it take them to rival and exceed the American Protestants?", qtd. in Lipscomb 8-9. He fared well in Montgomery as a preacher, providing for a family consisting of a wife, two children, and two sisters, and owning two slaves. Lipscomb 13. Compelled by tuberculosis to retire from the ministry, he founded in 1849 the Metropolitan Institute for Young Ladies at Montgomery, Alabama. Lipscomb then served as the inaugural President (1856–1859) of the Tuskegee Female College of the Methodist Episcopal Church South in Alabama (present-day Huntingdon College in Montgomery, Alabama). Born in Montgomery, Alabama, Dreyfus was a graduate of Lehigh University in Pennsylvania. He is widely publicized for being the man who "invented" the commonplace mutual fund through direct marketing to the public. Jack Dreyfus - Maverick Wizard Behind the Wall Street Lion, ''Life Magazine'', 1964 Meanwhile, officials in Montgomery (w:Montgomery, Alabama), the place of her historic act of defiance, and Detroit (w:Detroit), her later home and deathplace, ordered that the first seat of every public bus will be reserved to honor Parks until her funeral, which is set for Wednesday. King was born on November 17, 1955 in Montgomery, Alabama (w:Montgomery, Alabama). An actress, speaker and producer, King played Rosa Parks (w:Rosa Parks) in the ''King'' miniseries in 1978. She was also the CEO of Higher Grounds Productions, a company that produces events related to spirituality and which advertised King for speeches and performances.


fall in the last three elections. '''Moldtelecom''' is a national telecommunications operator in Moldova. Created on April 1, 1993 as part of the national telecommunications restructuring, Moldtelecom was a state company. On January 5, 1999 Moldtelecom was reorganized and became a Joint Stock Company with the State being the unique stockholder. The company provides fixed telephony and Internet services of national coverage. The services however are unavailable


and a reasonable price. '''Mobile Phones''' are ubiquitous in Kenya with fairly good coverage from all providers (Safaricom, Orange, Yu and Airtel) that extends to most populated parts of the country. Safaricom has the best national coverage especially if you are using 3G data. The phone system is GSM 900 and 3G 2100 (Asian and European standard) on Safaricom, Orange, Yu and Airtel. There is also CDMA2000 on Orange. Phones and SIM cards are available at many locations throughout Nairobi and the country including at the airport. Phone prices are very competitive and priced for average income Kenyans. A basic phone may be obtained new from an independent dealer for ~2000 . A vast majority of people use pre-paid phones with scratch-card top-ups available at a huge number of merchants across the country. Phones are sold "unlocked" by outlets for use on any network. Safaricom though does sell a number of phones locked to its network. Much business is conducted via mobile phone, so possession of one for even a relatively short stay in the country can be beneficial. Rates are extremely affordable with in-country calls at around 3 per minute. Overseas calls cost around 5 per minute to the United States (~USD$0.06 minute) and 3 per minute to India (~INR 1.80, USD 0.04) on the Airtel network. 3G data service is available in most coverage areas on Safaricom and is of a fairly high standard. The other networks have 3G in major population areas and EDGE GPRS everywhere else. If you have a smart phone you should buy a data pack (200mb, 500mb or 1.5gb) or your credit will go down very fast! Cope Smoking is against the law out on the streets in the city center (the downtown grid area with numerous skyscrapers). There are certain smoking zones, and outside of the city center it becomes much easier to find locations where it is acceptable. However, a general rule would be to not smoke along the side of any roads or streets with pedestrians and or vehicles. Be observant and take your cues from other smokers - if there are no smokers or cigarette butts on the ground, it is likely a non-smoking location. Embassies & High Commissions * Wikipedia:Nairobi Dmoz:Regional Africa Kenya Localities Nairobi Commons:Category:Nairobi


'' also owns ''Radio Guerrilla'' an FM radio station with national coverage ''Tabu'', a women's magazine, ''Superbebe'', a magazine for new parents, ''Aventuri la pescuit'', a magazine for fishermen, ''24-FUN'', a free magazine for teenagers, and ''Cotidianul'', a daily newspaper. A defiant Ardiles, fearful that the 12-point deduction might end up costing them their Premier League status, made a momentous transfer

correct either, as most of Romania (all of it except Dobrogea) technically lies outside the Balkan Peninsula. Connect Mobile Phones Mobile phones are ubiquitous in Romania. There are five networks - four GSM 3G (Orange Romania, Vodafone, Cosmote and DigiMobil) and one CDMA (Zapp). Orange and Vodafone have almost full national coverage (98-99% of the surface of the country), while the newly-merged Cosmote+Zapp are expanding quickly. Tariffs are average for the European Union (€0.08


two metropolitan areas: Kiev and Odessa, lacking the national coverage of its competitors. In the early 2000s new owners (controlled by the Russian Alfa Group) shifted company's strategy, which since then has focused on providing integrated telecommunications services for businesses and other high-usage customers and telecommunications operators. !-- Deleted image removed: thumb The view of the Vydubychi Monastery (Image:Kiev-BotanicalGarden-1280.jpg) with the park ovelooking

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