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, Sderot town square thumbnail Mosaic, based on a Renoir painting, in Sderot (File:Mosaic a' la Renoir in Sderot, Israel.jpg) Several popular bands have been formed by musicians who practiced in Sderot's bomb shelters as teenagers. As an immigrant town with high unemployment experiencing a dramatic musical success, as bands blend international sounds

Gary, Indiana

; Jackson ) , Jermaine (Jermaine La Jaune Jackson) (Jermaine Jackson), Marlon (Marlon David Jackson) (Marlon Jackson), and Michael (Michael Joseph Jackson) (Michael Jackson), set the family on a path of musical success that spread among siblings Rebbie (Rebbie Jackson), La Toya (La Toya Jackson), Randy (Randy Jackson (The Jacksons)), and Janet (Janet Jackson). The acclaim of The Jackson 5 led the group to become known as the " List of honorific titles in popular music First Family


Zajc in Rijeka Born in Fiume, Austria-Hungary (modern-day Rijeka, Croatia), Zajc's musical talent was evident very early on in his life, as he began to study the piano and violin at the age of five, performed in public by the age of six, and even began to compose his own music by the age of twelve. Nevertheless, despite his early musical success, his military bandmaster father was opposed to the idea of a career in music and wanted him to study law instead following


, and education. While Reed never achieved musical success in the U.S., ''Our Summer Romance'' proved to be so popular in South America that he stayed on in Argentina following a South American tour. His fame, and record sales there (as well as in Chile and Peru, where he also appeared on the major TV network) were noteworthy. '''Ariel José Graziani Lentini''' (born June 7, 1971 in Empalme Villa Constitución, Argentina) is a former football player. He is a naturalized Ecuadorian striker who represented the Ecuador national team (Ecuador national football team) on 34 occasions between 1997 and 2000. rsssf: Ecuador record international footballers After retiring in Ecuador he is only able to play amateur football, he has chosen to play for Argentinian fifth-level club Atlético Empalme since May, 2007. Two years later, in 1974, the club celebrated its 50th anniversary, created a football school for minors and finished the year as champion under the leadership of Argentine (Argentina) Juan Eduardo Hohberg. Commons:Category:Argentina Wikipedia:Argentina Dmoz:Regional South America Argentina

South Africa

the Smile''. The sweeping, theatrical, delivery of this title track contrasts with the easy, fluid style with which she approaches ''Ebony Eyes'' on the same album - the latter ending with a typically comedic flourish. However, her persona as cabaret host and comedienne seemed to prevent any serious inroads into commercial musical success - though her recordings were marketed globally, in areas as far-flung as Scandinavia, South America and Australasia - with huge numbers bought by television audiences


one hits in the U.S. The number one hits "Billie Jean" and "Beat It" were separated by Dexys Midnight Runners' one-week stay at the top. Boyce's greatest musical success in recent years was his 2003 tour of Australia, coinciding with the Rugby World Cup (2003 Rugby World Cup) which was being hosted there at the time. He held concerts in Adelaide and Melbourne, but the highlight was his sold-out performance

United States

- The Bellamy Brothers ) and '''Homer Howard Bellamy''' (born February 2, 1946 ), from Darby, Florida (Pasco County, Florida), United States. The duo had considerable musical success in the 1970s and 1980s, starting with the release of their crossover hit "Let Your Love Flow" in 1976, a Number One single on the Billboard Hot 100.

, Florida Darby, Florida , United States. The duo had considerable musical success in the 1970s and 1980s, starting with the release of their crossover hit "Let Your Love Flow" in 1976, a Number One single on the Billboard Hot 100. '''Ann Wedgeworth''' (born January 21, 1935) is a Tony award winning United States American

a TMF Award and an Edison Award for her musical success in 1999. Unfortunately ''World of Hurt'' was not released in the States, despite some interest due to guest vocals from Vince Gill, and Ilse's cover of Beth Nielsen Chapman's song "World of Hurt", and Patty Larkin's song "Lonely Too". In 2001 DeLange started her ''Livin' on Love'' Tour, performing in many theaters and concert halls throughout her home country. Meanwhile, Warner Music attempted to promote

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