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University of Internal Affairs Other * Lysychansk Children's Musical School №1 * Lysychansk Children's Musical School №2 Attractions * Fox Beam - "the cradle of Donbas." * Pereezdnyanskaya Church. * National History Museum and the Polovtsian stone images (center, Lenin). * Monument to the first mine in the Donbas Region. * Monument Rudoznattsu Gregory Kapustin (the central market). * Monument to Marshal of the Soviet Union Kliment Voroshilov (District Pereizna


educated Lithuanians of the time, Čiurlionis's family spoke Polish, and he became fluent in Lithuanian (Lithuanian language) only after meeting his fiancée. In 1878 his family moved to Druskininkai, where his father went on to be the town organist. Čiurlionis was a musical prodigy: he could play by ear at age three and could sight-read (Sight-reading#In music) music freely by age seven. Three years out of primary school, he went to study at the musical school


birth_name Natalia Vladimirovna Glebova Personal life Glebova was born in Tuapse, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union. She studied classical piano and graduated from a professional musical school at age of 12. She also has won various regional rhythmic gymnastics championships. She immigrated to Toronto, Canada together with her parents at the age of 13. Biography at HHB Life website ref>


of Schmidt there is a Berdyansk musical school, and absolutely nearby, almost on seacoast, art school. One of subjects of pride of Berdyansk is the Centre of Children's and Youthful creativity numbering a large quantity of study groups and ensembles. International relations Twin towns – Sister cities Berdyansk is twinned (Twin towns and sister cities) with: * Bielsko-Biała in Poland

Tambov accessdate September 8, 2007 publisher language Russian date January 2012 Culture The city is home to two universities, Tambov State University and Tambov State Technical University. The Tambov Art Gallery houses a vast collection of canvases by Russian and West-European artists. Russia's oldest drama theater is located in Tambov, as well as two universities, two military colleges, a musical school, a museum of local lore, and other


, now city art museum file:7D L1050.JPG Kherson Musical school file:Ukraine Cherson 2St.-Ekater.jpg St. Catherine's Cathedral, Kherson file:Успенский собор на Ленина DSC 7267 8 9 fused.jpg Dormition Cathedral file:Sv Oleksandry Herson.jpg St. Aleksandra Church file:Adziogol hyperboloid Lighthouse by Vladimir Shukhov 1911.jpg Adziogol Lighthouse file:Ochakivs'ka brama.jpg Kherson Fortess Notable people thumb 180px Moshe Sharett (File:Sharet22.jpg) * Georgy Arbatov


was born in Bačka Topola, in the Serbian province of Vojvodina (then part of Yugoslavia) to ethnic Hungarian (Hungarians in Vojvodina) parents. He started playing the zither at the age of 10. His first contact with the violin was at the age of 12. He has finished the six years of musical school in three years time. Lajkó finished his formal studies and turned towards concerting. ''Biography section'' from the official site ref>


was born to a Jewish family in Lokhvitsa, Poltava Governorate, Russian Empire in 1900. He studied at the Kharkiv Musical School in 1910 where he studied violin under Joseph Achron. During this period he started to study the theory of music under Semyon Bogatyrev (1890–1960). He graduated in 1919 from the Kharkiv Conservatory. At first he was a violinist, the leader of the orchestra in Kharkiv. Then he started a conducting career. In 1924 he went to Moscow to run


was raised in the Lviv Oblast (province (oblast)). Encouraged by her mother, Ruslana studied from the age of four at an experimental musical school and sang in different bands, including in the vocal-instrumental band Horizon, the band Orion and the children’s ensemble Smile. After finishing secondary school, Ruslana entered the Lviv Conservatory where she graduated as a classical pianist and conductor in 1995. She has a half-sister named Anna. DATE OF BIRTH 24 May 1973 PLACE


fue". After a successful lawsuit, Kaoma paid up and licensed the song. Kjarkas have also founded two schools teaching Andean folk music: the Musical School of Kjarkas (Lima, Peru) and La Fundación Kjarkas (Ecuador). They have toured across Japan, Europe, Scandinavia, the United States, South America and Australia and they have composed over 350 songs composed. Los Kjarkas are the most successful folk band from Bolivia. - 25. 21 July 2004 Lima, Peru

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