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death_date ) (May, 1911, Amol — February 27, 1986, Gholhak, Tehran) was an Iranian (Persian people) musician and singer. He was born into a musical family. His father, Karim Khān Banān ol-Douleh Nurí (كريم خان بنان الدوله نوري), was a musician (and calligrapher (calligraphy)), was an accomplished pianist; one brother and two sisters also played the tar

Simcoe, Ontario

, a farming community outside of the town of Simcoe (Simcoe, Ontario), to a musical family of Ukrainian (Ukrainians) descent. Port Ryerse '''Port Ryerse''' is a fishing hamlet in Norfolk County just slightly southwest of Port Dover where people from Southwestern Ontario rent cottages and fish for pleasure during the summer months (Victoria Day through mid-October). Many of the residents are year-round. Most of the people here drive to Port Dover or Simcoe, Ontario Simcoe

Atchison, Kansas

, United States, Stone grew up in Kansas where he was influenced by a wide array of styles. He came from a musical family who put on minstrel shows, and performed with a trained dog act at the age of 4. By 1926 he had formed a group, the Blue Serenaders, and cut his first record, "Starvation Blues", for Okeh Records in 1927. For the next few years he worked as a pianist and arranger in Kansas City (Kansas City, Missouri), recording with Julia Lee (musician) Julia Lee

Norfolk County, Ontario

, Ontario Green's Corners , Ontario, Canada death_date Early years (1943–1960) The third of four sons, Danko was born in Green's Corners (Norfolk County, Ontario), Ontario, a farming community outside of the town of Simcoe (Simcoe, Ontario), to a musical family of Ukrainian (Ukrainians) descent. DATE OF BIRTH December 29, 1943 PLACE OF BIRTH Green's Corners (Norfolk County, Ontario), Ontario

Grand Island, Nebraska

on the show ''Youth Opportunity Hour''. His mother Mary supported him in all of his activities. While he attended to his studies at the University of Nebraska, he entered several singing contests, which included a spot on the Arlene Francis program, ''Talent Patrol''. Welk Musical Family - Biographies In 1956 while he was working at radio station WOW (WOWT-TV) in Omaha (Omaha, Nebraska), the station manager sent

Lawton, Oklahoma

Joel title Hot Country Songs 1944 to 2008 publisher Record Research, Inc year 2008 page 457 isbn 0-89820-177-2 Raised by a musical family he listened to all kinds of music. His parents played in cover bands in Oklahoma City. White began playing the drums (drum kit) at age five through the instruction of his father. He also played in his mother's rock (rock music) band and his father's country band as a teenager, and was encouraged to take up

Red Deer, Alberta

team Sweden . Biography Sokyrka studied music at Red Deer College in Red Deer (Red Deer, Alberta), Alberta. She is drawn to the blues (blues music) and jazz more than other musical genres, and sings with passion and vulnerability. She loves to scat (Scat singing), adding flare and style to her songs. During an ''Idol'' taping, Lionel Richie said there was "the soul of an old black woman living inside her". She comes from a very musical family, and she


grew up in a musical family, including two uncles: Niño Miguel, a flamenco guitarist, and Antonio, a professional guitarist. thumb 250px The ''Kingdom 5KR'' which acted as Largo's ship, the ''Flying Saucer'' alt A large, sleek ship is moored at a quayside (Image:Kingdom 5KR.jpg) Filming for ''Never Say Never Again'' began on 27 September 1982 on the French Riviera for two months before moving to Nassau, the Bahamas in mid-November


1929. Flagstad was born in Hamar in her grandparents' home. Though she never actually lived in Hamar, she always considered it her home town. She was raised in Oslo within a musical family; her father was a conductor and her mother a pianist. She received her early musical training in Oslo and made her stage debut at the National Theatre in Oslo as Nuri in Eugen d'Albert's ''Tiefland'' in 1913. Her first recordings were made between 1913 and 1915.


?!? IS THERE A SOURCE OF THIS? The Russian Orthodox denomination plans to build the world's northernmost church in the Franz Joseph Archipelago. It will be named after St. Nicholas. This was announced by Bishop Tikhon of Arkhangelsk and Kholmogory in August 2007.-- Pletnev was born into a musical family in Arkhangelsk, then part of the Soviet Union; his father played and taught the bayan (bayan (accordion)), and his mother the piano. Fanning, David. "

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