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the ''Analects'' meaning "the sage Confucius sighed". He passed only the lowest of the imperial examinations, and never held public office.


: The overthrow of the ruling Amorite dynasty in Aleppo, Syria. *c. 1600 BC: The date of the earliest discovered rubber balls. * The end of the Indus Valley civilization. * The overthrow of the ruling Amorite dynasty in Aleppo, Syria. * The date of the earliest discovered rubber balls. Modern translations The first European version (1704–1717) was translated into French (French language) by Antoine Galland from an Arabic text of the Syrian recension


the Christian Science Church include the format of the weekly Bible Lessons and a debate as to whether, or to what extent, the use of the King James Version of the Bible should be replaced by that of more modern translations. James V. Donnaruma purchased Boston's ''La Gazzetta del Massachusetts'' in 1905. ''La Gazzetta'' enjoyed a wide readership in Boston's Italian community because it emphasized detailed coverage of local ethnic events and explained how events in Europe affected


by the rulers of Lithuania, and after rulers from the Jagiellon dynasty became kings of Poland, it was later found among the titles used by kings of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. The Polish kings of the Swedish Vasa (House of Vasa) dynasty also used this grand princely title for their non-Polish territories. Modern translations normally credit the Lithuanian monarch with the title of "High King". The title ''Didysis kunigaikštis'' (in Lithuanian) was used


be more accurate that this term was here intended to be treated as an agglutinated improper noun, and thus translated as ''rightful king'' rather than left as ''Melchizedek''; this interpretation is taken by some modern translations, such as the New JPS Tanakh. Commons:Category:Israel Wikipedia:Israel Dmoz:Regional Middle East Israel

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language is limited to avoiding a "preference" for the masculine, as the translators write in the foreword. The ''New Jerusalem Bible'' uses more gender inclusive language than the ''Jerusalem Bible'', but far less than many modern translations such as the ''New Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition'', which changes "brothers" to "brothers and sisters", throughout the New Testament. For the inclusive language that it does contain, it has been rejected by many

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