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El Puerto de Santa María

;Cyclopedia1897" in 2012, it was 81,473. It has a surface area is 203 km ² and a population density of 401 inhabitants km ². The average elevation is above sea level. The economy depends largely upon modern industry, especially salt processing and tourism,

Nizhny Tagil

where you can stand on the hillock, which was once an important supply of iron ore, see the old factory (museum) at your feet, and the full-blown modern industry in a short distance. It is an absolutely genuine city that did not get any clean and fragrant enterprises to replace the hard-core and somewhat stinky industry. The essential basis of the Russian economy for nearly 300 years, this city can not be exactly pleasant: it is a bit gloomy, very stern, and nevertheless beguiling. Get in Get around See Do Buy Eat Drink Sleep * WikiPedia:Nizhny Tagil commons:Нижний Тагил




thumb City main post office (2009) (File:Кіровоградський поштамп.jpg) Modern industry in Kirovohrad consists of 11 leading branches that include 100 leading enterprises. The total amount of industrial production sold in 2012 is 7,9 billion hryvnias. The leading role belongs to machine building and food industries. A lot of products of the local enterprises are known far outside Ukraine. Among them are the Chervona Zirka Factory specializing in manufacture of seed drills for grains and crops, cultivators


in 1958, Yinchuan once again became the capital. Traditionally, Yinchuan was an administrative and commercial center. In the 1950s it had many commercial enterprises, and there were some handicrafts but no modern industry. The city has since grown considerably. Extensive coal deposits discovered on the eastern bank of the Yellow River, near Shizuishan, to the north, have made Shizuishan a coal-mining center. Yinchuan, however, remains largely non-industrial


to the west and Suzhou to the east. The Yangtze River lies between the northern half of Wuxi and Taizhou (Taizhou, Jiangsu), while the southern half of the city borders the province of Zhejiang. Wuxi is also famous for being one of the birthplaces of China's modern industry and commerce, as well as the hometown of many important businessmen who have played essential roles in building commerce in Shanghai since the early 20th century. Name The modern name consists of the Chinese


-hub title Rostov-on-Don: land of sunflowers and hi-tech hub. Russia Close up. TV Novosti. Accessed July 20, 2012 publisher date 2009-06-19 accessdate 2013-07-19 Volga–Don Canal With the construction of the Volga-Don Shipping Canal (Volga–Don Canal) in 1952, Rostov-on-Don became a port of five seas: the Black Sea, the Sea of Azov, the Caspian Sea, the White Sea, and the Baltic Sea. Modern industry In modern times, Rostov-on-Don

Chicago Loop

Manhattan is the third largest business district in the nation. Prior to September 11 more than 385,000 people were employed there and 85% of those employees used public transportation to commute to work." Type Oil company location Amoco Building (now Aon Center (Aon Center (Chicago))) Chicago Loop, Chicago, Illinois, U.S. (United States) industry Oil The firm's innovations included two essential parts of the modern industry, the Tank


1907. During this period, he elucidated the theory of “Chinese learning as the basis, Western learning for application,” known as the ti-yong ideal. He set up many heavy industries, founded Hanyang Steel Plant, Daye (Huangshi) Iron Mine, Pingxiang Coal Mine and Hubei Arsenal and set up local textile industries, boosting the flourishing modern industry in Wuhan. Meanwhile, he initiated education reform, opened dozens of modern educational organizations successively, such as Lianghu (Hunan

Akron, Ohio

144882 Ohio Third Frontier and Supporting Programs Win Top Tech Awards for Economic Development The state's cities have become hubs of modern industry, including Toledo (Toledo, Ohio) being recognized as a national solar center, "Five cities that will rise in the New Economy", Christian Science Monitor. Retrieved 27 nov 2009. ref>

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