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Toledo, Ohio

of Toledo, Ohio formerly a Captain (Captain (United States)) in the Union army during the American Civil War. After producing a prototype he went to the Pratt and Whitney (Pratt & Whitney Measurement Systems) company, who after a year of development produced a military version of the weapon. Saturday Night's Main Event XXVIII October 13, 1990 (taped September 18, 1990) - Toledo, Ohio - Toledo Sports Arena 1999 to 2005, it was owned by Raycom Media . In late-2005, following that company's purchase of The Liberty Corporation, Raycom announced that WPBN would be sold along with another NBC affiliate in the Upper Peninsula, WLUC-TV in Marquette (Marquette, Michigan). The sale was necessary to help meet FCC restrictions on station ownership. On March 27, 2006, Raycom announced that Barrington Broadcasting would acquire twelve Raycom stations, including WPBN. The FCC approved the deal in June 2006 and the finalization took place on August 12. At that point, the station joined WLUC, Saginaw (Saginaw, Michigan)'s NBC affiliate WEYI-TV and (to a degree) Toledo, Ohio's NBC affiliate WNWO-TV as part of Barrington's family of stations in and around Michigan. death_date origin Toledo (Toledo, Ohio), Ohio, United States instrument guitar, bass (Double bass), piano Within WAKR-TV's home state of Ohio, similar situations existed in Dayton (Dayton, Ohio), where stations from Cincinnati and Columbus (Columbus, Ohio) can be received; in Youngstown (Youngstown, Ohio), where residents of that city can receive most Cleveland (including channel 23) and Pittsburgh stations despite having its own network affiliates; Toledo (Toledo, Ohio), where most of the Detroit stations can be received fairly well, and in Zanesville (Zanesville, Ohio), which is approximately sixty miles outside of Columbus and is home to only one station, NBC affiliate WHIZ-TV, which competes with Columbus' NBC station WCMH-TV. '''CFCO''' (630 AM (AM broadcasting) and 92.9 FM (Frequency modulation)) is a news, sports, and country music radio station located in Chatham–Kent, Ontario. The station, owned by London, Ontario-based Blackburn Radio, features a heavy local news commitment. The AM station broadcasts in C-QUAM AM Stereo and has a Night signal that reaches as far northwest as Grand Rapids, Michigan and as far south as Toledo, Ohio and other cities in Northern Ohio along the shores of Lake Erie, as well as a signal that reaches as far east as Metro Toronto. CFCO is owned by Blackburn Radio. Born in Frankfurt, Germany, grew up in Toledo (Toledo, Ohio), Ohio, he moved to New York where he studied acting with Sanford Meisner at the Neighborhood Playhouse. Sandy did stand-up and was part of an improv group that worked clubs in Greenwich Village. He later moved to Los Angeles, becoming an original member of the Los Angeles improv group, The Groundlings. Acting in several comedy films, in particular three Mel Brooks films ''High Anxiety'', ''History of the World: Part 1'' and ''Spaceballs'', he starred in the comedy films ''The Hollywood Knights'' and ''Up the Creek (Up the Creek (1984 film))''. Biography Harmon was born in Toledo, Ohio and raised in Cleveland (Cleveland, Ohio). During World War II, he served as a private in the Army (United States Army). Upon returning, he harbored dreams of becoming a doctor, until he met legendary entertainer Al Jolson. According to Harmon's autobiography, ''The Man Behind the Nose'', Jolson told him, "Being a doctor of medicine is honorable, but you'll touch so many more lives as a doctor of laughter!" ''The Man Behind the Nose'' Book Description at Harmon instead attended the University of Southern California, where he majored in theater and performed in the Spirit of Troy marching band. Out-of-market coverage Over the air, WJW-TV can be easily received in neighboring areas such as Toledo (Toledo, Ohio) and Youngstown, Ohio; Erie, Pennsylvania; and as far north as Kingsville (Kingsville, Ontario), Pelee Island, and Leamington, Ontario. When atmospheric conditions are right, WJW's signal can be picked up as far as Detroit and Windsor, Ontario; during the 2003 North America Blackout, Detroit-area viewers were able to tune in WJW's analog signal, when the blackout silenced adjacent WXYZ-TV (channel 7) and Windsor's CBET (channel 9). ; August 6 :* The Spanish citizens worked aboard U.S. ships between 1950 and 1998, and claim that they were exposed to asbestos dust and fibers from piping insulation produced by Owens-Illinois. The piping insulation was originally manufactured in Sayreville (w:Sayreville, New Jersey), Middlesex County (w:Middlesex County, New Jersey), and Berlin (w:Berlin, New Jersey), Camden County (w:Camden County, New Jersey), New Jersey. The workers say they suffer from diseases related to asbestos such as asbestosis (w:Asbestosis). Owens-Illinois has headquarters in Toledo, Ohio (w:Toledo, Ohio) and is a Delaware corporation (w:Delaware corporation).


speculations alleging that the only one downed F-117 (Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk) was tracked down using Czechoslovakian passive radiolocation system Tamara (Tamara passive sensor) run by Rodan 10 (military version of Odra). http: artykuly sekcje nauka odra-1305--cud-techniki-po-polsku-,59316,1, pol. http: final.pdf, pol. It is hard to ascertain whether it is true due to military secrecies of all countries

''' was a Czechoslovakian airliner that flew in prototype form in 1936 (1936 in aviation). It was developed specifically for ČSA (Czech Airlines), but much to Aero's surprise and disappointment, the national airline selected a British product instead, the Airspeed Envoy. Unable to find a customer, Aero began to develop a military version instead, as the A.304 (Aero A.304). The first counties, both in the Czech lands and Slovakia, developed from domains in 1850 by decision of the imperial government of Austria (Austrian Empire) (they've also been called processus (Processus (Kingdom of Hungary)) (''slúžnovský okres'') in Slovakia since the 1860s). The organisation and functions of the counties in started to diverge in the course of the following decades, and were finally unified only in 1918 with the creation of Czechoslovakia. After the dissolution of Czechoslovakia in 1993, the county system was taken over by the two current successor states. The '''Aero (Aero Vodochody) A.304''' was a Czechoslovakian bomber aircraft that first flew in 1937 (1937 in aviation). It had originally been developed as an airliner, the A.204 (Aero A.204), but when Aero could not find buyers for the design, it was militarised and successfully marketed to the Czechoslovak Air Force. It was also exported to Bulgaria (Bulgarian Air Force), where it was known as the "Pelikan". The '''Aero (Aero Vodochody) A.300''' was a Czechoslovakian bomber aircraft that first flew in 1938 (1938 in aviation) as a much refined development of the A.304 (Aero A.304) (despite what the numbering would suggest). Despite showing much promise, development and production of the aircraft was interrupted by the outbreak of World War II. '''Jan Zahradníček''' (January 17, 1905, Mastník, near Třebíč, Bohemia − October 10, 1960, Vlčatín, Radovan Zejda: ''Byl básníkem! Život a dílo Jana Zahradníčka'', Sursum 2004, ISBN 80-7323-077-1, str. 171 near Žďár nad Sázavou, Czechoslovakia) was a Czech poet of the early and mid-20th century. Because of his writings and Catholic orientation he was imprisoned as an enemy of Communists after their coup in 1948. Under the First Vienna Award, arbitrated by Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy (Kingdom of Italy (1861–1946)) in direct consequence of Munich Dictate and dismemberment of Czechoslovakia, Hungary again established its control over Slovak territories. During World War II Kassa was the capital of Abaúj-Torna. After Allied (Allies of World War II) Victory in Europe, the pre-1938 borders were reinstated. The administration of the country needed to be reverted to pre-war status quo, since most of the land grabs proved temporary. In 1950 the Hungarian parts of the former counties Borsod-Gömör-Kishont, Abaúj-Torna and Zemplén were united, forming the county of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén, with Miskolc being the county capital. Czechoslovakia participated in 1992 with Czech teams only. There was no Slovak participation in JSF that year. In 1993 the Czech Republic entered the show as an independent country. Apart from the USSR, Yak-12s were used in Poland, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia (civil and military), and Hungary (civil). Licence-built Shenyangs were used in China and other countries. In some countries, including Poland, Hungary and Czechoslovakia, the Russian name was transcribed as Jak-12. Historical ccTLDs There are two ccTLDs that have been deleted after the corresponding 2-letter code was withdrawn from ISO 3166-1: cs (.cs) (for Czechoslovakia) and zr (.zr) (for Zaire). There may be a significant delay between withdrawal from ISO 3166-1 and deletion from the DNS; for example, ZR ceased to be an ISO 3166-1 code in 1997, but the zr ccTLD was not deleted until 2001. Other ccTLDs corresponding to obsolete ISO 3166-1 have not yet been deleted. In some cases they may never be deleted due to the amount of disruption this would cause for a heavily used ccTLD. In particular, the Soviet Union's ccTLD su (.su) remains in use more than a decade after SU was removed from ISO 3166-1. Before the split (Czechoslovakia#History) in 1993 former Czechoslovakia used domain .cs. History The Black Russian Terrier was developed in the former USSR (Soviet Union) by the state for use as a military working dogs. The breeding stock was largely imported from the occupied countries, especially East Germany. Breeds used in the development include the Airedale Terrier, Caucasian Ovcharka, Newfoundland (Newfoundland (dog)), Giant (Giant Schnauzer) and Standard Schnauzers and the now extinct Moscow Water Dog. BRT were bred for working ability, rather than appearance, and early examples only resembled today's Black Russian Terrier in their build and coat type. The BRT was bred solely by the state owned Red Star Kennel until 1957, when some puppies were sold to civilian breeders. These breeders began to breed for looks (as the original was rather plain) while retaining working ability. In time, the breed spread to the Balkans, Ukraine, and Siberia, and later to Finland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, and the United States. 1938 Formed from the predominantly German-speaking parts of Czechoslovakia that were ceded to Germany after the Munich Agreement. - intendeduse Entities connected with

Austin, Texas

; it was eventually released on DVD on June 2011. *Beech VC-6A (Beechcraft King Air) ''Lady Bird Special'' (King Air (Beechcraft King Air) B90) **Used by Lyndon Johnson for frequent trips from Austin, Texas to LBJ Ranch (Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park) *Aero Commander U-4B (Aero Commander 500 family) (military version of L-26 Aero Commander) *2007 – Joins US Green Building Council; opens first store in Puerto Rico and new Global Sourcing Office in Shenzhen, China. *2008 – Introduces


, the Order of the White Double Cross (Orders and decorations of Slovakia#Order of the White Double Cross), 1st Class. Commons:Category:Slovakia WikiPedia:Slovakia Dmoz:Regional Europe Slovakia eo:Slovakio


: *US Navy UHF (Ultra high frequency) replacement- Military version of HS601 *NASA Tracking and Data Relay Satellites (TDRS) — Communications with Space Shuttle and International Space Station. *NASA Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellites. * Hamid Mowlana, Director of the Division of International Communication at American University "AU Faculty Website" ref>


bulldozer IDF Caterpillar D9 Caterpillar Inc. does not manufacture a military version of the D9 per se, but the attributes that make the D9 popular for major construction projects make it desirable for military applications as well, and in this role - with Israeli modifications and armor - it has been particularly effective for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and later for the United States armed forces (the Marine Corps (US Marine Corps) and the US Army (United States Army)) in Iraq. Video of US Army US Marine teams working with civilian contractors from KBR (KBR (company)) Heavy Equipment Transport, using D9s at Ar Rutbah to build a large defensive berm Foreign Secretary Hurd was seen as a statesmanlike (wikt:statesman) Foreign Secretary Commons:Category:Iraq WikiPedia:Iraq Dmoz:Regional Middle East Iraq


Commons:Category:France WikiPedia:France Dmoz:Regional Europe France


and the one of Lithuania was needed was the former called ''Moskovskij'' 'Muscovite' (and, rarely, the latter ''Lytvynskij'' 'Lithuanian'). There are several speculations alleging that the only one downed F-117 (Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk) was tracked down using Czechoslovakian passive radiolocation system Tamara (Tamara passive sensor) run by Rodan 10 (military version of Odra). http: artykuly sekcje nauka odra-1305--cud-techniki-po-polsku-,59316,1, pol. <


name "Mute Evidence" The United States Air Force selected the '''C-40B''', a military version of the 737-700 (Boeing_737#737-700) Boeing Business Jet, to replace the aging fleet of C-137 (C-137 Stratoliner) aircraft for U.S. combatant commanders. The Air Force awarded the medium lift contract in August 2000. The 89th Airlift Wing acquired its first C-40B aircraft in December 2002. Both units are based at Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland. The 15th Airlift Wing, Hickam AFB, Hawaii, acquired its C-40B for U.S. Pacific Command in February 2003. The 86th Airlift Wing, Ramstein AB, Germany, acquired its C-40B for U.S. Air Forces in Europe in December 2004. Always a reserved man, he had turned into a recluse in the three months before his spree. The World War II veteran was unemployed and lived with his mother. During the war, he was reportedly a brave tank soldier who served in the Battle of the Bulge and kept meticulous notes of every German (Germany) killed, down to details of the corpse. He was honorably discharged in 1945, and returned home with a collection of medals and firearms. He decorated his bedroom with military items, and set up a target range in his basement. His mother supported him by working at a factory while Howard hung around the house and attended daily church services. He briefly attended a pharmacy course at Temple University in Philadelphia but dropped out after only three months. Fischer, Heinz Dietrich, and Erika Fischer. The Pulitzer Prize Archive: A History and Anthology of Award-Winning Materials in Journalism, Letters and Arts, Part 1, 1987. (p. 19) '''''The Dark Ride''''' is the ninth studio album by the German (Germany) power metal band Helloween, released in 2000. The album's style was quite different than ''Better Than Raw'' as it had much darker sound, very tuned down guitars, and gruffer vocals. The album was produced by renowned figures Roy Z and Charlie Bauerfeind. It is also the last studio album to feature guitarist Roland Grapow and drummer Uli Kusch, both of whom were fired after completion of the supporting tour for the album. They went on to form the band Masterplan (Masterplan (band)). '''Karl Gerhart Fröbe''', better known as '''Gert Fröbe''' ( Commons:Category:Germany Wikipedia:Germany Dmoz:Regional Europe Germany

Soviet Union

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