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with the plane and national secrets. On regaining consciousness in mid-flight, Rashid Minhas struggled for flight control as well as relayed the news of his hijack to the PAF (Pakistan Air Force) base. In the end of the ensuing struggle he succeeded to crash his aircraft into the ground near Thatta on seeing no way to prevent the hijack and the defection. He was posthumously awarded Pakistan's highest military award Nishan-e-Haider (''Sign of the Lion'') for his act of bravery. http

: awpreview TextContent.aspx?pId 176 title Pilot Officer Rashid Minhas publisher date accessdate 2012-01-29 Matiur Rahman was awarded Bangladesh's highest military award, Bir Sreshtho, for his attempt to defect to join the civil war


coming together in the Russian civil war. Encouraged by the Bolshevik theory of class struggle, Yakir, like other members of the Communist party, took part in terror (Red Terror). For his services, he became the second individual to receive the highest Soviet military award of that time the Order of the Red Banner (engraved as No. 2). '''Alexander Vasilyevich Tkachyov''' ( wikipedia:Voronezh commons:Воронеж

United States Department of War

, a new military award first presented by the United States Department of War to several soldiers for their participation in the Great Locomotive Chase. In 1940, following the collapse of Amkino Corp., Napoli found, with Rosa Madell, Artkino Pictures to continue Amkino's mission. During World War II, with the Soviet Union as part of the Allies, Napoli saw the firm's imports being accepted by a far wider number of cinemas that during the 1930s, with its Red Scare


, Suriname and Trinidad & Tobago. In 2005, soldier Johnson Beharry, born in Grenada of mixed Black African and East Indian (Indian people) roots, became the first man to win the Victoria Cross, the United Kingdom's foremost military award for bravery, since the Falklands War of 1982. He was awarded the medal for service in Iraq in 2004. *Joe Rollins (1918–2008), Houston, Texas Houston


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: stories singaporelocalnews view 164971 1 .html (CNA) *The Commander of the Royal Brunei Navy, Colonel Joharie matussin is conferred Singapore's prestigious military award - the Pingat Jasa Gemilang (Tentera) or the Meritorious Service Medal (Military); the award is presented by Minister for Defence (Minister for Defence (Singapore)) Teo Chee Hean. (CNA) *The interim board of National

White House

service (Service of worship) and grassroots training. The final day, September 26, was devoted to lobbying Congress (Congress of the United States) and to nonviolent direct action and civil disobedience. Roughly 370 were arrested for blocking the entrance to the White House, demanding to meet with George W. Bush. The '''Afghanistan Campaign Medal''' is a military award (Awards and decorations of the United States military) of the United States military which was created by Executive Order (Executive order (United States)) 13363 (s:Executive Order 13363) of President George W. Bush (George W. Bush) on November 29, 2004. "Executive Order 13363 Establishing the Afghanistan and Iraq Campaign Medals" White House The Afghanistan Campaign Medal was designed by the U.S. Army Institute of Heraldry. The Institute of Heraldry Afghanistan Campaign Medal 578.29 Afghanistan Campaign Medal Air Force Personnel Center Afghanistan Campaign Medal The '''Iraq Campaign Medal''' is a military award (Awards and decorations of the United States military) of the United States armed forces which was created by Executive Order (Executive order (United States)) 13363 (s:Executive Order 13363) of President George W. Bush (George W. Bush) on November 29, 2004. "Executive Order 13363 Establishing the Afghanistan and Iraq Campaign Medals" White House The Iraq Campaign Medal was designed by the U.S. Army Institute of Heraldry. Iraq Campaign Medal The Institute of Heraldry The United States Attorney's Office for the Northern District of Oklahoma represents the United States in civil and criminal litigation in the court. The U.S. Attorney is David E. O'Meilia. However, on Thursday, March 29, 2012, in a White House press release, President Barack Obama nominated Danny C. Williams, Sr., to succeed him as the United States Attorney for the Northern District of Oklahoma. Mr. Williams has been a partner at the firm of Charney, Buss & Williams since 2003. Prior to becoming partner, Williams worked as an associate for Bodenhamier and Levinson from 2000 to 2003 and for Riggs, Abney, Neal, Turpen, Orbinson & Lewis from 1993 to 2000. From 1991 to 1993, Williams served as an Assistant District Attorney in the Tulsa County, Oklahoma District Attorney’s Office. He graduated from Dillard University in 1988 and earned his law degree from the University of Tulsa College of Law in 1991. http: the-press-office 2012 03 29 president-obama-nominates-two-serve-us-attorneys Calls for inquiry In the months following the attacks, the White House, Sen Graham and Rep. Goss had rebuffed calls for an inquiry in the weeks immediately following September 11. In mid-December resolutions in the Senate called for the establishment of an independent bipartisan commission; the White House preferred a joint inquiry by the Congressional Intelligence Committees if there were to be any investigation at all. On January 29, Vice President Dick Cheney called Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle arguing that no investigation should take place, as it would divert resources from the "War on Terrorism". In June 2005, Nawash’s work with the Free Muslims was recognized by the U.S. government when the White House appointed him to represent the U.S. before the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. Nawash addressed leaders of Europe and the former Soviet republics in a speech on tolerance at an international conference in Spain. WikiPedia:White House, Tennessee Dmoz:Regional North_America United_States Tennessee Localities W White_House

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military award, the Cross of St. George of the 4th degree, and was promoted to the rank of corporal. Soon afterwards, he was badly wounded, spent several months in the hospital, and, after his recovery, he was sent to France in 1916 as a member of the Western Front (Western Front (World War I)) Russian Expeditionary Corps (Russian Expeditionary Force in France). Malinovsky fought in hotly-contested sector of front near Fort Brion and was promoted to sergeant. He suffered


was evacuated to Moscow. In 1918 he joined the Bolshevik Party (Communist Party of the Soviet Union), fought in the Russian Civil War as a soldier of the Red Army. During the Polish-Soviet War he fought on the Soviet side and was wounded. In 1928 on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Red Army he was awarded the Order of the Red Banner no. 146, his first military award. Polrevkom was created on July 23, 1920, in Moscow by the "Polish Bureau" of Bolsheviks, with chairman Julian Marchlewski. The decision was made during the initial successes of the Red Army during the Polish-Soviet War with the goal of providing administration of the Polish territories. The Committee was declared "provisional", because it was assumed that after a Soviet victory the power would be transferred to the Polish Communist Workers' Party. Performance history The world premiere was given on 25 February (13 February O.S. (Old style and new style dates)), 1881, at the Mariinsky Theatre in Saint Petersburg, conducted by Eduard Nápravník. Notable subsequent performances were given on 28 July 1882 in Prague, the first production of a Tchaikovsky opera outside Russia; in 1899 in Moscow by the Private Opera Society, conducted by Mikhail Ippolitov-Ivanov; and in 1907 in Moscow by the Zimin Opera, conducted by Palitsīn. Performance history The premiere performance took place on 15 February OS February 3 1884 at the Bolshoy Theatre in Moscow conducted by Ippolit Altani with stage Direction by Anton Bartsal, set design by Matvey Shishkov and Mikhail Bocharov (Mikhail Ilyich Bocharov), and Lev Ivanov as ''Balletmeister''. Dmoz:Regional Europe Russia Administrative Regions Moscow Commons:Category:Moscow Wikipedia:Moscow


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