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Sausalito, California

in Sausalito, California; Bear Creek Studios in Woodinville, Washington; and A&M Studios (Henson Recording Studios) in Los Angeles, California Genre Grunge, alternative metal, heavy metal (Heavy metal music) Recording and production ''Badmotorfinger'' was the band's first album with bassist Ben Shepherd, who joined the group in April 1990. Shepherd replaced previous bassist Jason Everman.

the battle with the shadow tax allowing the state to make the case that property beneath the float home was improved by the shadow the float home cast upon the bottom. Released April 12, 2005 Recorded The Plant Studios, Sausalito (Sausalito, California), California Genre Heavy metal (Heavy metal music) He currently lives in or near Sausalito, California

by a stint at Mare Island in the San Francisco Bay with the Navy. Released July 19, 1990 Recorded September–November 1989 at The Plant (Record Plant Studios), Sausalito (Sausalito, California), California and London Bridge Studios, Seattle, Washington (Washington (U.S. state)) Genre Grunge, alternative rock, heavy metal (Heavy metal music), hard rock Overview In September 1989, the group returned to the studio to record

Ajax, Ontario

members of the band, which formed out of two rival bands at their local high school. Jocz married singer Jessy Moss in November 2008. The couple have a son together, born April 2011. birth_place Ajax (Ajax, Ontario), Ontario origin Ajax (Ajax, Ontario), Ontario, Canada genre Heavy metal (Heavy metal music), hard rock, southern rock, pop punk, punk rock, alternative rock, reggae '''David Nizam "Brownsound" Baksh

''' (born 26 July 1980 in Ajax (Ajax, Ontario), Ontario, Canada) is a Canadian (Canadians) guitarist, singer and producer (record producer) of Indo-Guyanese descent, best known as the ex-lead guitarist of punk (Punk rock) band Sum 41, but has since become a singer guitarist in his own heavy metal (Heavy metal music) reggae project Brown Brigade. He currently plays guitar for Organ Thieves, with two of his fellow Brown Brigade members. http

: theorganthieves Personal life Baksh was born and raised in Ajax (Ajax, Ontario), Ontario, along with fellow Sum 41 bandmates Cone McCaslin (Jason McCaslin), and Steve Jocz. He is married to Jennifer Baksh and works with his cousin Vaughn Lal in his heavy metal (Heavy metal music) band Brown Brigade. Life and work Snow was born and raised in the North York district of Toronto, Ontario. For much of his childhood, he lived


of them then in the autonomous Grand Duchy of Finland in the Russian Empire. * *Lappeenranta - Lappeenranta Airport *Tampere - Tampere-Pirkkala Airport

origin Lappeenranta, Finland genre Heavy metal (Heavy metal music) Hard rock City of '''Lappeenranta''' (population 70,000) is the economic and cultural center of southeast Finland situated near the border of Russia and at the southern edge of the Saimaa, the largest lake (system) of Finland. Its culture and dialects are strongly part


a prominent writer. Notable heavy metal (Heavy metal music) artists were the groups Karamela and Concorde, the latter being remembered for their more radio-friendly megahit ''Visoki štikli i crni čorapi'' (''High Heels and Black Stockings''). Its guitarist Venko Serafimov later started a successful solo career. The synthpop trio Bastion (Bastion (band)) which featured Kiril Džajkovski was one of the most important 1980s acts. Another notable 1980's act was Haos in Laos. The pop


(band) , Canadian heavy metal (heavy metal music) band * Maxime Talbot, professional NHL hockey player * Gerry Wand (Fosterchild), drummer of the Canadian band Fosterchild List of former mayors *1866-1868: Joseph-Octave Leduc *1868-1870: Antoine-Dominique Hurtubise *1870-1872: Joseph-Octave Leduc *1872-1874: Tancrède Boucher de Grosbois, M.D. *1874-1877: Timothé Sauriol *1878: Jérémie Huet *1879-1886: Timothé Sauriol *1886: Michel Provost


and Savonlinna since 1973). '''Tapio Wilska''' (born 19 September 1969 in Savonlinna, Finland) is the main vocalist of the heavy metal (Heavy metal music) band Sethian (Sethian (band)). He is also the ex-lead vocalist for the band Finntroll. He gets his inspiration from bands like Black Sabbath, Motörhead, Dead Kennedys, Venom (Venom (band)), Thin Lizzy and The Pixies. Medieval stone castle Olavinlinna, Savonlinna, Finland ref>

Pembroke, Ontario

autogenerated1 Encyclopaedia Metallum - Goat Horn genre Heavy metal (Heavy metal music), Thrash metal, Doom metal '''Goat Horn''' is a heavy metal (heavy metal (music)) band founded in Pembroke, Ontario, Canada in late 1999. The band was composed of Jason Decay (lead vocal bass), Brandon Wars (guitar) and Steel Rider (drums). Decay, Wars, and Rider had all been


Church * Oulujoki Church * Oulunsalo Church * St. Luke's Chapel (St. Luke's Chapel, Oulu) * Tuira Church * Ylikiiminki Church Other points of interest *Oulu Music Video Festival *Air Guitar World Championships (The Annual Air Guitar World Championship contest) *Jalometalli Metal Music Festival *Madetoja Hall, housing the Oulu Music Centre (website) the residence of the Oulu Symphony Orchestra *Oulu Hall

Jyväskylä. Pulkkila has circa 1,500 inhabitants and the village is unilingually Finnish (Finnish language). alias origin Muhos Oulu, Finland genre Gothic metal, heavy metal (heavy metal music), melodic death metal, death metal. (early) In early 2005, the band announced that their following release, ''The Funeral Album'', would be their last. They performed farewell gigs during the spring and summer and ended

on Finnish mythology. In August 2010, Carcass headlined Vagos Open Air in Vagos, Portugal, Names Confirmed ''Vagos Openair.'' Retrieved 2011-01-30. and Jalometalli Metal Music Festival held in Oulu, Finland. SUFFOCATION, GORGOROTH, DREAM EVIL Confirmed For Finland's JALOMETALLI Festival. ''


''' ('''Wolfthrone''' in English). Musically, Vintersorg has covered a wide number of heavy metal (heavy metal music) genres; while the band is mostly rooted in extreme metal styles, particularly black metal and Viking (Viking metal) folk metal, it has also expanded into progressive metal and avant-garde metal. Lyrically, the band deals with topics on fantasy, mythology, nature, the cosmos, and metaphysics. Vintersorg means " Seasonal


of Grays '', ''Unia'' and a few tracks on ''Reckoning Night'' and ''Winterheart's Guild'') contain several elements typical of progressive metal. '''Outokumpu''' is a group of companies (company (law)) headquarters

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