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Jyväskylä. Pulkkila has circa 1,500 inhabitants and the village is unilingually Finnish (Finnish language). alias origin Muhos Oulu, Finland genre Gothic metal, heavy metal (heavy metal music), melodic death metal, death metal. (early) In early 2005, the band announced that their following release, ''The Funeral Album'', would be their last. They performed farewell gigs during the spring and summer and ended

of Antti Madetoja and Anna Hyttinen. His father emigrated to the United States to earn money for the family, but died of tuberculosis by the Mississippi river, never having seen his son. alias origin Oulu, Finland genre Heavy metal (Heavy metal music), gothic metal (early) alias origin Oulu, Finland genre Gothic metal '''For My Pain...''' (often

Kitchener, Ontario

group_or_band origin Kitchener (Kitchener, Ontario), Ontario, Canada genre Hard rock, heavy metal (Heavy metal music) Early years: 1974-1982 Helix were formed in 1974 for a battle of the bands contest in Kitchener (Kitchener, Ontario), Ontario, Canada by drummer Bruce Arnold. They were originally a six-piece, consisting of Arnold, lead vocalist Brian Vollmer, guitarists Ron Watson and Rick "Minstrel" Trembley, keyboardist Don


* National University of Colombia, Public Health Department, Bogota, Colombia alias origin Medellín, Colombia genre Thrash metal (early) Rock (Rock en Español) Latin pop '''Ekhymosis''' was a Colombian (Colombian people) rock band formed by Juan Esteban "Juanes" Aristizábal Vásquez, along with friends Andrés García, Fernando "Toby" Tobón (Fernando Tobón) and José David


the former Stettin is now part of Poland after World War II, Hamburg still continued the contract so that the part of the port (now called Moldauhafen) may still be used for sea trade by the successor of Czechoslovakia, the Czech Republic. background group_or_band origin Gdańsk, Poland genre Blackened death metal, death metal, black metal (early) '''Behemoth''' is a Polish blackened death metal band from

Tulsa, Oklahoma

, rap metal (early) Auxiliary routes *Tulsa, Oklahoma - I-244 (Interstate 244), I-444 (Interstate 444) (unsigned) *St. Louis, Missouri - I-244 (Interstate 244 (Missouri)) decommissioned in 1974, today signed as I-270 (Interstate 270 (Illinois-Missouri)). Major highways U.S. Route 54 is an east west route passing through (from east to west) the cities of Moran (Moran, Kansas), La Harpe (La Harpe, Kansas), Gas (Gas, Kansas), and Iola, Kansas Iola


, Soulfly, among others. At that time, due to some line up difficulties, Nergal parted his ways with Havok and Novy, who decided to focus on activities with their own bands. Eventually, the band resumed touring in the UK and Europe. background group_or_band origin Oslo, Norway genre Black metal (early) Symphonic black metal Former: *''Christiania'' (1624–1877) and ''Kristiania'' (1877–1925) was the name of Oslo

origin Oslo, Norway genre Doom metal, Black metal (early) thumb The Peace research Institute Oslo (PRIO) (Image:PRIO.JPG) The '''Peace Research Institute Oslo''' ('''PRIO''') is an independent peace studies institution, based in Oslo, Norway. *Regional: ** Oslo, Norway At the annual meeting in Oslo in July 1992, chaired by Sten Lundbo, it was agreed to expand the scope

. '''Red Harvest''' was a Norwegian (Norway) industrial metal band from Oslo. Their 2002

Phoenix, Arizona

background group_or_band origin Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil (based in Phoenix (Phoenix, Arizona), Arizona) genre Nu metal (early)


as one of the most memorable sessions of parliament, did the ''Bundestag'' conclude, on 20 June 1991, with quite a slim majority in favour of both government and parliament returning to Berlin from Bonn. Released 27 October 1985 Recorded September 14 – 28, 1985 at Casablanca Studio in Berlin, Germany Genre Thrash metal, early death metal (death metal), first-wave black metal (Black metal#First wave) In 1875, a lodge was established in Toronto

of the fifteen dioramas. Released March 8, 1984 Recorded March 2–7, 1984 at the Caet Studio in Berlin, Germany Genre Extreme metal, early death metal (death metal), first-wave black metal (Black metal#First wave) Hellhammer would split up only three months after recording this EP, and later regrouped as Celtic Frost. Fischer 2000, page 80. ''Apocalyptic Raids'' would be reissued (Apocalyptic Raids 1990 A.D.) six years

, Berlin and Hamburg area_served Released 1990 Recorded March 2–7, 1984 at the Caet Studio in Berlin, Germany Genre Extreme metal, early death metal (death metal), first-wave black metal (Black metal#First wave) '''''Apocalyptic Raids 1990 A.D.''''' is a re-issue of Hellhammer's original ''Apocalyptic Raids'' EP (1984). This re-issue has two additional tracks culled from the EP's recording sessions that were originally

Memphis, Tennessee

Tribune page 12 date 1947-09-20 birth_date origin Memphis, Tennessee, U.S. (United States) genre Alternative Metal Grunge (Early Material) Hard Rock Nu Metal (Early Material) Post-Grunge Rapcore Southern Rock To this point the musical appearances had been a part-time effort for the family, as they returned after each gig or tour to work


for the compilation ''Swedish Hitz Goes Metal''. Early life He was born on 2 December 1952 in capital city of Tehran. He graduated from K. N. Toosi University of Technology in 1977. He joined the Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution since the establishment of the body in 1980, where he was in charge of the Middle East Department, with Israel, Lebanon and the Persian Gulf as places of particular attention. He was active for Military service in Kurdistan

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