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Salerno year 2014 accessdate 10 August 2014 language Italian Salerno airport (Salerno Costa d'Amalfi Airport) is located in the neighboring towns of Pontecagnano Faiano and Bellizzi. Education Salerno hosted the oldest medical school in the world, the Schola Medica Salernitana, the most important source of medical knowledge in Europe in the early Middle Ages. It was closed in 1811 by Joachim Murat. In 1944 king Vittorio Emanuele III established Istituto

the metal work of the doors of Notre Dame (Notre Dame de Paris) at Paris is perhaps the most beautiful in execution, but examples are endless throughout France and England. In western Europe, with the collapse of Roman imperial authority, medicine became localised; folk-medicine supplemented what remained of the medical knowledge of antiquity. Medical knowledge was preserved and practised in many monastic (christian monasticism) institutions, which often had a hospital attached. Organised

in the defense of the Gustav Line (Winter Line) south of Rome, defending against the advance of the British Eighth Army under Lieutenant-General Oliver Leese. The '''Schola Medica Salernitana''' ( ) was the first medieval medical school in the cosmopolitan coastal south Italian (Mezzogiorno) city of Salerno, which provided the most important source of medical knowledge in Western Europe at the time. Arabic medical treatises, both those


Brasiliense first2 LBC last3 Workman first3 RK year 2007 last4 Talley first4 MC last5 Feiz-Erfan first5 I last6 Theodore first6 N last7 Spetzler first7 RF last8 Preul first8 MC title The fate of medical knowledge and the neurosciences during the time of Genghis Khan and the Mongolian Empire url http: viewarticle 563098_1 journal Neurosurgical Focus volume 23 issue 1 page 3 pmid 17961058 doi

Portuguese India

(nutrition) diet . GColTE (Order of the Tower and Sword) (c.February 1809 - 19 April 1878; Lisbon) - a liberalist sympathizer and hero of the Liberal Wars, he would go on to fame for his medical knowledge and contribuitions during cholera (1856) and yellow-fever (1857) outbreaks, as well as his attacks on the royalist medicine and power of the Catholic Church, founding the Sociedade Humanitariana Raspalhista and publishing various articles in '''''O Portuguez''''' and '''''O

Huntington Beach, California

of Volleyball Professionals AVP beach volleyball tour. A biathlon (swim run) hosted by the Bolsa Chica & Huntington State Beach Lifeguards takes place in July, early at dawn. The race begins at the Santa Ana River Jetties and ends at Warner Avenue, Bolsa Chica State Beach. Huntington Beach Junior Lifeguard day camps are held which teaches pre-adolescents and adolescents ocean swimming, running, and first-aid medical knowledge. In addition to the beach-focused events


), he served at the military hospital in Edirne as a specialist in dermatology and venereal diseases and was assigned to the head of the hospital as an assistant. After the war, between 1918–1919, he first went to Budapest, Hungary and then to Berlin, Germany to improve his medical knowledge. He had the opportunity to meet some well known colleagues there. After his return to Turkey, he went into private practice. In 1923, Behçet was appointed as the head physician at the Hasköy


became the standard of medical science in Europe for centuries, together with works of Hippocrates and Galen. WikiPedia:Aleppo commons:Aleppo


! archivedate 25 November 2005 archiveurl http: web 20051125040259 http: features doctor_who_commentary_facts! title Doctor Who Commentary Facts! publisher ''SFX Magazine'' last Berriman first Ian date 17 November 2005 accessdate 24 March 2012 In the DVD commentary for "The Long Game" director Brian Grant and actor Bruno Langley discuss Adam's scripted motive of bringing future medical knowledge back home to cure his father, who


. Ibn-Sina's (Avicenna's) Canon of Medicine became the standard of medical science in Europe for centuries, together with works of Hippocrates and Galen. WikiPedia:Damascus commons:دمشق

German Empire

September 1979 In view of these developments, two years before the 1871 founding of the German Empire, the Prussian kingdom, worried over the future of the paragraph, sought a scientific basis for this piece of legislation. The Ministry of Justice assigned a ''Deputation für das Medizinalwesen'' ("Deputation for medical knowledge"), including, among others, the famous physicians Rudolf Virchow and Heinrich Adolf von Bardeleben, who, however, stated in their appraisal


siteeng0.nsf html zimbabwe-feature-261108?opendocument title Zimbabwe: coping with the cholera outbreak date 26 November 2008 accessdate 3 December 2008 The ongoing political and economic crisis also contributed to the emigration of the doctors and people with medical knowledge.

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