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District Municipality of Muskoka

. The steamship era gave rise to the area's great hotels; Rosseau, Royal Muskoka, Windermere, and Beaumaris. When the railroad reached Gravenhurst in 1875, the area grew rapidly. Travel from Toronto, Pittsburgh, and New York became less a matter of endurance than expenditure. Trains regularly made the run from Toronto to Gravenhurst, where travellers and their luggage were transferred to the great steamers of the Muskoka Navigation Co, such as the ''Sagamo''. Making regular stops up

Norfolk Island

, cottages, inns and churches began to be built in the area. However the population growth on the eastern shore was much slower than that of Hobart Town, despite the close proximity of the young town. By the 1810s, a ferryman was making regular crossings of the Derwent between Sullivans Cove, and 'Kangaroo Point', near where the ferry still arrives at Bellerive Quay (Bellerive, Tasmania). The point was so-called due to the large numbers of Kangaroos that would be seen grazing there in the first few decades after European arrival. By the late 1810s, farmers, timbermen, and pioneers had begun settling on the eastern shore of the Derwent River. An obelisk from 1818 and designed by the New South Wales Government Architect, Francis Greenway, is located in the park and records the distance to various locations (Kilometre Zero) in New South Wales along the earliest roads developed in the colony. Later an anchor from the Norfolk Island wreckage of the First Fleet flagship, HMS ''Sirius'' (HMS Sirius (1786)), together with a cannon from the ship, were placed in the park. Oldest and smallest of the First Fleet ships, she was built in 1759 as an armed trader, of 175 tons, and had carried naval supplies between the Thames and Channel ports for 27 years. She left Portsmouth on 13 May 1787, and arrived at Botany Bay on 18 January 1788under the command of Captain Arthur Phillip (from Cape Town). She was captained by Henry Lidgbird Ball and the surgeon was James Callam. The Supply was also the first ship to sail into Port Jackson. After the establishment of the initial settlement at Port Jackson, she was the link between the colony and Norfolk Island, making 10 trips. Following the loss of ''Sirius'' in 1790 she became the colony's only link with the outside world. On 17 April 1790 she was sent to Batavia for supplies, returning on 19 September, having chartered a Dutch vessel, the ''Waaksamheid'', to follow with more stores. ''Supply'' left Port Jackson on 26 November 1791 and sailed via Cape Horn reaching Plymouth on 21 April 1792. She was bought at auction in July 1792, renamed ''Thomas and Nancy'', and carried coal in the Thames area until 1806. Plot ''Clarissa Oakes'' opens with the ''Surprise (HMS Surprise (1796))'' on her way back to England from Port Jackson in New South Wales. Jack Aubrey is in an ill-humour as a result of the frigate's visit to the penal settlement - firstly, because Stephen Maturin fought a duel with an army officer, consequently antagonizing the local administration, and secondly because Padeen Colman, Stephen's servant and an absconder, was secreted aboard the ship against Jack's express wishes. Jack also observes a certain ribaldry amongst his crew and remains puzzled until he and Captain Pullings stumble across a young female convict, Clarissa Harvill, during a ship's inspection. Jack learns that she was smuggled aboard the frigate in Sydney (Sydney, Australia) by Midshipman Oakes and is at first determined to leave them both on Norfolk Island but has a change of heart after being dosed with laudanum by Maturin and allows the couple to stay aboard until they can be put off at a hospitable port. It ceased to be a public holiday in Hong Kong after the territory's handover (transfer of the sovereignty of Hong Kong) to the People's Republic of China in 1997. Norfolk Island celebrates the Queen of Australia's birthday on the Monday after the second Saturday in June. Fiji also still celebrates the Queen's Official Birthday, along with the Prince of Wales (Charles, Prince of Wales)'s Birthday, since although the Queen ceased to be head of state in 1987, she remains recognised by the Great Council of Chiefs as traditional Queen or paramount chief of Fiji (Monarchy of Fiji). Chambers recorded her solo album ''The Captain'' on Norfolk Island over a few weeks in late 1998 with Nash Chambers producing the album and Bill Chambers on guitar. US country musicians Buddy Miller and Julie Miller added guitars and vocals to four tracks. ''The Captain'' was released in 1999 in Australia and in 2000 in the US. Chambers won the 1999 ARIA Award for "Best Country Album" for ''The Captain'' and a year later she would win "Best Female Artist". The strong word of mouth would eventually lead to ''The Captain'' going double platinum in Australia. ''The Captain'' would eventually reach the top 50 of the Billboard country albums in 2001 with Chambers touring the US as support act to Lucinda Williams. Subsequently, she supported Emmylou Harris on her Australian tour. Chambers would receive further exposure when ''The Captain'' was played on an episode of HBO's ''The Sopranos''. The '''Crimson Rosella''' (''Platycercus elegans'') is a parrot native to eastern and south eastern Australia which has been introduced to New Zealand and Norfolk Island. It is commonly found in, but not restricted to, mountain forests and gardens. The species as it now stands has subsumed two former separate species, the '''Yellow Rosella''' and the '''Adelaide Rosella'''. Molecular studies show one of the three red-coloured races, var. ''nigrescens'' is genetically more distinct. They are year-round residents. Although this bird coexists well at the edges of urban areas, it is declining in some areas as human populations increase. They were originally found mainly in the southwestern United States but they have been introduced into other areas including British Columbia, Hawaii, Chile, New Zealand, and to Norfolk Island and King Island (King Island (Tasmania)) in Australia. These birds forage on the ground, often scratching at the soil. They can sometimes be seen feeding at the sides of roads. Their diet consists mainly of seeds and leaves, but they also eat some berries and insects; for example, Toyon berries are a common food source. C.M. Hogan, 2008) If startled, these birds explode into short rapid flight, called "flushing". Given a choice, they will normally make their escape on foot. Chief Minister of Norfolk Island Gardner was the chief minister of Norfolk Island from 5 December 2001 to 2 June 2006. He was succeeded in that post by David Buffett. The New Zealand Pigeon belongs to the family Columbidae, and the subfamily Treroninae, which is found throughout Southeast Asia, Malaya (Malay Peninsula), Africa and New Zealand. The members of this subfamily feed largely on fruits, mainly drupes. Falla, R. A., R. B. Sibson, and E. G. Turbott (1979). The new guide to the birds of New Zealand and outlying islands. Collins, Auckland. New Zealand Pigeons are members of the pigeon (dove) genus ''Hemiphaga'' (Bonaparte (Charles Lucien Bonaparte), 1854), which is endemic to the New Zealand archipelago and Norfolk Island. However recently a ''Hemiphaga'' bone was found on Raoul Island. Worthy, T. H., and R. Brassey. (2000). New Zealand pigeon (''Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae'') on Raoul Island, Kermadec Group. ''Notornis'' '''47''' (1): 36–38 The Parea or Chatham Island Pigeon (''Hemiphaga chathamensis'') is traditionally considered a subspecies of the Kererū, but is here treated as a separate species. Taxonomy As generally accepted, there are three subspecies of New Zealand Pigeon; of these, only two survive: ''H. n. novaseelandiae'' of mainland New Zealand and ''H. n. chathamensis'' of the Chatham Islands. The other subspecies, Norfolk Pigeon (''H. n. spadicea'') of Norfolk Island, is now extinct (extinction). The subspecies differ in their plumage colour and physical morphology. Settlers started to arrive in 1807 as farmers were moved from Norfolk Island to Van Diemen's Land (the original name used by Europeans for Tasmania). Governor Macquarie (Lachlan Macquarie) granted land rights to the settlers, who originally called the area ''Norfolk Plains''. The town, originally called Latour, grew up around the Longford Hotel which was built in 1827 by Newman Williatt, and in 1833 the town was renamed Longford. Convict labour was free and settlers used this to build some fine houses and estates. Resettlement of Norfolk Islanders The town's pioneers were many of the 554 folk resettled from Norfolk Island during the period of 29 November 1807 to 2 October 1808. New Norfolk History 1986 ISBN 1 86252 303 Lt. Governor David Collins (David Collins (governor)) selected the site as a separate crop production area in the fertile valley, as the Norfolk Islanders were mainly farming families, who were offered extra acres in Tasmania as an incentive to relocate. The climate was colder than sub-tropical Norfolk Island, which proved a challenge for the hardy pioneers during the first few years, but eventually the district became self-supporting. Penal colonies in Australia Especially harsh floggings were given with it in secondary penal colonies (penal colony) of early colonial Australia, particularly at such places as Norfolk Island (apparently this has 9 leather thongs, each with a lead weight, meant as the ultimate deterrent for hardened life-convicts), Port Arthur (Port Arthur, Tasmania) and Moreton Bay (now Brisbane). WikiPedia:Norfolk Island Dmoz:Regional Oceania Norfolk Island


by Agatha Christie. '''SS ''Shieldhall''''' is a preserved steamship (steamboat) that operates from Southampton. She spent her working life as one of the "Clyde sludge boats", making regular trips from Shieldhall in Glasgow, Scotland, down the River Clyde and Firth of Clyde past the Isle of Arran, to dump treated sewage sludge at sea. These steamship (steamboat)s had a tradition, dating back to World War I, of taking organised parties

Kingston upon Hull

with The Mariners was in support of the Keith Herd Band at Brough Village Hall, a gig for which the band travelled 35 miles and got paid 10 shillings (50p). While Ronson was working with The Mariners, another local Hull group – The Crestas – recruited him on the advice of The Mariners' bassist John Griffiths. With Ronson on board the Crestas gained a solid reputation, making regular appearances at local halls: Mondays at the Halfway House in Hull, Thursdays at the Ferryboat Hotel, Fridays at the Regal Ballroom in Beverley, and Sundays at the Duke of Cumberland in North Ferriby. DATE OF BIRTH 26 May 1946 PLACE OF BIRTH Kingston upon Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire, England DATE OF DEATH 29 April 1993 In 1983, Steele directed and starred in the West End (West End theatre) stage production of ''Singin' in the Rain (Singin' in the Rain (musical))'' at the London Palladium. In 1991 he toured with ''Some Like It Hot'' (Sugar (musical)) the stage version of the Jack Lemmon and Marilyn Monroe film. In 2003, after a decade-long hiatus, save his one man shows ''An Evening With Tommy Steele'' and ''What A Show!'', he toured as Ebenezer Scrooge in a production of ''Scrooge: The Musical (Scrooge (musical))'', an adaptation of ''Scrooge (Scrooge (1970 film))''. Following this return, he reprised his role at the Palace Theatre, Manchester over Christmas 2004, and brought the production to the London Palladium for Christmas 2005. In 2008, at the age of 71, Steele toured in the lead role of the stage musical ''Doctor Dolittle (Doctor Dolittle (film))'', and reprised his role as ''Scrooge'' during the Christmas season in 2009. He will play the part once again in Dublin in winter 2010. He also played Scrooge in the Empire Theatre (Sunderland Empire Theatre), Sunderland (Sunderland, Tyne and Wear) in October 2010, New Theatre (Hull New Theatre), Hull (Kingston upon Hull), Her Majesty's Theatre, London and the Playhouse (Edinburgh Playhouse), Edinburgh in November 2010. He is again touring the UK in his starring role as Scrooge in 2011. thumb upright left alt Refer to caption A cartoon published in the satirical magazine '' Punch (magazine) Punch (File:Ship Canal Cartoon Punch.jpg)'' in 1882, ridiculing the idea that Manchester could become a major seaport Along with deteriorating economic conditions in the 1870s, WikiPedia:Kingston upon Hull Commons:Category:Kingston upon Hull


Hall on December 31, 1925 using electrical equipment obtained from the American Western Electric company, to whom they paid a royalty on each disc sold for the patents involved, and continued making regular use of it even after the construction of its own recording complex at Abbey Road Studios in 1931. From about 1933 EMI used its own equipment designed by their brilliant engineer Alan Blumlein who successfully circumvented the Western Electric patents and thus avoided their substantial royalty costs. At this time he also developed and patented a stereo disc recording method which was eventually adopted for the LP standard set in 1958. Decca Records only began using the hall in May 1944, introducing their famous FFRR recording system developed during war work, but it would become one of the three most-used Decca recording locations (the others being Victoria Hall in Geneva, and the Sofiensaal in Vienna). Lyrita used Kingsway from 1965-1980 (these recordings were actually produced by Decca’s recording team) as did RCA Records from 1957-1977. Although primarily used for classical music recording, very occasionally dance bands and the like were recorded there including Sydney Lipton in the thirties and Ted Heath (Ted Heath (bandleader)) in the summer of 1958. EMI rarely used the venue for chamber music but Decca recorded solo keyboard, violin sonatas and string quartets. Back home, he accepted the post of conductor and concert master of the Town Theatre Orchestra, taught stringed instruments at the Philharmonic Institute, and simultaneously wrote numerous compositions with his characteristic speed and ease. In 1860, his opera ''Amelia ossia Il Bandito'' was met with great success, though two years later, after a prolonged illness, Zajc chose to move to Vienna where opera and theatre were flourishing. His eight year stay there (1862–1870) was marked by further success, though he settled for composing operettas rather than operas. His first Viennese work, ''Mannschaft an Bord'' (1863), was enormously well received and his later operettas only served to strengthen his growing reputation. Yet interestingly, it was in Vienna where Zajc became involved with the Croatian academic society Velebit and frequently met with young Croatian students. Influenced by such Croatian cultural figures as bishop Josip Juraj Strossmayer and poets Petar Preradović, Ivan Trnski, August Šenoa (August Senoa), and Matija Divković (Matija Divkovic), Zajc chose patriotism over worldfame and returned to Croatia. Anton Bruckner's '''Symphony No. 9 in D minor''' is the last Symphony upon which he worked, leaving the last movement incomplete at the time of his death in 1896. The symphony was premiered under Ferdinand Löwe in Vienna in 1903, after Bruckner's death. Bruckner dedicated this symphony "to the beloved God" (in German (German language), ''"dem lieben Gott"''). Following a series of relentless international bombings which culminate in the destruction of the fictional Grain Trade Center in Vienna, a wave of mass panic and fear begins to sweep the globe. '''Male newscaster:''' The Grain Trade Center in Vienna was the seventeenth urban bombing in four weeks, blamed on Nod terrorists. (''Command & Conquer'') Westwood Studios, 1995 These acts are ultimately attributed to Brotherhood of Nod terrorists and their leader, Kane. The United Nations Security Council realizes Nod has systematically begun with the unfolding of a centuries-old plan for world domination, and sanctions the G7 (Group of Eight)-based Global Defense Initiative task force to intervene on its behalf, '''EVA:''' Sanctioned by the United Nations, the Global Defense Initiative has one goal: eliminate multi-national terrorism in an effort to preserve freedom. (''Command & Conquer'') Westwood Studios, 1995 inadvertently setting a conflict in motion that will escalate into a modern world war. '''GDI Archives; The Global Defense Initiative:''' The clash between GDI and Nod has escalated into full world wars twice before - the First Tiberium War (TWI) erupted when both powers were in their formative states, and that terrible war was followed by another worldwide firestorm several years later. (''Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars'', GDI Intel Database) Electronic Arts, 2007 death_date Wikipedia:Vienna Commons:Category:Vienna


making regular flights over Huaorani settlements in September 1955, dropping gifts . After several months of exchanging gifts, on January 3, 1956, the missionaries established a camp at "Palm Beach", a bar (landform


to the great steamers of the Muskoka Navigation Co, such as the ''Sagamo''. Making regular stops up the lakes, including at Bracebridge, Beaumaris, and Port Carling, tourists could transfer to smaller ships, such as the Islander. These could reach smaller ports. *Philadelphia - '''KYW-TV 3''' *Pittsburgh - '''KDKA-TV 2''' *Scranton (Scranton, Pennsylvania) - WYOU 22 Biography Nevin was born in 1862, at Vineacre, on the banks of the Ohio River, in Edgeworth

Sri Lanka

of its network through their website. The headquarters of Jewelry Television are located in Knoxville, Tennessee. In addition it has manufacturing facilities in Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, and Thailand. In addition to being one of the top 15 largest jewelry retailers in the world, Jewelry Television is the world's largest retailer of loose gemstones. No. 1 Long Range Flight undertook intensive training in the lead-up to the race. This involved making

regular long range return flights between Laverton and Ceylon (Sri Lanka), Singapore and Christchurch via various air bases in Australia. These exercises were used to establish fuel consumption rates and practice the refuelling and navigation practices that would be used in the race. As part of this training the flight broke many Australian and New Zealand air speed records, setting the fastest time for crossing the Tasman Sea during a flight between RAAF


Pharmaceuticals employs approximately 2,400 people in the United States. Before 2008 Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals was known as '''Berlex'''. Pardey began playing poker professionally in his early twenties in and around the Seattle Tacoma area in Washington state. In 1969, while still in the reserves for The United States Coast Guard, Pardey began making regular money in a low-limit poker game featuring a host of local professionals that even included a local judge. At the advice of another player, Pardey embarked on a trip to Las Vegas to try his luck there.


experience in Moscow brought him into contact with Soviet Communists and the often brutal methods they favored for maintaining party discipline. death_date Dmoz:Regional Europe Russia Administrative Regions Moscow Commons:Category:Moscow Wikipedia:Moscow

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