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Nationalsozialistischer Reichsbund für Leibesübungen

within sports. Athletes of Jewish origin were excluded from participation in relevant sporting events. Von Tschammer's biography 1936 Olympic Games: Zenith of the Nazi Sports Office In 1936 Hans von Tschammer und Osten, as the head of the Deutscher Reichsbund für Leibesübungen, played a major role in the structure and coordination of the Summer Olympics (1936 Summer Olympics) in Berlin. The Olympic games, the first in history to have live television coverage, provided an ideal setting to showcase the Nazi regime and what Hitler deemed to be his exploits. As Secretary General of the Organizing Committee of the Berlin Olympic Games, Carl Diem, the former secretary of the Deutscher Reichsausschuss für Leibesübungen (DRA), the forerunner of the DRL NSRL, became the chief organizer of the Berlin Olympic Games. Diem held high posts in the Reichs Sports office even after the Olympics, being named leader of the Foreign Department of the Nationalsocialist Sports Office in 1939 by the ''Reichssportführer''. As such Carl Diem was responsible for the issues of German athletes in foreign countries, as well as for the international affairs of the NSRL. Der "politische Sturm" um Carl Diem als Leiter der Sporthochschule Köln The 1936 Winter Olympics were organized on behalf of the Sports Office of the Third Reich (Nationalsozialistischer Reichsbund für Leibesübungen) (DRL) by Karl Ritter von Halt. Von Halt had been named President of the Committee for the organization of the Fourth Winter Olympics in Garmisch by ''Reichssportführer'' Hans von Tschammer und Osten. Doctrine The HJ were viewed as future "Aryan (Aryan race) supermen" and were indoctrinated in anti-Semitism. One aim was to instill the motivation that would enable HJ members, as soldiers, to fight faithfully for the Third Reich. The HJ put more emphasis on physical (body) and military training than on academic study. Hakim 1995 The ''Nationalsozialistischer Reichsbund für Leibesübungen'' (NSRBL), the umbrella organization promoting and coordinating sport activities in Germany during the Nazi period, had the responsibility of overseeing the physical fitness development programs provided to the German youth. "Hitlerjugend: An In-Depth History." ''''. Retrieved: 1 February 2010. Carl Diem became the secretary of the all-German sports organization Deutscher Reichsausschuss für Leibesübungen (:de:Deutscher Reichsausschuss für Leibesübungen) (DRL) the forerunner of the Nationalsozialistischer Reichsbund für Leibesübungen, the Sports Organ of the Third Reich.


of +14.3 °C, coldest January with −13.2 °C. The coldest ever measured temperature was −48 °C in Kiutaköngäs. Kuusamo is one of the snowiest areas in Finland: the ground is snow-covered for about 200 days a year, from late October until mid-May, with a thickness of south of the Arctic Circle, thus polar day and night (polar night) play a major role. From 14 to 29 June

17,405 - 2005 17,113 - 2008 16,779 Economy and infrastructure Economy The main economic activities in Kuusamo include forestry, reindeer husbandry, small industries and tourism. The unemployment rate, at 16.2% (2003) is relatively high. In 2002 there were 248 farms in Kuusamo. Given the climatic conditions, milk and meat production have a major role, including reindeer meat from the approximately 10,000 semi-domesticated reindeer which roam


authority over the archipelago. The governor reports to the Norwegian ministry of justice (Norwegian Ministry of Justice and the Police), but it maintains all Norwegian interests in the area, including environmental protection, law enforcement, representation, mediation, and matters related to marriage, divorce, etc. A major role of the governor is to maintain healthy relations with Barentsburg, the Russian community. The Vnukovo Airlines aircraft, registration number (Aircraft registration) RA-85621, was chartered by Arktikugol, a Russian state owned coal mining company, to fly Russian and Ukrainian workers from Vnukovo International Airport in Moscow, Russia to Svalbard Airport, Longyear in Longyearbyen, Norway. The passengers all belonged to the Russian communities of Barentsburg and Pyramiden. The fatalities included 11 crew members and 130 passengers, of which 3 were children. The accident was a contributing cause for Arktikugol's closure of Pyramiden two years later. After the accident, there were a series of lawsuits to determine the compensations to the victims' families. thumb Isfjord lies on Spitsbergen's west coast. (File:Spitsbergen labelled.png) '''Isfjorden''' is the second longest (List of Norwegian Fjords) fjord in the Norwegian (Norway) archipelago of Svalbard. It lies on the west side of Spitsbergen, an island in the Arctic Ocean about midway between Norway and the North Pole, and the largest in the archipelago. A portion of Isfjorden is included in the national parks of Norway (List of national parks of Norway) as Nordre Isfjorden Land National Park. Around the fjord lie many of the largest settlements in Svalbard: Barentsburg, Longyearbyen (on the Adventfjorden) and Pyramiden. thumb left Isfjord (File:Isfjorden1 (js).jpg)

Platteville, Wisconsin

Early life Fiedler was born in Platteville, Wisconsin, a son of Donald Fiedler, a beer salesman, and his wife Margaret Phelan. John Fiedler Biography (1925-) He moved to Shorewood, Wisconsin, at the age of 5, where he graduated from Shorewood High School (Shorewood High School (Wisconsin)) in 1943. He then enlisted in the United States Navy and served until the end of World War II O'Donnell, Michelle. "John Fiedler, 80, Stage Actor and Film Voice of Pooh's Piglet, Dies", New York Times, June 27, 2005. Accessed December 15, 2007. "He graduated from Shorewood High School in 1943 and enlisted in the United States Navy, serving stateside until World War II's end." DATE OF BIRTH February 3, 1925 PLACE OF BIRTH Platteville, Wisconsin, U.S. DATE OF DEATH June 25, 2005 right 400px Map of Wisconsin showing area codes (Image:WI Area Codes (Display).png) The '''608 area code''' currently covers much of Southwest Wisconsin, including the capital (Capital (political)) city of Madison (Madison, Wisconsin) as well as the cities of Waunakee (Waunakee, Wisconsin), Mount Horeb (Mount Horeb, Wisconsin), Verona (Verona, Wisconsin), Sun Prairie (Sun Prairie, Wisconsin), Monroe (Monroe, Wisconsin), Platteville (Platteville, Wisconsin), Lancaster (Lancaster, Wisconsin), Portage (Portage, Wisconsin), Baraboo (Baraboo, Wisconsin), Wisconsin Dells (Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin), Beloit (Beloit, Wisconsin), Janesville (Janesville, Wisconsin), La Crosse (La Crosse, Wisconsin), Prairie du Chien (Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin), Prairie du Sac (Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin), Sauk City (Sauk City, Wisconsin), Viroqua (Viroqua, Wisconsin) and Sparta (Sparta, Wisconsin). It was created in 1955 as a split from area code 414, and was the third area code created in Wisconsin. As Spradlin wrestled wearing a "wifebeater (Wifebeater (shirt))" T-shirt, he began using the ring name "Wife Beater". He continued to use the Wife Beater character (Glossary of professional wrestling terms#Gimmick) until a women's group, offended by the gimmick, organized a boycott of a show on which Spradlin was wrestling in Platteville, Wisconsin. The character was discussed on the talk show ''Politically Incorrect'', although Spradlin was not mentioned by name. After Spradlin was booked for a series of family-friendly shows for NWA West Virginia Ohio, he changed his ring name to "Chris Hero". He wrestled his last matches as Wife Beater in 2000. - University of Wisconsin–Platteville Pioneers Platteville (Platteville, Wisconsin) Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference - - 77 Platteville (Platteville, Wisconsin) 11,224 9,989 City (Political_subdivisions_of_Wisconsin#City) Grant (Grant County, Wisconsin) -


institutions include Tameer-i-Nau Public School and College, Sky International School and College, Garden Public School, Abasin College, Kyber Public School & College,The peace College, The Educators etc. There is also a decent number state-run schools and colleges in the area. University The district has one university, the Hazara University Mansehra and several colleges. Both Government and private colleges had played a major role in the literacy of Mansehra. Cultural festival In Durgashtami in Chetr (Chaitra) and in Assu, ) is a small town located in the Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan on the left side of river Indus. It is part of the Silk Road connected by the Karakoram Highway which links it to Islamabad in the south via Dassu, Besham, Mansehra, Abbottabad and Haripur (Haripur, Pakistan). In the north, Chilas is connected to the Chinese (China) cities of Kashgar and Tashkurgan (Tashkurgan Town) via Gilgit, Sust and the Khunjerab pass. - Balakot 21230 Mansehra KPK (Khyber Pukhtoon Khwa) -


(Category:Sohar) Category:Populated places in Oman There is a traditional souq in Sohar called AL Jomaa souq and it opens every day from 7 am to 12 pm. thumb left The Fort of Our Lady of the Conception in Hormoz island Fort of Our Lady of the Conception (File:Portuguese Castle (Hormuz).jpg), Hormuz Island, Iran From Socotra their ways parted: Tristão da Cunha sailed for India, where he would relieve the Portuguese besieged at Cannanore (Siege of Cannanore (1507)), and Albuquerque sailed with a fleet of seven ships and five hundred men in an unrequested advance towards Ormuz in the Persian Gulf, one of the eastern chief centers of commerce. On this route he conquered the cities of Curiati (Kuryat), Muscat (Muscat, Oman) in July 1507 and Khor Fakkan, accepting the submission of the cities of Kalhat and Sohar. On September 25 they arrived with a fearsome reputation at Ormuz and soon captured the city (Capture of Ormuz (1507)), which agreed to become a tributary state for the Portuguese king. A few days later, the king of Ormuz was met by an envoy demanding the payment of tribute to shah Ismail I from Persia. He was sent back with the answer that the only tribute would be in cannon-balls and guns, thus beginning the connection between Albuquerque and Shah Ismail I (often named Xeque Ismael). Molesworth Sykes,"A History of Persia", p.271, READ BOOKS, 2006, ISBN 1406726923 According to Brás de Albuquerque it was Xeque Ismael who coined the term "Lion of the seas" for Albuquerque Immediately Albuquerque began building the Fort of Our Lady of Victory (Fort of Our Lady of the Conception in Hormoz island) (later renamed Fort of Our Lady of the Conception).


, the PCP played a major role in the opposition to the dictatorial regime of António de Oliveira Salazar. During the five-decades-long dictatorship, the party was constantly suppressed by the political police, the PIDE, which forced its members to live in clandestine status under the threat of arrest, torture, and murder. After the bloodless Carnation Revolution in 1974, which overthrew the 48-year regime, the 36 members of party's Central Committee had, in the aggregate, experienced more than 300 years in jail. Cunhal, Álvaro (1997). ''O caminho para o derrubamento do fascismo''. Edições Avante!. ISBN 972-550-262-0 While a student at University, Soares joined the Portuguese Communist Party, being responsible for the youth section. In this capacity, he organised demonstrations in Lisbon to celebrate the end of WWII (World War II). He was first arrested by PIDE, the Portuguese political police, in 1946, when he was a member of the Central Committee of the Movement of Democratic Unity (


OF DEATH Shire also played a major role in the later part of the Ethiopian Civil War. Following the massive Ethiopian defeat at the Battle of Afabet in March 1988, the TPLF launched a series of offensives, in which they destroyed government forces stationed at Rama (Rama, Ethiopia), Adwa, Seleh Leha, and Shire. Only about 200 soldiers of the 17th Army Division were able to evacuate Shire and fall back to Gondar. This led to the raising of the Third Revolutionary Army, composed of the 603rd, 604th and 605th core armies. Between 19 June and 3 July 1988 the 604th was able to regain control over 12 districts, and entered Shire with no significant resistance from TPLF forces. However, due to unrest amongst the government soldiers at Addi Hageray, which permitted the TPLF to attack and occupy that town, the 604th was unable to advance again until 28 December. This led to the Battle of Shire, which ended on 19 February 1989 as a victory for the TPLF. Although Shire had been the headquarters of the Third Revolutionary Army at the beginning of the battle, at the end the remaining units were retreating towards Enda Aba Guna. Tekeste Melake, "The Battle of Shire", ''Ethiopian Review'', 24 September 2008 (accessed 30 July 2009) In 1825, Bofu abdicated in favor of his son, Abba Bagibo, under whose rule Limmu-Ennarea reached the peak of its existence. Due to wars in neighboring Jimmu, merchants used the trade route through his kingdom to gain access to Kaffa. Abba Bagibo made a concerted effort to promote this trade, both with beneficial policies (e.g., offering security from bandits to traders, and lower tariffs) and with coercive ones (requiring merchants from Gondar, Adwa, Derita (Derita, Ethiopia) and Dawe (Dawe, Ethiopia) to meet their counterparts from Kaffa and further south at Saqqa). thumb Princess Aster (File:Princess Aster00.jpg) Mikael was born to Abeto Hezeqeyas Wolde Hawaryot and Woizero Ishate Mariam, the daughter of Azzaz Yakub in the district of Na'eder (Naeder Adet). Both of his parents claimed descent from the Solomonic dynasty through his ancestor ''Ras'' Faris the Great, and his father used the title ''Abeto'', a prince of imperial cadet line. Mikael's first official wife was Woizero Walatta Gabr'el (died at Adwa after 1766); his second was Woizero Aster (Aster Iyasu), daughter of Empress Mentewab. '''Princess Wolete Israel Seyoum''' (1906 – 1988), was the daughter of ''Leul Ras (Ethiopian aristocratic and religious titles)'' Seyoum Mengesha (Seyum Mangasha), Prince of Tigray (Tigray Province), and great-granddaughter of Emperor Yohannes IV of Ethiopia. She was thus the sister of ''Leul Ras'' Mengesha Seyoum (Mangasha Seyum). She was first married to the much older ''Dejazmach (Ethiopian aristocratic and religious titles)'' Gebre Selassie Baria Gabr of Adwa by whom she had a son, ''Dejazmach'' Zewde Gebre Selassie. She was widowed not long after the birth of her son. She then married Crown Prince Asfaw Wossen (Amha Selassie) in 1931. The marriage of Crown Prince Asfaw Wossen and Princess Wolete Israel was part of Emperor Haile Selassie's efforts at forging closer bonds between the western Tigrean branch of the Imperial family and his own Shewan branch. At the same time that Princess Wolete Israel married the Crown Prince, her cousin (and her father's rival for primacy in Tigray), ''Dejazmach'' Haile Selassie Gugsa of the eastern Tigrean branch of the Imperial dynasty was married to the Emperor's daughter Princess Zenebework. It was hoped that these marriages would ensure closer bonds between the two rival princely houses of Tigray with the Emperor's family. Princess Wolete Israel and Prince Asfaw Wossen had a daughter, Princess Ijigayehu (Princess Ijigayehu Amha Selassie). Wikipedia:Adwa Commons:Category:Adwa

Ingersoll, Ontario

station stations in nearby Ingersoll (Ingersoll, Ontario) or Woodstock (Woodstock, Ontario). In 1880, the '''Western Football Association''' was formed in Berlin (now Kitchener (Kitchener, Ontario)), Ontario and played a major role in the subsequent development of the sport throughout southern Ontario. In the time around 1900, the WFA had teams throughout Western Ontario in various municipalities including Seaforth (Seaforth, Ontario), Mildmay (Mildmay, Ontario), Listowel (Listowel, Ontario), Woodstock (Woodstock, Ontario), Ingersoll (Ingersoll, Ontario), Brussels (Brussels, Ontario), Dundas (Dundas, Ontario), Aylmer (Aylmer, Ontario), Ayr (Ayr, Ontario), Tavistock (Tavistock, Ontario), Preston (Preston, Ontario), Galt (Galt, Ontario) and Berlin (Kitchener, Ontario). In 1989, American Suzuki introduced the Swift (Suzuki Swift) which was the 2nd generation Suzuki Cultus. The Swift was available as a GTi and GLX hatchback with a 4-door sedan following in 1990. A new small SUV called the Sidekick (Suzuki Escudo) was also introduced in 1989. 1991 saw the introduction of the 4-door Suzuki Sidekick, the first 4-door mini-SUV in North America. The Swift and Sidekick were cousins to GM's Geo Metro and Geo Tracker and were mostly produced in Ingersoll (Ingersoll, Ontario), Ontario, Canada by Suzuki and GM's joint venture, CAMI. The Swift GT GTi and 4-door models were imported from Japan. Negative evaluations from Consumer Reports of the Suzuki Samurai led to some temporary setbacks at American Suzuki as annual sales in the following years dropped to below 20,000 units. Geo models were manufactured by GM in joint ventures with three Japanese automakers. The Prizm (Geo Prizm) was produced at the GM Toyota joint-venture NUMMI assembly plant in Fremont, California, and the Metro (Geo Metro) and Tracker (Geo Tracker) were produced at the GM Suzuki joint-venture CAMI (CAMI Automotive) assembly plant in Ingersoll, Ontario. The exceptions, the Spectrum (Geo Spectrum) and Storm (Geo Storm), were entirely manufactured by Isuzu in Japan. Geo Metro convertibles and early Geo Trackers were built by Suzuki in Japan. Manicom was born in Ingersoll (Ingersoll, Ontario), Ontario and lived there until he attended the University of Toronto and McGill University in Montreal. He has also lived in Aylmer, Quebec, Moscow, Islamabad, Beijing, Geneva, and New Delhi. Married with three children, he currently lives in Ottawa, Ontario with his wife and youngest child. The Imperial Bank of Canada branches expanded beyond Toronto and were found in St. Catharines, Ingersoll (Ingersoll, Ontario), Welland and Port Colborne. http: webDC PICTURES-R-1445 Imperial Bank of Canada 1875 The '''Chevrolet Equinox''' is a mid-size (mid-size car) crossover SUV from Chevrolet based on GM's Theta (GM Theta platform) unibody (monocoque) platform, manufactured at CAMI Automotive (formerly a GM (General Motors) Suzuki joint venture, now wholly owned by GM) plant in Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada, and introduced in 2004 for the 2005 model year. production 2004–2009 assembly Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada body_style 4-Door Crossover (Crossover (automobile)) The Equinox is produced at the CAMI Automotive GM (General Motors) Suzuki joint venture plant in Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada. The 3.4 L LNJ (GM 60-Degree V6 engine#LNJ) V6 engine is made in China (People's Republic of China) (by Shanghai GM), while the Aisin AF33 (Aisin AF33 transmission) automatic transmission is made in Japan. Starting with the 2008 model year, the Equinox Sport was available with a 3.6 L V6 engine that was made in the United States. production 2009–present assembly Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada Oshawa, Ontario, Canada Introduced in the fourth quarter of 2006, Suzuki partnered with General Motors to build the 2007 model, now called XL7 (without the hyphen). It uses the same unibody platform and many of the same components as the Chevrolet Equinox, Pontiac Torrent and Saturn Vue, but incorporates third row seating exclusive to the Suzuki. The second generation model uses a version of the GM High Feature engine, built in Japan and shipped to CAMI Automotive in Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada, where the XL7 is assembled with the Equinox and Torrent, and also the second-generation Suzuki XL7 is Suzuki's second entry in the crossover SUV segment, after the second generation Suzuki Grand Vitara (Suzuki Escudo). Styling cues on the 2007 include a chrome slotted grille and trapezoidal headlights. thumb left 250px The Suzuki XL7 of Nobuhiro Tajima (Image:Suzuki XL7 Hill Climb Special.jpg) at the 2007 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb during the record breaking run In August 2010, the plant began producing the Chevrolet Equinox in partnership with another GM facility in Ingersoll Ontario (Ingersoll, Ontario), known as CAMI Automotive. The metal bodies are made at CAMI, trucked two hours east to Oshawa, where they are inserted on the conveyor just before the paint shop. The bodies are painted and then go through the general assembly process at the Oshawa plant. The entire process was developed as quick way to respond to high demand for the Equinox product. The CAMI facility does make Equinox and GMC Terrain from start to finish at their own plant, but they did not have the capacity to put more bodies through paint and general assembly. - Ingersoll (Ingersoll, Ontario) Paul Holbrough (X) -


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