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February 2, 2006 language French url http: france 20060302.FIG000000200_la_france_enquete_sur_les_avions_de_la_cia.html Scouting had a firm start in Iceland and grew fast during the thirties as in 1940 the number of Scouts and Guides was around 3,000, out of population of 130,000. In 1938 the Icelandic Scouts and Guides made history as the first joint councils of Boy Scouts and Girl Guides were formed in Keflavík and Vestmannaeyjar. International Scouting units in Iceland * In addition, there were American Boy Scouts in Keflavík, linked to the Direct Service (American Scouting overseas) branch of the Boy Scouts of America, which supports units around the world. Pentecostals The Pentecostals are the third largest religious group in Iceland. There are Pentecostal churches in Keflavík, Akureyri and the capital. A website, Gospel Iceland a site in Icelandic, also exists for the movement in Iceland. The American base staff had their own names for various places in Iceland, e.g. "Kef" for Keflavík and "Hurdygurdy" for Hveragerði. Commons:Category:Keflavík

Westwood, Los Angeles


Shaunavon, Saskatchewan

"ReferenceA" - Ron Froshaug 1997-99 In 1997, former alderman Ron Froshaug became mayor. - Sharon Dickie 2000–present In October 2000, Sharon Dickie was elected mayor. Dickie made history by being the first female mayor. A month-long strike by the town’s employees ended in August 2006, after a contract was reached with the town of Shaunavon. ref name "ReferenceA"

Medicine Hat


Veliko Tarnovo

'' or 'champion', the second-highest level in the sumo ranking system behind only ''yokozuna (yokozuna (sumo)).'' On May 24, 2008 (2008 in sumo), Kotoōshū made history by becoming the first European sumo wrestler to win an Emperor's Cup. Upon


bettered her own record in long jump to 6.74 m in the National Circuit Meet at Thiruvananthapuram. In the same year she also won gold for triple jump and long jump in the Ludhiana National games. Anju reigned supreme in her events in the Hyderabad National games also. She won the bronze medal clearing 6.49 m at the 2002 Commonwealth Games at Manchester. She also won the gold medal at the Asian Games in Busan. She made history when she won the bronze medal clearing 6.70 m in Long


was undergoing a refit. She underwent her own refit later in 1915 and once completed, was transferred to the Suez Canal Patrol. She returned to England late 1916, and spent the remainder of the war based at Devonport (Devonport, Devon). She was scrapped in 1920. On 5 February 1915, ''Jupiter'' was detached from her guard ship duty to serve temporarily as an icebreaker at Arkhangelsk, Russia, while the regular icebreaker there was under refit. In this duty, ''Jupiter'' made history


accessdate 2 January 2008 In 1905 they made history with Britain's first £1,000 transfer when they signed Alf Common from local rivals Sunderland (Sunderland A.F.C.). Another

Porto Alegre

;ref name "Peñarol" First, the ''Manyas'' disposed of defending champion Flamengo 1–0 in the last match of the second phase at Flamengo's home ground, the famed Estádio do Maracanã. Then in the final, they repeated the dosis on Cobreloa winning a decisive second leg match 1–0 in Santiago. Grêmio (Grêmio Foot-Ball Porto Alegrense) of Porto Alegre made history by defeating Peñarol to become the champion in 1983 (1983 Copa Libertadores).

Hamilton, Ontario

not be attempted again until 1959. In the first season of the CFL (1958 CFL season), the Ottawa Rough Riders and the Hamilton Tiger-Cats made history when they played the first regular season CFL (Canadian Football League) game at Philadelphia's Franklin Field on August 23, 1958. This was the only time that two Canadian football teams would play a regular-season game on American (United States) soil. Hamilton (Hamilton, Ontario) defeated Ottawa, 13–7. (The Toronto Argonauts

originated in 1992 as the Hamilton Canucks, which were an affiliate of the NHL's Vancouver Canucks. The Canucks played in Hamilton, Ontario for two seasons, before relocating to Upstate New York in 1994. They were then renamed the 'Crunch' in a public vote of five names. Since then they have developed an intrastate rivalry with the Rochester Americans. The Crunch made history on February 20, 2010, when they played the first outdoor AHL game against the Binghamton Senators

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