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Rogers Park, Chicago

accessdate 2013-03-06 According to an e-mail from 49th Ward Alderman Joe Moore (Joe Moore (politician)), between January 1, 2013 and February 26, 2013, the 24th Police District was the only police district in Chicago in which no one was shot. In that same eight week period, the 24th District reported fewer crimes than all but one of Chicago's 22 police districts.

,' North Side Alderman Says url http: chicago 20130227 rogers-park low-crime-no-shootings-show-promising-trend-north-side-alderman-says date 2013-02-27 accessdate 2013-03-06 Schools thumb Chicago Public Library, Rogers Park Branch (File:Chicago Public Library, Rogers Park Branch.JPG) *Chicago Math and Science Academy *Chicago Waldorf School *New Field Elementary School *Eugene Field Elementary School *Gale Elementary Community Academy *Jordan Community

North Kesteven

. The former RAF Swinderby, which can be found adjacent to the A46 (A46 road (England)#Cleethorpes - A1 .28Newark.29) near the western edge of the district, closed in 1995. Demographics The predominately rural nature of the district has encouraged people to move to the area to take advantage of its quality of life, low crime rates, relatively low house prices, good-quality education and local heritage. This is reflected in research, which has shown 90% of residents are satisfied


place to discover, as it has a low crime rate and is very laid back and relaxing. Buy Things to buy in Belmopan include Belizean groceries and gifts from the gift shops. Angelus Press is a great place to shop for gifts where you can buy flags, maps, books, and Belizean trinkets. Every Tuesday and Friday there is a market held in the center of the city. Many locals set up booths selling inexpensive clothes, DVDs, trinkets, food, and produce. Many Belizians from surrounding towns and villages ride the bus to get to Belmopan's market day so it is a great way to experience the culture. If you want to experience it at its busiest point, plan to come early, because many booths close down during the hottest part of the day. Eat There are a lot of clean, Chinese-owned restaurants in Belmopan that make great Belizean food. The Yim Saan restaurant has great food and is a 4-star restaurant hotel. Drink Drink only the bottled water. Sleep *

Tuxtla, Chiapas


Stay safe Zhongshan is a reasonably safe place to live with a low crime rate but occasionally trouble may occur especially, as everywhere, late at night around bars. Caution and common sense are advised at all times. Pickpockets, although not plentiful, are about and the foreign traveler is often a target. Go next Wikipedia:Zhongshan Commons:Category:Zhongshan

Southwestern Ontario

(Ontario) Highway 7 . It is the seat of Wellington County (Wellington County, Ontario), but is politically independent (Independent city) of it. Because of its low crime rates, clean environment and generally high standard of living, Guelph is consistently rated as one of the country's best places to live.

South Beach

are derided as a "concrete jungle". However, even critics concede that the development has changed the area into a pedestrian friendly, low-crime neighborhood. Jeanne B. Pinder. "Developer Spends $45 Million on Miami Real Estate." THE JOURNAL RECORD . 1993. HighBeam Research. (January 18, 2011). "Miami Beach, Fla., neighborhood nears point of build-out." Knight Ridder Tribune


was officially opened by Lt.-General (Lieutenant-general (United Kingdom)) Sir John Foley (John Foley (British Army general)), the Lieutenant Governor of Guernsey, on 20 October 2004. Located near Braye Harbour, it gives an average response time of just 9 minutes and includes four appliance bays, a workshop, kit room, mess and a training room. The Alderney Airport Fire and Rescue Service is sometimes called to help with larger conflagrations. Police Because of Alderney's low

crime rate, day-to-day policing of Alderney is provided by a team of five locally based officers from the Guernsey Police (States of Guernsey Police Service), consisting of a sergeant in charge, two constables, and two special constables. ref

Enid, Oklahoma

Victory and the SS Phillips Victory. In 1999, astronomer Tom Stafford (Tom Stafford (astronomer)) of Oklahoma, named an asteroid (13436 Enid) after Enid. In the CBS series ''The Big Bang Theory'', ''The Big Bang Theory'' (Season 3, Episode 13) character Sheldon Cooper contemplates moving to Enid because of its "low crime rate" and "high speed internet" service, but decides against it because the city lacks


and Stavropol territories, as well as the Autonomous republics of the Northern Caucasus, consists almost exclusively of Cossack descendants (among the ethnic Russian population), the region was always known, even in the Soviet times for its high discipline, low crime and conservative views, like having one of the highest rates of religious attendance and literacy rates. The result was that, amongst Russian youth, Cossacks began to represent order and, in some

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