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long years

Rankin Inlet

of Canada Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau decided that an Inuk (Inuit) should be appointed to the Senate (Canadian Senate) and dispatched Warren Allmand, the Minister for Northern Affairs, to interview potential candidates.

United Provinces of the Río de la Plata

Oriental , the stronghold of Artigas. Brazilian General Carlos Frederico Lecor, thanks to their numerical and material superiority, defeated Artigas and his army and occupied Montevideo on The '''Second Triumvirate''' (Spanish (Spanish language) '''Segundo Triunvirato''') was the governing body of the United Provinces of the Río de la Plata (present day Argentina) that followed the First Triumvirate (First Triumvirate (Argentina)) in 1812, shortly after the May Revolution, and lasted 2 years.


state (in the middle of 12th century) belonged to the Ruthenian princedoms of Halych-Volhynia (Kingdom of Galicia–Volhynia), Polotsk (Principality of Polotsk), Lutsk, Terebovlia, Turov-Pinsk (Principality of Turov and Pinsk) etc. The majority of these principalities have been ruined during the Tatar-Mongol invasion (Mongol invasion of Rus) in the middle of 13th century. Some territories in the Dniepr (Dnieper River) region and Black Sea Coast for long years lost Ruthenians


in the rock-cut tombs of his ancestors in Amasya, the old capital of Pontus. thumb 200px ''Heracles and Ladon'', Roman relief plate, late era. (Image:Herakles Ladon Staatliche Antikensammlungen SL89.jpg) '''Ladon''' (Greek (Greek language): Λάδων; gen (Genitive case).: Λάδωνος) was the serpent-like dragon that twined and twisted around the tree in the Garden of the Hesperides (Hesperides) and guarded the golden apples (Golden apple). He was overcome by Heracles. Fifteen long years later

Kingdom of Naples

subjects, and was crowned king by the nobles at Palermo in 1296. Young, brave, and handsome, he won the love and devotion of his people, and guided them through long years of storm and stress with wisdom and ability. His refusal to comply with the pope's injunctions led to a renewal of the war. Frederick landed in Calabria, where he seized several towns, encouraged revolt in Naples (Kingdom of Naples), negotiated with the Ghibellines of Tuscany and Lombardy, and assisted


of bringing it under the rule of a single Islamic state. Ibn Dawwas of Riyadh led the most determined resistance, allied with forces from Al Kharj (al-Kharj), Al Ahsa (Al-Hasa), and the Banu Yam clan of Najran. However, Ibn Dawwas fled and Riyadh capitulated to the Saudis in 1774, ending long years of wars, and leading to the declaration of the First Saudi State, with Riyadh as its capital. The First Saudi State was destroyed by forces sent


as a power fuel. In the long years of operation the stocks of coal in the basin have been considerably depleted. The reserves of coal in the basin total 233.7 million tons. The mines of the ''Tavrichansky Mine Administration'' and the ''Artyomugol Association'' operate on the basis of the deposits. '''The Podgrodnensko-Surazhevsky''' coal-bearing region is located close to Vladivostok. The stocks of the Podgrodnensky deposit are estimated to be a total of 19.6 million tons. The coal is hard

Cape Verde

the independent nation of Angola; * Cape Verde – an overseas province between 1951 and 1974, autonomous republic between 1974 and 1975, when it became an independent nation; * Portuguese Guinea  an overseas province between 1951–1974, until unilaterally declaring independence as Guinea Bissau in 1973 (later recognised by Portugal in 1974); Independence from Portugal came in 1974, after long years of struggle. In contrast to other Portuguese colonies like Brazil


of conflict from 1961 onwards, although the highest level of destruction and socio-economic damage took place after the 1975 independence, during the long years of civil war (Angolan civil war). However, high poverty rates and blatant social inequality are chiefly the outcome of a combination of a persistent political authoritarianism, of "neo-patrimonial" practices at all levels of the political, administrative, military, and economic apparatuses, and of Corruption in Angola a pervasive

– Entertainment – Film – Grace Jones denies train fracas date 6 April 2005 work accessdate 29 September 2010 In February 2006, Jones was the celebrity runway model for Diesel (Diesel (brand))'s show in New York. Independence from Portugal came in 1974, after long years of struggle. In contrast to other Portuguese colonies like Brazil, Angola, Mozambique and Cape Verde, the fado song tradition did not penetrate Guinea-Bissau to any significant degree


to their numerical and material superiority, defeated Artigas and his army and occupied Montevideo on WikiPedia:Montevideo Dmoz:Regional South America Uruguay Localities Montevideo commons:Montevideo

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