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Orleans, Massachusetts

, Massachusetts ), according to official town records in Orleans, his last name was originally Kenrick, but later adopted the "d". John Kendrick came from a long family line of seamen. Solomon Kenrick, his father, was a humble seaman and this fact gave young John the ambition of becoming a sea captain. He had a common education, like most people at the time. At age 20, he joined a whaling crew, working on a schooner owned by Captain Bangs. Election results Two seats changed parties, both Republican (Republican Party (United States)) seats that switched to Democrats (Democratic Party (United States)). In the 4th Barnstable District, Sarah Peake (D-Provincetown (Provincetown, Massachusetts)) defeated Aaron Maloy (R-Orleans (Orleans, Massachusetts)) to take the seat of retiring Shirley Gomes (R). In the 13th Middlesex, incumbent Susan Pope (R-Wayland (Wayland, Massachusetts)) was defeated by Thomas Conroy (D-Wayland (Wayland, Massachusetts)). No other incumbents were defeated, and all other open seats were retained by the party holding them. '''New England Route 28''' (NE-28) was a north–south New England Interstate Route from Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts (at NE-3) to Ossipee, New Hampshire (at NE-16) via Boston and Manchester, New Hampshire. The portion in Massachusetts has since been extended east into Cape Cod (along the original alignment of NE-3) and currently ends at the Orleans Rotary in the town of Orleans (Orleans, Massachusetts) with US 6 and Route 6A (Route 6A (Massachusetts)).

Santiago de Cuba

and take up permanent residence in Puerto Plata. While in Cuba, Don Andrés acquired expertise in the making of rum, and based on that experience he founded Brugal & Co. in Puerto Plata, the company produces several different kinds of rum. After introducing its dark rum into the market in 1888. It would mark the beginning of a long family tradition. Don Andrés, unknowingly, would become the forebearer of entrepreneurial leadership in Dominican society. In 1920 the company's first warehouses were


on 22 February 1917 in the village of Normacot in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England to a well-to-do family. Sybil claimed to have a long family history of witchcraft which she traced back to the 16th century and to her ancestor Molly Leigh, who had been accused during the witch hunt. DATE OF BIRTH 1917-02-22 PLACE OF BIRTH Normacot, Stoke-on-Trent (Stoke-on-Trent), Staffordshire DATE OF DEATH 1982-10-26 Astbury was reputed to have masqueraded as an idiot in order to gain access to the works of the Elers brothers, John Philip and David, Dutch emigrants who had settled in Bradwell (Bradwell, Staffordshire), Staffordshire, about 1690. He discovered the secrets of their manufacture of red ware (Red Ware) pottery, and set up a rival establishment at Shelton, also in The Potteries (Stoke-on-Trent). He introduced the use of Bideford pipeclay, and in 1720, happening to notice a hostler blowing powder from a red-hot flintstone pulverised into the eyes of a horse as a remedy, hit upon the application of calcined flint in pottery, which greatly improved his ware. by morgan Dmoz:Regional Europe United Kingdom England Staffordshire Stoke-on-Trent


or earlier. A record shows that the renowned Long Family in the prosperous neighbouring Shunde county (of the Qinghui Garden fame, and the family was active in the 18th and 19th centuries), used sweet and sour pork to test the skills of their family chefs. It spread to the United States in the early 20th century after the Chinese migrant goldminers and railroad workers turned to cookery as trades. The original meaning of the American term chop suey refers to sweet and sour pork. Chan Mun-yan, The Source of Cantonese Cuisine, Food and Drink World Publications Co, Hong Kong, 1988 In 1804, the United States Mint unofficially ended production of silver dollars Bowers, p. 431. because many of the coins produced since that denomination had first been struck in 1794 were exported to Eastern Asia, especially Canton (Guangzhou) (modern day Guangzhou), for their silver content. Bowers, p. 432. In 1806, then Secretary of State (United States Secretary of State) James Madison issued an order officially halting mintage of the coins. In 1831, Mint Director (Director of the United States Mint) Samuel Moore (Samuel Moore (congressman)) noticed a reversal; a large shipment of Spanish dollars had recently been shipped from Canton to the United States. Later that year, Moore requested President Andrew Jackson via the Treasury (United States Treasury) to lift the prohibition on dollar coin production. The Treasury responded on April 18 that Jackson had approved the request. Life Ching was born in Guangzhou, China on 3 December 1949. He was educated in St. Paul's College, Hong Kong, and graduated from Hong Kong University in 1973 with a degree in Economics. When the Treaty of Nanking opened up China to British traders, Sassoon developed his textile operations into a profitable triangular trade: Indian yarn and opium were carried to China, where he bought goods which were sold in Britain, from where he obtained Lancashire cotton products (Textile manufacture during the Industrial Revolution). He sent his son Elias David Sassoon to Canton (Guangzhou), where he was the first Jewish trader (with 24 Parsi rivals). In 1845 David Sassoon & Sons opened an office in what would soon become Shanghai's British concession (Shanghai International Settlement), and it became the firm's second hub of operations. Jiang Gui was born in mainland China. As a young man, he was influenced by the May Fourth Movement (1919) and joined the Kuomintang at age 18 in Guangzhou. He married at age 29, and attended college in Beijing. In 1937 he joined the Chinese army as an officer, and served for eight years in the war against Japan in the Northern campaign (Hebei, Henan, Anhui). His mother and adopted mother were both killed by the Communists in 1945. He moved to Taiwan with the Kuomintang in 1948. 1995 saw her concert tour "Wei Wei and the World" - a tour in the major cities of mainland China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Kunming. * Dalian (Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport) * Guangzhou (Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport) * Guilin ( Guilin Liangjiang International Airport) date 1927 place Guangzhou, Republic of China (Republic of China (1912–1949)) coordinates The '''Guangzhou Uprising''' ( WikiPedia:Guangzhou Dmoz:Regional Asia China Guangdong Guangzhou

Dominican Republic

who had migrated from Sitges (Catalonia, Spain) to Santiago de Cuba, decided to move to the Dominican Republic and take up permanent residence in Puerto Plata. While in Cuba, Don Andrés acquired expertise in the making of rum, and based on that experience he founded Brugal & Co. in Puerto Plata, the company produces several different kinds of rum. After introducing its dark rum into the market in 1888. It would mark the beginning of a long family tradition. Don Andrés


of Wiltshire Long family of Wiltshire , his great-great-grandfather, Samuel Long, had arrived on the island in 1655 as a lieutenant in the English army of conquest - and the family established itself as part of the island's governing planter elite. leMercier duQuesnay, Frederick. The Longs of "Longville". 1964. 25 August 2006. . His sister, Catherine Maria Long, had married Sir Henry Moore, 1st Baronet


in 1889, where the first American Nobel Prize in Science was produced in 1907, and notable for the Chicago School of Economics., "News, Nobel" This was one instance of a long family and Rockefeller Foundation tradition of financially supporting Ivy League and other major colleges and universities over the generations - seventy-five in total. This includes: Conway's ancestral family background


of the present royal family of Great Britain (British monarchy). One of such family traditions enjoin upon male members of the present British royal family to serve in the armed forces. A BBC report has announced on 12 June 2003 that Harry’s decision to join the Army means he will follow a long family tradition of serving the military.” Before him, his uncle, Prince Andrew (Prince Andrew, Duke of York), had joined the Navy in 1979. Prince Harry’s other uncle, Prince Edward (Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex) had joined the Royal Marines as a second lieutenant in 1983. Prince Harry’s father, the Prince of Wales, was appointed in 1969 as colonel-in-chief of the Royal Regiment of Wales. Harry’s grandfather, the Duke of Edinburgh, had joined the Navy in 1939, and had also served in the World War II. Despite the fact that he was born in England and has always lived in England, he could have qualified for Wales as his mother is Welsh and his father is half-Welsh and half-English. He played for Bristol (Bristol Shoguns) whilst attending Bristol University and rejoined Wasps (London Wasps) at the age of twenty-one after completing his studies. He won his first England cap on the 'Tour of Hell' to Australia in 1998, and also appeared in all three tests in the 2001 North American tour. He graduated from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in 2001 and served for two years as an officer in the British Army with the Royal Artillery, before opting to play professional rugby union thereafter. '''Clayton Graham Blackmore''' (born 23 September 1964 in Neath, Neath Port Talbot Football Lge Career Stats at Neil Brown ) is a former Welsh (Wales) international (Wales national football team) footballer (association football). He was a combative player known for his attacking free kicks and a utility player who excelled at full back (defender (football)) and in central defence but could play equally well in midfield (midfielder (soccer)) or as an emergency forward (striker (football)). thumb right 250px A few volumes of the English Reports at a law library (File:English Reports.jpg) In England and Wales, beginning with the reports of cases contained in the Year Books (Edward II (Edward II of England) to Henry VIII (Henry VIII of England)) there is a complete series of reports of cases decided in the higher English courts down to the present time. The oldest reports are in Legal Latin. Until the nineteenth century, both the quality of early reports, and the extent to which the judge explained the facts of the case and his judgment, are highly variable, and the weight of the precedent may depend on the reputations of both the judge and the reporter. Such reports are now largely of academic interest, having been overtaken by statutes and later developments, but binding precedents can still be found, often most cogently expressed. In 1865, the nonprofit Incorporated Council of Law Reporting (ICLR) for England & Wales was founded, and it has gradually become the dominant publisher of reporters in the UK (United Kingdom). It has compiled most of the best available copies of pre-1866 cases into the ''English Reports''. Post-1865 cases are contained in the ICLR's own ''Law Reports''. Even today, the UK government does not publish an official reporter, but its courts have promulgated rules stating that the ICLR reporters should be cited whenever possible. Otherwise, any report signed by a barrister may be cited in Court. WikiPedia:Wales Dmoz:Regional Europe United Kingdom Wales commons:Wales - Cymru

United States

on the east bank of the Red River (Red River of the South). The community is approximately forty-five miles south of Shreveport on U.S. Highway 71. The population, 2,299 at the 2000 census (2000 United States Census), is nearly two-thirds African American, most with long family histories in the area. '''Delhi''', originally called Deerfield, is a town in Richland Parish (Richland Parish, Louisiana), Louisiana, in the United States. As of the United States Census

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