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Kiryat Shmona

revolt against the French. thumb 250px Kiryat Shmona Municipal Stadium (File:Kiryat Shmona Municipal Stadium3.jpg) Later years (1950-present) Kiryat Shmona's location close to the Lebanon makes it a rich target for rocket fire cross-border attacks. On April 11, 1974, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine - General Command, sent three members across the border from Lebanon to Kiryat Shmona. They killed eighteen residents of an apartment building, including many children, before being killed in an exchange of fire at the complex, which became known as the Kiryat Shmona massacre. '''DS: As you know, I’m part of a group from a technology mission over here of journalists. We went to Meytav, your largest technology incubator, and spoke with their Vice President Norman Sandberg. One of the things that he raised as an issue is that Israeli society is becoming dichotomized between Tel Aviv and the rest of the country. How do you develop the brainpower without Israel becoming a city-state with Tel Aviv? Mr. Sandberg told us nobody wants to go to the North (w: North District (Israel)). They want to stay in Tel Aviv. They don’t want to actually spread out and work on developing the rest of the country and invest outside of there. Is that a problem that you foresee that this bubble is forming around Tel Aviv in terms of brainpower?


+40 244 311 340 tollfree fax checkin checkout price From €25 content One of the better picks if you're traveling on a budget. Most of the rooms are fairly small and fairly basic, but they are clean and good value for money. The location close to Peles castle and the train station is also a plus, especially if you don't have your own transportation. Go next Head to Bucegi Natural Park for some fabulous views of the Carpathian Mountains. Diham Chalet is a popular


east from the county capital Miskolc. History ''Sátor-alja'' (meaning "under the tent", referring to the tent-shaped hill nearby) was a settlement from the Conquest of Hungary until the Tatars destroyed the town. It was rebuilt in the 13th century, although there was disagreement among the citizens concerning the name: some wanted to keep the original name, and some wanted to rename it ''új hely'' ("new place"). Sátoraljaújhely was granted town status in 1261 by King Stephen V (Stephen V of Hungary), and a castle was also built around that time. Sátoraljaújhely has often has played an important role in the region's history: revolts against Habsburg rule (Habsburg Monarchy) began there in the 17th and 18th centuries. After the Revolution of 1848, Sátoraljaújhely developed rapidly owing to its location close to important trade routes leading to Poland, Russia, and Transylvania. The town's light industry led to it becoming the capital of the ''comitatus'' (county) of Zemplén in the 17th century. Sátoraljaújhely has always been an important town in culture. Ferenc Kazinczy, one of the reformers of the Hungarian language, lived here in the 18th century. At the turn of the 20th century the town was home to a small but important Jewish (Hungarian Jews) community: some 4,500 of the town's 13,000 residents were Jewish. The community counted among its members Moses Teitelbaum and Michael Heilprin. Under the Treaty of Trianon, Hungary lost its northern territories. The border was set at the Ronyva stream, splitting the city into two parts. One-fifth of the population and one-fourth


url http: phone +380 652 608482, 517647 fax email hours price single 1050 rubles, double 1600 rubles content Pros: good location close to Central bus station, cafe available on the 8th floor. However, not so much friendly staff, rooms are not tide and looks old. Soviet style building. *

hours price $29 night content 30+ apartments in the Central area from budget to luxury. WiFi. Free pickup at the airport. For short and long term. * WikiPedia:Simferopol Commons:Category:Simferopol


also fought for control of Moghulistan against the Kirghiz (Kyrgyz people) and the Kazakhs, but Moghulistan was ultimately lost; thereafter the Moghuls were largely restricted to possession of the Tarim Basin. Grousset, pp. 499–500 History thumb 260px Gaochang's location (close to Turpan (Image:Seidenstrasse GMT.jpg)) on the Silk Road. Gaochang is located in present-day Xinjiang Province, 30 km from Turpan. The archaeological remains

of Chinese civilization author Jacques Gernet year 1996 publisher Cambridge University Press location isbn 0521497817 page 253 pages accessdate 2011 17 May thumb 260px Gaochang's location (close to Turpan (Image:Seidenstrasse GMT.jpg)) on the Silk Road. Gaochang is located in present-day Xinjiang Province, 30 km from Turpan. The archaeological remains are just outside the town at a place originally called Idykut-schari or Idikutschari by local residents (see


. 2003. pp.116−7 Climate Nouakchott features a hot desert climate (Köppen (Köppen climate classification): BWh) with hot temperatures all the year, but mild winter night temperatures, because of its location close to the equator. However, Nouakchott possesses a mild temperature range compared to other cities with this climate. While average high temperatures are relatively constant at around WikiPedia:Nouakchott Commons:Category:Nouakchott


of Transcarpathia (Zakarpattia Oblast), one of the oldest cities in Ukraine, attracts tourists because its location close to the Carpathian Mountains. ##Russian Catholic Church Wikipedia:Uzhhorod Dmoz:Regional Europe Ukraine Provinces Zakarpattia_Oblast Uzhhorod commons:Uzhhorod

Fort St. John, British Columbia

Park groups much of these facilities in a central location close to residences and businesses. This large park includes the Fort St. John North Peace Museum, Fort St John Museum website the North Peace Leisure Pool, the North Peace Arena (home of the Fort St. John Huskies), a separate arena for children, an 8-sheet curling rink, as well as an outdoor water park and speed skating oval. Other parks in the area include the city-maintained Fish

São José dos Campos

. They are best avoided by all but the most adventurous visitors. Go next While São José dos Campos is certainly not one of the most exciting places in the country, it more than compensates this with its location. Close to the city, it is possible to find wonderful beaches, spetacular mountain ranges, cozy historical towns, and an immense metropolis. * São Paulo, an urban jungle with 20 million people, is the largest city of the south hemisphere * Caraguatatuba, a popular beach city, is reachable within 1 hour by car or 1:30 hour by bus, and can be done as a day trip * Ubatuba, also a coastal municipality, is a bit further than Caraguatatuba but its natural beauty makes it definitely worth for a weekend trip * Santo Antônio do Pinhal is a scenic countryside town with some of the most beautiful landscapes of the Vale do Paraíba region * Aparecida contains the '''Santuário Nacional de Nossa Senhora da Conceição Aparecida''', the second largest Roman-catholic temple of the World, attracting 10 million visitors every year * Rio de Janeiro, although more than a couple of hours away, is a popular weekend destination among business visitors to São José dos Campos Commons:Category:São José dos Campos WikiPedia:São José dos Campos


'''Chernivtsi''' (Ukrainian (Ukrainian phrasebook): Чернівці) is a city in Western Ukraine. Understand Chernivtsi like every city in the region has long and complicated history. The fortress existed here before 13th century and was destroyed by Mongol invasion, later the settlement was part of Poland, Moldavia and Austria-Hungary (Chernivtsi was the capital of one of the regions - Bukovina, this was the time of greatest development). In 20th century Chernivtsi belonged to Romania, USSR and, since 1991, independent Ukraine. The city was always very multinational. Groups of Jews, Ukrainians, Romanians, Germans, Poles, Roma etc. mixed here. In 1930 Jews were 27% of the population, today it's 1,2%. During WWII Chernivtsi was captured by both sides. During the rule of Romanian military dictator Ion Antonescu (Romania was part of Axis forces at that time) around 50.000 Bukovinian Jews were put in the Ghetto built in the city and later moved to concentration camps. Romanian city mayor Traian Popovici and army officers were able to save 20.000 Chernivtsi Jews. Talk Ukrainian is nowadays the only official language in all of Ukraine (apart from Crimea) and it is also spoken by most of its population (about 70 percent speak it as their first language). Western Ukraine is also the part of Ukraine in which Ukrainian is indeed the strongest language in everyday life. However, most people you will come across inside Chernivtsi will also speak Russian. If you leave to the surrounding villages, this situation may change. Everyone understands Russian, but some may respond in Ukrainian, a language they feel more comfortable with. Ukrainian is only partially intelligible with Russian. If you speak Polish or Slovak you may try it as well since these languages are relatively similar to Ukrainian. There is also a Polish minority in Chernivtsi. As the entire Bukovina used to belong

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