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St. Johns, Portland, Oregon

Clark made camp at the modern site of St. Johns near a Native American (Native Americans in the United States) settlement for one night. St. Johns is named in honor of settler James John. He made his journey to the Pacific Northwest from Westport, Missouri in 1841. His

. Johns, Older Than Portland Character Of The Founder accessdate 23 October 2012 newspaper The Oregonian date 29 March 1903 location Portland, Oregon page 40 After his death, James John left his remaining personal property to the township of St. Johns to use to build a public school (State school). It was John's wish that children of all religious denominations could study together and receive an education that stressed the importance of civic engagement. John requested that all of his

assets be sold off to raise funds for first his burial and funeral and the remainder to building the new school house. File:Bonham and Currier Building and First National Bank.jpg left 170px thumb The Bonham and Currier (left) and First National Bank buildings (right


council is based in Poulton-le-Fylde. The district is named after the River Wyre, which runs through the district. It was formed on 1 April 1974 by the Local Government Act 1972, and was a merger of the municipal borough of Fleetwood, along with Poulton-le-Fylde, Preesall, Garstang and Thornton-Cleveleys urban district (Urban district (Great Britain and Ireland))s and various Rural Districts (Rural District).

of Wyre caption Towns, villages and hills in the Borough of Wyre       

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. nuclear field exercise conducted on land; troops shown are a mere 6 miles from the blast. map nearest_town Las Vegas (Las Vegas, Nevada) country the United


flag_size image_seal seal_size image_shield shield_size image_map mapsize map_caption pushpin_map Egypt pushpin_label_position bottom pushpin_mapsize pushpin_map_caption Approximate location (at Girga) in modern Egypt <

;!-- Location ------------------ coordinates_display inline,title coordinates_region EG subdivision_type Country subdivision_name Ancient Egypt subdivision_type1 Nome (Nome (Egypt)) subdivision_name1 Nome VIII of Upper Egypt (Nome (Egypt)#Upper Egypt) subdivision_type2 subdivision_name2 subdivision_type3 subdivision_name3 government_footnotes government_type

in importance from Dynasty III, when the capital was relocated to Memphis (Memphis, Egypt). Its location on the border of the competing Heracleopolitan (Herakleopolis Magna) and Theban (Thebes, Egypt) dynasties of the First Intermediate Period, and its proximity to certain oases (Oasis) of possible military importance, ensured Thinis some continued significance in the Old (Old Kingdom of Egypt) and New (New Kingdom of Egypt) Kingdoms. This was a brief respite and Thinis eventually

Texcoco, State of Mexico

map_caption1 image_dot_map dot_mapsize dot_map_caption dot_x dot_y pushpin_map Mexico pushpin_label_position above pushpin_mapsize 300 pushpin_map_caption Location in Mexico coordinates_region MX subdivision_type Country subdivision_name subdivision_type1 State (States of Mexico) subdivision_name1 State

municipality located in the State of Mexico, 25&nbsp;km northeast of Mexico City. In the pre-Hispanic era, this was a major Aztec (Aztec Empire) city on the shores of Lake Texcoco. After the Spanish conquest

of the Aztec Empire Conquest , the city was initially the second most important after Mexico City, but its importance faded over time, becoming more rural in character. ref>

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are clearly visible. coordinates latd 65 latm 49 lats 48 latNS N longd 21 longm 41 longs 24 longEW E coordinates_type coordinates_region image_map image_mapsize image_map_alt image_map_caption pushpin_map Scandinavia pushpin_mapsize 300 pushpin_map_alt pushpin_map_caption Location of Boden Fortress pushpin_label Boden Fortress

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High River

flag_size image_seal seal_size image_shield shield_size image_blank_emblem High River AB logo.gif blank_emblem_size 150px image_map mapsize map_caption pushpin_map Canada Alberta pushpin_label_position !-- the position of the pushpin label: left, right, top, bottom, none -->

; pushpin_map_caption Location of High River in Alberta pushpin_mapsize coordinates_display inline,title coordinates_region CA-AB subdivision_type Country subdivision_name subdivision_type2 Region (List of regions of Canada#Alberta) subdivision_name2 Calgary Region subdivision_type3 List of census

: cfml MunicipalProfiles index.cfm?fuseaction BasicReport&MunicipalityType TOWN&stakeholder 148&profileType HIST title Location and History Profile publisher Alberta Municipal Affairs date February 28, 2014 accessdate March 5, 2014 established_date &nbsp; established_title2 &ndash; Village (List of villages in Alberta) established_date2 December 6, 1901 established_title3 &ndash; List


;width:600px;" - Elections to the borough council are held in three out of every

- Laneshaw Bridge - Barnoldswick rowspan "6" colspan "3" Now referred to as "West Craven". This is a part of Lancashire, which was once in the neighbouring West Riding of Yorkshire. (Within the Wapentake of Staincliffe, Deanery of Craven.) - Bracewell and Brogden - Earby - Kelbrook - Salterforth - Sough (Sough, Lancashire) -

caption Places in the Borough of Pendle &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; float center width 550 alt Map of the Borough of Pendle places

Kaunas Airport

Location in Lithuania type Public owner Ministry of Transport and Communications website operator SE (Government-owned corporation) "Kaunas Airport" city-served Kaunas, Lithuania location Karmėlava elevation-f 256 metric-rwy Y r1-number 08 26 r1-length-m 3,250 r1-surface Asphalt stat-year 2014 stat1-header Passengers total stat1-data 724,314 stat2

Trapani Cargo


Paraíso, Tabasco

dot_map_caption dot_x dot_y pushpin_map pushpin_label_position pushpin_mapsize pushpin_map_caption coordinates_display inline,title coordinates_region MX subdivision_type Country subdivision_name subdivision_type1 State (States of Mexico) subdivision_name1 Tabasco subdivision_type2 subdivision_name2 subdivision_type3

of Villahermosa. Although one of its important economic activities is tourism, the center of the town has not been overwhelmed with hotels and other tourist oriented businesses. Most

of the houses of the town are modest, constructed with brick or adobe with a few hacienda style houses with lavish gardens. The center

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