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Kiev. Local statehood was a result of local political evolution in the Early East Slavs' tribal union of Krivichi. thumb left Principality of Polotsk within Kievan Rus in the 11th century (File:Kievan-rus-1015-1113-(en).png) - 140 130 Murom Муром Vladimir Oblast 126,901 116,078 8.53 - 1281 The horde of Kovdygay and Alchiday sacked Murom and Pereslavl-Zalessky, ruined vicinities of Suzdal, Rostov, Vladimir


of Yugoslavia . Wikipedia:Bovec Commons:Category:Bovec

Captaincy General of Guatemala

(Honduras), and León (Nicaragua). The governor-captain general-president of Guatemala became the ''superintendente general'' of the territory and functioned as de facto intendant of Guatemala proper. The agricultural, southern region of Costa Rica remained under a civil and military governor with fiscal oversight of only military expenses; the expenses of the civil government were handled by the intendant of León. These intendancies helped shape local political identity and provided the basis of the future nations of Central America. Independence With the removal of Ferdinand VII (Ferdinand VII of Spain) during the Peninsular War, independence movements (1811 Independence Movement) broke out in the intendancies of San Salvador and León in 1811, which were quickly suppressed. In 1812 the Cádiz Cortes divided the region into two provinces: ''Guatemala'' (consisting of Guatemala, Belize, Chiapas, Honduras and El Salvador) and ''Nicaragua y Costa Rica''. These provinces existed from 1812 to 1814 and once again from 1820 to 1821, the period during which the Spanish Constitution of 1812 was in effect. The two provinces elected seven deputies to the Cortes during the first period. Rieu-Millan, Marie Laure. ''Los diputados americanos en las Cortes de Cádiz: Igualdad o independencia''. Madrid: Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, 1990. 43. ISBN 978-84-00-07091-5 The ''jefe político superior'' (governor) of Guatemala remained the Captain General of Central America and Chiapas. The Captaincy General ended in 1821 with the signing of the Act of Independence of Central America, after which the regional elite supported the Plan of Iguala and joined the First Mexican Empire. With the exception of Chiapas, the region peacefully seceded from Mexico in July 1823, establishing the United Provinces of Central America (Federal Republic of Central America). While the region remained politically cohesive for a short time, centrifugal forces soon pulled the individual provinces apart by 1842. References The first insurgent group was formed by Hidalgo, the Spanish viceregal army captain (captain (land)) Ignacio Allende, the militia captain Juan Aldama and "La Corregidora" Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez. Hidalgo and some of his soldiers were captured and executed by firing squad in Chihuahua (Chihuahua, Chihuahua), on July 31, 1811. Following his death, the leadership was assumed by priest José María Morelos, who occupied key southern cities. On October 3, 1821, the Captaincy General of Guatemala (formed of Chiapas, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Honduras) proclaimed its independence from Spain and its incorporation into the Mexican Empire. This region had been formally subject to New Spain throughout the colonial period, but as a practical matter was administered separately. All but Chiapas soon separated from Mexico.

Yerba Buena Island

being redeveloped. Isolated in the center of the Bay is Alcatraz, the site of the famous federal penitentiary. The federal prison on Alcatraz Island no longer functions, but the complex is a popular tourist site. Despite its name, Mare Island in the northern part of the bay is a peninsula rather than an island. In the last years of the nineteenth- and first decades of the twentieth-centuries, at the behest of local political officials and following Congressional orders, the US Army Corps began dredging the Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers and the deep channels of San Francisco Bay. This work has continued without interruption ever since, an enormous federal subsidy of San Francisco Bay shipping. Some of the dredge spoils were initially dumped in the bay shallows (including helping to create Treasure Island (Treasure Island, California) on the former shoals to the north of Yerba Buena Island) and used to raise an island in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. The net effect of dredging has been to maintain a narrow deep channel—deeper perhaps than the original bay channel—through a much shallower bay. At the same time, most of the marsh areas have been filled or blocked off from the bay by dikes (Dike (construction)). San Francisco is located on the West Coast of the United States at the tip of the San Francisco Peninsula and includes significant stretches of the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay within its boundaries. Several islands (islands of San Francisco Bay)—Alcatraz (Alcatraz Island), Treasure Island (Treasure Island, California) and the adjacent Yerba Buena Island, and a small portion of Alameda Island (Alameda, California), Red Rock Island, and Angel Island (Angel Island, California) are part of the city. Also included are the uninhabited Farallon Islands, long, in Niles Canyon Francisco – Oakland Bay Bridge#Yerba_Buena_Tunnel Yerba Buena Tunnel , Interstate 80 near the middle of the San Francisco – Oakland Bay Bridge complex, Yerba Buena Island, San Francisco (San Francisco, California) image_caption The Ferry Building, along the Embarcadero (The Embarcadero (San Francisco)). Treasure Island (Treasure Island (California)), Yerba Buena Island, and the Bay Bridge (San Francisco – Oakland Bay Bridge) can be seen in the background, with Justin Herman Plaza and the foot of Market Street (The Embarcadero (San Francisco)) in the foreground. address 1 Ferry Building The temple sits on a prominent site in the Oakland hills and has become a local landmark. Through the front courtyard are stairways which lead to the temple terrace situated above the ground floor of the temple. From the temple grounds and terrace are spectacular views of the Bay Area, including downtown Oakland, the Bay Bridge (San Francisco – Oakland Bay Bridge), Yerba Buena Island, downtown San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge. The Grounds are accented by flowers, palm trees, and a formal-style man-made river running from one fountain to the other. Treasure Island Treasure Island, a completely flat, artificial island attached to Yerba Buena Island, was built specifically for the Exposition near where the Oakland span and the San Francisco span of the Bay Bridge join. Built by the federal government, Treasure Island was to be an airport for Pan American's (Pan American World Airways) Pacific Rim service of flying boats, of which the China Clipper is an example. Due to wartime (Pacific War) needs, it was soon turned into a naval base, which was occupied by the US Navy from 1941 to 1997. ''Treasure Island'', American Heritage Dictionary, Fourth Edition. Houghton Mifflin Company. March 1, 2004. accessed October 19, 2006.

Lemoore, California

Council. Lemoore residents have always taken a keen interest in local political activities. Bob E. Baldock designed and opened for play in 1928 a 9-hole course. The City of Lemoore had it remodeled in 1991, by Bill Phillips to add to the community an exciting 18-hole golf course. Climate According to the Köppen Climate Classification system, Lemoore has a semi-arid climate, abbreviated "BSk" on climate maps.


- to elect the SDL candidate, Ratu Peni Volavola (Peni Volavola), to the office of Lord Mayor. * In the city of Lautoka, a purely local political party, the Sugar City Ratepayers Alliance, contested the 2005 election (but failed to win any seats). A number of other parties operating only at the municipal level contested other town councils, some of them successfully, winning control of councils in Labasa, Lami, Levuka, Nausori, Savusavu, and Tavua. Chaudhry was admitted to the bar as a lawyer on 30 September 2005, by Chief Justice (Chief Justice (Fiji)) Daniel Fatiaki. He has since become a partner with Rajesh Gordon of Gordon and Company in Lautoka. Chaudhry maintains the Suva office under the trading name of Gordon & Chaudhry Lawyers. He has since appeared in several high profile cases with the most prominent being the writ by the Opposition Leader against the Prime Minister for defamation. He also acts pro bono for many of his clients who cannot afford legal representation. Municipal elections (Municipal elections in Fiji) were held for 11 of Fiji's twelve city and town councils (Local government of Fiji) on 22 October 2005. In the capital city (Suva), however, elections for the Suva City Council were postponed till 12 November, owing to the death of two candidates; the death of a candidate in Lautoka also resulted in the postponement of the poll in one of the four ward (ward (politics))s. Results by municipality Local as well as national issues featured prominently in the campaign and featured in the results. The results were considered a disappointment for the United Fiji Party (SDL); their first-ever win in Lami was more than off-set by their defeat in Nasinu, whose population is much larger. The Fiji Labour Party (FLP) retained control of Lautoka and won control of Nasinu and Labasa, but failed to win any seats in Ba (Ba Town), prompting party leader Mahendra Chaudhry to cry foul. Chaudhry said he would challenge the result in the courts, alleging that the decision of the electoral commission to disqualify several FLP candidates on technicalities had resulted in the National Federation Party (National Federation Party (Fiji)) winning several seats unopposed. The NFP not only retained control of Ba, but also of Nadi and, in coalition with the SDL, of Sigatoka. Locally-organized ''Ratepayers' Associations'' won in Nausori, Tavua, and Savusavu, while in Levuka, the Balance Party (Balance Party (Fiji)), a purely municipal group, gained control of the Town Council (Levuka Town Council). Lautoka The election in Lautoka took place in three of the city's four wards (ward (politics)), the voting in the Simla (Lautoka) ward having been postponed till 12 November owing to the death of a candidate. The FLP made a clean sweep of the Veitari and Tavakubu wards, winning all four seats in each wards; the 8 seats in total give the FLP majority control of the council, regardless of the result of the special election in Simla. The SDL won the four seats in the Waiyavi ward. Lautoka The election in Lautoka took place in three of the city's four wards (ward (politics)), the voting in the Simla (Lautoka) ward having been postponed till 12 November owing to the death of a candidate. The FLP made a clean sweep of the Veitari and Tavakubu wards, winning all four seats in each wards; the 8 seats in total give the FLP majority control of the council, regardless of the result of the special election in Simla. The SDL won the four seats in the Waiyavi ward. The Attorney-General's office The office of the Attorney-General is responsible for all legal needs of government departments, statutory bodies, and state-owned enterprises. The office has three offices in Suva, Lautoka, and Labasa respectively. Government legal work in the country's Central (Central Division, Fiji) and Eastern (Eastern Division, Fiji) Divisions (Local government of Fiji) is undertaken by the central office in Suva, headed by the Solicitor-General (Solicitor-General (Fiji)), while the Lautoka office (headed by the Principal Legal Officer (Principal Legal Officer (Fiji))) is responsible for the Western Division (Western Division, Fiji). The Northern Division (Northern Division, Fiji) is covered by the Labasa office. Wikipedia:Lautoka ----


in memory of him have been erected including one in Virserum, where the final battle allegedly took place during 1543. Nils Dacke-party (:sv:Nils Dacke-partiet) (''Nils Dacke-partiet'') is a local political party in Gnosjö County. ''M S Nils Dacke (:sv:M S Nils Dacke)'' is a vessel, owned by TT-Line (:sv:TT-Line) serving the Trelleborg-Travemünde route. In 1961, a made-for-television film entitled ''Dacke'' was released by Swedish director and screenwriter Bengt Lagerkvist (:sv:Bengt Lagerkvist). Ship operator 1975-1985: TT-Line 1985-1994: TT-Line Pty. Ltd. 1994-1995: Ventouris Ferries 1995-Present: Nel Lines Ship route 1975-1985: Travemünde–Trelleborg 1985-1993: Devonport (Devonport, Tasmania)-Melbourne 1994-1995: Igoumenitsa – Bari 1995-Present: Pireaus-Chios-Mytilini-Thessaloniki Ship ordered 1974 History The '''M S Abel Tasman''' was the first ferry of the TT-line (Tasmania) (TT-Line (Australia)) - a passenger vehicle ferry that was built at Nobiskrug in Rendsburg for the TT-line (Germany) (TT-Line) as the ''Nils Holgersson'' (3) for the Travemünde - Trelleborg route in 1975 along with her sister ''Peter Pan'' (2). In 1985 the Australian National Line (Australian National Lines) (ANL) announced they would be pulling out of the Bass Strait run, so the Federal Government gave the Tasmanian Government the capital required to buy a suitable ferry, in compensation for placing the environmentally-sensitive Gordon River off-limits to Hydro Tasmania power generation schemes. This ship turned out to be the ''Nils Holgersson'' (3) from the TT-line (Germany) (TT-Line), which also came with an option to buy her sister ship ''Peter Pan'' (2) one year later (which never came to pass). He left Airdrie in 1993, playing in Sweden with Trelleborg, before returning to Scotland, joining Heart of Midlothian (Heart of Midlothian F.C.) in July 1993, but had his contract terminated in February 1994 for 'unprofessional conduct' (he had attempted to sell false stories regarding him and a number of cabinet ministers to the press), and returned to the United States to coach a boys team in Georgia. He later moved to Atlanta Ruckus, but was suspended for the playoffs for failure to comply with the terms of his contract, before joining Miramar Rangers in New Zealand in 1997. He then moved to Ellicott City (Ellicott City, Maryland), Maryland to coach the Maryland Mania, a new professional team in the second division USL A-League, following his officially announced retirement from the professional game. Clustered along the shore of The Sound, from the medieval town of Skanör in the South to Bjärred in the North, a set of villages and towns have in the latter half of the 20th century expanded to an almost continuous set of suburbs. The commuter belt in the inland consists of more separate towns and expanded villages. The inclusion of the harbour town of Trelleborg at the Baltic Sea in the South, or the exclusion of Eslöv, Höör and Landskrona in the North, necessarily will appear arbitrary direction_a South terminus_a Trelleborg (Sweden) junction thumb right E 6 south of Narvik (Image:Tømmernes.jpg) '''European route E 6''' is the designation for the main north-south road in Norway, and the west coast of Sweden, running from the southern tip of Sweden, at Trelleborg, into Norway and through almost all of the country north to Finnmark. The route ends close to the Norwegian border with Russia. Its length is Wikipedia:Trelleborg Dmoz:Regional Europe Sweden Skåne_County Localities Trelleborg Commons:Category:Trelleborg


in Vantaa) is a Finnish (Finland) footballer (football (soccer)) who currently plays for Willem II Tilburg in the Dutch Eerste Divisie. DATE OF BIRTH 20 January 1985 PLACE OF BIRTH Vantaa, Finland DATE OF DEATH '''Pro Vantaa''' is a local political party in the municipality of Vantaa, Finland. In the 2004 municipal elections the party got 1015 votes (1,4%). It got one seat in the municipal council, represented by Ensio Laaksonen. ) is a global consulting and engineering firm focusing on the energy, forest industry and infrastructure & environment sectors. It changed its name from Jaakko Pöyry Group in 2006. The company is listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange and is headquartered in Vantaa, Finland. The shooting has prompted public anger in Finland at the media attention directed to it, with a feeling that it undermines the placid reputation of the country. People have questioned the decision of a survey last month to designate Finland as the world's "most livable country". Psycho-social service manager Anna Cantell-Forsbom from nearby Vantaa (w:Vantaa) has spoken out about her view that the shooting was mainly caused by a lack of psychiatric care available to the Finnish youth and therefore did not reflect on Finnish society. The shooting has also prompted a move by the Finnish government (w:Politics of Finland) to raise the legal age for gun ownership from 15 years to 18 years.


Trade Party of Norrbotten''' (in Swedish (Swedish language): ''Norrbottens Frihandelsparti'') a local political party in Haparanda, Sweden. The party is pro-European Union. *Derry metropolitan area, Northern Ireland extends into County Donegal, Republic of Ireland *Tornio, Finland and Haparanda, Sweden *Nicosia, Cyprus metropolitan area extends from Republic of Cyprus to the unrecognised Turkish Northern Nicosia. *An islet in the Vadet near Tunnsjø, between Norway and Sweden. Islet in the Vadet near Tunnsjø: Wikipedia:Haparanda Dmoz:Regional Europe Sweden Norrbotten County Localities Haparanda Commons:Category:Haparanda

West Lancashire

) is a village and civil parish (civil parishes in England) within West Lancashire in North West England, to the north of both Ormskirk and Skelmersdale. - 100px (File:Holt Green - - 1929518.jpg) Aughton (Aughton, Lancashire) Civil parish align "right" 8,342 West Lancashire West Lancashire Rural District (West Lancashire Rural District) A Vision of Britain Through Time : ''West Lancashire Rural District'' Retrieved 24 May 2010 Office for National Statistics : ''Census 2001 : Parish Headcounts : West Lancashire'' Retrieved 24 May 2010 - - 100px (File:The Old Windmill at Bickerstaffe - - 2098845.jpg) Bickerstaffe Civil parish align "right" 1,196 West Lancashire West Lancashire Rural District (West Lancashire Rural District) - - 100px (File:Eagle and Child, Bispham Green.JPG) Bispham (Bispham, West Lancashire) Civil parish align "right" 207 West Lancashire West Lancashire Rural District (West Lancashire Rural District) - - 100px (File:Tin Tabernacle - - 94969.jpg) Burscough Civil parish align "right" 8,968 West Lancashire Ormskirk Urban District (Ormskirk Urban District) - - 100px (File:Fine old stone farmhouse on Lees Lane - - 2111044.jpg) Dalton (Dalton, Lancashire) Civil parish align "right" 348 West Lancashire Wigan Rural District (Wigan Rural District) A Vision of Britain Through Time : ''Wigan Rural District'' Retrieved 24 May 2010 - - 100px (File:Downholland Hall - - 1270254.jpg) Downholland Civil parish align "right" 966 West Lancashire West Lancashire Rural District (West Lancashire Rural District) - - 100px (File:Church of St Michael and All Angels, Great Altcar.JPG) Great Altcar Civil parish align "right" 243 West Lancashire West Lancashire Rural District (West Lancashire Rural District) - - 100px (File:"Stalag escapee" - - 1385874.jpg) Halsall Civil parish align "right" 1,873 West Lancashire West Lancashire Rural District (West Lancashire Rural District) - - 100px (File:Lettuce - - 173626.jpg) Hesketh with Becconsall Civil parish align "right" 3,873 West Lancashire West Lancashire Rural District (West Lancashire Rural District) - - 100px (File:Remains of windmill, Harrock Hill - - 1827977.jpg) Hilldale (Hilldale, Lancashire) Civil parish align "right" 633 West Lancashire Wigan Rural District (Wigan Rural District) - - 100px (File:Lathom Chapel, Ormskirk - - 12630.jpg) Lathom Civil parish align "right" 890 West Lancashire Ormskirk Urban District (Ormskirk Urban District) - - 100px (File:Copper Beech Trees on Dick's Lane - - 2091034.jpg) Lathom South Civil parish align "right" 762 West Lancashire Ormskirk Urban District (Ormskirk Urban District) Office for National Statistics : ''Census 2001 : Table KS01 : Usual Resident Population'' Bickerstaffe (part); and Newburgh (part) wards. Retrieved 24 May 2010 The West Lancashire (Parish Electoral Arrangements and Electoral Changes) Order 2007 Retrieved 24 May 2010 - - 100px (File:Newburgh Post Office - - 2090007.jpg) Newburgh (Newburgh, Lancashire) Civil parish align "right" 1,080 West Lancashire Ormskirk Urban District (Ormskirk Urban District) <

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