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: 100.nhn?docid 49355 "Dongjingcheng site", ''Naver encyclopedia'' The city of Mudanjiang is named after for the Mudan River (literally, "Peony River") flowing through it. Imperial Russia built a train station for the Chinese Eastern Railway(КВЖД, KVZhD) in Mudanjiang in 1903, after which local development started boosting. Both Chinese and Russian settlers established themselves here. Mudanjiang was little more than a large village

Oxford County, Ontario

mill , on the site of the future community serving the needs of the influx of mainly European settlers brought about by the local development of Canada Company lands earlier in the century. The location of the initial development of the mills was intended to occur at Sarepta (Sarepta, Ontario), east of the present site of Dashwood on Dashwood Road. A change of circumstances brought about an alteration of the plans of the two brothers and lower cost land became

Sunset District, San Francisco

Francisco neighborhoods have changed faces over two decades publisher San Francisco Examiner date 2011-03-20 accessdate 2013-02-21 url http: local development 2011 03 san-francisco-neighborhoods-have-changed-faces-over-last-two-decades a result of a demographic shift that began in the late 1960s and accelerated from the 1980s as Asian immigration to San Francisco increased dramatically. Much of the original, largely Irish American population of the Sunset


of the work is related to farmers and the development of the rural area. It is also observed that the government is exerting more and more efforts to attract foreign investment to spur local development. The current mayor is Tao Minglun. Demographics According to the 2010 Census (Sixth National Population Census of the People's Republic of China), Shangqiu has a population of 7,362,472. That is 390,528 inhabitants less than in 2000 (the population shrank 5.04% in ten years).


title Opinion on the Law on Modification and Addition in the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova in Particular Concerning the Status of Gagauzia accessdate 2007-11-24 year 2002 publisher Council of Europe The Gagauzian People's Assembly (''Adunarea Populară''; Gagauz: ''Halk Topluşu'') has a mandate for lawmaking powers within its own jurisdiction. This includes laws on education, culture, local development, budgetary and taxation issues, social security, and questions of territorial administration. The People's Assembly also has two special powers: it may participate in the formulation of Moldova's internal and foreign policy; and, should central regulations interfere with the jurisdiction of Gagauz-Yeri, it has the right of appeal to Moldova's Constitutional Court (List of constitutional courts). The highest official of Gagauzia, who heads the executive power structure, is the Governor of Gagauzia (Romanian: ''Guvernatorul Găgăuziei''; Gagauz: ''Başkan'' (Bashkan)). He or she is elected by popular suffrage for a four-year term. He has power over all public administrative bodies of Gagauzia, and is also a member of the Government of the Republic of Moldova. Eligibility for governorship requires fluency in the Gagauz language, Moldovan citizenship, and a minimum age of 35 years. Permanent executive power in Gagauz-Yeri is exercised by the Executive Committee (''Comitetul Executiv'' or ''Bakannik Komiteti''). Its members are appointed by the Governor, or by a simple majority (majority) vote in the Assembly at its first session. The Committee ensures the application of the laws of the Republic of Moldova and those of the Assembly of Gagauz-Yeri. As part of its autonomy, Gagauzia has its own police force. birth_place Ceadîr-Lunga, Gagauzia, Moldavian SSR death_date DATE OF BIRTH August 12, 1957 PLACE OF BIRTH Ceadîr-Lunga, Gagauzia, Moldavian SSR DATE OF DEATH ::: Possibly a bad thing, but the cure may be even worse if it means putting the Moldova flag on stubs which deal 100% with Transnistria. That (whose flag Transnistria is under) is a sore point for Transnistria, but not so much for Moldova. This is because Moldova lets Transnistria fly its own flag just as they let the autonomous region of Gagauzia also fly its own flag. If we remove any mention of Transnistria, and replace it with the word Moldova, that would not only invite more conflict but would also in many cases even be outright misleading; especially in bio-stub cases where, in some cases, political leaders weren't even born in Moldova. Note also that in Transnistria you now have a new generation coming of age which was born under independence. Putting a Moldovan flag on these people who have ''never'' in their life been subject to Moldovan jurisdiction would indicate POV, especially if we know better and if we already know which solution that will satisfy both sides. Considering the alternatives, I therefore still vote for '''keep''' even though I fully understand your concerns and even share them myself. - Mauco (User:William Mauco) 13:01, 27 April 2006 (UTC)


renamed Ibibio State Union. The social organization was first organized as a local development and improvement forum for educated persons and groups who were shut out from the colonial administration in 1929. Nonetheless, some historians have wrongly pointed to the union to buttress their argument about the homogeneity of groups in the area. A former campus was opened in October 1973 in Calabar, Cross River State. The campus at Calabar became


County Council, Rossendale Borough Council and Whitworth Town Council. The history of local government in Whitworth began in 1874. The latter end of that century, as has previously been mentioned, saw a great deal of local development. As a result, a local board (Local board of health) was set up in 1874 to administer Whitworth. Further independence arrived towards the end of the century with the creation of the Parish of Whitworth, one of nineteen new parishes carved out of the original vast Rochdale Parish. Complete independence came in June 1894 when an urban district council replaced the Local Board. The first meeting was held on 3 January 1895 and the first chairman was William Ernest Whitworth. With this, Whitworth had become ecclesiastically and administratively autonomous from its neighbour. However, in 1974 when Whitworth Urban District was abolished and Whitworth was absorbed into the newly created Rossendale Borough (Rossendale). This was an error Other locations were Selkirk (Selkirk, Scottish Borders), a town in the Scottish Borders, BBC Press Office (30 April 2004). "BBC ONE explores love across the social divide in an adaptation of Elizabeth Gaskell's North and South". Press release (News release). Retrieved on 26 April 2008. Burnley in Lancashire, and the Bluebell Railway in Sussex, where the final and the beginning scenes were shot. Additional railway sequences were filmed in Yorkshire, using carriages provided by the Vintage Carriages Trust '''Andrew Houston''' (Born March 23, 1846 – ?? ) was born in Doonbreeda, Nephin, County Mayo; later moving to Rossendale, credited as the Rossendale Bard. A case is currently being tried in England over the alleged assault of a 'Goth' (w:Goth subculture) couple, resulting in the death of the female victim. A fifteen-year-old youth, who was one of a gang of five, is charged with having kicked and stamped the 20-year-old woman to death in Stubby Lee Park, Bacup (w:Bacup), Rossendale (w:Rossendale) in Lancashire (w:Lancashire) on the 11 August 2007.

Mérida, Mérida

, and the importance of the Universidad de Los Andes in local development, the positions of ''University Director'' and ''President of the Student Body of the University of The Andes'' are also of great importance within the local political scene; the first of these offices is currently filled by an opposition party member. Due to the recent suspension of the elections for President of the University Student Body, the city has seen an intense wave of protests that have left more than a dozen

Sa Pa

''Income Diversification and Poverty in the Northern Uplands of Vietnam''. International Food Policy Institute. Research Report 145:29. Efforts to improve the situation for the local people include both governmental and non-governmental initiatives. The government of Vietnam and foreign governments have contributed to local development programs. Centre for Social Initiatives Promotion, Start-up Level 2011. International non-governmental organizations such as Oxfam

Midtown Atlanta

'''Midtown''' is an underground metro station on the Red (Red Line (MARTA)) and Gold (Gold Line (MARTA)) lines of the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) rail system located in Midtown Atlanta. As of April 2006, 4,085 daily fares were collected at the gates. One Zipcar vehicle is parked at the station. Location Civic Center station is located in SoNo (SoNo (Atlanta)), a sub-district of Downtown (Downtown Atlanta), with convenient access to the southern end of Midtown Atlanta. The station is named after the nearby Atlanta Civic Center three blocks east at Piedmont Avenue NE, but serves the Peachtree Summit and SunTrust Plaza skyscrapers to the south. It provides connecting bus service to Georgia State Capitol, The Metro Transitional Center, The Turner Field, Zoo Atlanta, Centennial Olympic Park, The World of Coca-Cola, and The Georgia Aquarium.

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