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Alon Shvut

on the road to Alon Shvut, won a gold medal for its Cabernet Franc in the annual Mediterranean International Wine and Spirit Challenge, also known as Terravino. Local culture The annual Bible-learning seminar at Herzog College is a 5-day event that attracts thousands of participants from all


, Dar Loughat provides its students daily contact with Moroccan life, allowing them to expand their vocabulary, improve their spoken language performance and better understand the local culture. Buy Eat * Restaurant Restinga * Ali Baba * El Reducto * Birjiss *


-06 were built in the present Fidel Castro period. '''Baracoa''', nicknamed ''La Ciudad Primera'', is Cuba's easternmost and oldest city. It is popular among tourists for its indigenous-inflected unique local culture, distinctive local cuisine, natural rainforest surroundings, and its chocolate. Understand File:ElYunqueBaracoa.JPG 400px thumbnail right alt El Yunque, an anvil-shaped mountain, surrounded by rainforests

Porto Velho

go to the last square on 7 de Septembro, walk up to the Clube da Ferrovia and turn left. * '''Casa da Cultura''' just of the square with the Caixas D'agua. Here you'll find changing expositions by local artists and once done an exhibition of local culture. Free. thumb (Image:Railway-worker.jpg) * '''Catedral''' On Dom Pedro II the main church of Porto Velho. Simple on both the inside and outside but well worth a visit. thumb (Image:Cathedral-pvh.jpg) * '''Weekly Market''' Porto Velho


and are more expensive than Trujillo, from where it is supplied. A tourist will most likely find himself enjoying the local culture while becoming quite familiar with restaurants in front of the ocean and in the ancient zone. Like most Latin cultures, the Peruvians find eating to be an important part of the day. The best time to go to eat would be around 13:00 for "almuerzo", the dinner lunch. *

Rankin Inlet

sought to give the public an opportunity to offer input into the colours and symbolism of the flag as well as to give local artists an opportunity to participate. Led by the Chief Herald of Canada, a group developing the flag visited a number of communities to seek input and learn about local culture, including Rankin Inlet, Baker Lake (Baker Lake, Nunavut), Cape Dorset, Iqaluit, and Pangnirtung. *In Canada: **Rankin Inlet, Nunavut

Khon Kaen

: email address lat long directions phone 087-6439018 tollfree fax hours price content This local tour company has day and overnight trips in and around Khon Kaen. They follow a slow travel approach and include stops at villages, temples and markets on all tours to allow people to experience the local culture. Buy Khon Kaen is famous for its silk. Across the road from the Roma Hotel in downtown, there is a cheap breakfast


(sauce) mole , pickled nopales and a sweet bread called pan de pucha. Since 2008, at the end of the October, it hosts the annual Festival Internacional de Cine Fantástico y de Terror Mórbido (International Festival of Fantasy and Morbid Terror Cinema). While movies and film are featured, there are also events related to local culture, workshops, seminars, music and dance. The films are from both Mexico and abroad

Little Havana

cuisine. Today, these are part of the local culture, and can be found throughout the city in window cafés, particularly outside of supermarkets and restaurants. http: History Sandwiches CubanSandwich.htm http: destinations miami 0017024034.html Restaurants such as Versailles restaurant in Little Havana is a landmark eatery of Miami. Located on the Atlantic Ocean, and with a long history as a seaport


for teacher training, the first folk museum, the first school for industrial textile manufacturing, the first school for embroidery, the first drama school, and the first school for the deaf and the blind. China Daily reference for First school of Embroidery, textile and drama Local Culture of Nantong from Torch relay ref>

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