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Though not much to look at from the exterior, this fast-food establishment serves delicious pelmeni. Drink Local '''beers''' are the dark and strong '''Vepr''' (Вепрь) with a snarling wild boar on the label, and the light '''Snezhinskoe''' (Снежинское). Both brands are sold as "live" and "unfiltered". *

Silver Lake, Los Angeles

in the city, including two homes designed by Frank Lloyd Wright: Ennis House and the Hollyhock House, and Richard Neutra's Lovell House. Disneyland recreation '''Buena Vista Street''', the new entrance to the California Adventure (Disney California Adventure Park) theme park at the Disneyland Resort, is partly modeled after Los Feliz during the 1920s, when Walt Disney first arrived and set up shop in Los Angeles.

Regional Municipality of Halton

and the Golden Horseshoe. Halton has been ranked by ''Maclean's'' national crime ranking report as being the "safest place to live" in the Greater Toronto Area, and one of the top 5 in Canada. Halton Region Ranked Safest Place to Live in GTA, Top 5 in Canada Halton Region experienced a growth rate of 17.1% between 2001 and 2006, and 14.2% between 2006 and 2011, giving it one of the highest growth rates in the country. Despite the unprecedented growth in residential development, agriculture and protected lands along the Niagara Escarpment are still the predominant land uses in the Region. History The Regional Municipality of Halton was established on 1 January 1974 as the successor to the former Halton County (Halton County, Ontario) by the ''Regional Municipality of Halton Act, 1973''. ''Regional Municipality of Halton Act, 1973'', S.O. 1973, c. 70 From 1 January 2003, it has been governed by the ''Municipal Act, 2001 (Municipal Act, 2001 (Ontario))''. ''Municipal Act, 2001'', S.O. 2001, c. 25 Until the 2000 municipal elections, the Chairman of the Regional Council had been appointed by the Ontario government. From that date, it has been an elective position. Joyce Savoline was the last appointed Chairman, and was elected and reelected as Chairman until her retirement from the position in 2006. The current Regional Chairman is Gary Carr (Gary Carr (politician)). Regional Council The Council consists of the elected Chairman, the mayors of the local municipalities, and regional councillors elected by wards from the local municipalities (who also sit on their respective municipal councils). The current membership of the council is as follows: class "wikitable" - ! Chairman !! Municipality !! Mayor !! Regional Councillors - rowspan "4" Gary Carr (Gary Carr (politician)) City of Burlington Rick Goldring :Rick Craven :Jack Dennison :Blair Lancaster :Paul Sharman :John Taylor :Marianne Meed Ward - Town of Oakville Rob Burton :Tom Adams :Keith Bird :Cathy Duddeck :Allan Elgar :Alan Johnston :Jeff Knoll - Town of Milton Gordon Krantz :Colin Best :Brian Penman - Town of Halton Hills Rick Bonnette :Jane Fogal :Clark Somerville Demographics It is categorized as a regional environmentally sensitive area, an Ontario area of natural scientific interest (Area of Natural and Scientific Interest), and part of the Niagara escarpment ''world biosphere reserve (Man and the Biosphere Programme)''. The conservation area contains Crawford Lake (Crawford Lake (Halton Region, Ontario)), a meromictic lake, which makes the lake a prime site for archeological and geochemical studies. The site was first discovered in 1971 after a study of the sediment of Crawford Lake. Using pollen analysis, reconstruction of the history of the area over several hundred years was possible. thumb left An abandoned section of highway lies in the bush next to the current route, north of Greensville, Ontario Greensville (File:Old alignment of Highway 5.png) Highway 5 serves as a short connector between Highway 8 in the west and Highway 6 in the east, essentially a continuation of Highway 8. This configuration comes as a result of the truncation of both highways. The removed sections were transferred to the jurisdiction of the City of Toronto, the City of Mississauga, the Regional Municipality of Halton, the City of Hamilton, the County of Brant, and Oxford County (Oxford County, Ontario) on January 1, 1998. Prior to that, Highway 5 followed a large portion of the ''Governors Road'' between Toronto and Paris.


Asanović Tihomir "Pop" Asanović was approached to join the band, but he turned the offer down. The band released their debut single with songs "Živim ja" ("I Live"), originally entitled "Biska 13", and "Biska 16" in 1974 through PGP-RTB. Smak discography at Discogs The song "Živim ja" featured the flutist Sreten Tasić "Tasa", ref


of these groups was to meet "every week to talk about the problems people face where they live". The representatives of the different community groups meet "in the main group in the villages or towns called the “House of the People”". According to Zaher Baher of the Haringey Solidarity Group, the TEV-DEM has been "the most successful organ" in Rojava because it has the "determination and power" to change things, it includes many people who "believe

Newtown, Connecticut

was established as the Parish of Newbury, which incorporated parts of neighboring Newtown (Newtown, Connecticut) and Danbury (Danbury, Connecticut), the town of Brookfield was established in 1788. It was named after the first minister of the parish's Congregational church, Reverend Thomas Brooks. The town was featured in Forbes' "Best Places to Live" feature article . Monroe, like its neighbors, is largely considered a bedroom community

Simcoe, Ontario

Southern California ranch life for Harper's ''The New Monthly Magazine'' saying: "I looked around with some curiosity for this was the first time I had had an opportunity to see how the old Californians of wealth live." Nordoff found the adobe style of living "poor and simple" with a mix of "squalor and splendor." *Kent Street, Kent, UK *Kent Street (Kent Street (Simcoe, Ontario)) in Simcoe (Simcoe, Ontario), Norfolk County, Ontario

Northeast Ohio

States . As of the 2010 census (United States 2010 Census), the city population was 23,348. In 2011, the city was listed by ''Money (Money (magazine))'' as 3rd in its list of "Best Places to Live." title Best Places to Live publisher CNN Money Magazine In 2009, the city was listed by ''Money (Money (magazine))'' as 23rd in its list of "Best Places to Live." http


an afternoon of intense emotions. In a mood of great collective participation, Alfio Molina's jersey nr. 1, Sandro Bertaggia's jersey nr. 2 and Pat Schafhauser's jersey nr. 4 are officially collected. The last-named is connected "live" by satellite from Minneapolis. Lugano's season has an apical moment in the play-offs semi-final against the ZSC Lions team disallowing three matchballs on the part of the Zurich team: Lugano team eliminates the Lions and is in the final. But the black

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