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, and educated at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and the Technische Hochschule (Technical University) in Berlin, Germany. He emigrated to the U.S. in 1902 and spent much of his life working for the General Electric company. He designed the Alexanderson alternator, a high-frequency generator for longwave transmissions, which made modulated (voice) radio broadcasts practical. The only surviving transmitter in a working state is at the Grimeton radio station (VLF transmitter Grimeton) outside Varberg, Sweden. It is a prime example of pre-electronic radio technology and was added to UNESCO's World heritage list in 2004. Pridebowl was created by Aaron Goulding (vocalist and writer from Newport Beach, California), Henrik Nilsson, Stefan Glendell, Oskar Andersson and Martin Bodin who are all from Varberg, Sweden. The band took form by the end of September 1994 and within a couple of months their demo (demo (music)) tape, titled ''Ambitious Ways'' was completed. Horn attacked the provinces Halland and Skåne in 1565, and made several attempts at Bohuslän and Uddevalla. The Danish burned old Lödöse in the province of Västergötland. Against the Danish army, Eric led the army himself at first, but then again turned over command to someone else, this time to Nils Boije, who on 28 August 1564 took Varberg. The Danish army under Daniel Rantzau beat the Swedish army in the Battle of Axtorna on 20 October. Anholt has an airport (ICAO-code:EKAT) with a 650 meter-long grass runway. There are daily air flights to Anholt during the summer and weekly flights in the winter. The flights depart from Roskilde airport via Copenhagen Air Taxi. The flights also go on to Læsø Island, and return to Roskilde from there, via Anholt. One can also fly from Varberg, Sweden, via charter from Varbergs flygklubb. History Two railways built in the late 19th century and early 20th century, Falkenberg railway (Falkenberg - Limmared) and WbÄJ (Varberg - Ätran (Ätran (locality)) 1911-1961), had a station in Ullared, which gave it an advantage compared to surrounding villages. The railways closed around 1960. The following decade saw a lot of housing construction and the establishment of many shops and an increase in publish services. '''Tenson''' is an outdoor (outdoor activity) clothing designer and manufacturer based in Sweden.Tenson is owned by the Unlimited Sports Group of the Netherlands. It was founded in 1951 by engineer Paul Rydholm in Varberg, a picturesque coastal town in western Sweden. Since then, the brand has been established in Scandinavia and Western Europe. Tenson makes comfortable and functional outdoor garments and develops their own technologies and materials, notably their line of waterproof breathable fabric (waterproof fabric#waterproof breathable fabric)s: mpc, mpc extreme and AIR PUSH. '''Stefan Selaković''' (born 9 January 1977 in Varberg) is a Swedish (Sweden) footballer (association football) who plays for IFK Göteborg as a forward (Forward (association football)). He previously played for SC Heerenveen, Halmstads BK and Varbergs GIF. Selaković can also play as a midfielder. He is a former Swedish international (Sweden national football team). DATE OF BIRTH 9 January 1977 PLACE OF BIRTH Varberg, Sweden DATE OF DEATH He was born '''Ponce De La Gardie''' in Russol (Aude), Languedoc, as a son of Jacques De la Gardie and Catherine de Sainte-Colombe. WikiPedia:Varberg Dmoz:Regional Europe Sweden Halland County Localities Varberg

State Political Directorate

, Pennsylvania . When the FBI questioned Hede Massing about Gerhart Eisler, her first husband from 1919 to 1923, who had been an illegal immigrant and an agent for the Comintern to the U.S. in the 1930s, but was now (from 1941) a legal refugee, both began slowly to confess their soviet work. Hede's memoir of their life in Communist intelligence, ''This Deception'' was published in 1951. It shows the hardships they had had to endure and their strange life working first for the GRU (State Political Directorate) and later, the KGB. Paul Massing later left Hede for sociologist Herta Herzog. According to the all-union military service law of September 1925, the Soviet Armed Forces consisted of five components: the Ground Forces (Red Army), the Air Forces (Soviet Air Forces), the Navy (Soviet Navy), the State Political Directorate (OGPU) (predecessor of the Committee for State Security KGB)). Scott and Scott, The Armed Forces of the Soviet Union, Westview Press, 1979, p.13 The OGPU was later made independent and amalgamated with the NKVD in 1934. After World War II the Strategic Missile Troops (1960), Air Defense Forces (Soviet Air Defense Forces) (1948) and troops of the All-Union National Civil Defence Forces (1970) were added, standing first, third and sixth in the official Soviet reckoning of comparative importance (with the Ground Forces being second, the Air Forces fourth, the Navy fifth, the Border Troops Service of the KGB seventh and the MVD Internal Troops in eighth place. "Had I remained in America permanently I might have evolved a new, if badly scarred and patched, enthusiasm," Lyons wrote in his memoirs. "I might have ended by contributing high-minded lies to the ''New Masses (The New Masses)'' and slept happily ever after." Lyons, ''Assignment in Utopia,'' pp. 414-415. But Lyons did return, where he found an ever-increasing level of terror exerted by the GPU (State Political Directorate) against recalcitrant peasants, anyone suspected of secretly holding gold or foreign currency, and those accused of economic crimes such as sabotage: '''Soviet Border Troops''', ( ; 1885, Pavlograd - March 22, 1925) headed the Soviet foreign intelligence service, the ''INO'' of the GPU (State Political Directorate), from 1921 until May 1922, when he was sent to head the GPU in the South Caucasus region where had been involved in the suppression of the 1924 August Uprising in the Georgian SSR. He died in a plane crash near Tiflis (Tbilisi) in unclear circumstances. Mogilevsky was born to Jewish parents in Pavlograd. In 1903 he joined the RSDRP, and in 1904 Mogilevsky was arrested. In 1906 he left Russia for Switzerland where Mogilevsky met Vladimir Lenin who recommended him to be admitted into Bolshevik section of the party. At the outbreak of the World War I he returned to Russia and was a soldier on the front. Mogilevsky participated in the 1917 October Revolution. During the Russian Civil War he was appointed to various positions in the GPU (State Political Directorate). Since May 1922 Mogilevsky headed the Caucausian GPU and was responsible for intelligence in Iran and Turkey. He participated in stifling the August Uprising in Georgian SSR. Mogilevsky was decorated with the Order of the Red Banner in 1924 for his outstanding activities in the suppression of the uprising

San Cristóbal de las Casas

a new life. Working on behalf of the Mexican government, Trudi Duby was photographing the legendary Lacandon Maya, the only Maya never conquered or converted by the Spanish. From then on, La Selva Lacandona rain forest was the common denominator in the professional and personal lives of Frans and Trudi Blom. The first evangelists came to the area in 1545, sent by Bartolomé de las Casas from San Cristóbal de las Casas. These monks were Dominicans (Dominican order), who divided

Reading, Pennsylvania

- 1 align "left" New York-Philadelphia-Connecticut align "left" New York (New York City)-Newark (Newark, New Jersey), NY-NJ-CT; Philadelphia (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), PA-NJ-DE-MD; Allentown (Allentown, Pennsylvania)-Bethlehem (Bethlehem, Pennsylvania) PA-NJ; Lancaster (Lancaster, Pennsylvania), PA; Pottstown (Pottstown, Pennsylvania), PA; Reading (Reading, Pennsylvania), PA; Trenton (Trenton, New Jersey), NJ; Hightstown (Hightstown, New Jersey), NJ; Vineland (Vineland, New Jersey), NJ; Poughkeepsie (Poughkeepsie, New York)-Newburgh (Newburgh, New York), NY; Bridgeport (Bridgeport, Connecticut)-Stamford (Stamford, Connecticut), CT; Danbury (Danbury, Connecticut), CT-NY; Hartford (Hartford, Connecticut), CT; New Haven (New Haven, Connecticut), CT; Norwich (Norwich, Connecticut)-New London (New London, Connecticut), CT; Waterbury (Waterbury, Connecticut), CT; Springfield (Springfield, Massachusetts), MA-CT 29,028,337 - thumb 250px left AmeriGas, Ypsilanti, MI (Image:AmeriGas_Ypsilanti.JPG) Under the UGI Utilities, Inc., UGI serves 544,000 natural gas and 60,000 electricity customers in eastern and central Pennsylvania, including customers of UGI Penn Natural Gas (formerly PG Energy) and UGI Central Penn Gas (formerly PPL Gas Utilities). UGI Utilities operates in the urban areas in and around Harrisburg (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania), Lancaster (Lancaster, Pennsylvania), Reading (Reading, Pennsylvania), Allentown (Allentown, Pennsylvania), Bethlehem (Bethlehem, Pennsylvania), Easton (Easton, Pennsylvania), Hazleton (Hazleton, Pennsylvania), Wilkes Barre (Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania), Lock Haven (Lock Haven, Pennsylvania), Pottsville (Pottsville, Pennsylvania), Stroudsburg (Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania), Lewistown (Lewistown, Pennsylvania), Huntingdon (Huntingdon, Pennsylvania), Shippensburg (Shippensburg, Pennsylvania), Lewisburg (Lewisburg, Pennsylvania), Scranton (Scranton, Pennsylvania) and Williamsport (Williamsport, Pennsylvania).


of his working life working for the European Space Agency in Darmstadt, Germany. WikiPedia:Uppsala Dmoz:Regional Europe Sweden Uppsala_County Localities Uppsala Commons:Category:Uppsala


materialism dialectical and historical materialism of the Belarus Academy of Sciences Institute of Philosophy and Law. He spent the rest of his life working on sociology and its history and died in Moscow in 1961 at age 53. birth_date , born April 11, 1963, Minsk) is a Belarusian


km east of San Cristóbal de las Casas. It was in the jungle that Frans Blom met his wife, Gertrude Duby, a Swiss German journalist who had fought in the resistance of WWII and had come to Chiapas to begin a new life. Working on behalf of the Mexican government, Trudi Duby was photographing the legendary Lacandon Maya, the only Maya never conquered or converted by the Spanish. From then on, La Selva Lacandona rain forest was the common denominator in the professional

Kingston, Ontario

of his life working a trade. Canadian Forces School of Communications and Electronics The Canadian Forces School of Communications and Electronics(CFSCEE) in Kingston, Ontario was founded in 1937. Initially, CFSCEE provided training in Communications and Electronics in Canadian Army and now in the Canadian Forces. The last "E" was dropped in recent times, and is now called CFSCE. CFSCE provides basic, intermediate and advanced training to military personnel in the field

Vatican City

years of his life working in the Capitol. In addition to ''The Apotheosis of Washington'' he designed the Brumidi Corridors. *'''Ireland''' (including Northern Ireland)-Armagh (Archdiocese of Armagh (Roman Catholic)), Cashel (Archdiocese of Cashel and Emly (Roman Catholic)), Dublin (Archdiocese of Dublin (Roman Catholic)), Tuam (Archbishop of Tuam (Roman Catholic)) *'''Italy''' (including Vatican City and San Marino) :Patriarchate: Patriarchate of Venice (Patriarch of Venice) '''Jan Szczęsny Herburt''' (January 12, 1567 – December 31, 1616), Polish-Lithuanian (Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth) political writer, diplomat, poseł to the Sejm. Early supporter of kanclerz Jan Zamoyski, took part in many diplomatic missions (to Sweden, United Kingdom, the Vatican (Vatican City) and Ottoman Empire). Later, supporter of the king Sigismund III Vasa and eventually his opponent, one of the leaders of rokosz of Zebrzydowski in 1607, imprisoned by royalists from 1607 to 1609. Author of many rokosz-related and anti-magnate treaties. Founder of the Kudryntsi Castle. In 2000, Worldpride (Europride#Worldpride) replaced Europride. The event took place in Rome and was well-attended by gays and lesbians from all over the world. After initially supporting the event, city leaders pulled their support just days before due to pressure exerted by the Vatican (Vatican City), which was organizing the Roman Catholic (Roman Catholic Church) 2000 Jubilee (Great Jubilee). thumb (File:Papal Apartments.JPG) The '''Papal Apartments''' is the non-official designation for the collection of apartments, both private and state, that wrap around a courtyard (the Courtyard of Sixtus V (Pope Sixtus V), ''Cortile de Sisto V'') Levillain, Philippe. "The Papacy: An Encyclopedia." Trans. John O'Malley. Routledge: 2002, p. 72-73. on two sides of the third floor (the top floor) "Makeover for papal apartment." Catholic News 28 Sept. 2005. of the Apostolic Palace in the Vatican City in Rome. Willey, David. "Pope Benedict's creature comforts." BBC 13 May 2005. Thavis, John. "No place like home: Papal apartment gets extreme makeover." Catholic News Service 6 Jan 2006. Since the 17th century the Papal Apartments have been the official residence of the Pope in his religious capacity (as Supreme Pontiff). Prior to 1870, the Pope's official residence in his temporal (Temporal power (Papal)) capacity (as sovereign (sovereignty) of the Papal States) was the Quirinal Palace, which is now the official residence of the President of the Italian Republic. The Papal Apartments are referred to in Italian (Italian language) by several terms, including '''''appartamento nobile''''' and '''''appartamento pontificio'''''. right 230px thumb St. Peter's Square in Vatican City. (Image:Place-Saint-Pierre-foule.jpg) The Mujahedeen Army, a group of insurgents in Iraq (w:Iraq) has posted a message on the Internet threatening attacks on Vatican City (w:Vatican City) in Rome, Italy (w:Rome, Italy). Vatican City (w:Vatican City) has not released the contents or details of the letter, but news agencies in Iran report that the letter contains a discussion about the United Nations (w:United Nations) resolution against Iran, which imposes sanctions. The Vatican (w:Vatican City) reported that Pope Benedict XVI (w:Pope Benedict XVI) was the first to know of the Jesuits' decision and immediately gave his required approval. The information was announced that the Pope had accepted an invitation to visit the United Kingdom (w:United Kingdom) from Prime Minister (w:Prime Minister) Gordon Brown (w:Gordon Brown). The latter had visited the Vatican City (w:Vatican City) three times and had invited the Pope to come to Great Britain in February 2009. Downing Street (w:Downing Street) is expected to confirm the arrangements later today. This visit would make the first Papal visit to the UK since Pope John Paul II (w:Pope John Paul II)'s visit in 1982. However, John Paul's visit was on a pastoral basis, so this is set to be the first state visit to the UK by a pope in that it is the first to follow an official invitation. Leaders from the Vatican (w:Vatican City) and the Muslim (w:Muslim) community around the world have deplored the vote as an attack on religious freedom. The Swiss government has also expressed shame at the result, and expects repercussions from Muslim countries with which it does business. Some politicians from other countries, however, defended the ban.


at the Royal School of Drawing (Norwegian National Academy of Craft and Art Industry) in Christiania and then studied privately with sculptor Albert Wolff in Berlin. Sinding spent his adult life working in different places mostly Rome, Copenhagen, and finally Paris. ''Julius Middelthun'' (Store norske leksikon) 876,391 Includes parts of the neighboring municipalities Bærum

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