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Chief of Staff (Ramatkal) of the Israel Defense Forces and later a politician, a Knesset member government minister (Cabinet of Israel). Born in Afula during the Mandate era (British Mandate of Palestine), Eitan was raised in Tel Adashim, where he spent most of his life. Early life Rafael Eitan was born in Afula, a city in the North District of Israel, in 1929. His father, Eliyahu, was one of the founders of the Jewish defense organization Hashomer. Rafael was raised


, where he spent most of his life. Early in his youth, he was a judge and later became a lawyer of the Hvar municipality. As a witness of the Hvar Rebellion in 1510, he was forced to flee to Trogir and Split (Split (city)) due to his disparaging stance towards the lower rebel peasantry. He referred to them as "''a bunch who have no thought''". thumb left 170px Statue of Petar Krešimir IV in Šibenik (File:Petar Kresimir IV.JPG) During Krešimir's reign, the Normans

Brandon, Manitoba

Grant (his neighbour James Grant's sister) and soon got married. Bertha and Alexander were MacEwan's parents. Bertha was a devout Presbyterian. This strong Scottish, Presbyterian, and agriculture-driven heritage was influential in MacEwan's life. Early life (1902–1921) MacEwan was born in Brandon, Manitoba, and lived there until the age of thirteen. Because of problems with his father's fire-extinguisher business, the family moved to Melfort, Saskatchewan to begin a life

Saginaw, Michigan

, however, by his uncle's suicide and by the death of his father from cancer, both in early 1923, when Theodore (Ted) was only 15. These deaths shaped Roethke's psyche and creative life. Early life Serena Williams was born in Saginaw, Michigan, to Richard Williams (Richard Williams (tennis)) and Oracene Price. She is of African American heritage and is the youngest of Price's five daughters: half-sisters Yetunde (Yetunde Price) (1972–2003), Lyndrea and Isha Price, and full sister


accused him of murdering his young brother, Kader, as well as his wife. After a family dispute, he left his family at the age of 11 to live in Tangier. There, he was a homeless child, a petty burglar, an occasional smuggler and a prostitute. At the age of 20, he met someone who changed his life. Early years Mohamed Choukri was born in the Rif more precisely Had, Bni Chiker during a famine, in a poor family with many children and a violent father. His mother tongue was the Riff

Topeka, Kansas

the commercial break, the two were forced off the set by the producers and escorted out of the building by security midway during the show. "Respect earns Ricki Lake success on TV" from ''Baltimore Sun'' (December 6, 1993) As an attorney, Curtis entered political life early, winning multiple terms from his district in Topeka, Kansas, starting in 1892 as a Republican


wandering healer and seer. Theseus visited the Hyperboreans, and Pindar transferred Perseus (Perseus (mythology))'s encounter with Medusa there from its traditional site in Libya, to the dissatisfaction of his Alexandrian editors (Alexandria). Perseus (Perseus (mythology)): Lin Carter, "Behind the North Wind" Egyptian campaign After the retreat to the Rhine, he again declined a chief command, he withdrew into private life early in 1798. He


to better the Egyptian nation. Amin is known throughout Egypt as a member of the intellectual society who drew connections between education and nationalism leading to the development of Cairo University and the National Movement during the early 1900’s. Early life Early in the life of Ibn Yunus, the Fatimid dynasty came to power and the new city of Cairo was founded. In Cairo, he worked as an astronomer for the Fatimid dynasty for twenty-six years, first for the Caliph al-Aziz and then for al-Hakim (Al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah). Ibn Yunus dedicated his most famous astronomical work, ''al-Zij al-Kabir al-Hakimi'', to the latter. '''Mohamed Hassanein Heikal''' (

Saint Petersburg

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and the possibility of union with Christ in this life. Where they differed with the Brethren was in their belief in the validity of the Church and the need to experience these things within its framework. Eckhart himself denied that he had anything to do with the Free Spirits and insisted that his thinking remained within orthodox boundaries. Nevertheless he was forced to recant various ideas he had propounded that seemed to overlap them before he disappeared from public life. Early life Albert

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