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Bathurst, New Brunswick

Bathurst , New Brunswick, Canada. A civil servant for most of her career, she also served as a councillor on Bathurst, New Brunswick city council while on the provincial payroll from 1980 to 1991. She resigned her seat on council upon being elected to the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick in the 1991 provincial election (New Brunswick general election, 1991). A member of Frank McKenna's Liberal Party (New Brunswick Liberal Association), she was immediately

of Chaleur Bay to the village of Tide Head (Tide Head, New Brunswick) several kilometres west of the city of Campbellton (Campbellton, New Brunswick). At Tide Head, Route 11 interchanges in a T-intersection with Route 17 (New Brunswick Route 17) (Route 17 is a continuation of the direct Route 11 right-of-way). death_date party New Brunswick Liberal

Association Liberal DATE OF DEATH July 6, 1936 PLACE OF DEATH Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada demo-cd Gloucester (Gloucester County, New Brunswick), Restigouche (Restigouche County, New Brunswick) demo-csd ''Cities:'' '''Bathurst (Bathurst, New Brunswick)''' ''Towns:'' Allardville (Allardville, New Brunswick) Beresford, New Brunswick

Campbellton, New Brunswick

election as a member of the Liberal Party (New Brunswick Liberal Association), which won every seat in the legislature. He joined cabinet as the Minister of State for Mines in 1989 and, following his re-election in 1991 (New Brunswick general election, 1991), was appointed Minister of Justice and carried several other ministerial responsibilities. He was re-elected to a third term in the 1995 election (New Brunswick general election, 1995) and given the senior portfolio

Conservative Party of New Brunswick Progressive Conservatives had selected Charlie Van Horne as leader in November 1966. Van Horne, whose cowboy hat had become his trademark to voters, had faced several lawsuits over his personal financial matters during the 1960s which caused him to sell his hotel in Campbellton (Campbellton, New Brunswick), but claimed they had all been settled. Liberals (New Brunswick Liberal Association) claimed that industrialist K.C. Irving, who

Miramichi, New Brunswick

Liberal Association L ) established_title Established established_date 1995 area_magnitude area_footnotes area_total_km2 area_total_sq_mi area_land_km2 179.84 area_land_sq_mi area_water_km2 area_water_sq_mi area_water_percent area_urban_km2 area_urban_sq_mi area_metro_km2 area_metro_sq_mi population_as_of

Brunswick Shippagan to the northeast and Miramichi (Miramichi, New Brunswick) to the southwest. The town is connected to Highway 8 (New Brunswick Route 8) to Bathurst via Highway 365 (New Brunswick Route 365) and Highway 160 (New Brunswick Route 160) through St-Isidore (St-Isidore, New Brunswick) and Allardville (Allardville, New Brunswick). Raised in Miramichi, New Brunswick, Dickson has been a supporter of the New Brunswick Liberals (New Brunswick Liberal Association) and campaigned for them in the 2003 election (New Brunswick general election, 2003). It was reported in the March 7, 2006 ''Times & Transcript'' that he was considering running for the Liberals in the next provincial election (56th New Brunswick general election). He ran for and lost the right to run for the Liberals in the riding of Miramichi-Bay du Vin at a May 28, 2006 nominating convention. He placed third in a field of four candidates with 91 of 531 votes. http: apps pbcs.dll article?AID 20060529 TTNEWS16 605290411 -1 TTNEWS Canada also possesses at least four wrong-way concurrencies: an south of Miramichi (Miramichi, New Brunswick), New Brunswick, Canada. thumb 350px right A photograph of the Morrissy Bridge (Image:MorrissyBridge.png) The '''Morrissy Bridge''' is a steel truss bridge crossing the Miramichi River at Miramichi (Miramichi, New Brunswick), New Brunswick, Canada. Born in Newcastle, New Brunswick (now Miramichi (Miramichi, New Brunswick)), he graduated from the Dalhousie University law school in Halifax. In 1924, he moved to Vancouver, British Columbia and practised law. Other cities and towns also elected new mayors: * In '''Miramichi (Miramichi, New Brunswick)''', John McKay (John McKay (New Brunswick politician)) won in a close three-way battle against Frank Trevors and Gerry Cormier. Arch Pafford, better known for founding the Confederation of Regions Party of New Brunswick, finished a distant fourth. There was no incumbent, as former mayor Rupert Bernard decided to (successfully) run for a seat on city council instead. * In '''Edmundston''', Gérald Allain defeated incumbent Jacques Martin. * The City of '''Edmundston''' banned smoking (Tobacco smoking) in indoor public places by a margin of 74.1% to 25.9%. * The City of '''Miramichi (Miramichi, New Brunswick)''' voted to scrap the ward (ward (politics)) system of electing city council in favour of ten at-large councillors. The plebiscite passed 53.7% to 46.3%. * The Village of '''Belledune (Belledune, New Brunswick)''' decided to keep its ward system, by a margin of 63.3% to 36.7%. Malley, a former Miramichi (Miramichi, New Brunswick) city councillor and bus driver, was first elected to the legislature in the 1999 election (New Brunswick general election, 1999) and was re-elected in 2003 (New Brunswick general election, 2003). '''Loggieville''' is a Canadian (Canada) suburban neighbourhood in the city of Miramichi (Miramichi, New Brunswick), New Brunswick. The community is located at the mouth of the Miramichi River on the southern bank where the river estuary discharges into the bay. Named after the Loggie family who were prominent local merchants, Loggieville was an incorporated village in Northumberland County (Northumberland County, New Brunswick) until municipal amalgamation in 1995. Early life Foran was a member of the local school board and of the Newcastle municipal council for four terms, including service as deputy mayor and acting mayor prior to Newcastle becoming a part of the City of Miramichi (Miramichi, New Brunswick). When Miramichi became a city, Foran was made the superintendent (Superintendent (police)) of the Miramichi Police Force, having previously been the chief of police for Chatham (Chatham, New Brunswick). Situated on the north shore of Miramichi Bay at the southern end of the Acadian Peninsula, the village is located 44 kilometres northeast of Miramichi (Miramichi, New Brunswick). Approximately 92% of its residents are francophone. Siege of Thomaston, Maine During the French and Indian War, on 13 August 1758 French officer Boishebert left Miramichi, New Brunswick with 400 soldiers for Fort St George (Thomaston, Maine). His detachment reached there on 9 September but was caught in an ambush and had to withdraw. This was Boishébert’s last Acadian expedition. Phyllis E. Leblanc Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online; Cyrus Eaton's history, p. 77 death_date birth_place Miramichi (Miramichi, New Brunswick), New Brunswick resides Windsor (Windsor, Ontario), Ontario

Gloucester County, New Brunswick

'''Sainte-Marie—Saint-Raphaël''' (2006 pop.: 993) is a Canadian (Canada) village in Gloucester County (Gloucester County, New Brunswick), New Brunswick.

Woodstock, New Brunswick

; Graham attended school in Centreville (Centreville, New Brunswick). He became a small business owner and was involved in local politics at the school board level. He married Shelley McDougall in 1972. In the 1991 provincial election (New Brunswick general election, 1991), Graham was defeated by Liberal (New Brunswick Liberal Association) incumbent Fred Harvey (Fred Harvey (politician)), however Harvey's victory was later declared void when Harvey

Saint John, New Brunswick

party Liberal (New Brunswick Liberal Association) Foster was born in St. Martins, New Brunswick. He began work as a clerk with the Bank of New Brunswick at Saint John (Saint John, New Brunswick). He joined the merchant firm of Vassie and Company and became vice president and managing director after marrying Johanna Vassie, daughter of the firm's head. Active in community business affairs, Foster served as President of the Saint John Chamber of commerce Board of Trade

; Foulis himself was involved in legal battles over his invention for the remainder of his life. Famous Glaswegians - Robert Foulis, JR, accessed 05-09-08 Dysart was first elected to the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick in 1974 (New Brunswick general election, 1974) to represent Saint John (Saint John, New Brunswick) North. She was the first female Liberal (New Brunswick Liberal Association), and second female of any party, to serve therein. She was re-elected in 1978 (New Brunswick general election, 1978), 1982 (New Brunswick general election, 1982), 1987 (New Brunswick general election, 1987) and 1991 (New Brunswick general election, 1991) and was a number of "firsts" in New Brunswick politics. She was the first woman to serve as the leader of a party in the Legislature (1985), the first woman to be Minister of Education (Minister of Education (New Brunswick)) (1987–1991) and first woman to be Speaker (Speaker (politics)) (1991–1995). thumb Warden Samuel L. Bedson, Manitoba Penitentiary(1880) (File:Warden Samuel Lawrence Bedson - 1880.jpg) In 1868, the first ''Penitentiary Act'' brought prisons in Saint John, New Brunswick and Halifax (City of Halifax), along with Kingston, under federal jurisdiction. Over the next twelve years, the federal government built Saint-Vincent-de-Paul Penitentiary in Saint-Vincent-de-Paul, Quebec (1873), Manitoba Penitentiary (Stony Mountain Institution), in Stoney Mountain, Manitoba (1877), British Columbia Penitentiary, in New Westminster, British Columbia (1878) and Dorchester Penitentiary, in Dorchester, New Brunswick (1880). In addition to these stations, Rogers owns news-talk stations in Kitchener (Kitchener, Ontario) (CKGL (CKGL (AM))), Halifax (Halifax Urban Area) (CJNI-FM), Saint John (Saint John, New Brunswick) (CHNI-FM), and Moncton (CKNI-FM). All of these are branded similarly to the company's all-news stations, and use a similar all-news wheel during morning and afternoon drive. city Miramichi (Miramichi, New Brunswick), Moncton, Fredericton, Saint John (Saint John, New Brunswick), St. Andrews (St. Andrews, New Brunswick) and Woodstock (Woodstock, New Brunswick) state New Brunswick ----- Location: Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City, Saint John, New Brunswick, Halifax (Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia), Canada and St. John's, Newfoundland (St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador) ----- The '''Bank of British North America''' was founded in 1835 in London, England with offices in Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City, Saint John, New Brunswick, Halifax (Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia) and St. John's, Newfoundland (St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador). It also operated agencies in New York City and San Francisco. Like the other Canadian chartered banks, it issued its own paper money. The bank issued notes 1852-1911. The end dates are the final dates appearing on notes, which may have circulated for some time after. The Bank of Canada was established through the Bank of Canada Act of 1934 and the banks relinquished their right to issue their own currency. death_date '''CHSJ-FM''' is a radio station at 94.1 MHz on the FM (FM radio) dial in Saint John, New Brunswick. The station plays country music under the '''Country 94''' branding. CHSJ is owned by Acadia Broadcasting, a subsidiary of Ocean Capital Investments. '''CJYC-FM''' is a Canadian radio station broadcasting from Saint John, New Brunswick at 98.9 MHz. It is owned and operated by the Maritime Broadcasting System. 98.9 Big John FM plays "EVERYTHING THAT ROCKS" and, was known as '''C98''' until August 2006. '''CIOK-FM''', better known as '''K100''', is an FM (Frequency Modulation) radio station broadcasting in the Greater Saint John (Saint John, New Brunswick) area of New Brunswick, Canada. The station currently carries a contemporary hit radio format programmed from sister station, CKCW-FM in Moncton. Prior to July 2009, it aired an Adult Contemporary format until changing to contemporary hit radio.

Hamilton, Ontario

in Hamilton (Hamilton, Ontario), Ontario, and educated at the University of Western Ontario and McMaster University. He worked as an advertising executive, was a founder of the Ontario New Liberal Association, and received a provincial recognition award in 1968. '''Barton Street Arena''', also known as the '''Hamilton Forum''', was the main sports arena located in downtown Hamilton, Ontario, on Barton Street (Hamilton, Ontario


'', in Nashville, and her Academy Award-winning "Up Where We Belong" is considered "pure pop (Pop music)". The '''New Brunswick Liberal Association''' ( ), more popularly known as the '''New Brunswick Liberal Party''' or '''Liberal Party of New Brunswick''', is one of the two major political parties (political party) in the Canadian (Canada) province (Provinces of Canada) of New Brunswick. The party descended

Assembly MLA . The '''34th New Brunswick general election''' was held on June 7, 1999, to elect 55 members to the 54th New Brunswick Legislative Assembly, the governing house of the province (Provinces and territories of Canada) of New Brunswick, Canada. It marked the debut of both Camille Thériault and Bernard Lord as leaders of the Liberals (New Brunswick Liberal Association) and Progressive Conservatives (Progressive Conservative Party of New Brunswick) respectively

of New Brunswick in 1988 and became an opposition voice to the Liberal government (New Brunswick Liberal Association), which held all 58 seats in the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick. '''Natalie MacMaster''', CM (Order of Canada) (born June 13, 1972) is an award-winning fiddler from the rural community of Troy (Troy, Nova Scotia) in Inverness County (Inverness County, Nova Scotia), Nova Scotia, Canada who plays Cape Breton fiddle music. On 28 May 2008


Canada party Liberal (New Brunswick Liberal Association) He resigned in September of that year to become minister of public works in the federal Liberal (Liberal Party of Canada) government of Sir Wilfrid Laurier. He served in that position until the government's defeat in the 1911 federal election (Canadian federal election, 1911), but remained as an Member of Parliament (MP) until 1917 when he was appointed the List of lieutenant governors of New Brunswick


. Today Le Roncole is called '''Roncole Verdi,''' named after the composer Giuseppe Verdi who was born there on either 9 or 10 October, 1813. He remained in the area his entire life and wrote in 1863: "I was, am and always will be a peasant from Roncole." The election was called by surprise by Liberal (New Brunswick Liberal Association) Premier Louis Robichaud. The Progressive Conservatives (Progressive Conservative Party of New Brunswick), under leader Cyril Sherwood

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