Masbate City

Government location Quezon City, Philippines accessdate 29 January 2013 leader_title Mayor leader_name Rowena R. Tuason (Liberal (Liberal Party (Philippines))) leader_title1 Vice Mayor leader_name1 Ruby M. Sanchez (Liberal (Liberal Party (Philippines))) leader_title2 City Council leader_name2

Party (Philippines) Liberal ) 3 Leilah D. Placer (Liberal (Liberal Party (Philippines))) 4 Rudy O. Yaneza Jr. (Liberal (Liberal Party (Philippines))) 5 Lucio J. Aguilar Jr. (Liberal (Liberal Party (Philippines))) 6 Alex D. San Pablo (Liberal (Liberal Party (Philippines))) 7 Ralph N. Daigo (Liberal (Liberal Party (Philippines))) 8 Haydee L. Lim (Liberal (Liberal Party (Philippines))) 9 Janus M. Tuason (Liberal (Liberal Party (Philippines))) 10 Joel V. Ibanez

South Norfolk

: leader_name2 Richard Bacon (Richard Bacon (politician)) (C (Conservative Party (UK))), George Freeman (George Freeman (politician)) (C), Simon Wright (Simon Wright (politician)) (LD (Liberal Democrats)) leader_title3 leader_name3 established_title Formed established_date 1 April 1974 Local Government Act 1972 founder area_rank List of English districts by area

.asp title South Norfolk District Council Election Statistics publisher South Norfolk Council accessdate 11 June 2010 class "wikitable" - ! Year !style "background-color: ; width: 3px;" '''Lib Dems (Liberal Democrats)''' !style "background-color:

with colour Conservative Party (UK) - 1987 colspan 2 26 colspan 2 16 colspan 2 0 5 - 2003 colspan 2 18

Puerto Cabezas

of TACA taking off from Managua airport (LAS MERCEDES) went down killing several passengers. Shorty after Sandino returned to Nicaragua, the Constitutionalist War began when Liberal soldiers in the Caribbean port of Puerto Cabezas revolted against Conservative President Adolfo Díaz, recently installed as a result of United States pressure following a coup. The leader of this revolt, Gen. José María Moncada, declared that he supported the claim of exiled Liberal vice-president Juan

independently of Moncada's liberal army. The unknown Sandino's requests for weapons and a military commission were denied; however, his forces captured some rifles from fleeing Conservative soldiers, the other Liberal commanders agreed to grant Sandino a commission. A tropical depression (Tropical Depression Nine (2001)) formed from a tropical wave in the Caribbean on September 19, north-northwest of San Andres Island

Sandino , and the Nicaraguan capital of Managua. Following an uprising by Liberal soldiers in Puerto Cabezas, on the Caribbean coast, Sacasa returned to Nicaragua in 1926. Asserting his claim as constitutional president, he established a government in Puerto Cabezas. Supplied by Mexico with arms and munitions, the Liberal rebels, under the command of General José María Moncada (José María Moncada Tapia), nearly succeeded in capturing Managua. However, the U.S. forced the two


Council leader_name1 leader_title2 MPs (MPs elected in the UK general election, 2010): leader_name2 Ian Liddell-Grainger C (Conservative Party (UK)), Tessa Munt LD (Liberal Democrats) established_title Created established_date 1 April 1974 area_magnitude unit_pref !--Enter: Imperial, to display imperial

stores in the south west. Governance Sedgemoor District Council Sedgemoor District Council has traditionally been Conservative (Conservative Party (UK)) run since its creation in 1974 when it was merged with the old Bridgwater & Burnham-On-Sea Urban District Councils. Past voting trends have placed strong cores of Labour (Labour Party (UK)) voters in Bridgwater Town, with Conservative support coming from the Villages such as Pawlett, Wedmore and Shipham. Liberal

Democrats fared well in Burnham and Highbridge areas. In 1995, the Liberal Democrats and Labour took 26 seats together, out-numbering the Conservatives 24 seats, and they formed a coalition. This continued until 1999, when the Conservatives re-took Sedgemoor, crushing the Liberal Democrats from 12 seats, to just 2. The Liberal Democrats lost even their safe seat of Highbridge to Labour. In 2000, a Conservative Councillor died, and a By-Election was called in his seat of Huntpsill and Pawlett


to the Legislative Council of Quebec in 1888. Charles Marcil's brother Georges was the last mayor of Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, before the city was annexed to Montreal in 1910. Georges' granddaughter Susie Marcil was married to Daniel Johnson (Daniel Johnson, Jr), Premier of Quebec in 1994. Marc Garneau*, Leader's Representative Remi Bujold*, Organizer Westmount-Ville Marie (Westmount—Ville-Marie)<

. In his maiden speech to Parliament in November he accused the very conservative Liberal (Liberal Party of Canada) government led by Louis St. Laurent of being socialists. His criticisms were based on the government being corporatistic and taking an interest in private business activities. * William Henry Allison b. 1838 first elected in 1878 as Conservative (Conservative Party of Canada (historical)) member for Hants (Hants (electoral district)), Nova Scotia. * Warren Allmand

b. 1932 first elected in 1965 as Liberal (Liberal Party of Canada) member for Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, Quebec. * Benjamin Graydon Allmark b. 1911 first elected in 1958 as Progressive Conservative (Progressive Conservative Party of Canada) member for Kingston (Kingston (electoral district)), Ontario. * Sarkis Assadourian b. 1948 first elected in 1993 as Liberal (Liberal Party of Canada) member for Don Valley North, Ontario. * Edmund Tobin Asselin b. 1920

Canadian Wheat Board

reacted to McPherson's divorce and its attendant coverage by proposing to ban newspapers from covering divorce proceedings, a proposal that prompted Liberal MLA Joseph Miville Dechene to compare Reid to Hitler (Adolf Hitler), Mussolini (Benito Mussolini), and Stalin (Joseph Stalin). Brownlee remained intimately involved in the grain industry even outside the UGG, in part through his position on the Canadian Federation of Agriculture executive

was given in response to a challenge initiated by the right-wing group Farmers For Justice. Desjarlais was re-elected in the 2004 election (Canadian federal election, 2004) over a strong challenge from Liberal candidate Ron Evans (Ron Evans (Manitoba politician)). After the election, she was named NDP critic for Transport (Department of Transport (Canada)), Crown Corporations and the Canadian Wheat Board. In early 2005, former Assembly of First Nations National Chief Ovide

reading . *June 28, 2005 - Bill C-38 passes its final reading a few minutes after 21:00 EST, 158-133, through the House of Commons. Liberal cabinet ministers were ordered by Prime Minister Paul Martin to vote for the legislation, while it remained a free vote for Liberal backbench MPs. Joe


was elected for three years and the candidate with the third highest number of votes was elected for two years; their seat therefore being up for re-election in 2006. Political groupings and control All three of the United Kingdom's main political parties: the Labour Party (Labour Party (UK)), the Conservatives (Conservative Party (UK)) and Liberal Democrats have strong representation on the council. Each of the parties has formed the largest group on the council at some point you-kmc kmc-howcouncilworks election result11.shtml title Results for the 01 May 2008 District Council Election accessdate 2009-02-15 work publisher Kirklees Council date *The Conservative Party: Birstall & Birkenshaw, Holme Valley South, Liversedge & Gomersal and Mirfield. *The Labour Party: Ashbrow, Batley East and Greenhead wards. *The Liberal Democrats: Almondbury, Cleckheaton and Colne Valley. The Green Party (Green Party of England and Wales) has

services from Huddersfield Royal Infirmary to Halifax (Halifax, West Yorkshire). The group fielded three candidates at the borough elections, and a local general practitioner unseated a sitting Liberal Democrat councillor in the Crosland Moor & Netherton ward. The group ran candidates in the same ward

Greater Vancouver

Davies ( New Democrat ) 4 Libby Davies ( New Democrat ) 5 Sukh Dhaliwal ( Liberal ) 6 Ujjal Dosanjh ( Liberal ) 7 Hedy Fry ( Liberal ) 8

:#0033FF;" Conservative ) 13 Joyce Murray ( Liberal ) 14 Andrew Saxton ( Conservative ) 15 Bill Siksay ( New Democrat ) 16 Mark Warawa ( Conservative ) 17 John Weston (politician

Vancouver region elect Conservative (Conservative Party of Canada), New Democratic (New Democratic Party of Canada), and Liberal (Liberal Party of Canada) Members of Parliaments. After the 2011 election (Canadian federal election, 2011), the Conservatives and NDP emerged as the two strongest parties in the region, with Conservative support concentrated in the suburbs around Vancouver, and NDP support strongest on the east side of Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam, New Westminster and Surrey

Puerto Cortés

; by Tegucigalpa top government officials. * 1982–1983: Roy Reyes Orellana (Partido Liberal) * 1984–1985: Mario Sabillón (Partido Liberal) * 1986–1990: Romulo Montoya (Partido Liberal) * 1990–1991: Rolando Méndez (Partido Nacional). * 1992: Rolando Orellana Cruz (Partido Nacional). * 1992–1993: Alvaro Zacarías Mena (Partido Nacional). * 1994–1997: Marlon Guillermo Lara Orellana(Partido Liberal) * 1998–2001: Marlon Guillermo Lara Orellana (Partido Liberal) (Reelected) * 2002–2005: Marlon

Guillermo Lara Orellana (Partido Liberal) )Reelected) * 2006–2009: Alan Ramos (Partido Liberal) * 2010–2014: Allan Ramos (Partido Liberal) (reelected) Schools * There is (initially was an only-girls) elementary school named República de Mexico in honour of that country. On June 29, 2005 when Vicente Fox President of Mexico visited Puerto Cortés and knew about the existence of this school, he donated a computerized display board with all the software, accessories

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