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, claimed to be one of the leading educational institutions in Bogra, is located in Majhira Cantonment. Bogra also houses the Government Girls' High School (famous as Victoria Memorial or VM School). Bogra also houses a large English medium school & college in the North Bengal region named Millennium Scholastic School & College, which was established in 1998. There are many other schools such as B.I.A.M. Model School and College, Yakubia Girls High School, S.O.S., Y.M.C.A., Coronation Institution & College, Pouro Bangla School, Pre-Cadet School, and Bhandari Girls' School. Other special schools are the Seventh-Day Adventist-Missionary Church and Seminary of Bangladesh, the Adventist International Mission School (A.I.M.S.), a privately organized educational organization by the Turkish, the International Turkish Hope School (Bogra Branch) are among the best English Medium Schools in the town which offer education in English medium leading to IGCSE GCE Ordinary Level and GCE Advanced Level exams. The Govt. Azizul Haque University College (Government Azizul Haque College) is one of the best and largest educational institutions in the northern part of the country. Students from this college got very good results under the National University. Other higher educational colleges are the Govt.Shah-Sultan College and Govt. Mujibur Rahman Women's College (which was founded by a prominent industrialist Mujibur Rahman Bhandari). Bogra College, Police Lines High School & College, and Armed Police Battalion School & College are also among the good educational institutions in the town. Bangladesh Open University (University of Distance Education) also has a campus in Banani area having class in the Shah Sultan College every weekend. Following the National Curriculum in Technical education are National Academy for Computer Training and Research NACTAR, Bogra Polytechnic institute and Bangladesh Institute of Information Technology (BIIT), Bogra. They are claimed to be some of the best polytechnic institutes in the town. Bogra is also the home of V.T.T.I. (Vocational Teachers Training Institute), P.T.I. (Primary Training Institute) and Govt T.T.C. for technical education. A very large medical college and hospital named Shaheed Ziaur Rahman Medical College and Hospital, Commons:Category:Bogra

Kemerovo Oblast

. The '''Kemerovo State University''' ( ) ('''KemSU''') was established in 1973 as a successor to Kemerovo Pedagogical Institute. It is a leading educational and scientific center of Kemerovo Oblast with five branches throughout the oblast in Belovo (Belovo, Kemerovo Oblast), Anzhero-Sudzhensk, Novokuznetsk, Prokopyevsk, as well as in Ulan Bator in Mongolia. Metallurgical industry is one of the oldest

Mérida, Mérida

) to the current estimate of 214,000. The increase in number of inhabitants was mainly due to a recent exodus (Rural exodus) of farmers moving to the urban centers, a phenomenon seen all over the country. Moreover, the prestige of the University of the Andes transformed Mérida in one of the leading educational centers nationwide. As a result, the city houses an important student population from all over the country. According to the last census, performed in 2001, Mérida's population


on the Tocantins River. Tucuruí Dam Tourism Belém has a modern appearance with tree-lined streets, several plazas and public gardens, and many noteworthy buildings. The north's leading educational and cultural centre, it is the seat of a bishopric (Diocese), and its cathedral (Igreja da Sé, founded in 1917) is one of Brazil's largest. Santo Alexandre, the oldest of Belém's

Ulan Bator

госуда́рственный университе́т ) ('''KemSU''') was established in 1973 as a successor to Kemerovo Pedagogical Institute. It is a leading educational and scientific center of Kemerovo Oblast with five branches throughout the oblast in Belovo (Belovo, Kemerovo Oblast), Anzhero-Sudzhensk, Novokuznetsk, Prokopyevsk, as well as in Ulan Bator in Mongolia. - July The Red Army captured Ulan Bator, the Mongolian capital. - Mongolia * Sükhbaatar's mausoleum


of public and private schools that serve a good number of the West Bank youth population. Private schools with specific religious affiliations can also be found. In the twin city of El-Bireh, there is also a school for the blind that also serves as a vocational center. Birzeit University, which is in the neighboring town of Birzeit, is one of the Palestinian Authority's leading educational institutions. The University offers a large number of study options and at different levels for students. It also has several links with international institutions, and often has a number of international students attending it. The PAS (Palestinian and Arab Studies) program is popular with internationals visiting or working in the West Bank who want to learn Arabic and take classes on the history and politics of the Palestinian Authority. The city also has branches for Al-Quds Open University, which offers continuing education opportunities to many Palestinians. There are a number of vocational training centers in the city, neighboring towns, and refugee camps. Work Ramallah is a vibrant Palestinian business hub, especially as most international agencies and governmental offices are located in the city. However, with the immigration of Palestinians from other cities in the West Bank to Ramallah, there is a highly competitve job market and many Palestinians, especially young men come to the city seeking work. The most popular career portal In Ramallah and Palestine is Jobs in Palestine .here you can find most jobs advertised by INGOs,NGOs,and local companies Major working opportunities in Ramallah include information technology, pharmaceuticals, development cooperation, and the public sector. Restaurant and coffee shop jobs are also available, mainly during the summer. Agricultural jobs are minimal in the city, but a few can be sought in neighboring villages. For foreigners, work opportunities tend to include consultancies in certain private sector markets - IT is most common. The vast majority of foreigners working in Ramallah are doing development or humanitarian work. A significant number are focused on human rights and advocacy. A number of UN agencies work directly in the West Bank and many, such as the UNDP, maintain office in Ramallah. Volunteering opportunities are common in small and medium sized Palestinian NGOs as well as some international NGOs. Volunteering is an excellent way to get to understand an organisation and the field they operate in. Most local NGOs will appreciate foreign volunteers, particularly if they have good written English skills, enabling them to support fundraising work. Volunteers are often paid small sums to cover basic travel costs but this varies. If you are planning to volunteer, have enough money to support yourself as Ramallah is not a cheap place to live. Buy There's not a huge amount to do in Ramallah if you are just visiting. A great way to spend your time could be to dip in and out of shops. Shop-keepers are among the most ready-to-talk and many have colourful lives. It gives you a good reason to walk around and take your time. You will never find everything under one roof, but for a basket of common necessities, you will need to visit a baker, grocer, butcher, pharmacy and mini-market. Ramallah city centre, despite the development and growth of some new stores retains a small-town feel due to the protections for tenants that mean many shops have been in the same location for decades (rent agreed at the outset cannot be increased, so in many cases is only a few USD per year). Groceries * The central Commons:Category:Ramallah


of private higher education institutions, Yekaterinburg is considered the leading educational and scientific center of the Urals. These institutions include the Ural Federal University (comprising Ural State University and Ural State Technical University), Ural State Pedagogical University, Ural State University of Forestry, Ural State Mining University, Ural State University of Railway Transport, Russian State Vocational Pedagogics University, Ural State University of Economics


by the Mission Personnel Division of the General Board of Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church and included leading educational delegations, supporting relief efforts for Hurricane Mitch, and working with groups such as the Committee of Relatives of the Disappeared in Honduras, the Honduran Human Rights Commission


of that is found in other Arab countries such as in Egypt and is known as ''Kawari''' (


technology department. The project has developed into the leading educational project in Portugal, and is expanding to become one of the predominant environmental organisations in the United Kingdom. The 'Conference' has also conquered the United States and France and current plans reflect the need to explore the Asia-Pacific. References June 29, 2005 * NASA publishes pictures taken by the Cassini spacecraft showing a feature that could be a lake of liquid methane or ethane, close to the southern pole of Titan (Titan (moon)). (BBC) 190px thumb right TAV-8B Harrier - Type of aircraft flown by Capt. Rivera (File:Marine Corps TAV-8B Harrier.jpg) Rivera, who was eventually promoted to the rank of Captain, had planned on applying for admission to NASA as an astronaut candidate. However, he was assigned to VMA-331 upon the outbreak of Operation Desert Shield (Operation Desert Shield (Gulf War)). He served as personnel officer, intelligence officer and logistics officer and as such flew in many support missions. Given that the series was set in the relatively near future, Gridneff took great pains to ensure that the space scenes were depicted as accurately as possible, seeking advice from NASA and other space agencies as well as arranging a set visit by astronaut Pete Conrad, the third man to set foot on the Moon. Conrad's input proved useful in making the scenes set in weightlessness as convincing as the budget would allow. Assistance was also received from an aerospace manufacturer, the McDonnell Douglas Corporation (McDonnell Douglas), who provided stock footage of astronauts training in a water tank and received an on-screen credit on the first episode "An Instinct for Murder". If this means complete power, as opposed to having to deal with the checks and balances (w:checks and balances) built into our federal government, this is some of what I'd do: I'd end abortion and all the precipitating factors leading to it (poverty, dysfunctional family dynamics, relaxed sexual mores, alcohol and drug addiction...). I'd mobilize a set of dramatic initiatives to, not just curb global warming (w:global warming), but to actually start to reverse it. I would unilaterally disarm our nuclear weapons. I'd stop the production of nuclear energy. (Anybody hear of Chernobyl (w:Chernobyl)?) I would grant amnesty and family reunification to illegal immigrants (w:Illegal Immigration in the United States). (During a talk at an immigration rally in Arizona several years ago, I said we walked through the slums of w:Juarez, Mexico Juarez , where violence is off the charts and many of the children are extremely hungry. If I was their parent, I'd do everything I could to get these children out of harms way and get them something to eat – even if it meant risking crossing the border illegally.) I would end the death penalty. Also in Arizona, I read a newspaper story about a death penalty protester who posed: “Why do we kill people who kill people to show that killing people is wrong?” Good question. I would increase, exponentially, American foreign aid (it is currently only 4% of the budget) to try to help stem world hunger much more – 24,000 people starve to death every day in the world – and to help realize Habitat for Humanity (w:Habitat for Humanity)'s goal of providing adequate housing, (“…for every person in the world.”) I would bring peace to urban war zones around the country. (In part of this effort, our family moved into a dangerous part of Cleveland, Ohio, to be part of the solution.) I would end w:homelessness homelessness . (We take homeless people into our home. And we will be doing the same in the West Wing (w:West Wing). I mean the Lincoln bedroom (w:Lincoln Bedroom) is free, as an example.) I would tremendously jack down and simplify the economy, shifting America back to much more of a local production for local consumption orientation, like it was in the “old days.” I would mobilize efforts for a tremendous come back of the small family farm and the practice of growing organically. This was once the backbone of our country, I told the newspaper Country Today in Wisconsin. And it should be again. I would get people to tighten their belts and pay off the w:National Debt National Debt so our children don't inherit it. During a talk at the University of Notre Dame (w:University of Notre Dame) recently, I said I would redirect the technical smarts at NASA (w:NASA) toward coming up with better water filtration systems, solar panel (w:solar panel)s, wind turbine (w:wind turbine)s..., as opposed to working on things like going to space destinations where we: can't breathe the air, there's no gravity and there's no food! “That might be, oh, a hint God doesn't want us there,” I said. I would give some of the land back to the Native Americans (w:Native Americans) so it's equitable, like it should have been from the beginning. And I would give the African Americans (w:African Americans) tangible reparations for past atrocities (w:Reparations for slavery) and the ongoing trans-generational problems slavery (w:slavery) caused. And, I would ensure – as impossible as this seems – that the Cleveland Browns (w:Cleveland Browns) had a winning season, soon... For a look at how I would actually try to make a lot of this happen, the Cleveland Browns notwithstanding, go to my rather extensive position papers at ''Atlantis'' lifted off in fair weather at 2:20 p.m. EDT (1820 UTC) from the w:Kennedy Space Center Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral (w:Cape Canaveral), Florida. The launch was viewed by over 40,000 spectators at Kennedy, including a small group chosen by NASA (w:NASA) for a space "tweetup (w:Twitter)". Carrying six veteran astronauts and an assortment of parts for the International Space Station (w:International Space Station) (ISS), the shuttle took off without any delays. This mission, scheduled to take twelve days, is the aging shuttle's 32nd voyage into space of its 25-year career.

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